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Full text of "A collection of all the wills, now known to be extant, of the kings and queens of England, princes and princesses of Wales, and every branch of the blood royal, from the reign of William the Conqueror, to that of Henry the Seventh exclusive : with explanatory notes and a glossary"

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SIMf iBOBJD ■■VMVEiSjniY- l3Mm 

From the Ewald Fliigel Library 







Kings and Queens of E N G L A N D^ 

Princes and Princesses of WALES,, 




-T — ^t*- 









2 j 6997 

C ^ 1 

F R E F A C Ev. 

\YHE N the great Sobielki,. to whofe yalouiv^ 
not only Vienna, but the German empke,, owed its 
prefervation from the Turkifh power, was afked in 
extremity to make his will,, he laught in.the face 
of the bilhop, who had been obliged to take the 
moft round-about method to make, the propofal* 
"The misfortune of royalty," faid the King,, re- 
coUedting himfelf, *Ms, that we are not obeyed while: 
we are alive : and can it be expedted we fliould be; 
obeyed after we are dead?** 

Eledtive kings have not the power, and the 
kings of uncultivated northern nations have not 
the idea, of making provifion for heirs, even 
though they are to fink at once into a private rank. 

The kings of England wanted no fuch monitor: 
but, either from motives of juftice or contrition, or 
in a miftaken zeal to fave their fouls by a momen- 
tary good deed, we find moft of them ready enougljLi 
to engage in "the laft great a£t of a wife man's life.'* 
The utmoft of their ability was to difpofe of their 
great treaftires among their relations, fervants, orec- 
clefiaftics^ The Conqueror bequeathed kingdoms ;; 
Henry II. lociney to monke aceid nuns ; Hexury I». 

A 2. andi 

M ^ 


and III. Edward I. and III. money, jewels, houfehold 
furniture, and charitable legacies; the unhappy 
Richard IL in whofe reign it fcems to have been 
firft allowed by authority of parliament to our kings, 
their heirs and fucceffors, to make their wills, and 
have them duly executed *, makes his teftament in 
the fpiritof the times, and at the eve of a revolution 
which he little fufpedled, while the ufurper confefles 
his fins witli all the contrition he had need of. 
Henry V. exprefles all the anxiety of a wealthy 
country gentleman. about his lordfliips and manors; 
and his monkifli fon devotes his tellament iiitirely 
to. found and plan two colleges. 

If from ROYAL we turn our eyes to noble tef- 
taments, we lliall find them conceived in neai'ly 
the fame fentiments. The care of fepulture, 
debts, legacies, and charitable foundations^ fill up 
the common outline t. Lady Clare, the foundrels 
of Clarehall, Cambridge, fcems to have completed 
that pious foundation in her life-time, only a 

* " Fait a rcmembr*, Qe les Prelatz, Seignrs Tcmporels, & 
Communes, fafleiuprcnt en piein Parlcment, q pre Sr leRoi & 
fes heirs & fucceflburs Roys d'Englctcrre purront franchement 
faire lour Tcftamcntz, & q execution purra cftre faitc d'iccUes.** 
Rot. Pari. i6 Ric- IL vol. HI. n. jo. p. 301. 

-f The French bilhops, in the fixteenth century, claimed a right 
to refufe burial to perfons dying inteftate, or without leaving a 
legacy to the church ; and the relations of the dcceafed were 
obliged. to make ai^&ends for the omiifion. Saintfoix, JLiTais HilL 
fvir Paris, I.. 50. 

' * legacy 

P RE F A C E. 

legacy of ^. 40 to it appearing in her will. ThC' 
gallant Prince of Wales enlarges on his tomb and 
his l)ed-^furniture, within a month of his lingering 
death, as much as his brother of Gaunt does on 
his wardrobe, or the rich Cardinal of England on 
liis plate. Henry Duke of Lancafter and Edward 
Duke of York founded colleges which have long 
fince given way to diffolution, while thofe two 
founded by Henry VI. with thofe which claim 
the.*^ venerable Margaret" for their foundrefs fiu:- 
vive and flourifh as much as they furpafs them in 
utility, for the " increafe of virtue, and dilatation 
" of. conning, and ftablifhnient of Chriftian faithi^. 
Richard Earl. of Arundel aflfords a ftriking pidfcure 
of hupaian vanity in the troublefome reign of JRi- 
chard II. and Edward IV's queen a perfect portrait 
of myal poverty. . ./ . 

This feries of mifcellaneous and different wills with maiiy curious particulars. We 
learn from them more of the manners and private 
life of our illuftriouS anceftors, fome new fa6ts 
ill their public hiftory, and feveral new defcents in 
their pedigrees. The profpedl of death fets their 
lives in a new point. of light. Such is the force 
of fuperftition, however the prefent age thinks 
itfelf at)bve its reach, that the recommendation ot 
the foul to half a dozen faints was fet up as a pallia- 
tive for a thoufand crimes. Men left their good 



woilcs t6' their laft moments, died in tbe^midfto^ 
tftKeir iinS). with ev€r7 vicious impreffion deeply 
ftampt on their fouls, till purgatory of. pa^»ia— 
duigeitce Ihould \rear it out. 

llie language of thefe wills is the commoik lan- 
|;uage of the times, here attempted to- be rsiH- 
dered intelligible by the help of thofe escdknt 
fiomp^idious Gloflsuies of old French, publifiied-by 
Mcmf* Borel *, Monf. Lacconibey and Mr. K'dhamy, 
and the more extenfive Latin one of Du Gange'-f^ 

The f(»Tns of the bequefts are preciie and imx>- 
wuSy imincumbeicd with titie trufts and (devi£i9<3i 
inodern times, more advantageous-to lawyers- tfa«n 
teftatocs. They breathe the fpirit of an age when the 
moftjmportant grants and chaiters were aacapaCed 
in flips of parchment not fix inches fquare, atcefted 
by a croud of witneiTes who feldom wrote their 

The prenogativis ef die archbilhop of Camterbory 
m teiftamentary matters e3aaids to the probate of 
gruiting adminiftrationsy and ^ caofes thereon de- 
pending, where tlie parties decea^ we|e poflefled 
of ima nofodiS^ (that is, effe^ to the value of '£ve 
povitids) in diifiereaitdiocefes, within his province, 

* Trefor 6t Hechercbes et Antiquitez Gaul^fcs et Fran^oifes, 
4ld, Panft, i6 j5. 

'j^ intbe wiUofPhiUppaDucheTsof Yo(rk,^]590, Aaae weeds 
abfolutely.^QgUfh have crept io. 


P R E r A C E. ^ 

v«xcept in the dioceie of London, wbere it is tea 
.|»uads by ^ntieiit compofition, and this wiU acr 
couatior fi> maay of the wiUs here printed being 
extant in tihe AFchiepifcopol Regiftry at Laaabetlbi. 
Tbefe and the regiCkers of the difi^nt fees, which 
luve hitherto been generally ooniidered as mere jx- 
cords of inititution, endowments, or other ecclefiaf*- 
tical matters, have in various inibuices preferved 
many curious particulars of our national hiftory. 
TheBlackPrince^s letter to the Bilhop of Worcefter, 
pial^Uihed frooa his regifter in Archa^jL I. p. 212. 
may be oonfidered as a Gazesite account of the battle 
of Poitiers* Innumerable wU^6> of which this fofiaU 
£uB]p^ is here prefented totheciuious, deierve to 
be publiihed^, - at leaft in abftra& ; as Sir Williaipa 
JOugdale has done i, throughout h^ Baronage. JLe 
Nev« mentions two recorded upon theCla)i& j^oUs % 
where great numbers are preferved, 

Abufing the facred truft of teftamcntary dif- 
poHtion was one of the aggravated crimes of that 
egregious plagiarift and libeller Edmund Gmil, 

• See one «fla(J5'EU%,F>u Hugh, 14J12, Ant.I^ep. N**xxix. 

<^ Sir Wiliiam Dugdale fuppot'es the will ef Clifford implies 4 re- 
cantation of the errors, as he calls them, of LoUardifm. He would 
have formed a judgment more candid, as well as more juft, had he 
fad the teftator only fpoke thegeneral penitential language of wills. 
X Blomefield's Norfolk, J. p. 677. Mr. Becket the furgeon 
observed more wills in the Prerogative Office, relating to the 
county of Lincoln, than any other county. Stukeky's Itin. Cur. 
L p»'ts* 




Tiii P R E F A C^E. 

who overleapt all bounds that oppofed the intereft 
of the moment. The prefent Editor viiolatesf no 
confidence which the revolution of feven cehtunes 
has not made the property of the publicfc. ' ' ^ Ambi- 
tious to contribute his mite to that fpirit of hiftoric 
inveftigation that diftinguilhes the prefent aige, fie 
is confcious of the incompetency of his fubjeft to 
yield him much beyond the fame of an. Antiquaryi 
while he prefents his countrymen with a feries ot 
wills made by our Sovereigns, or the feveral collat^ 
ral branches of the royal families ; fame taken from 
the parliamentary regifters and public records, and 
moft ^ of the others tranfcribed from the aithiepif- 
copal regifters at Lambeth under the immediate 
1. infpedlion of the prefent librarian, by whom the 

proof-iheets were in part revifed, and the whole 
illuftrated with notes and a gloffary by other 
learned friends,. 

J^larcb 27, 1780- T jf, 

* The will of John of Gaunt, having been depofitcd at Lincoln, 
is faithfully copied from the regifter of his fon Bp. Beaufort, who 
enjoyed that fee from 1397 to 1405, when he was tranflated to 
Winchefter, which he held till 1447* 


[ i^ 3 


William ibe Conqueror, ,^ Page i 

William Rufus [inteftate], . v — — -- ' 4 

Jifnry the Firft^ — -^ "^5 

Stephen [inteftate], ; — — -— (> 

Jlonry the Second, — — •- •— . ^ 

^^^^ Tranflaiion iato old EngKfli yerfe, . *i9 

Richard the Firft, — — — i x 

John, — — — 13 

Henry the Third, — *w . — . i^ 

Wward the Firft,.. .. ■ -^,. ^. ~- 18 

JEdward the Second [inteftate], — — - 21 

Elizabeth de Burgh, lady Clare, — — 22 

Humfray de Bohun, ninth Earl of Hereford and Eflex, , 44 

Humfray de Bohun, tenth earl of Hereford and Eflex, 57 

Edward the Third, — — — 59^ 

Edward the Black Prince, — — 66 

Joam Prmcefi of Wates, — - 78 

Henry Duke of Lancafter^i — — — 83 

Lionel Duke of Clarence, — — - — 88 

John Earl of Pembroke, — — 92 

Philippa Countefs of March, — — 98 

Edmund Earl of March, — — 104 . 

Thomas Earl of Kent;, — — ng 

Richard Earl of -Arundel, — — — ^ 12a 

John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancafter, — — 145 

Eleanor Bohun, Duchefs of GlQucefter, — — 177 

Edmund duke of York, — — 187 

Richard the Second, — - — — 191 

Henry the Fourth, — — — 203 

Joba Beaufort Earl of Somerfet, — — 208 

Elizabeth de Juliers, Countefe of Kent, — — 212 . 

c Edward 

[ ^ ] 

Edward Duke of York, — — — 217 

Philippa dc Bohun Duchcfs of York, — 224 

Thomas Duke of Clarence, — . ^^ — 230 

Henry the Fifth, — — — ^36 

Katherine Queen of Henry the Fifth, — — 244 

Thomas Beaufort Duke of Exeter, — — 250 

John Mowbray Duke of Norfolk, — — 266 

John Duke of Bedford, Regent of France, — — 270 

Anne Countefs of Stafford, — — 178 

John Holland Duke of Exeter, — -^ 28a 

Henry the Sixth, — — — 291 

Cardinal Beaufort, Bilhop of Wintou, -^ — 321 

King Edward the Fourth, — — 345 

Elizabeth wife of Edward the.Fourtb, 350 

Margarate Countefs of Richmond [extraded from the Prerogative 

Court of Canterbury], — — 356 

Lately publijhedy 

The Will of King Henry the Seventh; with in Hidorical Profaceyb/ 
Thomas Aftle, Efq. 


t « ) 


Sv^J J |i— f^^B 111 III 


TH E Conqueror's \\]\l cohfifted only of a diftribution 
of all his wealth among the churches, clergy, 
and the poor, the precife fums which he bequeathed to 
each being fet down by notaries from his mouth, oa hi§ 
death-bed, where he made a long and pathetic fpecch 
about his affairs and fucqeflbrs in his different dominions. 
He was particularly liberal to the clergy of Mantes, whofe 
churches he had burnt To his younger fon Henry he 
left 5000 J[. of fdver ; to his eldeft fon Robert, Nor- 
mandy*; and to his fegond iqn William, the crowo of 

'* Sapiens heros in futurum fibi multifque commoda 
fecere non diftulit, omnefque thefauros fuos ecclefiis et 
pauperibus, Deique miniftris diftribui praecepit. Quantum 
vero fmgulis dari voluit callide taxavit, & coram fe de- 
fcribi a notariis imperavit. Clero quoque Mandantenfi fuo-* 
plex ingentia dona mifit, ut i»de reftaytareptur epclciwsr 
quas combufferat/' 

• Sec Lord Lyttelton*8 obfcrvations in tVis bcqucft in hii Hiftorjr of 
Henry II. vol. I. p. jj^ 8vo. 

S ^^Duca- 

2 W I L L".l A M THE CON QJ3 E R O R. 

" Duc5t;uni Normannise aiitequam in epitumo * Senlac 
contra/. JHeraldum certaffem Roberto filio concefli quia 
prithogenitus eft. Conceffus honor nequit abftrahi. — 
*Robertus habebit Normanniam, et Gulielmus Angliam. 
;•' Henricus junior filius ut nihil fibi de regalibus gazis 
dari audivit moerens cum lacrymis ad regem dixit, Et 
nciihi, pater, quid tribuis ? Cui rex ait, quinque millia li- 
bras argenti de thefauro meo tibi do." 

Ord. Vitalis, 1. vii. p. 656. 6^^^ 

ANNO 1087. Rex Gulielmus regnum devaftans 
Franciae, caftrum nobile quod vocatur Maante combuflit^ 
et eoclefias quae ibi erant et plebem niultam et duos fanc- 
tos anachoritas igni tradidit, quibus vifum non fiiit & in 
tanto periculo deferere cellas fuas. Sed in ipfo redditu dims 
dolor vifcerum apprehendit ilium. Cum autem diem fibi 
mortis imminere fenfiflet, fratrem fuum Odonem Ba- 
jocenfem epifcopum et omnes quos in Anglia vel Norman- 
nia tenebat in vincuHs relaxabat. Terras vero fuas fie divifit. 
Roberto primogenito llio Normanniam ; Gulielmo (e- 
cundo filio fu'o Angliic monarchiam. Henrico thefauri 
copiam. Pro quo cum Robertus vendidiflet ei partem 
Nprmanniae, thefauro habitp, quod ei vendiderat abftulit. 
Rex igitur Gulielmus poftquam genti Anglorum prse- 

* iprtum/^m, epitlmium^ arc terms pccul'nr to Ordericus Vitalis for vl field. 
Dn Cnnge, in ^roc. Sefi'uCy or Sding LaCy was the name given to the fpot 
wlicre the decifivc battle wn^ fought between Harold and William. Camden 
Brit. SuJJix. 

7 fuiflet 


foiflet viginti * annis, decern menfibus et 27 diebus, quinto 
idus Septembris die Jovis regnum cum vita reliquit, et 
Cadomi in ecclefiam S. Stephani quam ipfe a fiinda- 
mentis confttuxerat fepultus requiefcit. Uxor vero fua 
Matildis abbaciam fandimonialium ibidem conflruxit, 
ubi et ipfa requiefcit. 

Walfmghajpa Ypodigma Neuflriae, p. 440. in Camdeni 
Anglica Normannica foL Francfort. 1 603. 

The difpofal of his eftatcs between his three fons, is re- 
corded in thefe few old rhimes ; in the continuation of 
Robert of Glocefter, p. ^35' 

He gaf his eldeft fbn Normandy, 
An<i to the fecund Engelond trudy, 
. To tfce thfidde his goods menable ; 
This was holde ferme and Aabk. 

Du Moulin f fays he divided his treafure among the 
churches, the religious, the fecular clergy, and the poor, 
fpecifying the exaft fums to each ; fent to the clergy of 
Mantes a confiderable fum of money for the repair of the 
churches which he had burnt, with fome lines which 
Ihewed the reality of his repentance, and his earnefl defire 
to be remembered in their prayers* 

* In the lid year, according to Malmfbuiy. 
f HilK Gen, de Norm. VII. p* 234* 

B 1 The 



The ftately monuments of the Conqueror and of his 
queen (deftroyed by the Huguenots in the civil wars of 
France, A. D. 1562) are fucceeded by modem altar tombs, 
which are engra\'en in Dr. Ducarefs Anglo-Nomaan 
Antiquities, plates VI. and VII. where alfo (at p. 51.) is 
a particular defcription of the original monument erected 
for the Conqueror by his fon William Ri^us. 

THE immature death of WILLIAM RUFUS, 
A. D. 1000. did not g^ve him time to make any teftamen* 
tary difpofition. His tomb in Winchefter cathedral met 
with the fame treatment as his father*s in our late civil 
wars*. It is engraven in Sandford, p. 23. edit. 1677. 
and in Gale's Antiquities of Winchefter. 

* Mr. Warton (ap, that ^* his tomb was opened by the rebels in the 
^^ civil wart, who ftole from thence the remains of a cloth of gold, a rinj^ 
'* iet with rubies, faid to be worth J^. 500. and a fmall filver chalice*'* 
D^ripthn of fVincbefttr, p. 90. 


[ s 3 


HENRY L ordered his natural fon Robert* to take 
^. 60,000. out of his treafure in his cuftody at Fa- 
laife, and to diftribute gratuities and pay among his fer- 
vants and foldiers; and direded his body to be carried, 
to Reading, where he had founded an abbey. 

** Roberto filio fuo de thefauro quod idem fervabat Fa- 
lefiae fexaginta millia libras juffit accipere famulifque fuis 
atque ftipendiariis militibus mercedes et donativa erogare. 
Corpus vero fuum Reddingas deferri praecepit ubi coeno- 
bium cc monachorum in honore fandae et individuae Tri- 
nitatis. condiderat." Ord.. Vit. 1. vii. p. 90 1 • . 

This king died at St. Denys, in the caftle and foreft of 
Lions, in Norniandy, Dec. 4, 1135; and was buried at 
Reading abbey, where, there are not naw the fmalleft 
memorials of him. . 

♦ Earl of Gloucefiefj the guardian of the kingdom, and able defender jof- 
the title of his fitter and nephew againft Stephen. He died in November, . 
1 1 46. See his character admirably drawn by Lord Lyttelton, Vol. II. • 
p> J 48, &c. 


t 6 3 

STEPHEN was too much of a foldier of fortune to 
have it in his power to make any bequefts. The king- 
dom was fettled for him the moment the right heir was 
able to aflert his claim. He died, at Dover, Odt. 25, 1 154. 
His own and his queen's bodies * were torn out of their 
graves at Feverfham abbey, at the diflblution, for the 
fake of the lead of their coffins. 

* Wtever and Stow^ the latter as quoted by LiUfisy fpeak only ©f the 
1cing*8 body, Lewis^ however, fpeaks of it as probable, that the bodies of 
the queen and Euflace their fon iliared the fame fate. Euftace died at St. 
Edmondfbury, Aug. iO| 1x52. Maud, Stephen^s queens May 3, iiji* 



[ 7 ] 


HENRI CUS Dei gratia rex Angliae, Dux Norman- 
niae et Aquitaniae, comes Andegaviae, Henrico regi, 
et Ricardo, et Galfrido, et Johaiini filiis fuis; archie- 
pifcopis, epifcopis, abbatibus, archidiaconis, decanis, 
comitibus, baronibus, jufticiariis, vicecomitibus, miniftris, 
& omnibus hominibus & fidelibus fuis tarn clericis quam 
laicis tocius terrae fuae citra mare & ultra, falutem. NoUun 
vobis facio, quod apud Waltham, praefentibus epifcopis 
R. Wiiitonienfi et J. Norwicenfi, & G. * cancellario filip 
meo, et magiftro Waltero [de] Gonftantiis archidiaconp 
Oxon. et Godefrido de Luci archidiacono de Derebi, & Ra- 
uiilfo .de Glanvilla, et Rogero filio Reimfridi, et Hugone 
de Morewic, & Radulfo * filio Stephani camerario, et 
Willelmo Rufo, feci divifam meam de quadam parte pe- 
cuniae me^ in hunc modura: domui militiae templi Jeru- 
falem mmmmm jnarcas argeuti, domui holpitali Jerufalem 
MMMMM marcas argenti ; et ad communem defenfionera 
terrae JeroJfoiimitanai mmmmm marcas argenti, per ma- 
num magiftrorum templi et hofpitalis Jerufalem & vifum 
eorundem habendas ; praeter pecuuiam illam quam prius 
praediilis domibus templi et hofpitalis commiferam cuf- 
todiendam; quam fin^iliter dono ad defeniionem ipfius 
terrae Jerofolimitanae, nlfi earn in vita mea repetere vojuero ; 
et aliis domibus religiolis tocius JerofolimiC, et leprofis et 

* Geoffrey Ion of Henry II. by fair Rofamond. He was arrlxdeacon and 
bifliop of Lincoln, chancellor of England, and archbifliop of York .? J 'years. 
He il\cd 1213. Sandford, p. 71, 72. 

^ inclufis 


inclufis ct heremitis ejufdcm terrae mmmmm marcas ar-« 
genti, dividendas per manum patriarchal Jerulalem, & vi- 
Ibm epifcoporum terr^e Jeroiblimap, et maglftrorum templi 
et holpitalis; domibus religiofis Angliae, monachorum, 
canonicorum, fanftimonialium, & leprofis, et inclufis, & 
heremitis ipfius terrae mmmmm marcas argenti, dividendas 
per manum et vifum 'R. archiepifcopi Cant, et * R. Winton* 
et ^ B. Wigorn' et * G. Elyen' et ^ J. Norwic' epifcoporum, 
et Ranulfi de Glan villa jufticiarii Angliae ; domibus religi- 
ofis Normanniae, monachorum, canonicorum fimftimonia^' 
Hum, et inclufis, et heremitis ejufdem terrae mmm marcas 
argenti, dividendas per manum et vifum archiepifcopi 
Rothomagenfis, et Baiocenfis, et Abrincenfis, et Sagienfis, 
et Ebroicenfis epifcoporum; domibus leproforum ipfius 
ccc marcas argenti per manum et vifum praediftorum 
dividendas; moniaUbus Moretoniae c marcas argenti; 
monialibus de Viliers extra Faleifiam c marcas argenti; 
domibus religiofis terrae comitis Andegaviae patris mei, 
exceptis fanftimonialibus de ordine fbntis Ebraldi, m mar- 
cas argentis per manus epifcoporum Cenomannenfis et 
Andegavenfis dividendas ; ipfis autem fanftimonialibus 
Fontis Ebraldi, et domibus ipfius ordinis, mm marcas ar- 
genti, dividendas per manum et vifum abbatiffae Fontis 
Ebraldi ; fanftimonialibus , fanfti Sulpicii Britanniae c 
marcas argenti; domui et toti ordini Grandis Montis 

* Richard prior of Dover, immediate fucceffor of Thomas Bccket. 

* -Richard Topclive,. al. More, al. de Ivelchcfter. 
^ Baldwin abbot of Ford. 

* Galfridus Rydall, archdeacon of Canterbury, 

* John Oxford, archdeacon of Salilbujy. 

f> MMM 

ItErN}Rf;Y5 ar H B iS B C D N.D. .9 

MMM macdas argeijiiurD d«mui &r-tdtt ordibi de Chartufa 
MMirptrc^iargenti ijidomtii Ciftertujet :6mnibus domibus 
ipfifts r ,^fiiiii3, ; ^exceplia; dofaibps . lejufdem ordinis quae iii 
t§rraj.Wfia::funt:<lJua3wif6 divifam ineam feci, mm xnarcas 
ajpgejuij'/dividendias ipemvifuin etl mianum abbatis Ciftertii 
&: Qar^^iUs ; doiattt Cluftiaci m marcas argenti, praeter 
hoc quod^idem donoftfi.accommodavi^ quod ei perdono nifi 
hi vita? mcja repetere} voluero^; domui Majoris Monafterii * 
perdono M marcas argenti quas ei conamodaYi, nili eas in 
vita mea repetere voluero^ fan<3:in)onialibus de MaitiUi 
C marcas Argenti ; domyi de Praemonftrata et toti ordini, 
exceptis domibus ejufdeni ordinis quae in terra mea funt, 
cc marcas argenti ;. dpmiii de Arrodiset toti ordini, ex- 
ceptis domibus ejufdem ordinis terrae meae, c marcas ar- 
genti; ad maritandas paup^m et liberas foeminas Anglian 
quas carent auxilio,* ccc mfllas auri, dividendas per nu- 
num et vifum R* Wintonienfis, et B. Wigorn', et G. Ely- 
enfis, et J. Norwicenfis epifcoporum, et Ranulfi de 
Glanvilla; ad maritandas pauperes et liberas foeminas 
Normanniae quae carent auxilio, c marcas auri, dividendas 
per manum et vifuna Rothomagenfis archiepifcopi, et 
Baiocenfis et Abrincenfis, et Sagienfis, et Ebrdiccnfis epif- 
coporum; ad maritanda^ [pauperes] et liberas fbeminas 
de terra conaitis Andegaviae patris mei c marcas auri, per 
manum et vifum Cenomanrienfis et Andegavenfis epifcopo- 
rum dividendas. Hanc autem divifam feci impraedidto 
loco anno incamationis Domini mclxxxii. Quam 

* Mannonflier. 

C vobis 


vobis filiis meis per fidem qnam cmhi debetk «t (aera-^ 
mentum quod mihi: juraftis, prsedpio ut firmiferet invio* 
labiliter teneri fadatis ; €t quod fuper eos qui ipfam fece- 
rint manum noti apponatis; et qvkunque c6ntfa hot 
venire prefumpferit, indignadonem et iram oothipcediuilt 
Dei, et maledidtionem ipfius l>ei et ineam incurt^ Vbb&s 
etiam archiepifcopis et epifcopis mando^ ut per facd^m^tuiik 
quod mihi feciftis, et fidem quam Deb et n^i) debe'tiil 
in fynodis veftris fottempniter acceniis candelie ^icdsi^ 
muiiicetis et exc(»nmunicare faciatis oitmes iUo^ qu^ han6 
divifam meam ini^gere pra^mpfeiint : et fcktid quod 
dominus papa hanc divifam meam fcripto eC figiUo fud 
ccmfirmavit fub interminatioiae anatlieMiatis.** 

£x andquQ Cod. MS. Feodorum militum Anglite pene^ 
Remem. Regis^ foL i. Habay^unc tituiUA fifrfe i*ubncam». 

*« Hoc eft Teftamentum flftftrifflihi- Regis Hehrici S*^ 
** cundi Angliae;** 

Briated ia Madox^s Formulaic An^canufas, p. 421. 

This king died, before the akar in the dhurch at Chi- 
non, July 7, 1 189 ; arid was buried at Font Eyrauld in 
Anjou. See his monument, and thatof his.que^n Elea- 
nor, in Sandfprd, p; 64,. and'Mont^ucon, Monuoiens de 
la ftlonarcbie Fran9pife| Ilr pL xv. Alio by-G. Vertue> in 
iUpm's Hiftory of England. 


Since this Will wis princed^ we have difcovered a 
dofe Tranflation of It into old EngHfh in PtrtVL 
Langtoft'8 Rhymihg Ghroniclci publiflied by 
H£ARNE> Vol. L p. 135 — ^137. The Authot 
lived about the Tirhe of Edw, L or XL 

THAN faid Sir Henryi nedes burd him wende * 
To Fmce & Normundici to witte a certeyn ende. 
At Parys ^ wild he be, at ther parlement. 
Ther wille wald ^ he fe, to what thei wild ^ confent. 
At the duzepers ^ the fothe wild he wite. 
And on what maners^ & wharto he fuld lite^ 
And whedir thei wild to werre, or thei wild nouht. 
Or alle in luf fperre^ that thii^ that thei had wrouht. 
He fauh wele bi £gne^ he drouh U^ tille ' elde ^^ 
Long myght he not regne^ ne on^b lif belde ''. 
Wherfor Henry faid he wild, or he went. 
That the fumme wer laid of his teilament, 
Lille & I falle rede the parceiles what amountes. 
If any man m dede wUle keflc in a countes '• 

De tefiamento Henrid/ecundi, faffo apud Walt ham, per totum. 
SEX thoufand marke tille Acres did he fend. 
Ageyn his comyng thidere, bi marchandz fo he wend ''. 
Fift^ thoufand nuu'cs had he lent abbtis. 
That Wer inpouertc, up tham forto rcife. 
Alle that was gyuen, & befor hand lent. 
That was not m cofre, whan he mad teftament. 

• Oo. ^ WooU. « The is pMt. < In peace examine. « Drew. ' To. 
I 014 age. I" BtttU, mkcMU * Cift up (be artount. ^ Weened, thought. 

* C2 Of 

Of that that was in cofre, & in his cofines \ 

He mad his teflament^ als did other pilgrimes. 

To Waltham gede the kyng, his teftament to make. 

And thus quathe ™ he his thing, for his foulc fake. 

To temples * in Acres he quath "* fiue thoufand marke. 

And fiue thoufand to the hofpitale -f-, for thei were in karke ». 

To the folk that duelled. Acres for to fende ®, 

Other fiue thoufand marke he gaf tham to fpende. 

Tille other houfes p of the cuntre fiue thoufand marke he gaf, 

Tille heremites & tille feke *i men, & other of fuilk raf ^ • • 

Tille monkes & to chanons % that were in Inglond, 

Fiue * thoufand marke refceyued thei of his hond. 

To tho of that religion, that were in Normundie, 

Fiue thoufand mark unto ther treforie. 

And to mefelle " houfes of that fame lond, 

Thre thoufand mark unto ther fpenfe he fond '. 

To ladies of habite, Vilers & MB||tayny, 

He gaf tuo hundreth mark, I trowe thei were fayn *. 

To tho religioufes that were in Grafcoyne ', 

He gaf a thoufand mark, withouten effoyne K 

To tham of Founz Eberard % ther his body lis. 

He gaf tuo thoufand mark, tho ladies of pris **. 

^ Qfbinus^ ched. ^ Bequeathed. * The knights templars, f The knighit bof- 
pitalers. •* In charge. Hearne. •* Defend. Ad communem Jefinfiontm terra Jerofo* 
limltana* Latin Will, Acre$ in this poetical will is fynonymous with Jerufalem or the 
Holy Land, p Religious houfes in Jerufalem and the Holy Land^ \ Lefn^. 
' Such mean condition. Hearne. . * And to other rdi^ous houfes and hofpitals, adds 
the Latin Will. « Three. Lat.Will: perhaps to be corredted from this.. ■ Jloufct. 
oi lepers. » Found. 7 To the Nuns of Viliers and Mortayne each 200 marks* 
See Alien Priories, H. 49. L 156. The latter of thefe houfes was founded by' 
Henry's great uncle, Robert earl of Mortain,* 1081. *'Glad. '■ M$mkiihtf terra 
comhis Andegavia patris met* ^ Excufe. ^ Fontevriuld. ':^ -Thoiigh the religious in 
it were women of rank or fortune. See Alien Priories, Il» 6^ , a . 

4 To 

C IZ« ] 

To the ladies of Bretap, men calle Seynt Suplice% 
He gaf a hundreth mark, to mend ther office ^ 
To the houfes of Chartres ^ tuo thoufand mark bi counte. 
And thre thoufand mark to the ordre of Grant mounte **• 
To the ordre of Cifteaus * he gaf tuo thoufand mark. 
The ordre of Clony ^ a thoufand, to lay up in arke K 
The ordre of Premonftere ^ tuo hundreth mark thei had. 
To the ladies of Markayne ° a hundreh mark thei lad \ 
To the houfes of Arroys p, that ere bigond the fe, 
Tuo *i hundreth mark thorgh ^ teftament gaf he. 
To women of Inglond, of gentille lynage % 
A hunderth mark of gold, to ther mariage. 
To gentille, & tille other % that were in Normundie, 
A hundreth mark of gold thei had to ther partie *. 
To gentille women of Aniowe", of non auancement% 
A hundreth mark of gold unto tham was fent. 
Withouten this teftament that he did writen. 
And the grete trefore tille Acres was witen. 
And that he lent religioufe to bring tham aboue % 
Fourty thoufand mark* he gaf for Gode loue. 

Whan the kyng Henry had mad his teftament. 
He dight his ofte redy ■, & to Parys went. 

* St. Sulpice in Brittany. ' Stock, income, s Charter- houfe. *> Grandmont 
near Rouen, founded by this prince. See Alien Priories, II. 30. » Citeaux^ Cifter- 
cians. ^ Clugni. * Jrca, coffer. "» Premonftratenfrrs. " Marmoutier Majoris Monaf- 
terii. Alien Priories, II. 131, Why called Markayne does not appear. •* They 
carried, on porta. This was money lent and forgiven them. Lat. Will, p Domihus de 
ArroiWs isf ioti ordifti, Qj^ Canons of Arroafia, a reform of the Augudin o»der by 
St. Nicholas of Arroafia in Anois about 1090, of which there were five houfes in 
England. Sec Stevens, Mon. II. 149. Tanner, Not. Mon. prcf. p. xviii. ^.0^;r, 
Lat. Will. ^ By. • Pau/era ^ ii^^. L^x. Will. « Portion, fhare. « Anjou. » P001. 
y To raife them. * The total amount is 45)000 mark^« ' Made his army readyi 

' ^ I c H a'r b T H^^' i^ i 1^ s 1^ , ; 

. ^ of his wcninq, i i^p^ he. peqj^uejjjhea to hi§ bro- 
tKer'jo^^ kmgdom o^^^ and 'all ms*qffee); 

temtojriesl.and * najad^ ^2^^^ t^c 'the,* bath'* i^^^ aljfi?- 

giance , to Binr" He ordered l;hat ' his caC^es!* diouf^ tje 

treafures (hould be diftrituted among nis ien^apl;s and the 
poor. He directed that his brains^ his blbod^ ,aad his to- 
trails, ihould be buried at^harrou [ChaltizJ, his heart 
at Rouen, and his body at Font Evraud, at the feet of his 

" Cum autem rex de vita defperaret, divifit Johanni 
fratri fi&o regnum Angliae et omnes alias terras fuas; et 
fecit fieri prsedifto Johanni fidelitates ab illis qui aderant; 
et praecepit ut traderentur ei caftella fua et tres partes 
thefauri fui, et omnia baubella fua divifit Othoni nepoti 
fuo regi Alemannorum, et quartam partem thefauri fui, 
praecepit fervientibus fuis et pauperibus diftribui. Deinde 
praecepit rex ut cerebrum et fanguis et vifcera fua fe- 

• Otho IV. emperor of Germany wai fon of Maud fitter of Richard I. 
married to Henry V. furnamed the Lion, duke of Saxony and Bavaria. 
Saijdfor4, jj. 69. 

C 2 pelirentur 

12 RICHARD ^T'b i F I R S T. 

pelirentur apud Charrou, et cor fuum apud Rothomagum, 
et corpus fuum apud Fontem Ebraudi ad pedes patris 
fui." • - " ''^ '^ • '^ '''■ ^^ ~f-''^ 

Hoveden, Annal. p. 449, 450. 1596* 

This king died at Gizors, April 6,11 99. His , body^^as 
buried at Font Evr^ud inAiypu; fee his monument in 
San(Jford, p. 64. and ip Montfai;coni,''Mon, de laKfonar- 
chicy Franc. 11. pi. xv. Alfo by Giyertue/. in Rapines 
Hifioiy of England. His heart was buried atllouen? 
his nionument, and that of his fecond \^ife Elizabeth, is 
engraven in Montfaucon, ubi fupra, and copied in Dr. 
DiK^rel's Anglo-Norman Antiquities, pi. %. as is alfo the 
^^es of Berengera his wife, taken from her tomb in the 
^hcy of LXfpan near Mons, where fhe is interred. 


M »'[ h ] 


EQQ J.v Dei gratia rex Anglie, dominus Hibernie, 
dux Norm' et Aquit', Com' Andegav', gravi infir-; 
mitate , preventus, ^ nee fufficiens ad tepn^pus infirmitatis' 
mec currere per fingula, ut teftamentuqci meum de fingu- 
lis rebus meis cpndam; ordinationem et difpofitionem 
teftamenti mei fidei et difpofitioni legitime committo fide^- 
lium meorum lubfcriptorum, fine quorum confilio etiam 
in bono ftatu conftitutus nuUatenus imprefentia eorum 
ordinarem : ut quod ipfi fideliter ordinaverint et difpofue- 
rint de rebus meis, tam in fatisfeftione facienda Deo et 
fanfte ecclefie de dampnis et injuriis eis illatis, quam in 
fuccurfii faciendo terre Jerofolimitane, et fuftentatione 
preftanda filiis meis pro hereditate fua perquirenda et 
defendenda, et in remuneratione facienda illis qui fideliter 
nobis fervierunt, et in diftribtitione facienda pauperibus et 
domibus religiofis pro falute anime mee, ratum fit et fir- 
mum. Peto etiam, ut qui confilium et juvamen eis fecerit 
ad teftamentum meum ordinandum, gratiam* Dei per- 
cipiat et favorem. Qui autem ordinationem et difpofi- 
tionem fuam infregerit, malediftionem et indignationem 
omnipotentis Dei et beate Marie, et omnium fanftorum 
incurrat. Imprimis igitur volo, quod corpus meum fepe- 
liatur in ecclefia Sande Marie et Sanfti Wulftani de Wi- 


gorn. Ordinatores autem et difpoiitores tales confHtuo : 
dominum G, Dei gratia titulo Sandti Martini prelbiterum 
cardinalem apoftol^ ftjdi^ Jtegat^pa,, dopiipum ' P. Winton* 
epifcopum, dominum * R. Ciccftrenfem epifcopum, domi- 
num 'S.Wigom* cpifcopum, fratrem Aimcricumde Sanfta 
' Maura, W: IVfarefcalluoi comiteni Benbroc V R. Com. 
Ceftr'^ WiJlielmiun Gomitem de Ferrarris, Willielmum 
Bruwne, Walterum de Lafej ^ et Johannem de Mdnemut, 
Sav^ricmn de Malo Leone, Falkefium de Breahte. 
£x Oiiginale penes Dec. et Cap.- Wigorn\ 

printed i^ Thoi?MS> ^ tlw! Gatbiedcal ofWorr 
cp&fix^ Appendix, N^ 33- 

He died at; Newark, 0<3:. lo, 1216, and w^^s byripd 
^ in Worcefter c^thedraL See^ his Monument ip jS^ndjf^fdt 
p.' 85. Tbojrnas's Survey of /N^orcefter qath(^^^ 
and Stukele/s Itinerary, 1. pL XVIIL and by.G. VeVtjy^ 
in Rapiii's Hiftqry of Enjglani His^ .^9^?^^^ w^te . l^^y.^^, 
at Crokton-abbey . Green's. Su^ejr, of .Worcefter, jp^ ^67. 

* Peter de Rupibus. 

* Hichard PodW;'rftetward« bp. of Sanijn. 
^ Silycftcr dc'Evdhamj jjrior ofEv^ftiaajv, 


[ IS 1 


IN noixiine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sanfti, Ego Hen- 
ricus, Dei gratia, Rex Anglise, et Dominus Hib6r- 
niae, Dux Nonnanniae, Aquitannise, et Comes Andegaviie, 
die Martis piioxime poft feftum apoftolonim Petri et Pauli, 
anno gratise miilefimo ducentefimo quinquagefimo tercio, 
apud Suthwyk proponens transfretare in Vafcoriiani, 
hujufinodi condo teftamentum meum. In priihis, animam 
meam lego et commendo Deo, et * beatae vir^i - 
riiatri fite, et + omnibus fanftis. Sepuituram corpori med . 
digo apud ecclefiam beati Edwardi Weftmotiafterii, eo 
lion obftante, quod prius eligeram fepultUfam apud N6- 
vum Templum Londoniae. Cuftodiam veror Edwatcii jfrf- 
mogenki filii raei et haeredis, et aliorum puerorum m60- 
rum, et J regni m'ei Angliae', et omnitim aliarum terraniifa 
mearum Walliae et Hibemiise et Vafconrae, lego et coiiJ- 
mitto illuftri reginsfe meae Alicinofae, ufqtre ad legitf- 
rfiam aelatetii haeredunfi meorum } et toKim" atrhim" rneum, 
praetfer § jocalia, lego in fiibfidium terraf fanft*; depot tart- 
durti curri cruce mea per vrros ftrerities et fide dignos, 
pfer praeaidfaiii re^inam et eidch tores m^os filbfcriptos. 
eligendos. Et fabricam ecclefiae beati Edwardi Weft-^ 

* Beati, MS. + Etet omnifi'xis, MSV 

I Reginx mei MS. § Jacalia, MS. 

4 monafteriii 

i6 H E N R Y T 11 r^ T H I R D. 

monaflerii lego ct committo pra^fato Edwardo primogenlto 
mco pcrficienduni ; ad feretrum vero iplius Edward! 
beat! perficienduin hgp cjuingenta^ nwrcaSfafffenti, perci- 
piendas de ^ jocalilius meis per manus praediftorum re* 
ginae et executorum meorum. Et de dcbitis meis lie volo 
et ordiuQ^ q^od regiria mca^ haredibus meis intra aef&erii 
et in tuftodia ipiius reginae exifteiitihus, cum pjraedidis ter- 
ris.meis debita mea acquictct, qiiatenus potefty deaxitibus 
praediftarum terrarum, falvis ftatu et continehcia pro 
priorum haeredum; Cum vero + idem hasrcdes' ad aetatem 
legitiraam pervenerint, totum reliduum live remanens 
corundem debitorura acquletaount. Satisfaftionem vero 
obfequiorum militum, ferviencium, et aliorum, quibus 
teneor, committo et injungo pracfatis rcginae et Edwardo 
primogenito meo, ut eis, juxta mcrita obfequiorum, re- 
fpondeant et retribuant. Crucem autcm, quam dedit michi 
comitiffa Canciae, cum veftimento capellae meat albo, et 
cum imagine beatac virginis ;}; argentea, parvo tabemaculo 
lego prediclac ecclefiac beati Edwardi Weftmonafterii ; ct 
aliam crucem aurcam, et veftimentum capellac meap, cum 
lapidibus preciofis ct aliis pertinentibus ad capellam ct 
imaginem beatae Virginis aurcam, lego praedifto Edwardo 
primogenito ct haercdi meo. Alia autcm, in hoc tcfta- 
mento non exprcffa, committo ct relinquo difpociffioni 
executorum meorum fubfcriptorum + videliced prcfatae 

♦Jacalibui, MS, f Sic. 

X Argentei, MS. 



Reginae meae, Bonefacii Cantuariae archiepifcopi ; ' Ado- 
mari Wintonige electi, et Ricardi comitis fcomubke, fra- 
trum meorum ; Petri de Sabaudia, Johannis MaunfcUe 
praepofiti Beverlye, + Petri Chiceporm J archediaconi Wal- 
liae, Johannis prions de Novoburgo, capellanis meis; Johan-^ 
nis de Gray feriefcalli mei, et Henrici de Wengham cle* 
rici mei. Ita quod ifti de fingulis, hie non expreffis, dif- 
ponant, fecuiidunj quod faluti meae viderint expedire. Et 
in hujus rei majorem evidenciam et firmitatem, figillum 
noftrum praefenti fcripto h, modum cirographi confedo 
una cum figillis praefcriptortim fecimus apponil 

Printed in Liber Niger Scaccarii, vol. 11. p. £2^. pub* 
liflied byHeame. » 

He died at his palace at Weftminfter, Nov. 16, 1272. 
His heart was buried at Font Evraud in Anjou ; his 
body in Weftminfter Abbey. See his Monument in Sand- 
ford, p. 92. and by G. Vertue, in Rapin's Hiftory of 

' Aymer de Valence, own brother to H. IK. \fy the fecond marriage of 
his mother with Hugh earl of March. He was ele^ed by the king's intereft ; 
but not confecrated till the year before his 'death, which happened 1261. 

f P^tro, MS. {Sic. 


r t§ Y 

E D W A R D T H E B: I R S T. 

EN nun du Pere, du Fitz, e du Seynt Efpntj Amen.- 
Nus Edward^ einCae filz au noble Roy d*Engleterre, 
fefomsnoftre teftament, en noftre bor> fen, e en noftre 
bone memorie, le Samedis procheyn agres la Pentecoufte, 
en ^ an de noftre feygnur mil, deu cent, feptfaunt fegund, 
en x:efte manere. En primes^ nus divifoms a Deu, e a noftre 
dame Seinte Marie, e a tuz feyns noftre alme ; et noftre 
cors enfeueUr, ou nos efleketurs, ceo eft a faver, fire Johan 
jjt Brptayne, fire Wiiliam dc Valence, fitc Rog. .dc Cliferd, 
fire Payn de Chautros, fire Roberd Tiletot,. Are Otes de 
Grauntfon, Robert Burnett, et Antoyne Bek, o oukuns de 
•eus aumn.tdeviffc: As queus nus donoms et grauntoms 
j^ner poer, fce ilpufint ordiner por noftre alme,. de tuz 
nos beyns, mocbles e noim moebles, cum en rendre nos 
<^ttes, c redrccher les tort ke nus avoms fet par nus ou 
par nos baliz, et rendre a noftre gent' lur fervife, fulom 
ceo ke il verruiU ke boa feyt. 

E por ceo ke nus favoms bcn^ ke noz moeHes ne pur- 
runt pas fiiffire a ceo vulums e otroms ke noz avaunt diz 
exfeketurs eyent plener poer, le quel nus ies grauntoms fi 
avaunt ke nus pauns, de ordiner, et efl^blir de tutes nos 
teres d'Engleterre, de Irelaunde, de Gafcoine, e de tutes 
nos autres teres, ke il en pufent ourir en memes la manere 
fcenue feymes quant, eles furent en noftre meign, faunt 
1 vendre 


^rendtfe^u doA^er, e en lur meyns tenir enfemblemciU: o la 
^;8rde de nos cnfii'unz, ufque au plepier age de eos^'pur 
nAodtt teftament acomj^^ et nos awnones fei^e en Engle*- 
tere, tt: aillurs fulum ceo ke <k)s efleketurs vtrrunt ke ie^t 
a fere; as queus fere, nus ordinoms ceyntaull^ixmics.' I 

Rty apres noftre devis felt, et Aos autnons acomplies, 
^olums ke les ifiue^ des avaunt dites tereSj hirnent hu^i^d- 
fit de no?: eirfaunz, e demulcent en les n^yn,s des avawit 
diz exeketuri9, ju&es> a Page de noz ^nfaunz avaujit 

Et, fi aventnre avenge kc noftre fcygntir rey, noftre pere, 
murge dedenz le age de nos eafauns (ke Deu defende) nos 
vok>ms ke le reaume d'Engletere, et tutes les autres teres 
ke pornint efchair a noz enfaunz, demorgent en lesmeyns 
^ nbs efieketurs avaunt nomes, ^ifemblement oveique 
noftre cher piere le Erceuelk de Everwyk, * e iire Rog, e 
ovefk autres prodes homes du reaume, ke ilakondruntfi 
meftier feyt, juikes al plener age de nos enfeunz fus nomez, 
c ke les iffues avaunt dites teres fgrent cuUliz, e gardcz, 
per les meyns de nos exleketures avauntdiz, e liverez a nos 
enfaunz, quant il ferrunt de pflener age a lur profift. 

E, fur ceo nus voloms e ordinoms ke deus, ou plus de 
noz effeketurs, eyent poer de oyr nos acuntes, e de recey- 
vere de tuz nos baliz, ou ke il feyent, devaimt aoftre de- 
partir d'Engietere. 

E puis, fe il ne poent mufter ke U eyent leal acunte ren- 
due, et li nul de noz baliz feyt mort, ke fes heirs (eyent 
tenuz a rendre la cunte pur luy. 

• Walter Oiffard, 1265— 1279«' 

D ^2 Endreyt 

JO 15 D W A R » T H E P I R S T. 

Ebdreyt de dowarie de noftre chere femme Alianore^ 
volums ke ele eyt pleynement ceo ke fuft nome quant nus 
les pufams, e fi de ceo ne fe tent pas a pae, nus voloms ke 
de ejrt ceo ke dreyt e ley la dorra, fulom les ufages e le 
leys d^Engletere. 

£ voloms aufi ke la ou tuz noz efleketurs ne poirunt 
eftre pur fer&le execution de noftre teftament avaunt dit, ke 
quatre ou plus^ en nuxn des autrys, eyent poer pur eus, c 
pur les autrys, pur acomplir les chofes fufdites. 

E pur ceo, priums a noftre feynt pere Tapoftle, ke il* 
voyll cefte chofe tenir, et fere tenir, e confirmer; e ke il 
voyle prier noftre cher pere, ke il voyle tenir eftable, e fere 
tenir, par tut fon reaume, e tot fon poer^ quel part ke il 
feyt, les chofes avaunt nomes. 

En teftimoniaunce de la queu chofe, a ceo teftament 
avoms fet mettre noftre fel, et avoms prie (ire Johan er- 
cevcike de Sur, et vicarie de la feinte egiife de Jerufalem, 
et les honurables pers, frere Hue Revel, meftre de THof- 
pital, et frere Thomas Berard^ meftre du Temple,, ke a ceft 
efcrit meis ent aufi lur feus, les quieus fi le vut fet enfem- 
blement, o nos efleketurs avaunt nomes ea tefinoifiiaunce 
des chofes fiis dites. 

Done a Acre, le Samedy avaunt nome, le difiitime jur 
de Juen, Tan du regne le roy noftre pere cinkaunt e fine *. 

Rymer's Foedera, tom. I. p. 885,# 

* Edward was at Acres i J71, the ^fvj-Jixtb and laft year of his father's 
leign. Rapin IIL 488, 489. 

4 Whether 


,E D W A R D T H E F I R S T. 21 

Whether the military tranfaftions, and the revenge this 
great Prince was preparing to execute on the Scotch,, when 
jeath overtook him at Burgh on Sands,, in Cumberland,. 
July 7, 1 307, prevented him from making any teftamentary 
difpofition after he came to the crown ; no other will of his 
has yet come to light.. He was buried at the head of his 
fether in Weftminfter-abbey. See his Monument in Sandford, 
p. 136. and by G. Vertue in Rapin's Hiftoiy of England, 
vol. L . ; 

Seealfo Sir Jofeph AylofFe's account of his body, as it 
appeared on opening his tomb in the year. 1774* Archaeo- 
logia, vol. IV* p- 376. 

It is more eafy to account, for the want of a will of his 
unhappy fon and fucceflbr Edward the Second, . who 
was murdered on the 2 5th. of January, r326, and buried 
in the monaftery (now the cathedral) of St. Peter atdou- 
cefter. See his monument in Sandford, p. 1 5 1 . and by. 
G. Vertue in Rapin's Hiftory of England^ vol. L. 


t W 3 

LA t> Y C LA Ilk " 

Third daughter of Gilbert de CSare, laft 'Caftf ; ttf 
Gloticelhit ahd Hereford 6f th^ tiime, " 3X\d Joaa 
of Acres, ^ughter of £dward 1. 

She was foundrefs of Clare-liall, Cambridge, and ffiar- 
vfied ^irft to Johft de Burgh, who was fon ahd heir of 
3^ichard earl of IHftcr; and died 1313. iecondly, 
13 1 5, to Theobald lord Verdon, who died tifeXt year, 
JO JE. II *. and laftly to Roger Damory, baron of 
ArMoy in Itelaftd, who was attainted for taking part 
with Thomas earl of Lancafter, 15 E. H. but iiis life 
was i^pardd, and he <lied the fame year. EHxabeth fnr- 
^vived him, and died Nov;. 4, 1360. 34 E. HI. leaving for 
heir Elitabeth her grandaughter, by William de fiurg^, 
her fon b^ het fir ft hirfband, who died in licr lifei-time. 
She was buried in the middle aile of Ware church, c. 
Herts, with her third hufband. Weever (p. 544) has 
preferved this epitaph over them : 

<* Hie jacet Rogerus Damory, baro, tempore Edwardi 
** Secundi, et Elizabetha, tertia filia Gilberti Clare, 
** comitis Glouceftriae, et Johannae uxoris ejus, filiae 
** Edwardi primi vocat. Johan de Acris +" 

* Leaving her with child of a daughter, afterwards named Ifabeh 

Dugd. Bar, I. 474. 
f Sandfbrd, p. 1411 14a. ChauDcy, p. 216, 217. 


.t A ij r c t A n I. H 

Mr» Salmon (Hertfordfliire, p. 247) fays, that in hia 
tajme there remained only the coronet.; but there is now. 
no j^emorial at all. . 

EN ao\jn cju Pere, 4u FItz, er du Seint Efpirit, Ameij., 
Je. EU?abeth de Rurg, dame de Clare, ordeijie et face 
xnoa teftament et ma oUrrdne Yolunte en ma pleipe pie-^- ' 
laoire le xxv joyr de Septembr' Tande Tl^cjirnation noftce* 
Sedgm^f rjiu Crift' m. ccc. lv. en Ja fouiwe #. pianisxc 
q'^ufwyt. A .de primQs jeo devife m!alnie g Dieu .et a J^ 
dpuceBaiere ScintjeMarie et a touz les Seintz du Ciel; et mo|i< 
corps a la terre d?eftre entefce a les foeres Menureflfes horss 
de Algafe en l^oundreg./ It'n;i je deyife pur lur»iere entour^ 
jnon corps U v^le et le jour de mon enterrement ji c lb»^ 
^ cire des queux jeo yoel et ordeine q tut le furpjus de la 
liftmiere qe ferra defpend^e gr^unt* gree furrapart a ^a 
place fus dite foit^eparti as povres efglifes environ folpnc 
l|i difcre^n-de mes executours.. It'm je devife et prdejqe 
(^ to^es naanwes defpenfes afeire pur ;mGn corps eijiterer 
U vfille ^ le jour 4e mon e;nt9rrement et puf la departifim^ 
4qs pQyrps,TOefme le jour ji c li. Et voel et ordeine ^* ' 
mon corps ne demoerge de feu terre outre quinf'ze jours 
apres mon deces, deinz queu temps je voel q' la folempnite 
.de mon enterrement *fe face fans plus outre delai. Et 
apres mon enterrenoent je voel et ordeii^ q' mes dettes 

♦SicOrig. . 

foient I 


fbient primerem^nt. paies, et apres mes dites dettes readuz 
ct paies je voel a de primes "qe les fervices de mes fervants 
jfoient paies en manere q' enfuit ; primeremeht a Monrr 
NicholDammory VI chargeours*, xii efqueles% i godet^d'ar- 
gent ove covercle et i faler **d*argent. A Rob't Marefchal 
XII efqueles d*argent et li cruet d*argcnt p*cellc furorre^. A 
•Sufanne deNeketon, xii efqueles d^argent ii cnfets novels 
d'argent, imors^d*argentamaille«de 'mes armes, etma meil- 
lour robe ove touz les gamementz. A Anne de Lexeden 
XX li defterlinges, l^haliz, i mors d'argent ct maille«de 
mes armes, xii efqueles d*argent, et ma robe de noir ove 
touz les garnementz. A Elizabeth Torel un godet ^ d'ar- 
gent ove covercle kemelle, et ii bacyn^ d'argent ove tuelle^ 
amaillez en founs, et ma feconde meillure robe ove les gar- 
nements. A Margarete Banchon iiii ewers d'argent ct 
ma tirce meillure robe ove touz les gamemens. A Colmet 
de Morlee et a Ifabel fa femme 1 godet d'argent furorre ove 
covercle kernelle, viii grant faufers, xxxvi meindres fau- 
cers, et a la dite Ifabel ma quartre mellure robe ove touz les 
gamements. A Joh*n de Southam* et a Agnes fa femme 
III I pootz ^ d'argent, i godet d'argent i hanap' M'alabaftre 
h'noife ^ d'argent lurorre, i petit bacyn d^argent du tour 

• chargers. * porringers. « goikt^ a mog. 

^ faltfdlcr. * furdorre^ gilt. ^ F. morceau. 

% emailUf enamelled. ^ cup. ^ tujau^ conduit^ pipe* 

^ pots. ^ coupcatcirCf cup. 

'^.barnoijff mounted. 


L A b t c t A i i. .^ ^^5 

d^une ef^ude } et ^ la 6ke Agtieis trois ganiements ae^jm^ 
quintetndllure robe, (feftaffdVoircbte/fiircote, et mantel^ 
Paotte". *A Alifqh de Wodehafri vi plates d'argent, i.poiir 
dner d*ai^nt, et tut le femehaht de ma fifme meiilurs ?obe 
6ritre ce q*eft devife a Jfehiri de Horfelee'-coriie pierjt p* anal, 
A Johanette Dnieys vi plates d*argeht, et ii qulllers^^d'ar- 
gent furorrez, et i quilkr d'argent blank. It'm a departir 
entre les dites Alafbn et Johanette mes deux robes de tjrr- 
teyne. * A Sire Johan* de-Lenne i maferi'ove covercle her** 
noife d'argeftt fuforre et kernelle, i^hafiz d'argent i veffi- 
ment jftir confeffours d*urf drap de foyc chekefe** ove furrore, , 
TapparaH. A Sife Piers de Erefwell i bdefe d'^argent furqrre 
amaille, rihiafii, t jf^oife^ des chaundelabres, ii bacyns, i 
bettoit* ove efperge, ' t feyft 'et i mors d^argent furorre ovd 
p6tttt^ nxcg rfeux antipfionef s d*un voturti vieux, ii grayef^ 
d^'un vciuitt vieux, i veiftimei>t d'un camoka" rouge etynde* 
ovie tut Fakjpairaii, ef vi furplis de riia chdpelle des meiilurs . 
cfil v6udta: dKre. A Sirte Henry Mol[eT6t vi bacyns, i plate 
d^ar«nt dve pee, i Veftimeht d^uh camoke rouge tarifte 
ove tut Fapparail, et rmafef ove tdvercle hemoife d argent 
furorre: A Sire Wiffiarn de Mantbnz ni pbotz d'argent, 
XV pieces-^^rgent, ef l efcalop d'afgent. A frere John de 

' * Sorte de. mauyaije etoffe qui apris/Qanom 4e Tyre^ et dont fm bahillf U 
ntiik^y VaSttbrtAit; Didl. xhi vf^ux langage fran^ols. 
^ AliowK . jr :.. :- ^? F.^hc^ter'*.'; ' I ' 

' Holy water pot, with iTprinkler. 

• c/ochfj bell. P Q^pierreSf precious ftoncs. * 

■ Sorte d'ctoffc richc, * blue. , 

^ Hafel. 


Hafejbech v marcs. A frere-Rob't de Wifebech v mars* 
A ?lre William Altjon le meillure. de deux fengbs. veftl- 
ments de blank capioka. A Sire Jojin de Chiph'm Fautre 
&ng;le veftmient de blank camoka. A Sire Edward Soth*. 
vofd c s. A Sire Joh'n deHuntyngsdon c s. A Sire Wil- 
liam' deBerkwey unveftiment d'un camoca, le champ noix^ 
tanne ove tut Tapparail. A Sire William de Wykkewane 
n quillers d'argent, un poire de chandelabres d'argent ove. 
vyz, et 1 hanap de beril h'noife d*argent furorre. A Sire, 
William Ailmare c s. A Sire. William de DittQn i boefl 
d'argent blank, i chaliz d'argent furorre,. ii cruets, i pees,^ 
Tchandeler d'argent pur lafeinte chaundele„ i veftiment de 
camoca le champ noir. A Sire Henri Palmer ipees tfiar- 
gent furorre, xxxiiii quillers d'argent, ii chargeours d*at- 
gent, un veftiment palee de deux caipocas ove tut TappareL 
A Sire William Coke lx s. A frere John Keremyte i 
petit feyn d'argent, i quiller d-or ^ ii ery^s d'argenL. A,, 
Sire John de Kireby lx s^ A Richard de Waterden, uc s., 
A Joh^n de Clare xxli. d'efterlings. A John Bataile ii. 
cruets d*argent furorrez, ii grant popts,, et ii. meindres., 
poots d'argent, et xii efqueles- d'argent* A Rob*t FJe- 
iriengs, J I ervers d'argent,, et i efquelepur Taumerie d'ar- 
gent ov.eie pee bien lee 5^. A Johan de Horfelee, iii garne- 
ments de ma fifme meillure.robe.c^eflr aflavoir cote, ftircote,. 
et mantelde paone. A Wauter de Kireby, i poiire de bacyns. 
d'argent, Lbenoiter^ etiefperged'argent furorre.: ANi- 

y 'broad.. , 

5; cholas^ 

L A^ I>-.Y C L A RE. ij 

chblas Nbwers x IL ' A John Gough i !ewer d argent p*- 
ccUe furorre, et iiii godets d'djrgent. A Humfrei de Wa- 
leden, ii chargcours d*argent, ii plates ove pees p'celle 
amailles d'une fuyte. A Thomas Charman-, i eweret xri 
elqueles d'argent. A Richard de Kingefton, i petit poot 
d'argent, i coupe de jafpre, i 'hanap d'argent plat. A All-, 
faundre Charman in poire des bacyns. A Richard dc 
Biiikeby I tablet, ii chaufe poynts d'argent dont Tun fu- 
rorrei et i grant poot d*arge«it* • A John le Meffag' cs. a 
raeftre Philip lichet x marcs. A Eftephene Derby lx s. 
A John de Knarelburg-h xx miarcs. ' A William Beneyt 
II chargeours d'argent. A Richard de Wbdeham C s. A ' 
John Motelot i chandelabre p'tie d'argent, ii benoiters, et 
II efperges. . It'm, a Thomas de Lyntoh lX s. It'm, a 
Firmyn de Shropham XL s* A John de Henle xl s. A ^ 
Wauter dc Colefhull c s. A William de Stone tin Ii. A 
Eftephene le Pelleter l s* ' A William de Coleceftre vi ' 
godets d'argent. A Thomas Montjoye c s. A Thomas Scot 
I cbacyn. et tii* ervers d'ai^nt.' A John le Lardiner x 
marcs. A Hugh le Pullitierx mates. A Richard le Paf- 
teler lx s. A John de Dunmov^re lx s. A Henri le Pul- ~* 
letier v marcs. A Cok HaverVngs' nil Ii. A John Brian 
c s; ; A John Whitehened c s. A Joh*n Braceour c s. A 
John de.Rufliton c s. A John le Chauiideler i hanap ** 
plit d'irgent furorre, i ewerbt ■ d'arg*. A Richard le Gaytfe '^ 

• E 2 LX $• 

^? L TAj.D.y. C LtAi R K* 

, I^TC f , ^. BJ(5^^f4 |e Ctei^ (iiH lU' et Je chara9dillneiiele9 
ove fe hou?^ a , q©i appui:iift«^fc ; > A. Jbft^an Foceftcr v rharcs^ 
Ai Richard FoFri4er ^x? s? A Joh'n dc Kent nx s- A 
Joh'n de Rineihede XLjSy . A Joh^iv le Veaour jadis- demo* 

. rant ovefq' ' vcm Xir &, A Richarid^de Wahham. tx s. A 
Joh'n/Pirker de Southfrith xjc s^ A' John Parkejr bailli£ 
de Erbury xl s.. A Roger Garbedotts e 9- A)Richardt 
Segpr c% : A^Riphard atte Pole ni> s. A WilKam EdwarJl 
XL $• ASyxnoij .P^keifi, d^ • Trilkk xl.s^ -A Adam le 
ISakervXL SI. ^'A Will*iai €?rutfe<hi lx s. A TKonias Ayin : 
mer xx s., . A Eftniqfi;i E^warfr ^ F^nJbaito xx.> $• ; A Jbh'n 
B^con baiUa^ ^, Burton y^%. H Nidwb^. AEtxrar baillifs 
d« Crapjsbumii^x si». A John Go(ft baiUift. cfe Wjrioff xes^: 
A. ThoBtUis ]^ajb»€;^ provQfl^ de Stioioi! Yer don. c s. A Adhm 
ap* Wjfllf m bailfif de N]pv<s;Jgr»unge xt s;- A Richani' 
Cook baiUif dp.l^fwyry LXi 9^ A Richard. ToyttiBLprovoff 
deiTEoyex-D %^ ItWaRjc^Si^ dela.Chainbre X£.s- aijbh*!!. 
dek Wiardon i*i pkcee; 4^ai^nt«. A iNachol k Bwor etf a. i&** 
bel fa, f^D^noe^ v tnarcs> A J^ Rodyngs :xl s^ A 
Thomas de- Henhjun 3ti>vr s.. y^J^ A JoHij Teftepyn- 1« 
marcsw A Richard gafceoi^* de la^ chamhre i^ marcs.. A 
Thomas<l0Fu]treq^rii njiaci^^v A Richkril de Jbanyngtonr 
xif s. A Jphnig^cew.dQlaSot^Qerte nmaxcsL A Adam 
de. I^: Beftrji^: 6 6^ A \K(^aixti Bacon xxc s«.. A Rob'c 
Wolwy)X?c; s.. A; P^rpt; 4ft. ftdandi xxxwi: Si Btra d; A^ 
Joh^n Caton lx s. A Joh'n Lucefon lx s» A Rob't 
Lucelbne lx s» A Hei^ Cnappyngs lx s^ A Richard de 


LADY O 1/ A R E. 99 

la Forg^ n maits. A R<^e de la Chatndekrie if xnsvcL 
A Wairter Hunte 11 marcs. A William Joliflfe 11 mires. 
A John le Seller x^x s* A touz le pages de iton hoffil q' 
portent rm liveree a dq>ailirentre eux x li. iblent la di£- 
pofition de mes executqMrs. It*m je dfeVife pUr mdfe 
cha?untre pur les almes Mon-Tr John de Sourgs^ Monfr 
Theobaaid de VerdoiH, et Monrr Rc^er Dammory mes 
Seignours *, m*alme, ct pur Ites almes dc tbuz mes bons et 
loials fervants qe niurrcrent ou rhurront en mon fervice 
CXL liv Et voel qe oefte chofe fok faite le primer an apres 
mon.dece? a plus en hafte cp honi purra- bohement en leer 
pBac€S phis ccMiVetiablies folont I'dirdinahce de mes exeou*-" 
tori fufditsv It'm je devife puj? trover v homes d'arme^ a» 
la terre feintcS c m'ircs a bailler a afcun qe loil foit et co^ 
veiiable qt voudra' enpnendre la charge fi' comune viage j& 
jfabe dedielns les fept anns p'chains^ a'pres moti deces' de les? 
defj^ndre en la^ fervice Dieu ct deftrudion de fes eneniysr' 
pur lefe- alh3«s mes Scignours MonPr John^ Morirr'The** 
baud, IVfohTr Roger fufdits'et* la moie* Et eft marvolunte^ 
et ma entintiion dbrreine tide q^ ii nulle comune Voiage fe* 
face devors'la' dito ferre dedeins- leaans fufdits q' les avaiit* 
dits c marcs fornt ngieyntendant aprtes les anns fus: nomei 
departizf et dones as^ ailttes aumofiies^etfoevre^ de charite- 
come en partic de - relevement dis mefons* dcs^ reiigioiis^ et • 
rcligloures poffefliondr-s ql fount e&hcuz en poverte per 
cheance de nisfortunies diverfes de prier pur les almes fu{^ 

ditz les almes de» touz mes bienfefours et de tous creftiens. 
* ' Her third hufbaad, 


y> L A- D Y C. L A R E. 

It'm, Je devife a la terre feinfe en eide des creftiefts pur 
la loy .Dieu meigiiteign di marc, It*m, Je devife a la 
•pefon des foeres menoreffes hors de Algate en Loundres 
xx li. I reliqer de criftal, i graht chaliz d'argent furorre, 
ct II craets cofteles % i^ veftiment de blank drap dcx)r **ove 
qantq' au dit veftiinent app*ent, et iii mors ove m Tres +de 
perles^ enfemblement ove ma robe 4e -ruffet ove tous les 
garnementz. . Ttm, Je devife a mefme la place pur un 
niemorial le veftiment d'un noir drap door ove quantq' a ce 
^pp'ent, V draps door, i lit de noir tartaryn, ove viii ta-* 
pitz et qantq' appent a mefme le lit, dont les mi tapits 
Ibieut atticles a noir veftiment fufdit. It'm, a mefme la 
place, VI tapits grants de delie leyne d'un de mes autres lits* 
noirs, et xii tapits grants de delie leyne d*un de mes autres- 
Iks noirs et xii tapits vert'z ove la bordure * m're poudre 
des Huans- It'm, a Soer Katerine de Ingham abbefle de- 
mefme le lieu xx li* It*m a chefcune foer de mefme Tab- • 
beye le jour de mon enterrement xiii s, mi d* It'm, as 
qatres freres de mefme le lieu au dit jour a chefcun di 
maro Ttm, Je devife a ma fale appelle Clarehall en Can* • 
tebrig* xl It. en deniers, i encenfer d'eigent ilirorre, vi 
chargeours, xxxix faufers, i nief pur Tatimerie en eide de* 
lesedifier. It*m, Je devife a ma fale fiifdite p\ir uniper- 
petuel memorial al oeps5 de mes chapelleins en le collegie 
deux chalix d'argent furorrez ove deux petites quillers, i 

* Q^ coftly, ** d or. 

t Dngd. Ban L 475* tranfiatei tbia a thonfand pearls. 

• Sic Orig, . f oepSj Tolontc. 

II cruets. 

L A D Y C L A R E. 31 

II cruets, I boefte fttrorire^t amaille ove le hemoife ** pur le 
corps noftre feign*r, et un encenfer ove uii nief * d'argent 
pur encens. It'm, a mefme la place uh veftiment de rouga 
camoka embrwde dymagerie door ove qantq' a dit vefH- 
ment app*ent, r veftiment de noir camoka pur requiem ove 
uue chape et qantq* au dit veftiment attient, i veftiment 
de blank tartayn raie door pur qUarifme ove tut Tapparail,^ 
et un atir pur le fepulcre, un veftiment d'un camoka plun- 
ket diapre de noir tanne ove deux aubes et qantq' au dit ' 
veftiment atient, un veftiment d'un blank famyt ^ auxint 
pur quarefme, et touz les fuppliz de ma chapelle forfpris 
ccux qe fount devifes a Sire Pieres et le griender elp'uer 
des deux pur le corps nVe feign'r. It*m, Je devife a ma 
fale fufdits deux bons antiphoners chefcun ove un grayel 
en mefine le volum, i bone legende, i bone meflale bien 
note, I autre meflal covert dfe blank quir, »! bone Bible 
covert de noir quir, i hugucion *•, i legendfe fanftorum, 
I poire de decretals, i livre desqueftions, et xxxii quaiers ' 
d'un livre appelle, de caufa Dei contra Pdagianos» It*m, , 
Je devife al eglife cathedrale de Seint Paul, un veftbnent 
novel de blank camoca ove qantq* a ce ap'p*ent pur un me- 
morial. It'm, Je devife a Seint Thomas de Hereford un- 
ymage de n're dame d'argent fiirorre d*eftre tache ^ fiir foi> 

^ Rirnitiire. 

' fhipforincenfe ; fee churchwardiens of Abingdon*^ account!, Archxol.l. 
' Fine ftufF or linen. s cuir. 

^ Hugutioor Hugh dc Vcrcellis biihop of Tcrrara. a great writer on the 
Decretals. Hoffman Lex. 
* feftea'd, aitacbi: tache in old French and Spanifli it a nail. 

5?- LA D y . CLARE. 

ktr^ts^^j et 4 eglife c^thedrale iUoeq* ^^ i ve^infient dynda 
^tyn c*eft a^^voir c^xeiihle, ii tpnides, i chape hroides de 
^^m^erie e{: ^'arcksuoige^es pQudr^s. ('tm, Je devife a Tove*- 
raiigp.e «* 4e reglife de Walfinghjim, i godet dVgent furor- 
tc et atn^Ue ove mi trepar5 et mi lb. en dealers, et ii 
4rap$door. It'xn, ^ U mefon de Stql^es, xii quillers d'ar- 
gent furorre;^, et i drag' ove pee d*afgent p'celle furorre, 
et |i 4rap$ dqor. It'ip, a la hig^ d4 Anglefeye x marcs, 
et le veftiment d'un rquge drap door d^e RafFafa" ove iii 
creftes p'^rgent fwrorres pyr ies chapes> It'm, a h mefon 
dfi Cr^iz Ro^is "" LX s, et ii draps door. It'm, a I4 /(aeiba 
de TeukeilMJS deux reiiqers, i croie Qve Marie et Joh'n, et 
I J ddrap? dppr. A h mefoa 4e Anabret)LFs x Ii et h draps 
cfepr. A Ija w^oA de Craneboiirnp x% s. et 11 dr^pSi door. 
A la iRefcw. d(3 Tonebriggs c §• et 11 dfaps dpof. A U 
naeiSan de Tynternp i veftinaient d'uji drap faeiyft blanks 
eye qapjtq' 4 ce gpp'eyit, ^t li dl^pft door. A la .me&)i| d^$ 
dgai|j$9;4e U^k ^ maFC3, et u draps d0on A le. mefon de 
^Crcfaafdeft*' cs* et u dri^s 4oQr. A h »efen dp Chirfielei* * 
Xif s* et I drap door. A la; mpfqn de Spint Efmcva ' in 
draps doofw A T^lofpital dp §eivit Jiohp en Cafiiebrigg xl 
s. A la raefi>a dcs rooignps e;n Tl^etford % iparcs, et i 
drsp door. A la mdba 4p9 dames po S^wafh?^,. xii e{^ 
queles d'argent, et 11 draps door. A Tefglife parochiale de 

* fertfj feretory, fhrine. ' there. 

*. ouvn^Ci worlq. P Q. TafibtA. ''■Royfton. 

p c. Stafford, where herfecond huiband was buried* 

^ Q;^ Chiple)r^ apurkt^iofAuftinCaiuuis iaStt Tan. N».M4$2$« 

'. (^ ^. Edmund, fcil. Bury. 



Clare lx s^ et x drap door. A Tefglife paro^iale^de Berde* 

feld \ Lify s. et I drap door. ' A re%life p!ochiale de Scana^ 

don^ Lxs«et I drap.doon ATeglife parochiale de Bode* 

kefliam 7", XL s. et un drap door. It'm, ales freres de fejmt 

Auguftyn de Clare x IL A les freres menours de Babewell 

c s. As freres precheours de Thetford XL s. As qatrc 

ordres des freres de Norwiz' viii li. As freres menoursde. 

Walfingham c s. A qatre ordres des freres en Jernem' •^ 

VIII li. A freres de Seint Auguflyn en Oreford * xl s. As 

freres precheours de Donwiz ^ xl s. As freres menours de 

Gipwy ' XL s. a freres menours de Coleceftre xl s. As 

freres precheours de Subirs * x marcs. As freres precheours 

de Chelmesford xl s. As freres menours de Ware xl s. 

As freres des Carmes de Maldon, as quatre ordres des freres 

en Loundres viii IL As trois ordres des freres en Cantcr- 

biris VI IL As freres menqurs de Canterbrugg' xl s, It'm 

a mefmes les freres pur lour overaigne c s. et les autres 

trois des freres en Cantebrugg* vi li. As freres menours 

de Bedeford xl s. As freres de Seint Auguflyn de Hun- 

tyndon xl s. As quatre ordres des freres de Northan^ptoh 

VIII 11. As quatre ordres des freres en viii li. 

As deux ordres de freres de Caerdit vi U. As quatre 
ordres de freres de Glouceftre viii li. As freres precheours 
et menours de Salefbirs iiii li. As freres menours de Dox"- 

• Qi, Bcrdwcl!» c Suffelk. * Standon, cHerti. 
^ Qs. BottefiiaxD, c. Cambridge. *" Yacmouttu 

« Orford. ^ DUDwich. 

* j(|)fwicli« '• Sudbury* 

F ^ . dieibc 


^^ L A'tf Y C U k JL t. 

chcttre XL s^ .!lft*nl, l^ dfevife a dame EUzatetfi ma.fille 
•counteflecl'lJlvem^ detteqe mon nlz* ibnpierc 

me devoit le jour .q*il mohift. , It*m, Je deyife a'ma dite 
fjuepur lemaif ' fur Ids mano.irs'4fe mon heritage eh la bailT 
lie ae Clare c*eft affavoir Staundon,/Berdefel(I, Cfarfete, 
'&^iyiHoveden, Wodehalle, BricKam, et Walfingfiam : en 
la.bgillie de Dorfete c'eft affavoir Cranebaurne^ Tareni, 
Ponperne, Stupel, Wykes, et. Portlonde : et en Gale* 
c*eft aflTayoir Troye, Trilldk, Lancx>mbe, Novelle Oraunge, 
Lanrfan^ etTregruke, de forment, fegle et mixtilon ^ pur la 
fefon jrvemaille en les manoirs fufditz cccc. vii qartres. 
lt*m -de feves, pois, et vefces en niefmes les manoirs pur la 
fefbn quaremele*, lxi qartres. It*m, d'orgeet draget^pur 
mefine la ieibn cciiii quartres. It'm aveignes pur mefme 
la fefbn v c xxix qartres. It^m, des chivaux chareterres 
pur les manoirs fufditz xxiii. It*m des affres ^ xxiiii. xiii. 
des boefs pur les carves * iic xLVin. enfemblement oye le 
mprteftor^^^JeinzMcsditz manoirs come charettes, carves^ 
ctare as boefs, feur ^ et pjulle. It^m, Je devife a ma.filie 
-ifiardbtf f, moh lit de vert velvet raie de rouge ove qantq^ 

^ UHlcr. MaoA^ diugh^f dfHim^y eaH #£ Ltncafier^ aoSfifierta 
IfenrydttkeofLaocafief, m^rrieii to her fim WttUaftL-de Sargii ea4, of 
• Ulftcr. Sartflford, p. 142. ^ Seed corn. 

i* idobk^ nveflin, or mixt corn; « Lent. 

' j/veria^ besftt. < carts, whence tarvage^ 

^ dead ftock, mjhrf^ ^ dedans, 

^ LzccotAhemikctJiiiffynaDjmoxkt with pulBe^ elfevHbert btty^ firragi^ 

' Elizabeth,^ her ' Am^^ter by Roger Damoiy^ ndartiedi xo£. HI. t» 
J^hnBardolf, whodkd4<s&.&t Dugd^Bar. L68»t 


. L A\ I? V> ^ li. A. ^ E. , .35: 

^a r.r-.f • ^ . et :i .CQjWJF^r^ 4fi. t^iw^'fnwtt? 

iajlpdeiyioyiJ^lechjTO ^col^Fele 

d^ fete et <jaj\tq'. 4 ce 3pV«Qt, ' It'm,. Je dto^ife a n» difte 
fiJie mon gr^^ chdXioye lesbftijcgps, ta|i8)t-8i:i^qiii||fyxi£, 
qaatq? a ce appeadenf.: k*ah JedpvifaMJt Motti^r John ,de 
Bjrdolf et a* ipa dittei^ fille fa comp^gqpL- jojartcrpBnt ,-en. 
mes manoirs- de C^tli^^rp et .CJftpton^ de fiirment piir le 
femail conae ^p^rtient ^ jfeft)»,yvernaaie xxyi> qajrtf es^ .de^ 
mixtilcttn et ieglevii q«rtr^>.. mib8.Mit'm,.piir ia fefoa 
quarenade des pois xvu qaitres iiii JbB. d'fi¥ge\^xx«yii 
quart iijj b. de dragct^ ix qwrtnes jtiiib. dw ayeig^es 
XXII qartr^s, i b- des. (hjivaux . ch%« here$ }UU des 
affires, XH des bpef&x^n* eaiefiihlejasient ove "" mes cba- 
r^ttes et caxves qe as dk^ manoks ap'ptinent: et tjiit Kir 
^pparal. It'm, Je dey\& a n^ jpefne' fille ' I&bell Bardolf 
en fide dp Ivi marier, »n hanap' plat door^ ri grant drpg- 
jaers aipailjjpz. en parcelle et xii gXQifk» faufers d'iargeot, 
rppTSL lit: de &iidal WLttrrrOfm ime coverture de cpudiyn 
me4k cv^ lapaane de mimever. It^m, aAgneis^ fa foer eit. 

** fWr parcel, fkirtr " popii^ays,^ panrots.. 

• bpiffiamx^ bnftielK ' orge^ barley. 

^ di^agee^ meilm. ' enfimiifnunt^ together* 

* JHHifjcimc* ^ qIh her ^imiiw;jb0>,. daughters of 
Ifiba aod filiialietli Btrdd^ not mentioaed by Pugdale.^ 

F z eide 

)« L A I> Y C L ARE. 

Mde ie lui tatarier^ i croiz d^argent, ii chaundelab^^ ti la^ 
lerSy I godet, i grant eiquele piir ra^merie; ' i hahep^ d^ar* 
gent pounfime^ ( nief pur ^eiiHDensy i encen^r^ > i mors 
de r^nnntiatioii) et vi chaigMurs novelles d'argent* 
It*m a la ditte Agneis lia lit d^ynde d6nt la ichemcere et 
cutepokit d*tin taioelot de tt^ ore ks appurtenances, et 
1 coverture de blvy- ove la'pane 4e gris. It^oi, Je devife 
a Mon^r WilUam de Ferrers "" en mon man^ de Utk- 
worttu iemmtpur le dit manoir, c^bfk afiai^dir de furment 
XI qartres, vr b^s. de fegle vi qartres, iiii b. de 
mixtilloii iiqartres. de fieves et pois xiirqartresyd'orge, 
3CIII qartres, de 4raget ii qaltris; de aveignes xxix qartres ; 
des chivaux chai'ettfes iiii^.de&af&es vi, des boefs xviii, 
eniemblement ove ks charettes et carves et tut Tapparaik. 
It*m, Je devife a MonPr Thomas Fumivall fur mes 
xnancHrs de Farnham, Sere, Stoke, Verdon, et Wynek- 
fbrd de bk pur femaU, c^dk aflavotr de furment xxxv qar- 
tres, II b*s. de iegk et mktiion xii qartres iiii b*s. 
d*e{jpois* etvefksJ^z qartres, vi b*s. d^orgeet draget XLV 
qartres, iiii b*s. des aveignes xxxiixi qartres, vii b*s. 
des chivaux ch arettieS' ii, des affires xvi* des boefs 
jfxviii, enfembkmentoveks^charettes, carves, et tut Pap- 
parail» It'm, Je diviie a ma fille coimtefle D'Atthelles mes 
deux litz de tanne k grant et k petit enfembkment ove 
qantq* a ceux apjpertieaerit, It^m, i coverture d*\m bruf- 

^ Ricbard Daxnory^ fiippofed'bjrDugdale nephtw to Elizabeth's huiband 
%ogcTf had the.ciiftody of lands of ibmeo£the Feitersi-tieinp. E^II- 
Pv^. Bar.n. 100. 

* fob.. y viffes^ vetches. 

3 ^Y^ 


kyn • cii gHgm * oVe la paan6 demy puree, et i coverchief 
d*uh camoka noir tanne ove la paane demy puree. It*m,. 
Je divife a mon feign^ir le Roi pur fa collegie de Wynde- 
fore une coupe door ove pee pur le corps nVe feign'r, et un 
d'argent furorre ove trois anngelets pur mefme le coupe* 
It'm, Je devife a mon feignV le prince un tabernacle door,, 
ove Tyniage de noftre dame, et ii anngeletz entaille door, 
I grant crois ove Marie et Joh*h d^argent furorre, et ii 
grant pees d'argent furorrez et amailles, et i anel door ove 
un ruble. It'm, Je devife au due de Lancaftre mon petit 
fauter covert d'arcail door, et i cruis quarre ove une 
peice de la verroie cruis q'eft en i cas door amaille. It'm, 
Je devife a dame Marie de Seirit Poul counteffe Penibrok 
une petit croiz d*or ove un faphir en my lieu, et i anel door 
ove un faphir en my lieu, et i anel door ove un diamante 
k'm, Je devife a dame Johanne de Bars countefle de 
Garenne ^ une ymage door de Seint John le Baptiflire 
efteant eii defert. Et je voel et ordeine q^ fi je face hul 
regard as afcunes des perfbnes fulhomes come en gardes, 
manages, donns des terres, rents, donns en deniers, afcune 
fume drapeft^ou autfe bienfait outre la certeine covenant 
des mes fervantz fus dits, ci'eft aflavoir entre la date de 
cetles et le jour de mon deces ; qe mefine le regard des 
gardes, mariages, donns des terres,'rentes, donns eh ditiiersy, 
et la fumme dapreft, fi nulle y foit eftoife^en partie da 

* Bru/q is old French for green. * in grain. 

^ Wife of John laft carl. of Warren. She died 1361. 35 B. III. Dugd.. 
Sar. jL. 82. 

« Q^ dapre/l^ loans. * fubjeft, ejloi/ir a la ley^ fubii; a la loL 


jf E A D V a. L A.R E. 

paiement de ccft mqn diyis, nulje pprfone.^t/§fi(e,^i? 
Kj^ement ceuz q* imprendront la charge et e^ec>jt^n^de 
ccfl iDpn teftanient, Je regard des quejax epi5bfpblp5neAt.pve 
Tijr nouns ,et 1* fu^me des deniers en gi:oj^ qe je voi^chi^uf 
a chcfcune perfone ferront troyez en une jremeiijabfancc en- 
fealee de mpn Teal, en lieu de quele funime des-d^jnier^ fuf- 
citz^ les parceUes d*or et d'argent jfpnt a^ ayaAtdits pqr- 
ipnes et diverfes mefons affignes. • R*ni, Je vqel et or^eine 
q0 de totes les parcclles, parament nonaeez et divifcs, feuye 
K>ulement dfe mpnoye, la liveree fe face per mes execu- 
tours fblonc ce qe jai mefmes le$ dites parceUes declarpe et 
article a chefcune perfone en la remembrance fufdite, que 
I^s parcelles je voel qe foient eues ^ et tenues pur enclofes et 
comprifes dedeins ceftes^ et de mefme refFeft «t value, come: 
elles A^^nt efcrites de parole en parole en ceft mon die 
teft^njient.. £t s^il aveigne qe nuUes des parcelles door ou 
d'argent a ma meignee ^ parameont divifes apres la date de 
cdltes foient en ^cun autre oeps ordinees moi vivante, iffifit ^ 
^e ip^cGxits les parcelles ne foient trovees aprea mon dbces 
per caulc de la chaunge per oioi &ite ; je voel qe a melme 
|a pef^ne due f^tisfa,£tion foit fait eu deniers ou en autre 
jparcelle de ix^es biens a la value. £t iachent totes gents 
qe ds^ nfSi yolente e]t ordiAance darreinere > qe chefcun a qi 
ju aeyiie ma yeffelle ou autre parcelle d'argent foripris 
l^OOO^Cy £wt la fume ^indifs <^ greindre ^ cit folonc fa 

* iues^ had. .' famiUc, menafer 

f dcrvi^m ^ phit grander 

2 parboa 


^arti(»i" dlnept livres,per pois d*orfieure eij lieu de xx K. 
d^efterlihgs, tt fi per cas la portion d'afcune pettbne paffe la 
jfumnfie des detiiers a liii devifes, face la dit perfone fatif- 
hStitti^ ihes exiechftdtors du fiirplus, et fi nulle perfone ext 
riieyiis f)ur' fi portibri dii pois fufditz, je voel qe gree lui 
fbit fait' piir k defaute. Et fi avife fbit a mes executours 
qeje neye pas fait pleih fatisfaftion a mes Servants fufdits, 
et as'autres mes fervahts nient compris en cefl mon tefH- 
mient pur lur travail du temps du temps pafle, et de 
temps a venif-, Je voel et ordeine qe de la refidiie de ma 
veflfele d'afgent de iiia chapelle et de ma garderobei outre ce 
^*efi divifee en certeih lur fbit fait uh regard refonable fb- 
lonc la bone difcretion de riies executours fufditz et qe la 
refidiie fufdite ne foif mys autre oeps, vendu, ne per nulle 
part defivery tantq* c*efl ma darraine volunte fbit pleine- 
meht perfourmie. Et fi per cas aviegne, qfc Dieu defend, 
qe nul de mes precheins, amys, ou nul autre a qi jai riea 
divife, 6u nul autre eh loiir noun mettent empefchement a 
foes executours de les deflurtir q'ils ne purrount peifible- 
iheht amihiflrer tous mes biens moebles et ilient moebles 
iblohc Tur charge et le purport de cefle ma darreine .vo* 
lente, je voil et ordeig^e qe le devis a les dites perfbnes 
de qele condition q^elles foient fbit pur nul et de tut avienti 
iffiht q*ils ri^eyont de cefl mon devis ne de mes autres 
biens fufditz parte ne parcelle forfqf a peiil qe appenta 
torcenous'occupoursdes^ biens de mortz et de^ourbours de 

] wrongful* 



lur darreines voluntces* It*m fi defecation doil -^ftre fait 
pur neceflit^jj je vocl qelle foit fiiite fi bien des biens qe jai 
divifee as ditz daine Elizabeth ma fille d'Ulveftier, Monrr 
John Bardolfy et ma fille fa compaigne, MonPr William de 
Ferrers, Monf*r Thomas de Furnivall, et ma fille d*Athel» 
ies, cotkie a touz autres conteniiz dedeins cef): mon tefta-* 
ment. Et pur ce qe diverfes empefchementz fe fount (b- 
vent per malice, et fubtilite de home eft plus qe ne foleit 
avant ces heurcs, je voel et ordeine qe touz ceux as queux 
jai devife afcune chofe in ccft mon teftament, facent a me$ 
executours aqultanCes fi bien des totes maneres d*a£tions, 
quereles, et demandes, queux ils ount ou avre purrount en- 
contre mes executours come divis as eux fait et paie per les 
exeCutours avantditz. Et fi les ditz legataires recufent et 
n6 voiileiit tieles aquitances faire folonc le purport de cefte 
ma ordinance, voel et ordeine qe les divis a moi faites as 
cieux foient teiiuz pur nuUes et pur nonnefcrites. It'm, 
Je ordeilie qe ihes executours facent aquitance et pleine 
liberation a Sire Joban Leche de miUe marcs en quels il 
m*eft tenuz per fon fait obligatorie,, iffint q'il face general 
acquitance a mes executours de totes maneres d^a£^ions 
queles il ad ou avre purra devers eux come executours. . Et 
^e la refidue de touz mes bien$ et chatelx qe demurront 
apres Texecutloa faite de ceft mon teftament, je voelet 
or46ine qe une diftclbution foit Fait par mes executours 
fuOhz en la'manere q^enfuyt, ceft aflavoir de relever les 
pdvres telij^ou's'pofieflibners ^ fi bien des dames come des 

^j| ^ Q4 hoiifekeepcn% 


L A t) V C L A R E; . 41 

autresTHqe (bntiefcheuz en mefchiefs, partie ppvres gentiles 
fcmirieB qe fount charges descnfiintz, eider povres fglifes 
paroobtales, etiour furnementz redrefcer et amender, partie 
pur povres efcolers a lefcole trover et fuftenir^ pouiits et- 
caufes ' rcdrelcer, povres gentz q' folei^ht tenir hoftiel,, 
povres tnarcha^tz qe pur cheantz fount anicntiz, & povres 
prifoners*rega'rderet eider, remenant (bit foit en autres oevi^es- 
de charite par avifcment a bone difcretion de mes execu- 
tours Iblonc ce q'ils verront mieltz^ faire pur le falvatipn^ 
de malme.. Et pur cefte ma darreine yolunte et moa tef^ 
tament pleyaiement et loialement performir et accompUr,. 
jeb ordeine, face et noeme mesexecutours fouchefcrites ; ceft 
alia voir Monfr Nichol Dammory', Sire John deLenne, 
Sire Henri Atorelot, John Bataille, Sire Piers de Erefwell, 
Rob't Marefchal, et Sire William de Manton, principaus 
et chiefs ; Sire Henri Palmer, Richard de Buflceley^ Tho- 
mas Charman, Alifaundre Gharmah,. Humfrei de Walc- 
den, Richard de Kyngefton,, John Motelot,, et Sire Will'' 
de Berkevoy, fecundaires. Et voel et ordeine qe Ics avant 
ditz Monrr Nichol, Sire John, Sire Henri Motelot, John - 
Bataiie,. Sire Pieres j Rob't,. Sire William de Manton, Srrc- 
HenH Palroer, Richard, Thomas, Alifaundre, Humfrei, . 
Richard de Kingefton, John Motelot, et Sire William de 
Berkewey,. aminiftrent toiiz'mes biens etlcnateux tochantz 

* bridges and caiifenvays. . ^ mieuxi 

* Q:, A brother of her hufbands, Dugd, Bar. 11. loo* - 

G. ccftl 


ceft moil teftamont en les forme et maiiere qe enfuyent, 
et noun pas autrement ; ceft aflavoir qe de mes biens qe 
furront venduz totes pars pour ma dite volunte perfburmir 
{bient les vendours en les countees de SufF. NorfF. et Effex, 
Sire Wiir de Manton, Humfrey de Waleden, et Thomas 
Charman. It'm, en la feignourie d'Ulk, et aillours es 
parties de Gales, Sire Henri Motelot^ et Alifaundrc fuf- 
ditz; en les countees de Dorfet, Wilts, et Chilterne, 
Sire Henri Motelot, Ric' de Kyngefton, et John Motelot. 
Item, en les counties Nichole "*, Leyc, & Warr% Richard 
deBulkeley, & Sire Will' de Berkweye. Et foient les 
deniers levees de touz mes biens & chateux fufditz liveriees 
per endenture a Sire William de Manton, Sire Henry Pal- 
mer, et Richard deBulkeley, et qe mefmes ceux Sire 
William, Henri, et Ric* foyent acountables de lour receite 
a les avant ditz Monfr Nichol, Sire John, Sire Henry 
Motelot, et a mes autres executours princlpaus, & qe per 
Tordinance des avantditz MonPr Nichol, Sire John, Sire 
Henri Motelot, John Bataille, & les autres principaus & 
chiefs executours foient touz les divis faitz de ceft mon 
teftament, autres deftributionsqe ent ferront faitez, & toutes 
autres chofes qe charge porterount perfourmis & eftablis. 
En tefmoignance de qele chofes a cefte ma darreine volunte 
ay mys mon feal. Don a Clare, ks jour & an fufditz. 

" Lincoln. 



Probatio diGd teftamenti coram Simone Iflip Cantuar* 

Archiep* in ecclefia Sororum Minoraflarum ordinis 

Sanfte Clare extra Elgate London, 3 non Decern** 

bris, Anno Domini 13610. 

Regjifter Iflep. foL 164, b. 165, a. b. 166, a. b. in die 
Archiepifcopal Regiftry at Lambeth. 




!Earl op'»BRE'FORD and ES'SE^X- 

He died unmarried, in his caftle of Plefley in Effex, 
1 36 1. 35 Edw. III. and was buried in the church of 
the Aufthi Friars, London, which he rebuilt 1354*. 

EN le noun du Piere, del Fuiz, et du Seint Efp'lt, 
Amen. Le dymenge* lendemeyn de Seint Denysen 
Oftobr*, Tan de Incarnation n're SeignV I'hu Crift mil 
troiz centz feyflauntifme p'mier nous Humfray de Bohun 
counte de He' ford et D'Eez^ , et SeignV de Breken en fanfte 
et bone memoire fefoms n*re teftament en cefte man'e. Ade- 
p'mes nous devifmes n*re alme a dieux a la rev'ence de la 
T'inite, et de feint Auguftyn a qi nous ovons grant affec- 
tion, et p' la refonn q' dieux nous ad p'ftez richeffez et 
honour en cefte feicle q' neft a la p'fyn q' ueyne gloire 
nous devifoms n're corps de gefier ^ et d'eftr' enfevely entre 
les pov's freres de Tordre de Seint Auguftyn ceft aflavoir en 
le quoer de lour efglife a Loundres devant le haut autier. 
Et ne voloms point q' nos executours facent pur nous le 
jour de n*re enterement nule comune dep*tifonn as pov*s 

*Dugd. Bar. I. 185. Vincent on Brooke, p. 244. Stowe's Survey of 
I^odon, p. 185. 

» Dimmncbe. ^ Efflx. • Jyc. 


E A R'L D F ft S S EXv ,45' 

gentz, nc q'il p'dnt «aiiz feignours ne un ne au'tr^, tie q^lf 
faccnt nitle mang*ie le jour de n^re enterrement forfq' tant 
ibulctticJfit a un evefq^ q'' sVa prie de nous cnterrer et as 
pocvres freres eta n're meyfnee, ne q^il facent nule herce* 
entour n're corps fofq*^ de trerfe cierges, chefcun del pois 
de V lb. et q*il ordein^nt nVe toumbe folonc ceo q'il v'rount 
g' foit afaire et en qiconq* lieu q'il nous eftov'^a morir;^ 
nous devifoms a la paffone de la efglife pochlalc de cele 
place icx li, fi q'il prie pur nous et lious aflbile fi riems ^ 
eioms in efpris v*s fa e{glife en difmes ofFrendres ou autre 
chofc, et q*il relefle totes manges dadions et chalanges q'il 
purra* avoir p* caufe de n're fepulture et entrement rien§, 
et (i ceft come n're alnie Tra a dleux comande, nous vo- 
lons q* nos executours mandcnt le corps tout priveement a 
Londres ove n're confeflbur et autres gentz des queux fbient 
tout le plus chapelainsj et foit entr* illoqVs priveement, no» 
devifoms auxint» et voiloms q*[unehuche** foit faite auxi com^ 
pur h'rc corps, et demoere en certaiue place la ou n*re 
meifnee demurra tantq' n're ent*rement foit ordeine, et q* 
chefcun jour y foit fait pur nous placebo et dirige et mefles 
et cierges entour cele huche pur nous, chefcun de troiz lb, 
tantq* Tenterrement foit foit, et chefcune noet p* chemyn 
ou cele houche en lieu de nVe corps covendra repofer, nous 

*• herfe^ or frame of wood-work^ to put over the body while it lay in ftatc* 
* cftovoir, nec^t}. cftoycr, ctre. 

' r'len : in old French this word has a pofitive fenfe^ and means any things 
8 aujp^ fometimcs aujinc. Laccoitibc* 

** Laccombe explains this couvrechefy voile ^ ^offre^ coiffe. Here it meant 
f pall over an empty coffin reprefenting the real one* 

t Voloms 


voloms q' ceux trerfe cierges de cire foient ardanns entour 
cele huche tant com' placfebo, dirige, et lendcmeyn la mefle. 
avant nVe departir foient adire, et ceux cierges dcinoerpnt. 
a Tefglife, ou le fervice s'ra dit, fil ne y foit q* une efglife 
en la ville, & fi deux ou plufurs y foient, les cierges 
foient departiz entr' eles iblonc le ordinance de n*re con- 
feflbur ap'er p^ nous. Nous devifoms auxint, et voloms q* 
tan toft apres nVe deces q' totes nos dettes, auxi bien celes q* 
nos ovoins charges de bouche q' font pVees com. le& autres. 
foient paiez, et q' gre et fatisfedioun foit feite a totes gentz^^ 
as queux nos executours poent favoir q' nos eioms mefpris 
ou t*pafle p^ qiconq' voie, nous voloms auxint^ et divifoms. 
q' tote n'^re meifnee demoerge enfemble a nous cottages* 
tantq' chefcun (bit paie de ceo q' nous lui avoins devife^ 
ibiom ceo q'eft contenu p'defoutz, etq'chefcun foit charge 
quant 3 p'ndra fa paie a prier pur nous. Nos devifoms aux- 
int, et voloms q* tantoft apres n're detes nous executours 
deliverent a frere William de Monkeland n^re confeflbur,. 
a frere William Wilhale meftre de divinite,. et frere Geffrey 
de Berdefeld troiz centz marcs d'argent, dont ordein et 
afEgn* p' hi ou il v'^ront q' mieux foit afaire cinq'nte 
freres de mefme le ordre q' foient de bone et feint-e vie a. 
chaunter mefTes a dire placebo et dirige, comendation et au- 
treT^evoutes prier s pur nous chefcun jour p^tot le p^mer aa 
q' nous demeroins, et q*' chefcun de eux chaiite pur nous. 
mefme Tan un plen* trental de mefTes, et q* trerie de 

* coft^gcs^ Laccombc ; frais, dcpcnfc$. 



mejGcne les dnq'nte frerds veillent jour et noet en quele 
place q'il foient affignez p' la difcreffioun de troiz freres 
avaat nomes, les uns a repofer les autres p* tout Tan avantdit, 
et dient placebo et dirige, fauters et autres devoutes priers 
et q' les freres avantdiz foient jures de cefte n're voluotie 
p'faire leaument foient Tordinance de n're confeflbur et des 
autres deux freres defus nomes p' vewe de noz executours. 
Et (i Tun de troiz freres demye, cholfent les deux un autre 
en Iben lieu p* vewe de noz executours. Nos devifom^ a 
I'ordre des freres avantdiz une fepultre ove tabernacles et 
finols^,et ove pierres pur mettre eviz le corps n*re feignour^ 
fi la dite fepultre nous demoere apres n're deces, et a mefme 
Tordre une coupe d'or affaire ent un chaliz, et un blank 
veftiment de nVe chapele, et un noir vefHment dont les 
bordours font des armes d'Engleterre. Et voloms q^ ceftes 
ichofes denioerent en Tordre pur fervir ou il v'rount q* mieux 
foit afaire. Et voloms q' ceftes chofes foient pYees p* nos 
executours, et q' nre dit confeflbur nous ordelne chaunte-?- 
ries annuels en Tordre a la value des joiauk avantdltz affaire 
mefme Tan. Nos devifoms auxint a les troiz ordres de 
mendinanz cnLondres, ceft aflavoira les freres prechours, 
menours, et carmes, a chefcune maifonn x li. a prier pxir 
nous^ Nos devifoms auxint a les eftudinanz de q'tre or- 
dres des mendinanz en Oxenford et Cantebrigg', ceft afla* 
voir freres prcchours,menours,carmes, et de feint Auguftyn, 

■* fiffiah : a term of Gotliic architc<f\urc for the little ornament* that 
♦erminate pinnacles, 

7 a chefcun 

48 £ ARL O F E^S 6 % X. 

a qhe^n^maifgti x lua piw p\ur iious. Nos dsri&ms^ 
auxint a n're abbeye de WaWeu c !!• d*argeiit a departier 
^ti^ le$ moignes et al ptoS^tdo.h raatfoiin a prier pur 
POUg ^eu cieu manere q'il nos ,p*dobnent ct aflbiloit de 
q]utq' nous avoins ipefprifl dev*a «UK fi ricnz y foit* Nos. 
devifoma auxint a n*re a la dite abbeye de Tvir en la cha- 
pele de n^re dame Uloeq's une clxt^ d*argent, et une veft- 
ment de rouge yelvet,. ove q'tre. gamemens. Et p^ir ceo q* 
no* fume* tenuz p' avow d\)ffrier en leon^ance de n*re dame 
ai ymage de nVe dame en la dite. clauapele de Walden une 
g^unt corone d'argent doke, ittie doubletz & p'let en le 
frount,. ^de une ^fpaume dejiuiit^ nou6 voloms qe nds 
cxegutours la fecertt faire, et Tc^ent illocq* a demurer fur 
la tffte le dk ymag? en p'petuel memoire de .nos. Nous 
devifoms auxint a n'rc priorie de UAnthony^^prcis deGlou-- 
ceftr*^ xi. marcs a dep'ti^r ?ntr' les chanoyns ilioeq- s et al 
p'^^ de la n^aiic^n et q'il prient pur nous.. Nous devi- 
icm$.a»xint9 et voloms q^ nous executours faceot faire un 
i^lulys d'argen^ doire del pois de-feiflaunte ibutz pur fervir 
en la pbapele d^ }a, Trinite^ q* Tra £ute pur nous a TAn- 
ihony,, & q*il feceot achat a q?lk deux poire de vefliment, 
oeft^avoir deux.4)}bres, devx amys, ove ia^ tier qUl apent, 
deux chefibles.d9.diyerfe fewt^; 4e drap d*or, care la tyr de 
Vautier de Ufewte double et cu^yn^^ ^I'unc paiae pV jours 

y Q. pix. 

"' Lantoni priory, founded 1136, by MUo carl of Hereford, whofc 
d^ugluer was raarriedto Humphrey de fiohun, firiteari of Hereford. 


fenak et 'FtfUtra pairc ppr ; jcjura fisftiv^s^ dt ro^rer>|: tpjal^ 
eafembler^p; Ja dkeql\apefe4e la Trinijtp, q* le priour et h^ 
Qcn^tiit. dfi aVe 4i^ maifopU ferront f^ir&puf noi^s ea lour 
dite.«nfl£&oh pre6 dq j^ Dpyel^ cha,yi;nbiip le dit priour, a 
dfiavrrer en la ^te ,chai>ele tn p'pe^i^eAr^e^pire idb ao^s. 
]^ ia. dite chap^e £>jjte cornmemce et mmy^ p'fait^ ^.p'/Pt 
dece$, ao$ yolum^t q* nous executoiirs la facent p^£u^ ei^r 
tiercemwc a nous coftage^. Et fi 1» diit:^ chapele^ne fojit de 
liens; CQOUXiiencie avani: n^re dece^ nos Moloms q* no^s ,esc-* 
ccutours facenit feire Uli^teq* ua^ bek ph^peje de hXrwkp 
tout a DOS Qoftages. Nos d^yiToqsi? lauxiiit a n're priiorie .4^ 
Bcekeo? cetrt matcg a dep'^ier eoftr* ie^s mQig»e$ et a prp^ 
de la majyfoDi ii q'il no^8 p'douneiot et ^Ule^t.4e fi'ntq' 
lUMis avoins mellpris diey's eux, et a pj3i« pu^r nos. Ijjpf 
ilearifoms ales freres preceour3 de l^rek^n )cli. ^ p^or pur 
Aous, at a Jjes fireDes p'cheour^ de ;Ghfin9ft5ibrd jc li. i^ |>4« 
pvr noue;. Nws ^Qviforos a c'ce piiwe4eF»riegh" sl 
nwcca adep-tier eatue lea^ntQign^^ ja .p^er ipw nou^, eta ^^l^c 
<^ne deH^rUe^* xjc il iadep'Jwr #ny' ip^ WQignes ^ p*^ 
4>uriiiQtfS9 dt a-i^'re pjjori/s de Hfjtfik f xx marcs ^ dcp'.tier 
ifintce ies chaooignes ^ prier pur ^o»si^ « ftii're priori? ^^e 
-Sitook KK max(^j9Ljpn^fpfix aovs* NQ^s deyifomsa^i^ra 

* jlji^yilts^ f9und^d by Humphrey dc Bo^un tjie Second. Du^d. Bar. 
' 1/1^9/' ratth^V;i^t.MonVp/s^&.^' ''''•' '' '■•''* 

Conq, and fubje^t to Walden Abbey, whence it caipe under the patronage 
of the earU of EfTex. Tan. ib. p. 13. 

earl of Effex, or the Bohun family, had with it. 

.^ .....! Vo , .M .: '. «. : l^ <irC 

£ A R L a F E S S E X. 

n*re chapelc deinz n'rc chattel de Plefly, un chalit tt on 
▼cftiment dfe vert ove les garnementz, un mifTal^ et un an- 
tiphoner pur fervir €h la dke chapele a lalu de- nVtf alme 
pur touz jours. Nous devifoms au^nt a frere WUliam de 
Monkelane n*re eonfeflbur c li. d*argent et un plat hftYiap* 
d*argent debt nous fc4oms boire, tan petit poot d*argent^ 
VI efqueles, et vi faufers d'argent/'<j'il demoere la ou 
il putraplus fpecialment prier pur nous, Et pnons det^ou^ 
tement al priour provincial et a tout Tordreavancdit q'il 
vociUont grentier q* le dit frere William y pui£e demorer a 
touz jours, et q'il eyt fa chaumbre beleet hoiiefta^' et^foit 
ckme *" com' une meftre de divinite; Nous devifoms auxi 
int a frere Johan de Teye n're luminour ^ x li. i prier pur 
nous. Nous volom3 auxint et deviibms q' noz^executours 
fkcenit faire XHi chal3rS'en noun de Dieux et de fes* douce, 
apoftres^ et r chaliz d'argent- en noun de v joyefe^de n're 
^hme; et q^dles faeent ^kr^ as diverfes efglKes poevres, a 
chefcune efglife un chaliz, fi q' nous foions en les proiers 
<de genz converfanz as dite efgleie a touz jours. Nou8 
devifoms auxint a Tabbefle et as none]rhe» de Caam ' en 
Normandye xxx li. a prier pur ? nous. . Nous devifbma 
auxint a n're cher neveu Humfraf i de Bohun une noche^ dor 
environne de grofles perles ove un ruby en my lieu aflys 
entre qartre perles, troiz dianoiaunz entre. ttoiz perles et 
troiz emerandes^ et une poke de Patemoftrcs id'or >db cin- 

♦ Sic Orig. 

« Adminiftratear ov BiargiiflBer delVglife. Laccoinbev' Q^ ddiplaio, . 
or chapel clerk. 
' NuiM of Caen. ^mib^ 9inniA$^ a gold find, oricttii|g| for jcweh. 
% q'ote 


q'nte pieces ove les * gaudez ** q'errcK et ovez une croiz 
d'or e&quele eft une piece de la v'roie croz n're feigaour. 
Nous devifoms auxint a,Elizab*t n^re niece de Northamp- 
ton' n*re liht des afmes d'Englet*e ove ceel et curteyns et 
dys tapitez. Nous-dfevifoms a n*re niece dame Katerinc 
Dengayny xl li. ptar fa chambre. Nous devifoms auxint ti 
n're foer countefle Donemant * deux pots d*argeut, xii of- 
queles/ et xii faucefs d*argent pur fon hoftel. Nous de- 
vifoms auxint a n're frere MonPr Hugh de Courtenay 
count de Devenifshire un graunt faphir quarre de fyne co- 
lour dyndeS Nous deyifdms auxint. a nVe foer CounteiTe de 
Devenfehire nVe l^t vert poudre de rofes vermailles ove 
tout Tapparail, et un chapelet gobonqe de g*nz faphirs et 
groiTes perles, et.un feacyn darrein^ en qud nous fuoies 
acouftumez a hver n're tefte, et qe -fuit a Madanae ma 
. miere. Nous devifoms au^nt a Tabbe de. Walden xl li. A 
Sire Nichol de Neuton c marcs. A Sire Thomas de Wal- 
mesford xl li. A Sire Stiefiie atte Roche xx IL A Sire 
Williem Agodefhalf x li. A Wauter Blount et a Marionh 
fa feme c marcs, et nVe meillure robe ove mauntel furre 

* Q^. Oroamcnti. « Q^ quarres. 

* Only daughter of his brother William, carl of Northampton, mai-ricd 
to Rithard fon and heir to Edmund earl of ArundeL Dugd* Bar. I. x86* 

y Daughter of Hugh earl of Devon, married to Thomas lord Engayn, 
who died 41 E. III. Dugd. Bar. 1. 467. 

* Eleanor his eldeft Mery maried James Botijer, earl of Ormond. Vyi- 
cent on Brooke, p. 241. makes her yonngeil of the two. Dugdale, Bar. L 
p. 184. lAakes her his fecond iider; but fays nothing cfi her marriago. 
Margaret, the other fitter, married Hugh Courtney carl of Devonfliire, men- 
tioned afterwards. 

Ha ^e 

|t ^ E A R L b f t S rf i lf» 

66 menlve^ tt fe dit* N^iribdtt iUfta chargers- de iyv^ret to- 

ilBi ktitrb thtyfeSj i^fek ad e>ti gamete 'fbrfpffst-fynbheux it 
ke^feti&hes-, les'^b^uJr hofos vblMdhi ifit fdiene Alp'tieK wrtfe 
htw'dahi^^s ipfietp*T notis. Notid ^evifcwib Btlxint a 
Lfctice deMaflferiddh xi II. A ifeterfSlnyth itnmci; vA 
THoftiafih* Belle kt iharcs, pMt fori jniHige^ ou plus fi 
4<»le Cii't bien tiiiti&t. A Jbh'jBi' ^t Ghettefeye xt naaiiasi : fi 
4^1 !blt aidatit ^ entfendaftt a ftotfe «teei*oUr«. - Nous de- 
vao*i% a kob'i Nobeti tet a K^ririh*; fa femnto xb mara. 
A^ytttttn<i PMiie kk IL A WltilMft' Nobel x li. A Johah 
Maiini%iflb ix di&es: A Ii¥t d» SiaiM&atft xx niates. 'A 
•frdrfi'WiShA feelU^'k li. = A j*h*n Amfeixi x tiftrefe. 
a-Ttdittai 3D6ek»!g'«t IL filtw *)<«■ atawje '^yatii; t^ie 
aikeij «t'f*ilf3it avahcij ilrtlte vbfohft q'U-nffuitiibriqrx 
li. • ■ A J6h*tl atiaf R<5^fe it fo • A J6h*ft Boikiallet* « li» 
A 'Wiili^ d^la-gi^d6robe x U.- %t tine rthtf <ml ttH imil- 
Itif ptr tdut'fcnfe.' a-Hfehri S^j^nerfe c fbutt. A Joh'b 
Mldi!{^dh i Ik :^ Riehai^ Malddii) tft. A Pfofs Peya 
inbits. A WUIii^ Hurle £k Mbpes et iiflerobe. A 
Watekyn Potter c s. A Waut' de la Chaumbre xx marcs 
«t une robe. A Raunde de la Cha\imbre c s. A Urtean de 
la Chatimbre ix s. A Joh*n Hdf v m&rcs. A Joh*n Lu- 
minour xl s. A Joh*n rouge ''Potager xl s* A Williem de 
Ba'rttth hafHler iL ^. A Joh*tt Ufshelr xt s. A Williem 
Gam^e xt s. A Jbh*n Ralgh veoour xl 9^ A un garibn 
piiir le ferour xX s. A Joh*n Raveneftftn xl s. tt'Wt "viel 

^ Petagier is in Laccombe^ officier ^ui a foin du potage du Roi. ' 


E A RL O F E S S;E X. 53 

robe^ ceft aflavoir cote et furcote. A .Rob't de Legh'es ii 
marcs.. A Salkyn Wyftofc 11 marcs. A Benoyt de la 
Quifine i marc. A Whitenod i marC.^ A Gibbe iParkefe 
I marc. A Pcrimant j marc. A R?^* ^ergeft xl s..pi|f 
laveuryc I gurfon^xiii.^ A yi charptters, chefcun de eui 

V mates, . ceft. aflavoir a ceip^,^' fuift|un^emerit deriitirrez 
ovefq* aous : et a les autres meynes &lpm lour demoefe p' 
aviiameat d^ nos cxecuipuf 3. A meftre Thomas le Ferour 

V marcs. ^ A Davy q'eft B^rjpor et Ewer.xj:. s. A un gar- 
fon feurer •!. njarc; e;t,q' jpull ne Toit paie de nous gens 
atarttdksLiril nefoitcavie apres nVedjpces, et demorraunt 
ove&i noqs. Nous devifoms auxint a les executoura Sire 
Slevene de Greyclhende ^ jadys evefq' delLondres xx marca 
led queux nous luy devoms. Et voloms auxint qe totes 
les depenfesq' nos.execjutours ferrount p* eux ou p' autres 
entour le executioun de nVe teftament q^ils les p^gnent de 
lious beins ; et tout le remenant de nous bieas a chateux q^ 
ne foat pas devifes ne paiez, ficom* d'ift eft p* amont nous 
voloms q'il foientvendus, et les deniersquillies'' enfemtlle et 
menex a Loundres, et iUoeq's p' avifement de nos execu- 
tdufs ettles plus fages des freres illoeq's fbit ordeine a paier 
nous dettes^ ii nuls foient aderere ; et tout le remeneant 
volotns qV.foit dep'tie et defpendeu en di verfes aumofn^s^ 
et nomeement en vii oev'es de diarite^ et en mefles chaun- 
tkfe p' les plus feintes gens q' q* hounne p*ra efpier et autre 
aumofnes q* mieux et plus toft puiflent proffit a n*re alme. 

^ fuert^ artifan, ouvrien Laccombc. It is not eafy to explain the offices 
^ Ike ftveral domeiUct heix mentioned, fuch as Hqftilcr^ fwour^ &c. 
* He iKcd xj^S. « rcccufllci* 


S^ . . E ARL OF E S S E X- 

Nous voloms auxirit q' par iavifement de nVe confeflbur et 
de nous executburs gre ^ foit fait a totes leg efgliies p'ochials 
ou nous avpins dpoiurres, fi nens fdit arare » de difmes, ou 
d^dfirendes, od de nlile autre chofe qap'tenoit a la droite dc 
la efglife quele qele Ibit. I^ous votoms auxint q* tous nos 
joiaux q* noiis dc&npcrent ap^s 'n*re detes par refoun q* nous 
aVoins ew gfaurit delig't de etix regarder, q'il foietit touz 
venduz, ct les deniers dep'tiz eti diverfes aunibfnes per avife- 
meht nVe foniefllbur, et p' nous executouts. De ceft n*re 
teftament nous ordenons et fefohfs noz ckecutours frere 
Williem Abbe de Walden, frere Williem Morikeland n*re 
confeflbur, Sire Nichoer de NeUtbn, et Sire Thomas de 
Walmesford, et Sire Eftiefties atte Roche nos clers. Et 
prioms n're tres honourable piere m Dleu, q* totes ceftes 
chofes foient faites folom n*re vbleiitie. Noiis voloms 
auxint et devifpms q' nous executours facent lewer un 
thapeleyn q* foit de bone condition daler a JThrrm princi- 
palment pur ma dame ma miere & pur mon feighour mon 
piere as queux Dieux face vVbre mercy et pour nous, et 
qe le chapelayn foit chaise a dir6 mefles p* chemeyn a 
totes les fois q^il p*ra conement pV les almes. Et auxint 
q* nous executours lowent un bon home et loial dal^ a 
Caunt'birs, et ofFrer illoeq^s p'r nous XL s. d*argent. Et un 
autre tiel home daler a Pountfreyt, et ofFrir ilioeq's a la 
toxunbe Thomas jadys Counte de Lancaflre xl s**. Nous 

^ grSf allowance/ 
,:^ arere^ a. rear, ai d^^r^ before. 

^ See bugd. Bar. L p. 782. and Walfingham, p. 167. The tefiator's 
father loft hit life by adhering to Thomas earl of Lancafter, in ha» rebd- 
lion«againft Edward U. being iUin'on the bridge at Burnraghbridge, X33i» 
' Xancafter's popxilarity made him pafs for a martyr. 

t voloms 


Toloms auxintq' (i nou9 cioms ubliez de mpttr\ en A*re 
teflament afcun de nous fervans q* nous executours les hr 
cent trov' cynk chapelains tout un an a chaunter pur Talme 
de nous et pur les almes de ceux q' nous ont fervy et a 
prier pur nos. Nous devifbms auxint et ordenoms q* nos 
executours p*igaent c 11. et achatent une p*celle. de terre et 
enfe^nt Joh^n de Mortimer et fes en£ms. de Ton corpus enr 
gendre, etrqe la terre foit taiHe^ ii qele ne puiHe eftre allene 
fi le dit Johan foit en vie adunq's, et Til (bit a dieux, cor 
iqandeq'ilenheritieat fes enfans a touz jours apper ^pur 
jnous. Nous voiloms auxint et ordenoms q* tantoft apres 
n're deces noz executours et nVe confeflbur ordeignent 
chapelains les plus feintes gentz q^il purrount trov', auxi 
bien dea feeui^rs com* 4ere;ligpus, aprierpour nous. £n 
tefmoignance de queu chofe a cefcuy n*re teftament avoins 
mys n're feal eftre ^ en n're prefence en n're chaftel de 
Plefly, le jour et Pah de. flifdit^. * £t ppiir ceo q' nous 
fumes en volientie a^re un e ch aunterie de certains chape* 
layns en Tonour de Dieux et de n're dame et de Seinte 
Anne a prier pur nous en manere q' Chl ordeine, queu« 
chofe fiiit enp'tie comences et puis deftourbe p' la mort: 
n're ch' frere countede Northampton ^q* dieux aflbile, nout'^ 
voloms q! fi ladi te chamiterje ne fqit p*fourme en nVc vie- 
q* nos executours achatent tant de terre aia v'roie value 
del ifianoir de Dunmawe, et p'foumer ladite cha untMe 
a la priorie de Scoule, fil p'ount acorder, ou ailleursfi com*/ 

* Qi. a prkr.' ^ propre^ own, Laccombe. 

' He died 1360, and was buried at Walden abbey. I>iigd» ubi fop.. 
fceUtwUe'iwiU. lb« 

it v^rdunt x^ ttifeuir fxAt aftinB. Nona tx>l6ixi8 mnriat et devl- 
loois ij^ ajJres Wfes ceftea dio'fts ftites xioatenkies oa n'jpc 
teffimcrit p* tuiibufit q* nes ^xecutours p'ignerit dyt. xniir 
tnaircs, et Ids deipehdeint per ernifaik et avifempnt daB £rer^ 
defuznomes en <:haunt*ies et un avisos fept oev*cs d? cbn^ 
rite, folont ceo q'il pbdnt mietlx^ aocorJer q*:|i^ux foit p»r 
Talme de notiis, etf^xieht pur- p^derdettes £ btilcfi foifint 
^enere. Et toat le reroenant foit defpendu fcopa* eii avmjt: 
devifeen n're dkTeftameif.' • ' ^ 

Piobatio didi Teftamenti coram Simon, archiep* CiriV 
datf 13 Kal. Novembr' Anno D*ni i36x, apud 
Novum Twpium, Xx)ndon, / 

torafted frorti the regi&er 'of- Sim^n ^^^ fd. i yB.b. 
&i the Axchif^^&apzX {Icgtftry ^t ]Lqniheth. 

E 57 ] 



Nephew to the foregoing. He died 1371. 46 E. ni> 

having married Joan daughter of Richard Fitz Alan 

earl of Arundel, by whom he left only two daughter^, 

Eleanor, married to Thomas of Woodftock duke of . 

Gloucefter, and Mary, to Henry duke of Lancafter, 

afterwards king Henry IV *♦ 


EN noun de Dieu, Jeo Humfr* de Bohun, conte de 
Hereford, d'Eflex, et de Northampton, et coneftable 
d'Engleterre, de bone et faine memoire, face mon teftament 
ie XII jour de Decembr*, en Tan de grace mil ccc feptant 
fecond' en manere q'enfuit. Primerement, Jeo devife 
m*alme a Dieu tout puilSmt, a la bennye vifge Seinte Marie,. 
et a touz Seints du Ciel, et mon corps d'eftre entcrres en 
Teglife de Tabbeye de Walden* Et jeo doigne et devife 
touz mes biens et chateaux, vifs et morts moebles, et nient 
moebles q*cunq* p*t q^ils (bient a meftre Simon + p' la grace 
dc Dieu evelq* deLondres, Monfr Gy de Bryane, Monfr 
John de Moulton, Monfr Rob't de Tye, Joh'n de Gyldef- 
burgh, et a S'r Ph. de Melreth, p^r mon corps enterrer, et 

* I>ngd« and Vincent ut fup. Sandford, p. 143. 

f Simon Sudbury, afterwards abjK of Caoterbuty, beheaded by Wat 

I p*r 


p'r les dettes mon trefhone* Seign'i- et Piere q' Dieu affoilc, 
et auffint pur mes dettes propres entierement paier, et jeo 
devife q* mon dit corps eiiterrez, & les dettes mon dit tre- 
(hone* SeignV et Piere, et auffint mes dettes propres paiez, 
qe le refidue de touz mes bjens et chateux foit fait p*r m'al- 
ine et p*r les almes de ceux as queux jeo fui tenuz folonc 
la difpofition des avauntditz evefq', MonPr Gy, Monl*r 
Joh'n, MonPr Rob't, John> et SV Ph* quels jeo fece et 
ordeigne mes executours de ceft mon teftament, ct ceo p* 
la furveue Monfr Richard conte d'Arundell et de Surr* Jo- 
hanne ma trefchere compaigne et Adam Fraunceys citezein 
de Londres. Don' a Pleffiz le jour et Tan fufdits. 

Probatio di£li Teftamenti coram d'no Willielmo Wit- 
tlefey archiep* Cant', apud Lambeth, Id, Maii, Anno 
ITni 1 3 73^ 

Reg;ift. Witlefey, fol. izy. a, b. In the Arghiepifcopal 
RegUlry at Lambeth. 


t i9 1 


IN nomine fiimme et Individue trinitatis, Ipatris, et FUil 
et Spiritus San Ai, gloriofe virgiiiis Marie matris Dei, et 
lotius celeftis curie, amen. Cafus mortiferus parentis priini 
de ftatu labentis innocencie immortalitatem mortalitate in- 
felici commercio commutavit, et adeo dire infeftionis rivulo$ 
derivavit in pofteros ut genus humanum ab infefliis radicib* 
propagaturti racione ipfius originalis contagii exinde refo^ 
lutionis pitetur difcrimina, et divina volente jufticia de 
ceto* per mortis femitas incedere cOgeretur* Quod nos Ed^ 
wardus Dei gra*, qui feptra regnorum Anglie et F'ncie^ 
regis regum nobis afliftente clemencia, per nonnuUa te-> 
nuimus tempora, in regalis difcretionis examine revolventes, 
Ac confiderantes q*d permifla mdrtis fentencia eft tarn cont* 
lYiaiores q'm infimos generaliter promulgata, cumjuxtala^- 
pientis proverbium omnes rhorlin' et dilabim* velud aqua^ 
Volentes que prOpterea dum recenti gaudemus memoria df 
n*ris anima et corpore ac bonis mobilib' nobis adeo coUati^ 
taliter ordinarc, qd n'ra di{po{icio efle poterit deo placita^ 
mundo accepta, ac liberls, miniftris et familiarib' n*ris 
fidelib*, qui nedum nobis, fet toto regno n*ro, multa gra* 
tuita impenderunt obfequia, in aliqualera recompenfa- 
tionem laborum fuorum admodum p'futura, ad teftamen- 
ttim n*rm folempnit* condendum, et voluntatem nVagj 
ultimam regaliter declarand*, .procedere decrevimusi io 

1 4 ' ' httnc 


hunc modum. In primis fiquidem, in puritate et fin* 
ceritate fidei catholice exiflentes, omnipotent! deo plafma- 
tori nVo animam n'ram quam fiio cruore p^ciofo redimit 
legamus, et earn fibi intenfiori devotione qua poflumus 
c<5mniendamus ; p* corpore veron'ro in eccHa Sandi Petri 
Weftmonaft*ii int* clare memorie p'genitores n'ros reges 
Anglie regalem eli^mus fepulturam, feu funeris noftri exe- 
quias more regio volumus celebrari, cum tali tamen mo- 
deramine ut preter torcheas cereas in numero condecenti fint 
tantum circa corpus noftrum in ipfis exequiis, quinq* ceree 
feu luminaria cerea in quantitate competent!, cum fex 
mortariolis cereis abfq* pluri ; deinde vero volumus, et in 
hac ultima voluntate n*ra fpecialiter ordinamus, qM moriaf^ 
terium n*re d*ne de gracia jux^a Turrim nVam London' al* 
p*nos fundatum quoad dotem fufficientem et alia in- 
cumbencia augmentetur juxta n*ram intcntionem pri* 
mevam. Volum* etiam, et exp'fle ordinamus, q*d col- 
legium nVm lib*e capelle n*re Sanfti Stephani apud 
Wefimonaft'm' p* nos fundatum p'ficiat^ etomnib* de- 
bite de bonis n*ris compleatV jux*a ordinacionem primeve 
fundacionis gufdem* Item volum*, et exp^fle ordinamus 
q*d in conventu fratnim predicatorum de Langele n*re fun- 
dacionis conftruant* et fiant domus et edificia n*ris 
Tumptib% prout per nos alias fuerat ordinatum: volum* in- 
ilip* qM conventus diftontm £r*m de num* viginti p*fbna- 
rum ejuld^m ordinis augmentetur, et qM novi redditu& 
^e bonis n^ris adquirantur, qui ad fblvendu^ iingulis ip&ruqx 
vigiutl firatnusi aoois fiogidis decemi, marcas fufficerepote- 



rtiftt annuatim, qui omnes pro ftatu ii*ro falubri dum 
fivimus, et pro anima n'ra cum ab hac luce fubtradi 
fuerimus, ac anima clare memorie Philipe quondam regihe 
Anglie cOnfortj^ n*re cariffime, necnon pro bono ftatu 
om*ium liberorum nVorum fup'ftitum, et animabus extihc- 
toru*, apud Deum in miflis et aliis oracionib* et devo- 
cionib* fuis fp'ialit' intercedere p'petuo teneant'. Confe- 
quenter damus et legamus heredi n*ro futuro, cui Deus 
Conferat graciam falutarem, Ricardo videlicet filio recolende 
memorie Edwardi nup' principis Wallie primqgeniti n*ri, 
unu* leftum integrum cilm toto apparatu fuo de integris 
Urmis n*ris Anglie et F'nc* apud palacium nVm Weftmo- 
naft'ii exiftentem. Item damus & legamus eid^m qua- 
tuor alios leftos qui folebant extendi in quatuor camerii 
inferiorib' palacii fup'diAi etiam cutn apparatu integro 
eorundem. Item damus et legamus eid'rn dupplicem ap- 
paratum pro aula fua, quorum tinus fit magnus et nobilis, 
reliquus vero lenis et tennis pro cariagio ordinatus. Item 
damus et legamus eidem duos apparatus integros p* ca- 
pella. Item damus et le^mus Johanne nup' conjugi 
Celebris memorie Edwardi primogeniti n'ri fup^difti 
mille marcas in quibus nobis ex mutuo tenebatur, volen- 
tes qtiod jocalia fua nobis propterea impignorata lib*e refti** 
tuant' eid*m. Item damus et legamus cariffime filie h're 
Ifabelle ■ comitiffe Bedefordie pro fubvencione fua et exhi- 

» Ifabel^ tldeft datighter of Edward IIL was married 136; W IhgtHr^tik 
Jk Covey earl of doiflbnt, whom the king created earl of fiedforH nest 
je«ir» He <fied sett Bs»rre in Apulia^ i397* ^^^ ^>^^ 
and. was buried at the Friars minors, without Aldgate,- Stndfo^^ p. iiS^ 
ViDGcnt oa ftvMk*^ 

z bicioner 


bicione fille ^ fue trefcentas marcas annuas aiinuatim proye5^ 
nientes feu exeuntes de t'ris et redditib' filii et heredid 
bone memorie comitis Oxonie ultimo defunfti, ^ quad 
Thomas Tireir miles tenet de nobis, quamdiu infra eta-» 
tern fiierit idem heres^ Reliduum vero omniu' bonorun> 
n'rorum mobilium in quibufcumcj* rebuz exiftenciu*, eciam 
fi in cuftodia t'rarum et tenementor* maritagiis heredumy 
arreragiis firmarum', reddituu*, vel in debitis, feu nominib' 
debitorum a retro quomodolib' exiftenciu' extiterint damus 
et iegamus, ac omnib' viis et modis qiilb' melius pot*i- 
mus concedlmus executoribus n*ris inferius nomi*atis^ 
ip'orumq' bonoru' poffeffioncm exnunc in ip'os exeeutores 
in quantum pofTumus transferimus, ut do illis debita h'ra^ 
contemplacione pYone n're dumtaxat, non racione regni feu 
guerrarum n'rarum contrafta, ad que heredein et fucceflb- 
rem nVm, ip'iusq' heredes et fucceffores^ ex lege Dei et 
confciencie fore intendimus obligates, tt ideo ip'os e^^ecu- 
tores n'ros ad ea folvenda aftringi volumus vel artari^ qua- 
tenus ip*abona fe extenderepotuerint jufte p'folvant, et alias 
p' animo n'ra ea difponant, p'ut voluerint coram fummo 
judice in ultimo examine refpondere^ Habita femp* con- 
fideracione quod fideles miniftri et familiares li'ri qui hucufq' 
a nobis non fuerunt debite premiati, ex dido refiduo bono* 

^ Philippa, youngefl daughter of the earl and countcfs of Bedford before 
mentioned, was married to Robert de Verc earl of Oxford, aftcrwardt 
duke of Ireland ^nd marquis of Dublin, who forfook her for a foreigner. 
Ku di'wd 1392. having been attainted in Pari. 11. Ric. II. The parliament 
allowed her lands, 2 H. IV. She wad living 5 H. IV, and (liled marchioncfs 
of Ireland^ MS. note of St. i,. Kniveton on Vincent on Brooke, p. 404* 
This legacy was a iurther provifion for her, out of her hu(band's eflatc^ 
after ihe was deferred by him. 

• Thomas de Vere eighth earl of Oxford, father of Robcrtr 

^> mm 


rum n'ror\ quatcnus juxta difcrecionem diftonim execu- 
torum nVorum fieri pot'it, debitam remuneracionem t'neant, 
et deblte renumerati datis a nobis plen^ gaudeant, quod 
hercdi n'ro futuro fub paterne benedidlionis plenitudine 
judicamus, Hujus fiquid^m teftamenti n*ri regii exe- 
cutores nom*iamus, facim*, et deputamus p*clarum videl't, 
filium n'rm Johannem ^ regeijn Caftelle et Legionis, ac 
ducem Lancaftrie iiluftrem, ven'abilesq' pVes «Joh*em 
ep'm Lincolinen', ^ Henricum ep'm Wigornien', « Johan- 
nem ep*m Hereforden', ac dileftos et fideles nVos Wil- 
l*mu* dnm' Latymer\ Johannem Knyiiet cancellariu', 
Rob'tum de Aflieton thefaurarium, Rogerium de Bcllo 
Campo camerariu*, Johannem de Ipre fenefcallum n*ros 
militeS) ac Nich'm de Caren cuftodem privati figiUi. 
Quos omnes et fingulos oneramus ut banc vohmtatem 
n'ram ultimam debite exequi et adempleri faciant, prout 
fuperius ordinavim', et prout ad partem funt de n'ris inten* 
tione et voluntate plenius et magis fpecifice informati ; fu- 
pervifores autem hujufmodi n'ri teftamenti creamus, faci- 
mus, ordinamus et conftituimus rev'endos in xp'o patreS 
Simonem * archiep'm Cantuarien* et ^ Alexandmm archi- 
ep'm Eboracen', quos quantum ad nos attinet in d'no requi- 

* John of Gaunt, 

* John Buckingham, keeper of the privy fcal, died 1397, 
' Henry Wakefield, lord treafurer, died 1395. 

^ John Gilbert, lord treafurer, died 1398* 

* He died 4 R. 11. Dugd, Bar. II. 32. 

* Simon Sudbury. 

* Alexander Neville, baniflit 1387, died at Lov-in 1391. Godwin. 



rimu§ ct rogamus quatenus ipfi tamquam regni n'ri Anglic 
pjciroate;^ fup'iores omnia hanc ultimam voluntatem n*ram 
concernencia qyjtenus opus fuit fupVideant, ipl'amque exc- 
cutioni debite dernandari faciant, reiiftentes vero ec- 
cli*^ftica cenfura p'ut eorum oificiu' exigit debite coher- 
ceapt et compefcant, p'ut coram Deo reddere volu'nt ra- 
cionem* In quorum omnium et fingulorum teftimonium 
atq' fidern pTentem paginam feu pTens teftamentum vo- 
luntatem n*ram ultimam continens fuperfcriptam in fcriptis 
redigi^ ac figillo privato et figneto n'ris includi, et fignari, 
ac n*fi magru figilli appenfione fecimus roborari. Datura, 
fcriptuin, et ordinatum fuit p'fens teftamentum in man*io 
a'ro regaH de Havexyngge atte boure, in cam*a nVa infe- 
4fiori, fcptinxa die mens* Okftobr', Anno D'ni miirimo tre- 
cerrtefimo feptuagefimo fexto, ac regni n'ri Anglie quin- 
quagefimo, regni vero n'ri Francie tricefimo feptimo. 
Prefentibus dilefl:is et fidelib* n'ris Johanne de Bureleye, 
Bic!aSturreie, etPh^plaVache militib'; Will*mo Strete coa- 
trobiilare hofpiciin^ri, Johanne deBev'rle, Walt*o et Johanne 
^ Saieiburi, fcutiferis camere noftre, et aliis quampluribus^ 
cum Wal'to de Skirlawe* decretorum doftore canonico una 
Eboracen' ad audiendum banc ultimam voluntatem n'ram 
ipecialiter evocatis in folempnius teftimoniu* p'miflbr*. 

Pfobatio didi Teflamenti coram D^no Simoae Cant' 
Archiep* apud Lamheth, 25 J\mc 1377* 

' Dean of St. Martin's, l^. of Litchfield aad Covtatry^ ijt5 ; Bftth and 
WtX^ 1386; Durhami 1388; died i4o6t Godwin. - 



Regift. Sudbury, £01.97. ^* 9^* ^'^* '^ the ArGhiepUco- 
pal Regiftry at Lambeth. 

King Edward the Third died at his manor of Shene,. 
(now Richmond) in Surrey, June 21, 1377; and was 
buried in Weftminfter Abbey. See his monument engraveni 
in Sandford's Genealog. Hiftory, p, 176. and by Vertuc^ 
fi)r Rapin's Hift. of England.. 



EN noun de Pere, du Fitz, et de Saint Efpirit, Ameiu 
Nous Edward, eifne fitz du Roy d*Engletere et de 
Frauace,, prince de Gales, due de Cornwaill, et count de 
Ccftrc, le vil jour de Juyii, Tan de grace mil troifcentx 
feptantz et fifme, en nVe chambre dedeyns iepalois de n*re 
trefredote S'r et pere'le Roy a Weftm* efteantz en bon et 
fain memoire, et eiantz confideration a le brieve duree de 
humaine freletee, et come noncertein eft le temps de la re- 
solution a la divine volunte, et defiranz toutjourz d'eftre preft 
•ove Teide de dieu a fa difpoficioun, ordenons et fefons nVe 
teftament en la maner qe enfuyt* Primeriment nous de- 
vifons n're alme a Dieu nVe Creatour, et a la feinte benoitc 
Trinite, et a la glorieufe virgine Marie, et a touz les fainz ; 
et nVe corps d'eftre enfeveliz en Teglife cathedrale de la 
Trinite de Canterbire, ou le corps du veray martir monl'r 
Seint Thomas repofe en mylieu de la chapelle de n're 
idame Undercrofte », droitement dcvant Tautier, fiq' le bout 


• This is the chapel called by Mr. Somner ** The Lady Undercroft," in 
the middle of whidi Becket was buried. Neither he nor Mr. GoftUng, had 
they feen this will, would have entertained any doubt about the place of 
that prelate's interment. (Canterbury Walk, p. 220. 2d edit.) The Black 
Prince does not mean to be buried in the fame chapel with the faint ; 
that would have been too great an intrufion* He only means to be laid in 
the fame church, direftly before the altar, from which his tomb was to 
be ten feet diftant* He founded a charitry in this chapel^ ^S^S? with li-- 
cence of his father, king Edward 111. and made a very confiderablc altera- 
tion in the Gothic tafle, with ribs curioufly moulded, and having carved 
ornaments at their jntci*fcrtions, among which one has his arms^ This was 
called the Black PrlnuU Ckapeh The eadowmcnt of tlie chantry was 



de n*re tombe devers les pees foit dix peez loinz de Tautier, 
et qe mefme la tombe foit de marbre de bone mafonerie 
faite. Et volons qe entour la ditte tombe foient dufze ef- 
cuchons de laton, chacun de la largeffe d*un pie, dont les 
fyx feront de noz armez entiers, et les autres fix des plu- 
mezd*oftruce, et qefurchacun efeuchon fbif efcript, c'eft af- 
faveir* fur cellez de noz armez et fur les autres des plumes • 
doftrucej houmout^. Etparamont^ la tombe foit fait untable- 
ment de laton fuzorrez de largeffe a longure de meifme 
la tombe, fur quel nouz voloms q'un ymage d*ov*eigne*^ 
leve* de latoun fuzor;ez foit mys en memorial de nous, tout 
armez de fier de guerre de nous armes quartillez & le vifage ' 
mie, ove notre heaume du leopard mys deflbus la tefte de 
Tyi^age, et volons qe fur n're tombe en lieu ou leu' le purra 
plus clerement lire et veoir foit efcript ce qe enfuit en la • 
maner qe fera mielz aviz a noz executours*' : 
Tu qe paflez ove bouche elpfe par la ou cift Corps repofe, 
Entent ce qe te dirray, ficome te dire le fay. 

Fauxhail munor^ near London, now belonging to the Dean and Chapter 
of Canterbury. The houfes for the prieibs belonging to it were at the bot- - 
torn of Beft's-lane, where a ftone door-way remains ;. and the place is or 
was lately privileged, under the board of Green-cloth, lb. p. 218, 219. 62. • 

^ This word in the German language fignifying a haughty fpirit^ might 
reprefent him as an intrepid warrior. Goftling, p. 267. Whatever oc» 
caiioned the alteration from his order here recited, the fhicld^ with the 
oftrich feathers have his motto Ich dicn. 

* On the top cfthe iomb. 

* 0/w$''k in relief of copper gi It* 

« Sic Orig* i.e. waflied over with latyii,' Sec. ' 

^ Grig. leu^ or len. Q. i*on. 

r This epitaph is given in Sandford and in Dart's Canterbury, with 
{ovnc little variations, and fome incorrc(5tnefs. It is written on the edge of 
the brafs table, in double lines, the lines of each couplet following one 
aiiother. There is added an epitaph in profc, fcttiag forth the Prince's - 
titles, the day of his death, &c. 

K-z - Tici i 


Tlel come tu es, je autiel fu ; tu feras tiel come je fu; 
De la mort ne penfay je mie, tant come javoy la vie. 
Ea terre avoy grand richefle, doiit jey fys grand nobleffe, 
Terre, mefons, et grand treflior, draps, chivalx, argent, et or, 
Mes ore fu je |X)VFes et cheitifs, profond en la terre gys. 
Ma grand beatite eft tout alee, ma char eft tout gaftee. 
Moult eft etroite ma mefon. En moy na ll verite non. 
Et ll ore me veiflez, je ne quide pas qe vous deiflez, 
Qe^je eufle onqes hom efte, fi fu je ore de tout changce. 
Pur Dieu pries -au celeftien roy, qe mercy eit de I'alme 

de moy. 
Tout cil qi pur moi prieront, ou a Dieu m'acorderont, 
Dieu les mette enfonparadys, ou nul ne poet eftrechetifs." 
Et volons qe a quele heure qe notre corps foit amenez parmy 
la villede Canterbire tantq'** a la priore, q' deux deftrez* co* 
vertz de noz armez et deuz homez armez en noz armez et en 
noz heaumes voifent ^ devant dit n*re corps, c'eft aflkvoir^ 
Tun pur la guerre 'de noz armez entiers quartellez, et Tau- 
tre pur la paix de noz bagcs des plumes d*oftruce ove quartre 
baneres de mefmelafute, etqechecun de ceux q' porteront 
les ditz baneres ait fur fa tefte un chapeu de noz armes. Et 
qe celi qe fera armez pur la guerre ait un home armez por- 
tant apres li un pcnon de noir ove plumes d^oftruce. Et 
volons q' le herce * foit fait entre le haut autier et le cuer, 
dedeyns le quel nous voloms q' nVe corps foit pofee, tantq'^ 
les vigiliez, meffes, et les divines fervices foient faiftes ; lef- 
quelx fervices enfi faitez, foit n^re corps portes en Tavant 

*» unto, until. * deflriers^ horfcs. ^ voifent. Q, fhall walk before our Lady. 
* See before^ p* 45* 



^\tc chappelle de notre dame ou il fera enfevillez. Item nous 
donnons et devilbms al haut autier de la dite eglife n*rc 
veftement de velvet vert enbroudez d'or avec tout ce q* 
appertient au dit veftement. Item deux bacyns d*or, uu 
chalix avec le patyn d'or noz armez graves fur le pie, et 
deux cruetz d*or, et un ymage de la Trbiite a mettre fur le 
dit autier, et n*re grande croix d*argent fuzorrez et enamel* 
lez, c'eft aflavoir la meliour croix qe nous avons d*argent i 
toutes lefqueles chofez nouz donnons et devifonsau dit autier 
a y fervir perpetuelement, fainz jammes le mettre en autre 
oeps™ pur nul mifchiefs". Item nous donnons et devifons al 
autier de n*re dame en la chappelle furdite aVe blank vefti- 
ment tout entier diappree d'une viue dajurQ et auxi le frontel 
qeFevefqed'Exceftrenous donna, q'eftderaflljmption den're 
dame en mylieu fev*er d*or et d'autre ymagerie, et un taber- 
nacle de raflumpcioun de n*re dame qe le dit evefq* no' 
donna auxi, et deux grandez chandelabres d*argent q* font 
tortillez, et deux bacyns de noz armez, et un grand chaliK 
fuzorre et enameillez des armes de Garrenne "* ove deux 
cruetz taillez come deux angeles, pur fervir a mefme Tautier 
perpetuelment, fainz jamez le mettre en autre oeps p* nul 
ftiefchief. Item, noz donnons et devifons notre fale des 
plumes d*oftruce de tapiterie noir et la bordure rouge ove 
cignes ove teftez de dames, ceft aflavoir un doflief^ et huyt 
pieces purles cofts et deux banqueres^ a la dit eglife de Canter-^ 
hire. Et volons q' le doflier foit taillez enfi come mielz fera 

^ ufc, work. 

" to prevent prejudice being done to them ; or, on no account. ^ IFarrcn. 

^ A back piecci and ei^it pieces for the (ides aad two benches. 



avis a noz executours pur fervir devant et entour le haut 
autier, et ce q* ne befoignera a fcrvir illec du remenant du 
dit doflicr, et auxi lez ditz banqueres volons q' foit departiz 
a fervir devant Tautier la ou MonCr Saint Thomas gift, et 
Tautier la ou la tefte eft, et a Tautier la ou la poynte de 
Telpie'', et ento'r n're corps en la dite chappelle de n'rc dame 
Undercrofte, fi avant come il purra fuffiere. Et voloms q* 
les coftrcs ' de la dit fale foient pur pendre en Ic quer tout 
du longparamontleseftallez* ; et en cefte maniereordenons a 
fervir et eftre ufez en memorial de noz a la fefte de la Tri- 
nite, et a toutz les principales feftes de Tan, et a lez feftes 
et jours de Monrr Saint Thomas et a toutez les feftes de 
n're dame, et les jours auxi de n're annivTaire perpetuele-^ 
ment, tant come ils purront durer fainz jaraes eftre mys 
en autre oeps. It'm nous donnons et devifons a n're chap- 

* At the altar where St. Thomas lies, at the altar where the crown of 
his (Itiill which was cut off at his death was prefervcd, and at the altar 
where was kept the piece of Richard Erito's fword, which was broken off by 
the violence of his blow againff tlie arihbiiliop's head and the pavement. 
Sec Fitz Stephen's account of his death in Spaikc's Hift. Anglic. Script. 
p. 87. Gcrvaife inter X. Script, p. 14.16. Thefirft was called ^r/Mrr tumba 
B. Thorns martyris (Somncrp. 98. Battel, p. 28.) The fccond was pro- 
bably in that part of the cathedral called Bccktt^s Oovi'tt, (lb. p. 94. Goftl. 
p. 124.) The third was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, and commonly 
called the altar of the martyrdom of St. Thomas. Erafmus fays it was of 
wood, 3rd a vcr\' Iniall one, and that there was laid upon it the point of 
ihcfworJ which cut off the crown of the archbifliop's head, and was ftirred 
;.boiit in hit brain. At this altar he breathed his laft invocations on tlie 
Bkflld Virgin. Batteley, p. 27, fays, Roger who was chofen abbot of St. 
Auflin's 1176, and carried with him from it a piece of the ftull, and good 
pnrt of the blood and brains of St. Thomas, was keeper of this altar; but 
Thorn (int. X. Script, p. 1819) fuys^ he was keeper of the v\t2iV ad quod 
S. 7hr,mas fuit marlyrizatus^ This was St. Bened'tdVs altar. Fitz Stephen. 
' Jn the u Jndows of the Library at Trini.y College, Oxford, is a figure with a 
nVitre and crofier, and the p^int of ajivordjl'icking in his forehead^ which 
from this ciicumfiance the late Mr. Huddesfoj-dfuppofed to reprefent Bcckct. 
' cojiis^ fide pieces. It fcems to refer to the hangings of his hall. 
' above the f:.:Ilsi 

x pellc 


^elle de cede nVe dite dame Undercrofte en laquele nous 
avoins fondes une chant*ie dc deux chapellayns a chanter 
pur noz perpetuelement n're miflal et n're portehors \ lef- 
quelx noz mefmez avons fait faire ct enlumyner de noz 
armez en diverfez lieux, et auxi de noz bages dcz plumes 
doftruce, et ycelx miflkl et portehors ordenons a fcrvir per- 
petuelement en la dite chappelle, fainz james Ics mettrc en 
autre oeps pur nul melbhicfs, et de toutez ceftes choles 
chargeons les almes de8 priour et convent dc la d'te eglife, 
(icome ils vorront refpondre devant Dieu. Item, nous 
donnons et devilbns a la dite chappelle deux veftementz 
fengles, ceft affavoir, aube, amyt, chelyble, eftole, et fenon", 
avec towaill,covenables a chacun des ditz veftementz a Tvir 
auxi en la dite chapelle perpetuelement. Item, nos don- 
nons et devifons notre grand table d'or & d'argent tout pleyn 
dez precieufes reliques, et en mylieu un croiz de ligno 
lanfte crucis, et la dite table eft garniz de picrres et de perles 
ceft affavoir vingt cynk balois% trentquartre fafirs, cinqauat 
perlesgroflesetplufo*s outres fafirs, emcraudes, etperlespetitz, 
a la haut aUtier de n*re mefon d*Afshcruggey q*eft de n're 
fundatioun,a fervirperpetuelenfientauditautier,fanz james le 
mettre en autre oeps pur nul mefchiefs, et de ce chargeons 

^ Portifonutrin iv'wh which the French word is fynonymous. 

" fTiampule. Laccomhe. 

' ballafs. This is the name of a fpecies of nibies, of a vermeil rofe 
colour. Chimbers's Di6t. 

y Afhridge, in BiickinghaBidiire. Edmund earl of Cornwall, fon of Richard 
king of the Romans, founded this college of Bonhommrs, 1283. Edward III. 
confirmed his charter, a. r. 5. What concern the lilack Prince had in 
^hii foundation no further appears^ 



Its almes du reftour et du convent de la d'te mefbn a ref^ 
pondrc devant Dieu. Item, nous donnons et devifons le 
remenant de touz naz veftimentz, draps d*or, le tab'nacle de 
la refurreftion, deux cixtes * d'argent fuzorrez et enameillez 
d'une fute *, croix, chalix, cruetz, chandelabres, bacyns, 
liveres, et touz noz autrez ornements nppertenantz a feinte 
cglife a n're chapelle de Saint Nicholas ^ dedenz nVe chaftel 
de Walyngforde, a y Tvir et demurer perpetuelement, fanz- 
James le mettre en autre oeps, et de ceo chargeons les 
almes des doien et fouzdoyen de la dite chapelle a refpon- 
dre devant Dieu, horfpris toutesfois le vefteraent blu avec 
rofez d*or a plumes dbftruce, lequel veftement tout entier, 
avec tout ce qe appertient a ycell noz donnons & devifons a* 
n'ire fitz Richard, enfemble avec le lit q* nous avons demel- 
me la fute & tout Tapparaill du dit lit lequele n*re tres redotes* 
feignour & pere le Roy nous donna. Item, nous donnons et' 
devifons a n*re dit fitz n're lit palee de baudekyn et de ca* 
maka rouge qeft tout novel, avec tout ce q* app^tient au dit 
lit. Item, noz donnons et devifons a n're dit filz n*re: 
grand lit des angeles enbroudes avec les quiffins, capitz *• 
cov*ture, lintaux, et tout ent'fement Tautre app'all app*cic- 
nant au dit lit. Item, nous donons et devifons a n*re dit» 
filz la fale^ darras du pas de Saladyn, et auxi la fale de 

"^ Qi. ^i^^S Ik tic boxes.. ■ of one pattern. 

^ This chapel fubfiftcd in the beginning of John's reign, if not before ;r 
was aVigmented by Edmund earl of Cornwall, loE. I. and again by the 
Black Printe and Henry VI. fo that before the diflblution its revenuesr 
amounted to ^. 147. 8i. per annum. Tan. Not.Mon. p« i9« 

' cuihion8,tefter, coverlets, fheets, &e. 

' &7/r ferns to be^ufed hece, and in other wills^ for the hangings of a ba/L 



worftede embroudez avec mermyns de mier * et la bordure 
de rouge et de noir pales et embroudez de cignes avec teftes 
defames et de plumes d'oftruce, lefqueles fales noz volons 
qe notre dit filz ait avec tout ce q* appartient a ycell. Et 
quant a n*re veffelle d'argent porte, q' nous penfons q' nos 
receumes avec n*re compaigne la princefle au temps de 
n're mariage, jufqes a la value de fept centz marcs d'eftlin- 
ges^ de la veflelle de n're dit compaigne ; nous volons q* 
elle ait du notre tantq' a la dite value. Et en remenant de 
n're dit veflelle noz volons q' n*re dit filz ait une partie 
covenable pur Ion eftat, folonc Tavis de noz executours. 
Item, nous donnons et devifons a n're dit compaigne la 
princefle la fale de woriftede rouge d'egles et griSbns em- 
broudez avec la bordure de cignes ove tefl:es de dames. 
Item, noz deviibms a fireRog* de Claryndons un lit de foie 
folonc Tavis de noz executours, avec tout ce q' app*tient au 
dit lit. Item, noz donnons & divifons a fire Rob't de 
Walfham n're confeflbur un grand lit de rouge camoca avec 
nos armes enbroudes a checun cornere, & le dit camaka eft 
diapreez 6nlimines des arrnes de Hereford avec le celure'^ en- 
tlere,curtyns, quiflins, trav'fin', capitz, dc tapit*ee et tout en- 
tierment Tautre apparaill*. Item, nous donons et devifons 

^ mermaids of the fca. ^ fterling. 

8 He was a natural fon of the Prince of Wales, probably born at and 
named from Clarendon. He was made one of the knights of the chamber to 
king Richard II. his half brother, who Oct. i, a. r. 13, gi'anted him an 
annuity of lool. during life, out of the iffucs of the fubfidies in divers coun- 
ties. He was attainted in the reign of Henry IV. and is thought to have 
been ancellor of a family of Smith in Eflex. Sandf. p. 189. 

*» coverlet. Kelham« Q. if not rather tcafter^ from cicU In the fol- 
lowing will, p. 79. we have del integrum. 

* traverjin^ crofs piecci whatever that means here. In the next will is 

L a Monf r 


a MonPr Alayt^ Ch^ne n*re lit de caraoka blank pexidres 

d'egks ^ d'azurc, ceft affavoir, quilte \ doflier "^^ celure eutiere^ 

curtyas, quiflynsi trav'fyn, ca^pitz, ct toutentierment Tautfc 

apparaiir. Et tout le remenant de iioz biens et chateux auxi 

bien vefleld'oret jocalx cometouz autres biens, ou q'ils foient 

outre ceux q' nous avcms deiTuz iiaanes et devifez cone dit 

efly auxi toutez maneres des dettes a nous due^ en queqoQq' 

maaere q* ie roit^eniemble avec touz les iffoe^ et profitz q^ 

puri-ont foudre"^ ic avcRir de touz nos terrez &feigraouri8 par 

trois ans apres ce qe dieux aura fait ia volunte db noua, kfn 

queU profitzn^redit feignour^ perenos s^ ottriez p' paiier tvdil 

dettez, Nous ordcnons et devL^ms fi biea pur les defpenz 

fun^ales q* conveaeront nec^flairement eftre faites pur Boftre 

eftat, come p* acquiter toutez noz dettez per les mains denoz 

executom'S, fiq' ils paient primerenaent les dis defpentz fu- 

n'aks, ct ap*s acquitent principalement toutez les debtes par 

noz lyialement dehues"". £t ceftes choies perfourmez com 

dit eft fi rien remenit de noz ditz biens et chateux nous 

volons qe adonqes noz ditz executours, felonc la quantite 

cnguerdonnentP noz povres fervantz egalement felonc leur 

degreez et defertes fi avant come ils purront avoir informa- 

tion de ceux q* en orit melliour cogniflante, fi come ils en 

vorront relpondre devant Dieu au jour de juggement, ou 

nul ne fera jugge q* un feul. Et quant a les annuytes q*^ nous* 

^ With eagles. 

^ qiiilte 18 not a modem French word| and jret occurs not inddgloflaries.. 

^ back piscc. 

" fouderyfu'der^ to arifc* Kclham. 

» due. p rewards 



avonsdonnes ahoichivalers, efquiera^etautresnoz Icrvitours 
en gueredon^i des fervices q'ils nous ont fait et des travalx 
q*il8 ont cu entour nous, h*re entiere et darriene volunte eft 
q' les diftes annuytees eftoifent% et q' touz ceux afquelx nous 
les avons donnes en fbient bien et loialement ierviz et paiex, 
Ibloncle purport de n're doun et de noz letres quels eu ont 
de noz. Et chargeoms n*re filz Richard fur n're benefon 
de tenir et confermer a chefcun quant nous lour avons enfi 
donnez; et fi avant come Dieu nous a donnes pour* fur n're 
dit filz nous lui donnons n*re malifon ' fil empeiche ou foefirc'* 
eftre empefches en quantq* en il eft n*re dit doun. Et de 
ceft n*re teftament lequel nous volon s eftre tenuz et perfourmez 
pur n*re darreine volunte, fefons et ordenons noz executors 
n're tres cher et tres ame frere d*Efpaigne* due de Lancaftre, 
les reverenz peres en Dieu William ^ evefq* de Wynceftre 
Johan* evefq* deBath, William* evefq* de Saint Afaph, n*re 
t*fch' en Dieu S. Rob't de Walfham n*re confeflbur, Hugh 
de Segrave fenefcal de noz terres, Aleyn de Stokes, et johan 
deFordham lefquelx nous prioms, requerons, et chargeoms 
de executer et accomplir loialment toutez les chofes fuf- 

^ gttrrdoft^ reward. 

' efio'ter^ to ftand to, to sbkie. Kelham. 

• power, * or malichon^ maledi£lion, " fuffcr. 

^ tEJ^cnpie. John of Gaunt, third brother of the Black Ptince, mar- 
ried in 137a, Conftance cldcft daughter of Peter king of Caililc and 
Leon, in whofe right he claimed the kingdom of Spain, in re-eftablifhing 
Peter on which throne two years before the Black Prince contracted the 
ficknefs of which he died, 1 376. Sandf, p* 250, 251, 

y William Wyckham, died 1405. 

* John Harewell, chancellor of G?.fcoignc, chaplain to the Black Prince, 
dted 1386. 

'William de Spridlington advanced to the fee from tbe dcanr}* this year. 

L 2 dites. 


dites. En tefmoigiiance de toutez et chefcuus les chofes 
fufdites nous avons fait mettrc a ceft n're teftament et 
darreine volunte noz prive et fecree fcalz, et avons auxi 
commandez notre notair deffous efcript de mettre n're. 
dite darreine volunte & teftament en forme publiq\ et 
de foy fouz efcriere et le figner et marcher i> de fon figne 
acuftumez en tefmoignance de toutes et chefcuns les 
chofes deffuz dites. 

Et ego Joh'nes de Ormefiieved cPicus Karliolen* dioc* 
publicus autoritate ap'lica notarius, p*miflis omnib' et fingu- 
lis dum fie ut premittittur fub anno D'nl Mlirimo ccc 
feptuagefimo fexto, Indi£lione quarta decima, pontificatus 
fanftiffimi in Xp*o p'ris et d'ni n'ri d*ni Gregorii divina 
providentia pape xi"^* anno fexto, menfe, die et loco predidlis 
predidtum metuendiflimumd*num meum principem agentur 
et fierent, pTentib* reverendo in X*po p're domino Johanne 
Hereforden' ep'o, d'nis Lodewico de Clifford, Nich'o Bonde 
et Nich'o de Scharnesfeld militib', et d'no WilFmo de 
Walfliamcrico, ac aliis pluribus militib', cricis,&fcutiferis^ 
unacum ipfis prefens fui, eaque fie fieri vidi et audivi, & de 
mandato didti d'ni mei principis fcripfi, et in hanc publicam 
formam redegi, fignoq' meis et nomine confuetis fignavi 
rpgatus in fidem et teftimonium omnium premiflbrum, con- 
ftat michi notario pred'co de interlinear* harum diftionum 
tout eji per me fadt* fup'ius approbando. 

* marqu$r^ 



Probatio diftiTeftamenti coram Simoiie Cant* Archiep', 

4 Idus Junii, 1376, ill camera infra fcepta domus 

fratrum praedicatorum conventus London. Noftre 

Tranflationis anno fecundo. 

Regift. Sudbury, fol. 90. b. 91. a. b. in the Archiepifcopal 
Regiftry at Lambeth. 

Edward Prince of Wales, commonly called the Black . 
Prince, died in the Royal Palace at Weftminfter, on 
Trinity Sunday, July 8, A, D. 1376; and was buried in 
Canterbury Cathedral. His monument is engraven in 
Sandford*s Genealogical Hiftory, p. 187; in Dart*s Antiqui- 
ties of Canterbury ; and by Vertue, in Rapin*s Hiftory of 


I 7» ] 


IN itcminff San^teet uidividue Trinitatis^ Patiis et Filii et 
Spiritus San6J:i. Anno ab incarnacionc D*ni fccundum 
curfutn et computac*oem ecclefie Anglic. mill'mocccLXXxv, 
Regni vef o cariffimi filii mei Ricardi Regis Anglie et Fran- 
cie rtono, meiifis Atlgufti die leptimo in caftro meo Wa- 
lyngfdrd Sar' dioc*. Ego Johanna principiffaWallie, duciffa 
Ccirriub% eomitifla Cfiftr^, et d*na Wake, habens integram 
fanitateiti mentis mce, et fidem cathoficam firmrter profici- 
ehdo> facio, ordino et cottftiruo tefHattientum merum five 
ultimam voluntatem meam in hunc modum qui fequitur. 
Inprimis ego Johanna principifTa lego animam meam om- 
nipotent! Deo falvatori meo, et beatiflime Virgini Marie fue 
genetrici, et omnibus fanftis ejus ; Corpufij' meum ad fe- 
pcliend* in capella mea apud Stanford puxta monumentum 
ven' D'ni noftri et mariti comitis Kanjc* defunfti*. Item 
volo et ordino quod debita mea omnia et fingula celeri modo 
quo fieri potuerint perfolvantur. Item lego precariflimo filio 
meo regi fupradifto ledum meumde velvet rubrum novum 
operat' in broderia cum pennis oftric' argent' et cum capit* 
leopardor, de auro* cum ramis et foliis argenteis procedenti- 
bus ex utraque parte quolibet ore ipfor* cum apparatu prout 
eft in cuftodia cuftodis garderobe mee London*. Item lego 
predilefto filio meo Thome comiti Kancie unum ledum 
» He died Dec. 28, 34 E. in. * Dugd. Bar. II. 74. 



4t canaca pallata m camaca rub' et radiata de auro cum 
apparatu, videlicet, cumdorfor* ciel integro, uno quilt quo- 
libeti^rat* in broderia dev hachements in ^ jmpafs, iii 
curdins de Tarteren rub* verberat* 1 tranfverfiam de fyndoiJe, 
1 materat*** de findone rub\ 11 fuftiaii', i canevas de carde 
rub% XVIII capet* de tapifteria, 11 quiffin' long de camaca 
rub* I coopertor** de fcarlet furr* de raeum purat*^ Item lego 
filio meo carifiimo Johanmi de Holand** unum ledum de 
camaca rub* pulverizat* cum panierg, cum apparatu, vide^ 
licet, I dorfor*, I ciel integr%i quilt quolibct operat* in bro* 
deriade v compafs, rii curtin dc fyndone rub* plan*, i ma- 
terat* de findone ex utraque parte, xii quiffin', 11 fuftian*, 
xxiiii capit' de tapifteria, 1 cannevas de carde blod. Item 
unumcoopertorium de fcarlet furr* cum Meumpurat* i cover- 
chief de camaca five furrura. Refiduum vero omnium bonor* 
meor* p*fenciumet futuror* ubicumq' exiftencium, ac omnes 
et fingulos fruftus, redditus et provent^ necnon jura ct do- 
minia quecumq* quos et que cariffimus filius mens Ricardus 
Rex Anglie et Francie michiet executoribus meis conceffit 
et dedit, poft mortem meam per unum annum habend* prout 
litteris fuis inde confedlis plenius continetur, do, lego, et 
concedo, meis executoribus fubfcriptis, viis et modis quibua 
de jure melius poffum ad folvendum primitus de eifdcm bo* 
nis et catallis meis debita mea fupradifta, & deinde ad remu- 
nerandum fervientes meos fecundum qualitatem et merita 
peribnarum michi ferviendum, et ad difponendum pro anir 

*»inattrts. . *" coverlet. 

«* Fun a de Afcum is a particular fort of furr, not explained by the glof- 
faries. Itmaybe-alfo tckA furratum de or cum Mium, DuCange eiL» 
plains puratus for parpuratus^ and applies it to a Byzantine coin. 

« Her third fon by the earl of Kent^ beheaded by the mob at PIcfhy, 
where he was buried i Henry IV. 

6 ma 


ma mea ficut eifdem exccutoribus meis utilius, fanius et fa- 
luhrius videbitur expedire. Quibus executoribus meis do 
et coiicedo [y^teftatem generalem ct mandatum fpeciale tef- 
tamentum meum et ultimam voluntatem meam hujufmodi 
exequendi et plenarie adimplendi fecundum modum et for- 
mam fuperius exprcflkt'. Ad quod quidem teftamentum 
meum five ultimam voluntatem hujufmodi bene, fideliter et 
plenarie exequend* etadimplend* facio'ordino, conftituo exe- 
cutores meos generales et fpeciales venerabiles in Chrifto 
patres et amicos meos cariflimos D'nos Rob*tum^ confa.n- 
guineum meum Dei gr*a London*, et Will'm^ ead'm gr'a 
Wynton* ep'os, ac providos et circumfpeftos viros michi 
predeliftos Dn*m Joh'nem Dn'm de Cobham, Dn'm 
Wiirm de Beauchamp, Dn'm WilFm de Nevyll, Dn*m 
Simonem de Burlee, Dn'm Lodow^ycum ClyfFord, Dn'm 
Ricardum Abberbury, Dn'm Joh'm Clanvowe, Dn'm 
Ricardum Stury, Dn'm Joh'nem de Worthe Tenefcailum 
terrarum mearum et Dn*m Joirem le Vache milites, ac 
cariflimos clericos meos d'nos Will'm de Fulburn' et 
Joh'nem de Yernemouth,et diledtos armigeros meos,Wiirm 
Harpele & Henr' de Norton, ipfofque omnes et fingnlos 
executores meos rogo & per vifcera Jefus Chriili firmiter 
obfecro et requiro quatinus premifia omnia et fingula fe- 
cundum Deum et juftam confcienciam fideliter adimpleant, 
adimplerive faciant et procurent pro pofle eorundem, et 
ficut ante tribunal* eterni judicis in fuo terribili judicio vo- 
lucrintetdebeant renderepretereaomnibuspremiflis fecundum 

f Robert Braybrokc, « William Wykcham. 



pfopditum, vim et effeiShun prefeirris mci teftamenti five, 
ultime mee voluntatis fideliter et plenarie ad bonam deli- 
beracionem et confcientiam predi6lor* executor' meor* com- 
plet' omnia et fingula bona mea infuper remanencia com- 
mitto in poteftatem et difpoficoem predilidi filii mei 
Thome comit' Kancie et diftorum venerabil' in X'po pa- 
trum epifcopor' London' et Wynton.' In quorum omnium 
teftimonium, ac teftamenti mei et ultime voluntatis mee hu- 
jus fidem pleniorem, prefentes literas meas teftimoniales et 
ultimam voluntatem huj' continentes figilli mei appofic'one 
fignavi et feci communiri. Dat. anno, menfe, die, et loco fu- 
pradiftis. Hiis teftib\ Priore Walyngfordie, et Joh'ne James. 

Probatio didi teftamenti coram WilFm Cantuar* 
archiep* in capella privata manerii nVi de Lamhith, 
9 die menfis Decemb' anno D'ni 1385, etn're tranf- 
lationis 5to. 

Regift. Courteney, fol. 215. b. 214% a. b. in the Archie- 
Vpifcopal Regiftry at Lambeth. 

This princefs (called the Fair Maid of Kent) was the 
only daughter of Edmond of Woodftock earl of Kent, 
fon of king Edward L She was married firft to Thomas 
Montacutc, earl of Salifbury, -from whom the pope divorc- 
ed her 8 , and gave her to her gallant Sir Thomas Holland, 
knight of the garter, who was created in her right earl of 
Kent, and lord Wake of Lidell, and died 34 E. III. She 

s Dugd, Bar, I. 648, IL 75, 94. Sandford 184. 

M • was 


was thirdly married the year after to Edward the Blac^ 
Prince, whom Ihe outlived, ttrA dkd at Wailingfonlr 
caftle, July 8, 1385, of grief for the king her fon*s juft 
rcfentment to her fon John Holland, for killing lond Staf- 
ford in a fray, and was buried in the church of the Friars, 
irdnors at Stamford, which has long fince been <lemoli(hed''». 

^ SeeinI^Bck's Annals of Stamford, bookXII.p. ii, 12, an account of 
her death. Mr. Peck imagined a female buft fet in tbe weftcm oimvall: 
cf tbcindofiirc there,. wlikb hcL hfts eogrivcd^beloQSod to hoc fnonumenl^ 


C *i ) 


EN le noun del Pierc, del Fitz^ et del Scint Efpirit. 
Nous Henry, Due de Lancaftrc, Counte de Derby ♦ 
6e Nichol * et de Leiceftr, Senefchal d*Englctere, Seigneur 
lie Bruggerak*", et de Beufort, le xv jour del mois de Marz 
l*an de grace mill ccc. et lx. a nVe chaftel de Leic* de^ 
vifons et fefons n're teftamcnt en manere qe f'enfuit. 
-Enprimes nous recx)mniaundons et deviibns n're alme a 
Dieu, et dcfvifons n're corps a eftre enfevellitz en Teglile 
Tollegiale ^ del annunciation n're Dame de Leiceftr' dau- 
trepart* ie autiefe ou le corps n*re feigner et piere qe dieu 
iiflbile eft entcrrez- Et voloms q* n're corps ne demeorge 
\le(enterrez outre trois fymaynes aprcs le departir del alme. 
£t vokms q* fi nous devions • a Leic' que n're corps fok 
portc a Teglife parochiele le tiers jour devant Tenter rement, 
et q' iUoeq's foient faites les divinetf fervices^ tiels come 
appartient, ove xxiii torches, et qe les douze torches de- 
moergent a I'eglife et deux draps d'or ; les cureez dfc la dite 
eglife aient n're melior chivall ou les pris en noun de 

* Lincoln. 

** Brigerak is a ftrohg town in Gafooigtie, which b^ reduced with many 
more in king Edward's French wars, i8 E. ill. Froifiart and Walfinghato. 
In Dwgd. Bur. L 785. 

*^ Founded by his father, Henry cad Of Laocaftcr, 4 £• 01; 

^ On the other fide. 

• devier^ ^ dtvofiTj to die. 

Mi prin- 


principal^, et q* n*re corps foit porteez d'illeoqes tanqp 

a Teglife collegial de iiVe Dame avant dite, et illoqes 

enterrez come defus eft dit ; iffint^ q^il ny ait chofe voine^ 

ne de bobaunce', come des homes armeez, nedes chivalscou- 

vertz, ny autres chofes veines, mes une heirce ove cynk 

cierges, chefcune cierge de centz Ib*^ et iiii grauntz mor- 

tiers*', et c torches entour les corps. Et qe cynqainte 

poures foient veftus, vint et cynk de blank et xxv de 

blew, portant les ditz torches. Et volons q* n*re Seign'r 

le Roy et ma Dame le Reyne foient garniz de n*re ent*rc- 

ment *, et Mons'^r le Prince, et mes feign'rs fes freres, et 

madame Dame Ifabell ™, et ' nos feors ° et nos freres lo*r 

feigneurs, et les autres grauntz de n*re iaunk*. Et devi- 

fons cynqaunt linges p por departir as poures bofoignoufes 

en temps environ n*re enterement en manere come nous 

avons charge de bouche les unz de nos executors, fi tauntz 

des poures y foeint. Et ne volons unc^i q^ nulles coftages 

foeint faitz le jour de n're enterrement pour peftre les 

gentz del pais nes les coes ^ de la ville, et volons q' religi- 

oufes foient bien regardez. Et volons q' fi nous devious 

' THk curates of that church to have our beft horfe, or his value, in 
the name of the principal. Dugdale. 
s ainfi^ fo. * vain. 

' bobansj bobanite^ fumptuofitc. Laccombe. extravagant, 
^ lamps. 
^ be warned or invited to the funeral* 

■ his wife. 

■ There were fix of them ; all married except the fourth, who was 
abbefs of Ambreibury. Dugd. ubifup. p. 783. 

• great people of our blood or lineage. 
' Quaere, Jheets^ *» oncques^ by no means. 

' To amufe the country folks nor the common people. Les communes 
de la ville. 



aillors qu'a Leic* q' n*re corps foit menez al cglife de n*re 
dame coUegial avauntdite et illeoqes cnfterrez en manere 
come defus eft dit. Et volons et devilbns q' toute la cire 
et touz les drapes d'or demoergent a la dite eglife coUe- 
gial, et devilbns a la dite eglile entierement n're chapele ove 
touz les aournementz* et touz rios reliqes. ,Et devifons touz 
nos biens, veflell d*argent, et touz lez autres moebles a 
aquiter noz dettes et guerdoner ' noz poures fervauntz, qe 
ne fount mie ungore** guerdone, chefcun folomlour deffert, 
et folom lour eftat, a la difpoficion de nos executors, et 
a perfaire* la dite eglile collegial'' et touz les autres maifons 
devifez et ordeignez en tour la dite eglife. Et volons* qe ft 
nos executours puiifent eftre enfourmes en verite qe nous 
tenoins terre qe fuift d*autruy, et qe nous ne avoins tiel 
eftat qe nos heires puiflent de bone foi le tenir, q*il per- 
fuent a nos heires de rendre les terres a. ceux ou a cely 
a queux ou a qy eles devient ou doit eftre de droit. Et 
auxint qe fi nos executours puiflent eftre enforme qe nous 
eions ewz d'autri a tort, q'ils facent gree en defc:;harge de 
n*re alme. E a toutes ceftes chofes pleniement perfaire et 
acumplir folom n're volunte et devys fufditz, nous ordeig- 
nouns et fefons nos executors le rev'rent piere en Dieu 
John * evefq* de Nichol, le honorable home de feinte reli* 

• omemens. * to reward. ■ encore. » firiifh. 

y The church and buiUings were not compleated until long after this 
time. The fubfcquent dukes of Lancafter granted an annual fum to- 
wards carrying on and finifhing the fame for feveral ages after the death of 
this Duke. . 

* John (jyawell, or Geaevillc^ bifliop of Lincoln, 1351 — 1363« 

6 gion 


gion Wiilum ^ abbe de Lek:% n*re trefchiere Iber k Dartte 
Wak**^ n*re tres chiere cx)ifyne de Walkyi^ton, Moiifietif 
Rob*t la M»ey Monf Jahii de Bokelonde^ Sire Jobti de 
Chitriiek^ Sire Waut^ Powers Sinkyii Simeoft, et John de 
Nenaterche ; dotiaunt pleine poer a eux et a cheicun 
de eux tontes les choies fu^te8 pleinement perfaire et 
acocQplir en la manere fufdite* Et en cas qe nulte choie 
fait endcobte et nemye defclare en le dit teftament, eient 
nos ditz executors pleine poer totes chofes en mefme le 
teftament dcfclarer Toleni ceo qils fenterent qe foit plus a 
pleifance de Dieu, al profit de n're alme^ accordaunt a n're 
volunte et a refoun. Item nous devifons touz noz biens qe 
remencnt outre itoz dettes et outre ceo qe ferra donez puf 
reward a noz fervauntz, et a perfaire n*re dite egtiie collegiai 
de Leic* et en aide de performir et acconiplir les maifons 
qe nous avoins ordeigncz illoeqes, d*eftre mys al profit de 
nVe alme par Tavis et aflent denoz ditz executors. En tef- 
moigne de queles chofes nous avions a ceft n're teftament 
mys n're feal enfemblement ove n're fignet; efcript le jour, 

lu, et an fufditz* 


Probatio difti Teftamenti 3 KaL April. A. D. 1361. in 
caftro Leyceftr' coram Johanne Lincoln Ep*o. 

Alia probatio did* Teftamenti coram D'n'm Will'mum 
de Witiefeye^ Officiar Cur* Cant'. Dat* London 
7 IdusMaii, A. D. 1361. 

■ William Knight was dean of the duke's college, and refigned 1322. 
Qpacre if he Was chofcn abbot of Leiceter abbey afterwards. 
^ Blanche, his fccond fifieri married to Thomas lord Wake« 



Regift' Iflip. fol. 172. a. b. in the Archiepifcopal Regiftry 
at Lambeth. 

This Henry, furnamed Grifmond, from the place of 
his birth, being Grilinond-caftlc, or Caftrum de Groflb 
Monte, in Moomouthfhire, and called alio Toit^Col, 
or Wry Neck, was the oaly fon of Henry earl of 
JLancafler, the feoond fon of king Henry the Third. He 
was cieated carl of Derby in his £itfaer's life, 1 1 E. III. earl 
of Lincoln, 23 £• III. and duke of Lancafkr, 25 £. lU. 
and married Ifabel, daughter of Henry lord Beaumont, by 
whom he had iflue two daughters, of whom Blanche, the 
younger, being married to John of Gaufit, i>r(Hight him the 
cftate and title of Lancafter. Henry died at LeiceAer of the 
plague, j£ £dw. III. 1360, and was buried in the 
collegiate church of Our Lady, at Leicefiser, where Lc* 
land ^ faw hk monument, on the S. iide of the altar, and 
at bis head that of his wife. But theie, wit^ the chutdt 
itielf, were completely 4eor)oli(hed at the fdiiSlblutlon ; but 
^e hofpital of the ^ime fiHindation itiU (ubMs in pair*. 
Sot his ieal ii^ Sandford, p. 102. 

* Itin. I. 17. 


[ 88 ] 


IN Dei nomine. Amen. Ego Leonellus, Dux Clarencie, 
fanus mente licet egercorpore, volenfquc debitum mor- 
tis prevenire, teftamentum meum condo in hunc modum* 
In primis lego animam meam Deo et beate Marie et om- 
nibus fanftis, et corpus meum ad fepeliend* in eccFia 
fratrum Auguftinenfium de Clare in choro ante nugnum 
altare. It'm lego eccFie eorundem fratrum nigrum vefti- 
mcntum meum cum toto apparatu* It*m lego cid*m 
eccrie pannum meum nigrum brondatum*. It'm Violente 
uxori mee rubeum veftimentum meum cum coronis aureis 
cum toto apparatus It*m eidem uxori mee omnia jocalia 
mea exceptis fubfcriptis. It'm d'no Joh*i de Bromwych 
militi unum dextrarium qui vocatur Gerfacon' **. It*m 
lego d*no Ric*o Mufard militi unam zonam de auro cum 
unb dextrario qui vocat' Mavingeneleyn. It*m lego Bar- 
the*o Pycot duas zonas de argento & deaurat\ It'm lego 
D'no Joh*i de Capell capeUano meo unam .zpn^m de auro 
ad fecicnd* unum calicem in memoriam anime mee. It*m 
eidem D*no Joh*i melius portiforium meum notatum^. 
It'm eidem Joh'i unum par veftimentorum pauleatum^ cum 

■ embroidered. 

^ A courier named Gerfalcon. Another named Maungeneleyn, 

* My befi portiforium, with mufical notes. 

^ paled. 



albo & nibeo. It*m lego mag'ro Nich'o de Haddeleye 
tinum parvum portiforium non notatum. It'm lego D^no 
Joh'i Wayte capellano unum portiforium notatum. It'm 
lego Thomae Waleys unum circulum aureum, quo circulo 
frater meus et dominus creabatur in principem% It'm 
Edmundo Mone lego ilium circulum quo in ducem fui 
creatus. It*m lego mag*ro Nich'o de Haddeley fupra- 
di£to duo monilia de auro, blodio & viridi colore anamalat' ^ 
It'm lego Nich*o Bekennesfeld unum monile de auro cum 
duabus manibus inclufis. Item lego eidem Nich*o decern 
marcas annui redditus in manerio de Bremmesfeld' ad 
totam vitam fuam percipiend*. Et lego Rob'to Bardulf 
unum monile de auro ad modum cordis factum. It*m volo 
quod omnes annuli diftribuantur inter valetos camere mee 
fecundum difpoficionem executor' rneor'. It'm volo & execu- 
toribus meis injungo q'd nulla fiat bonorum meorum feu 
terrarum mearum faltim quas vendere feu donare poffum 
aliquibus deliberacio leu dilfipacio^ except 1 s legatis fupra- 
diftis, quoufque debita mea fecundum qiicd facultates 
mee ad hoc fuppetunt plene perfolvantur, et fi quod refi- 
duum fuerit, volo quod fit in difpofic*one executorum 
meorum. Hos vero confi:ituo & facio liujus tcflamcnti 
mei feu ultime voluntatis mee exccutores, videlfcct- 
Violentatn uxorem meam, Barth^m* Pycot et D*n*m 

' F.dward the Black Prince. 
• * f ni'.mellccl with red and green. hlodiuSy color fang^jincus. Bii C, 
t Erinisficld c. Gioc. 
" Tliis v.crd is not in the gloflarics. * 

N Joli'm 


Joh'm de Capell* capellanum, quibus^ adjungo DVm 
Joh*em de Bromwyche militem coadjutorem non tan- 
quam executorem. Ada funt hec anno ab incamacionc 
P*ni miikiimo tricentefimo iexagefinio offcavo, indi£tione 
ieptima, menfis 0£l:obr* die tercia, pont* fandtiflimi in Xp*o 
patris ac d^ii n*ri d*ni Urbani divina providencia pape 
quinti anno fexto, in camera ip*iu^ d^ii ducis^ infra muros 
civitatis Albanen' fituat* ; prefentibus Nich'o de Beken- 
nesfeld^ Rob'to Bradwaye, Joh'e Bray, et aKxs,. 

Et ego Nich*us de Haddekye, clericus Miden' * dioc' pub* 
licus audoritate apoAolica notarius premiflis omnibus et 
fingulis fupradidis dum fie ut premittit* agerent* et 
fierent una cum prenominat* teftibus prefens interfui, eaq* 
omnia et fingula fie fieri vidi et audivi, fcripfi, publicavi, et 
in banc publicam formam redegi, fignoq* meo ccwtifueto 
(ignavi rogat* in fidem et teflimonium premifTor*. 

Probatio difti Teflamenti coram Wiirmo Cant' Archiep^ 
6to Idus Junii 1369, apud Lambeth. 

Regifl* Witlefey, fol. 100. a.b. in the Archiepifcopal 
Regiftry at Lambeth. 

Lionell duke of Clarence was third fon of Edward III. 
born 1 2 E. III. married firfl Elizabeth de Burgh, and fe- 
condly, 42 E. Ill, Violenta, daughter of Galeas, prince 
of Milan, within five months after which fecond marriage 

i Meath. 

4 he 


he died, not without fufpicion of poifbn, in her father^s 
houfe, at Alba Pompeia, called alfb Longueville, in 
the marquiiite of Montferrat, in Piemont,* on the 1 7th of 
Ofliober, A. D. 1368, having made this will but a fort- 
night before. He was firft buried in the city ofPavia, 
but was afterwards brought to England, and interred tt 
Clare in Sufiblk. 

Dugd. Bar. II. 167. Weever 742. Sandford, p. 222, 
in which laft fee the ceremonial of the marriage, which 
probably coft the Duke his life by high living. 

Dugdale has given partial abflrads of thefe two laft 


[ 9^ 1 


EN noun de Pier, de Fitz, et de feint Efpirit, Amen. 
Jeo John de Haft^nges, Counte de Penbrok, de 
feine memoire, face mon teftament en manere qe fenfuit/ 
Adeprimes je devife ma alme a Dieu et a n' re Dame, et 
mon corps a fevelier ■ en Teglife de Seint Paul de Loundresy 
ou une tombe a faire en la partie devers le north a travers 
del fouverain autre de mefmes le eglife,, quele tombe jeo 
voel qe foit acordaunt come affiert^ a tombe Elizabeth de 
Burugh qe gift a la mcnorefle en Loundre hors de 
Algate. Et auflint je devife pur la fefur de mefme le 
tombe CXL li. fi meftre eft ou plus folon Tavis de mes^ 
executours* Item je devife pur couftages a ma fepulture 
et diftribucion a faire as poures ccc li. ou plus par Ta- 
vis mes executours avauntdit, et auxint jevife et fu de 
confentement qe Anne ma chere compaigne apres mes dettes 
perpaiez aiet de mes biens et chateux queconqe tut qe a luy 
purra appertenir refonablement folonc lei et ufage d*Engle- 
terre fauns afcun contredit. Item je devife pur couftages 
a fiindacioun des freres deins la ville de Co . . eneb' * 
cccc li. a difpender illoeqe par mes executours ft 

» enfevelir. *» as like as it can be made. 

« Original MS. fcarcc legible. It was probably fome foundation that 
never took place. 


JO H N E A R L OF P E M B R O K £• 93 

freres y vuillent enhabiter, et fi les ne voillent illeoqe 
eiihabiter, ou qe aucuii autre arreft a foit purquoi il ne poet 
eftre fait, adonq' je vuil qe les avaat dites cccc li. et 
autres cc li. foient difpenduz par avis de mes avantditz exe- 
cu tours, ceftaffa voir damortier%deuxchapelleyneschauntantz 
en Teglife de Seint Paul fuldite pur les almcs de ceaux qe 
j*^i nomes a une de mes executours, et qe le demoerant' du 
dite fbmme foit fait a la eglife de Chartehous en Loundres 
hors de Newgate, pur les almes avantdites enfemblemcnt en 
alouance de deniers qe nous avons pitea ^ grante a dite mefbn 
en acomplicement del avowe par nous autre foitz fait en 
Gyen. Et fi deftourbance ifoit^ qe la dite perpetuite des 
chapelleines ne puit eftre fait come avant eft dit, je voel qe 
les avantditz vi c li, foient defpenduz autrement en rele- 
vacion de mefon de Chartehous fufdit, et des autres poures 
meifons de religion en Engleterre et en Gales folonc Tavia 
de mes executours. Auxintje devifc qe touz mez dettes 
foient paies par meins de mes executours et par meins dez 
feiFez de mes manoirs. Auxint je devife qe touz les deniers 
avant nomes et qe ferent nomes en ceft teftament foient Icvcz^ 
et paies de les iffues provenant des manoirs et feignouries qe 
les fefFez depar xnoi tenount de mon doun. Auxint je devife 
alesfreres deles quatre ordres a prier pur m*alme c li. 
par difpoficion de mes executours. Item je devife a departir 
entre les fervants de mon hoftel qe de lour travaile ne 

* amortize. • remainder. 

' Qjiacre :/oV, '\.t..partie granie^ in part granted. « fliould bc^. 



fount pas regardez a temps de ma mort c li. par mes cxe- 
cutours fufdits, confidere la porcioii du temps de checuny 
demoure vers nous et a bone fervice qu'il m'a fait. Auxint 
jc devife a partier entre mes povres naifs** de mes manoirs 
cc li. par meins mes executours. Auxint je devife a 
defpendre pur m*alme et les almes avantnomes, en mefles et 
almoign a la mefons de Chartehous & autres povres me- 
fons par avis mes auantditz executonrs c li. Auxint je 
voel qe chefcun de mes executours qe travaillera pur Texecu- 
cion de iceft teftament pregne ces coftages refonablement et 
eftrc ce' pur fbn travail x li. Le refidue de touz mes biens je 
devife a difpendre par avis de mes executours pur m*alme et 
Talmes avantnomes en melior manere come leur femblera 
qe foit a fere pur profit de les almes avantditz. De ceft 
teftament je face mes executours le Reverent Pier en Dieu 
^William cvefqe de Wynceftre, Mefl'* Henr* Seign'r de 
Percy, S'r Waut' Amyas, S*r John de Barowe, clerk, 
Rauf * de Walfliam et Thomelyn Crickelade. Efcrit en 
Lroundres v jour de May Tan mlL cog* Ixxii. Item jeo 
devife qe la Tomme en quoi je ou tenuz a ma tres puiiante 
Dame et Micr * qe Dieu aflbible, qe ce (bit foit et diftribuyt 
pur Talme a n*rc avandite miere en le melour manere qe 
fera avys a mes dits executours, et a plus profit de fa alme. 

** fervanti born on my e(latcs% 

* ejire cco^ befides this. Kclham* * William of Wykeham. 

* Agnes, daughter of Roger Mortimer, earl of March, remarried \.o 
John de Hakelut, died 4^ £• III. By her will 1367, flie ordera her burial 
in die church of the Minorelles without Aldgate. Diigd. \i 577* 




Probatio diai Teftamenti xvi Kal. Augufti Anno 
D'ni 1376, infra cepta fratrum predicatonim con- 
ventus London, coram Archiep' Cantuar*. 

Regift. Sudbury, fol. 91. b. 92. a. in the Archiepifcopal 
Regiftry at Lambeth. 

Aliud Teftameiitum prcdiSi JOHANNIS COMITIS 

IN Dei Nomine Amen. Ego Johannes de Haftynges^ 
Comes Penbrok*, fana mente propria voluntate, condo 
teftamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego ani- 
mam meam Deo, et beate Marie, et omnibus fan(ftis ; et 
corpus meum ad fepeliendum in Anglia in monafterio fra- 
trum predicatonim Hereford*, in choro coram magno 
altari. Item volo et ordino quod de bonis meis hie et 
alibi exiftentibus fervitores mei bene refpicianmir, et remu- 
nerentur unufquifque fecundum gradum fuum, et fpecialius 
illi qui in regnis CaftelF et Francie multos labores et 
anguftias racione mei fuftinucrunt, ad quod faciendum 
diftriccius quo potero confciencias executorum meorum 
onero per prefentes. Item volo et ordino quod execu- 
tores mei diftribuant de bonis meis pro anima mea fecun- 
dum facultatemeorundem, fecundum quod viderent melius 



expedlre, et fecundum quod bona caritas exigit et requirlt, 
et hoc cicius quo bono modo fieri poterit, ficut volunt 
refpondere coram fumrao judice. Executores meos confti- 
tuo tales, videlicet, Dominum Walterum Amyas, Radul- 
phum de Walftiam et ceteros fecundum quod continetur in 
teftameato meo fado in Anglia ante receffum meum-ulti- 
mum dc eadem. Scriptum in prefencia mea coram hiis 
teftibus in Dominica in ramis palmis, videlicet, Domino 
Mauricio Wjxh, Fratre Alexandro Bache confeflbri meo, 
Thoma More, Waltero Atte Watere, Johanne Guybon, 
Stephano Hammc, et ceteris qui tunc adherant, 'Anno 
Domini millefimo ccc feptuagefimo quarto, fecundum 
computaeionem ecclefie Anglicane. In quorum omnium 
teftimonium figillum meum manu mea propria prefentibus 
duxi apponendum. 

Probatio di<Sli Teftamenti coram Simon Archiep*, Cant* 
1 6 Kal. Nov. 1376, apud Lambeth. Regiftr. 
Sudbury, fol. 92. b. 

John Haftyngs, earl of Pembroke, was fbn of Laurence, 
born 21 E. III. and having obtained a divorce from 
Margaret, daughter of E. III. in 42 E. III. married Anne 
xlaughter and heir of Sir Walter Manney, founder of the 
•Charterhoufe, which occafions the earFs bequcfts to that 
houfe. He was an adlive conomander in the French 
.wars, being made lieutenant of Aquitaine ; but in 



attetnpting to relieve Rochelle by fea, his fleet was 
burnt by the Spaniards, and himfelf carried prifbner into 
Spain, where he fufFered four years rigorous confinement^' 
After his releafe he went to Paris, where he foon fell 
iick, as fuppofed, of poifbn, and died on the road to 
Calais, April 16, 50 £• III. He was buried firft in the 
choir of the Friars Preachers at Hereford, but removed 
to the Grey- friars, near Newgate, London. Dugd. Bar. L, 

576^ S77' 

€y P H Iv 

C 9« 1 



EN noun de t)ieu, Amen. Jeo Philipe de Mortemer, 
Countefle de la Marclie, efteant en bone et faine me- 
ifiorie le vynt primer jour de Novembre Tari du grace 'mil 
troiicentz, feptant et oflantifme, face ct ordeygne moh tef- 
tament et ma derreine voluntee en -cefte mahfcr6; En 
primes jeo devife m*alme a Dieu et mon corps en ^fevelir 
en Teglife conventuel de la Seint Trinitee en le priorie de 
BufteleftiamMountagu*. It*m jeo devife pur les coftages 
faire et pur doner en almoigne as poures pur m'alme ct 
autres defjpenfez le jour de ma fepulture, ove la vefture de 
cent homes de chefcun manere degree, et a tenir le xxx 
jour de mon obit, et la demeore ^ de ma meigne * tanqe al 
temps qe mon corps foit enterre cent feflant livres, le quel 
enterrement foit fait en manere defouth efcript. C'eft afla^ 
voir qe v groffes cierges qarrez et iiii mortiers de cire 
foient mys entour mon corps et .... en dite manere, et 
qe XXI torches foient au dirige, et xxviii torches lende- 
mayn a la meffe, les queux xlix torches foient dcvifez 
afcuns a remeindre a la dite efglife de Buftelefham et les 

■ Biiham abbey, founded by William Montacutc earl of Saliftury, her 
father, 1338, for Auftin canons. Dugd. Bar. 1. 647, Tanner's Not, 
Mon. p. 16. 

^ demorancfj demoree^ dcmoero^e^ delay. 

^ houfliold. Kelham. 



autres as diverfes efglifes folom la difcrecion de mes exe- 
cutours, et qe barrez ^ foient faitz entour mon corps co- 
vertz de drap bleu fanz autre herce, ct les draps d*or qe 
j*ai folont mys four mon corps, les queux apres Tentere- 
ment remeyndrount a la dite efglife de Buftele(hame, et- 
le drap bleu fufdit foit donee entre poures. 

It'm jeo devife pur ma toumbe faire quarrant livres. . 

It*m jeo devife al priour de Bufteleflian^ a pricr ptur- 
m*alme x marcs, 

It'm al fouth priour* illeoq' lx f. 

It*ifla chefcun chanoignon illeoq' xl f. 

It*m al overaigne de mefme Teglife deux centz livres a 
tiel entent qe les priour et covent de la dite maifon tiegiiront 
iblempnement lejour de mon anniyerfarie as touz jours. 

It*m jeo devife a la dite efglife de Buftelefham tote ma 
chapele entiere ove touz lours appurtenance c'eft aflavoir 
veftiments, livres, chalices, cruets, chaundeliers d^argent, 
tabletz dcpeyntz et enbroudez, a fervir al altier de Seint 
Anne, devant le quel altier mpn corps furra enterre en la 
fecounde arche encountre mon trefhonoure Seignur moi^ 
piere' qe Dieux aflbille ; hors pris mcs meillours v<jfti- 
mentsove iii capes de fuyte queux jeo devife a^J^abbeye dc 
Wyggcmore«, et mes blanches veftimentz queux jeo devife 
a la mai^n de I^ynghrok' K 

* barrs. * fub-prior. 

' William dc Montacutc, carl of Salilbnry. 

s Wigmore priory, founded by Ralph de Mortimer 11 00, refounded by 
his fon Hugh 1197% 

^ A priory of Auftin nuns on the river Lug, in Herefordfhirei founded 
by (bme of the Mortimers, t. R. I. . 

Q 2 It m 


lt*m 'jeo devife a mefme Tautier de Seint Anne un 
•tablet le meillour d*or qe j'ay achate de John Paulyn. 

It'm jeo devife a fervir a mefme l^autier de Seint Anne 
deux bacyns d'argent ove les armes de Mortimer et Moun- 
tagu en lez fountz ennamaylez. 

It'm jeo devife Efmon ' mon fitz yn lit de bleu taffata 
enbroudez dcs afnes merchez en Tefpaule ove une rofe, 
C*dl aiiavoir, une celure entiere, iii curtyns detafiata, un 
quilt enbroudez de mefme la feute, iiii tapets de tapi'- 
terrie, vi tapets pendantz de worftede, un canvafie^ un 
matrafs, ii fuftians, un quilt poynt blanks un |Rre de 
iyncheux^ du drap de Reyns, un coverlet de worftede, 
|)ur mefme le lit, un covertour de bleu demy puree, un 
keverchief de menyver de drap de camaka plonket \ un 
'Coupe et un ewer de berill gamicee d*or. 

It'm un anel d*or ov un rubie la verge ennamaylez dc 

It^m a dit Efmon mon fitz un anel d*or ove un piece de 
la vraie. croycc ove le fcripturc. In nomine Patris et Filii 
et Spiritus SanSti^ Amen. 

It*m a dit Efmon un firmayl " bleu ove deux mayns te- 
nantz un dyamond. 

It'm un pair des anees" les gaudes* des croices rouges 
enamaylez ; le dit anel ove la vraye croice, firmail^ et anees 
devoir garder four ma benifbn. 

^ Edmund her younger fon, who fuccceded his ftther, and whofe will 

^ iheets. * * chaku 



It^m a dit Efmon un hanap' d*argent ove y^fcpchon fait 
de deviz de armes de Mortimer c^^eiqe le covenrcfe^ It*m 
2 mefme Efmon on hanap* fuforre ove le covcrCkr coun- 
trefiiit d'une rafle^ Et pur ofter toute manere mariectle 
diflencons et debatz qe pourront furoere entre mon'dit 
trefcher fits Efmon et mes executours pur toutes maneres 
accions et demandes qe mon dit trefcher fitz Efmon pur- * 
roit per qeconqe voie demaunder, chalanger^ ou clamer des 
mes biens apres mon decees, jeo lui devife cyuk oentz 
livres. a prender de la dette qe furra a moi xiue le jour xje 
jeo nfll lerra morir "^^ deinz mes fdgnouries, les queux d centz 
iivres et toutes le6 autres chofes defuifnomez font a mon dit 
trefcher fitz Efmon devifez four tiel condicion q*il ne clajme 
ne demande d*avoir nulles maneres, principaltes, ne autres 
chofes en lieu d'kell, ne nuUe autre nen de mes biens ne 
dettesy ne nule manere deflourbanoe face a mes executours, 
et q*il ibit eident% et doigne pleynepoair a mes executours 
et a lour affignes du lever primerement tote le remenant 
de ma dit dette q*adonqes a moy furra due en toutes mes 
feignouries a perfourmir ceft mon teflament et ma darrqme 
vokintee. Qevous refquier tr^fcber^filzypurlagrande affiance 
qe j*ai en vous et doi de refon avoir, qe vous fur ma benifon 
ne vuir de voz deflourbez mes executours, de ceo q*ils duf- 
ient avcMr de refbn a perfburnir ceft mon teflament et ma 
darreyne voluntee come defuis efl difL £t pur Taffiaace qe 

' zx>ie« ^ terra morir^ (hall die* Kdham. ' aidmg. 



j^ay de Iwjahe en Sir W. de Afton & Sir W- Wynter 
deui dfiT/vfties executours, jeo voil qe mon veffel d*argent 
entiereinent'nicnt' par moi devifee, c'eft aiiavoir pottz, 
pLccfe&V colliers^, hanapers, bacyns, ewiers, plates pur efpi- 
CCEie, chargcours, el'queies, fauciers, qe furront les mefnez5 
. le jour qe jeo moi lerra morir, auxi bien le veflel blank 
€ome d'or, et fuilbrre ou ennamaylez, foient livre as ditz 
SirWiUiam et Sir William a perfaire en tout ma entente coiixe 
iil font pleynement enfourmes de ma darreyne voluntee, 
iauns amenufer* afcun parcel du dit veflel four peril de lour 
almes, et come ils voudront refpoundre de ceo al jmir de 
juggemeut. £t comment qe j*ai devifez diverfez choies de 
mes bicns en mon teftament come defuis eft dit, as iingu* 
Icres perfones, jeo voil et charge mes executours qe nulle 
parccll d'icelle foit dilivere a nully tanqe mon corps foiten- 
iervielee et mes dettez parpaiez. £t le refidu de mes hiens 
jeo vml q'il foit entierement al ordinance de mes executours, 
pximerement mes dettes acquitez. £t a faire due execution 
deceft man teftament jeo face et ordeigne mes executours 
Icsperfonesdefouthefcript, c'eftaflavoir Sir William de Afton, 
Sir William Wynter, Ph' Holgot et Rob't Wyk, pur faire 
enftrit qe purr^ eftre pleifance a Dieu, et falvacion de 
m^alme*. £t fur la graunde affiance qe j*d en le Reverent 
Piere en Dieu evcfq* de Wyncefler, c*eft affavoir Sir Wil- 
iiam Wykham, et en mon trefcher et bien amee en Dieu 
Monf *r John de Bromwych, jeo les requer efpecialment 

• not, * fpoons. K. ■ q. remaining. * diminifliing. 

^ en 


en oevre de charite, q'ils foient eidants par toutes les bones 
voies q*ils purront a mes executours qe ce(l ma derreine 
voluntee purra eftre accompliz. Donee a Plomeftedey le 
jour et Tan fuifditz. 

Probatio difti Teftamenti coram WilF Courteney, 
Archiep' Cantuar', apud Lambeth, 9 die menfis 
Februar' A. D. 1581. 

Regifter Courteney, fol. 189. b. 190* a. in the Archie- 
mfcopal Regiftry at Lambeth. 

• ^ . " -^ 1; 

Philippa, daughter of- William de Montacute, twik 
married to Roger de Mortimer, fearl of March > who di^ 
34 E. III. in Burgundy, where he ctHximanded the 
Englifli army, and was buried in Wigmore priory. She 
had by him two fbns, Roger, who died in his fath'sr's 
life-time, and Edmtmd who fucceeded him. She <lied 
5 R. n. 1381, and was bufied tA Bifliam abbey, among 
hef own relations, of whofe tombs, nor of the place, ^lo 
remains appear at prefent. Dugd. Bar. I. 148. • * 

ProbsU Plumflead in Keot. 

J. . T 

E D- 

[ it>4 I 


EN le noun de Pierc, de Filz et de Seint Efpirif:, 
Amen.. Nous Efmon de Mortimer, Counte de la 
Marche cx d'Ulveftier, SeignV de Wyggemore, en feine et 
bone memoire le primer jour de moys de May, Tan du 
grace mill troys cent odlantil'me, ordenons et faceons 
aVe ttfftartient eiicefte maenere. Primerement nous devifons 
n're alme a Dieu tout puiilant qi la crea, et mon corps 
a enfeveller et le corps de ma feme qe Dieu aflbile el5fem- 
Ue en la eiglife del abbeyt de Wyggemore al feneftre del 
limit autier^ et ph^rgeons fermement nos executours de 
Qtl\6 nVe teftasneat q!ils ne £acent couftages grofles ne 
Qjutrageoufes a n*re entierement, et q'il n*y eit entour n'ce 
corps plus qe cynk cierges ardantz tan coms le fervice (bit 
enlaif^t ; mais nos volons et devifons qe cent torches de cire 
CQvenables foient ordenez pur n're dit enderement^ les 
quelea hous volons q* apres le fervice fait foient diftribuez a 
les efglifes.parochieles environ le dit abbeye pur Tocdenance 
de noz executours pur fervir a feint facrement. 

Item nous volons qe de nos biens foient primerement 
paiez a Roger filz John de Mortemer d li. pur queux nous 
fumes obliges par eflatut merchant' en cas qe nous ou nos 


* A JlatuU mgrcbant t8 a bond of record, acknowledged before the 
cieri of the Jiatutes merchant and lord mayor of the city of London, or 
two merchants affigned- for. that purpoie ; and before the mayors of other 



executours ne lui facfioos performir les covenantz comprifes 
en certeines eudcntures faites entre noua et lui fiir mefmc 

Item q' profcheinement ^ apres tauz nous autres debtes 
dues par qeconq' voie fbient duement paiez et acquitez. de 
melmes nos biens, et primereraent ceux debtes pur queux 
nous ou afcun autre pur noua fumes obliges parfait. 

Item nous devilbns al ovraignc del ciglife dc Tabbeye dc 
Wyggemore mill, livres a emploier eu mefhies Tovraignie 
pur Tordenance de ma tres honourez dame et meerCy et de 
mes executours, et par la fervewe* del evefq' de Hereford 
q*adonqe ferra, et dc Sire John ^ Bylhopeflxjn, Monf ^r 
Piers de la Mars, Sire William Ford^ Sire Waut* de 
Colmpton, et Hugh de Borafton. 

Item nous devifons a mefme Fabbcye de Wyggemore 
n're meillour chapelle entiere,.c*eft aflSnroir, un celure, <kax 
curtynsbatuz^,. trois aubes, trois amjtes^ deus eftoles, tiiob 
ianonSy trois ceyntres, deux tonicles, trois chapes, deux 
frounteles, un towaille ov' un frontell' de drap d'or, un cas 
ove un corporas, un long towall pur Tautier et cordes pur 
le dit chapelle, un graunt croys d*or dfize de perie* ove re- 
liqe de la croys notre feignur et xm piler d'or ove nnc piece 

cities and tovitiSt or tiie bailifT of any borough, &c. puHiiumt tor the 
ftatute 13 £• I. iie mercatortlms ; the recognizance to be inroUed aod kept 
by the clerk, and a counterpart by the mayor,, as alfo an obligation ilgned 
and fealed by the debtor, and its counterpart. Jacobus Law Di^ioc^u*)!. 

*» mxt^ from profchain. *" fupervifauncc, 

* « fet with flones. 

P du 


du piler n're feign'r ove ix perles et un faphir en le foinmer, 
ct Tos^ Seint Richard Confeflbur^ evefq' de Giceftr', & 
le doys de SeintThomas de Cantelowe*", evefq' deHcFeford^ 
jet les reliqes de Seint Thomas ^rcevefq' de Cantirbirs, et 
tons nos autres meindres reliqes, forfqe ceux qe ferront de* 
vifes enapres', et un miter d'or ov perrie^ & TaneP ove le 
faphir q'eft en la garde de n're treforie illeqe, un graunt 
croys d'argent fufbrrez ove une large pie efteant iuz lions 
et les ymiages de Marie & John, denx chandelers d*argent 
enamaillez, un grofle chalys d'argent fuforrez, le pie ena- 
nxailliez, ove une patene et deux foiles et un feyn*" d' argent 
fuforrez, un table pur pees d'argent et enamaillez, un 
ccnfer d'argent fuforrez, un flop' " ove un dafsher ** d'argent 
fuforrez, et deux bacyns pur Tautier d*argent fuforrez ; 
toutcs. les queles chofes avantdites nous ordenons et vo- 
lons qelcs y demorent a la dite efglife perpetuel- 
ment fanz eftre alloignez pur nuUc caufe ficome plus 
pleinement eft contenuz en nos autres lettres eut a eux 

' A bone of St. Richard de la Wich, who was.kifhop of Chicbefter 
fh>in 1245 ^^ ''$3> ^^^ ^^' canonized. Godwin de praef. 505^ 

* Mgt^ fhiger.' 

*» Cantelupe bifhop of Hereford, from 1275 to 1282, chancellor of 
Oxford, and lord chancellor, and canonized. 

* hereafter. * ftones. * the ring* 
■* fiP'^f &^^ OJ" band, or ceintj a bell, K^ 

* a holy water ^oup or yeflel. 

* With If ij^nklcj^. 



' It*m nous devifons al abbeyc dc Lyfucs p un piece de - 
pilar nVe Seigxi'r entitlez ove une bille al abbeye ds 

It'm nous devifons a la prioric de Waliyngham unc* 
chapelle blanche % ceft aflavoir, deuz curtynes, trois aubeg, • 
trois amytes> deux eftoles, trois fanons, un chefible, 
deux tonicles, trois chapes, deux, fronteles, un towaill 
ove un frountell, un longe towailL pur Tau tier, un cas pur 
un corporas ove le corporas acordant a la cbapele, toute 
d'une feute* 

It*m nous devifons al abbeye de.Tynterne une cha- 
pelle de rouge entier, c'eft aflavoir deux curtynes, trois 
aubes, trois amytes, deu5^ eftoles, trois fanons, trois 
ceyntres, un chefible, deux tonicles, trois chapes, deux 
fronteles, un towaill ove un frontell, un cas ove un 
corporas, tout d'une feute. 

It'm nous devifons a la priorie de. TAnthoneny ' (al 
TAnthoney le premier en Gales) une chapelle entiere de 
drap d'or palorz' rouge et bleu, c'eft. aflavoir deux cur- 
teyns de tafFata rouge et bleu palee, trois aubes, trois 
amytes, deux eftoles, trois fanons, trois ceyntres, un 
chefible, deux tonicles, trois chapes^ deux fronteles, un 

r Lefnes abbey, in ErithparKh, Kent, founded X178, by Richard Lucy, 
chief jufUce of England* . 

*» The furniture of this chapel was all whhff as the following were of 
other colours. 

' Lantony, Llanhodeni, or Lantonia prima, in MonmoutMiirc, 
founded by Hugh de Lacy,' about 1 108, removed in part to Glouccftcj? 
fuburbs, 1136. TaiHier's N» M. 328, 

* paled. 

P z towaille 



towaille ove un frontell, un longc towaille et un cas ovc 

\m cdrporas, tout d^une feute* 

It*m nous devifbns a la priorie d'Ufqe* unc chapellc 
enticre blanbhe poudres de rofes rouges, c*eft aflavoir deux 
' curtyns, trois amjrtcs, deux eftoles, trois fanons, trois 
ccyntres, un chefible, deux tonicles, trois chapes, deux 
froun teles, un towaille ovc un frontell, un cas ove le 
cofporas ove la meyn^dre chalys d'argent fuforrez ove le 
patene, deux cruetes et un tablet pur pees et un feyne toutz 
d'argent fuforrez. 

It'm nous devifons a la priorie de Chirbury * un cofFre 
d'argent fuforrez et enamaillez ove quartre griffons en le pie 
pur fervir corps notre feigneur, a demurer perpetuelment 
en le dit priorie,^ et quarrant marcs d'argent pur eftre 
enploiez en veftimentz par la furvewe del evefq' de Here- 
ford qi pur le temps ferra, a demureres perpetuelment en la 
dit efglife et priorie. 

It*m nous devifbns a notre chanterie en Tabbeye de 
Wyggemore notre meyndre croys d^argent fuforrez ove les 
ymages Marie et John, et Tymage de Seint Efmon d'argent 
fuforrez, k porthors gemelez* et le grcindre* miffal, et le 
chapele de Weu ove les rais d*^or, c^eft aflavoir, deux frountcls^ 
un towaille ove un frountell, deux curtyns, et un vefti- 
ment entiere pur un preftre de mefme la feute, un corpora^ 

* Uik, or Cairuik, a fiotiaU prioiy itt Monmeutkihire. 

* A jprioiy of Bhck canons Jlrft fbunded at Saedei by Robert de 
Bdtfcrs, t. H. nf. Tamer*! Motitia, 453* 

■ double, or pair of. « iargeft. 



ove la caas, et le chalys d'argent fuforrez ove deux fiolcs ovc 
un table pur pees,et un feyne d'ai^ent qe font toutdys^ove la 
dite chapell, et un veftiment noir tout eiltier pur un prcftre, 
ove deux fronteles, un towaille ove un frontell, un cas pur 
un corporas ove le corpora s; & toutes ceftes chofes avant* 
dites volons q'eles demoergent perpetuelment a mefme notrc 
chanterie fans eftre efloignez par nuUe voie. 

It'm nous devifons a les abbeyes & covents de chefcun" 
des maifons de religioufes defbuz efcritz quarrant livres ; 
iflint qe Tabbeye & covent de chefcun des ditz maifons 
veullent ' emprendre et faire feurtee a noz execu tours de 
faire chanter en lour efglifes chefcun jour durrant un an 
profchein apres qe paiement des avantdltz XL li. lour ferra 
taite un mefle de requiem privee pur les almes de nous et 
de trefchiere compaigne et les almes de touz chriftenes par 
un chapellein feculer ou regulier, le quel dirra chefcun jour 
avant q'il chantera placebo & dirige pur nous et touz. 
chriftenes fans note, et q^ln jour en chefcim fymaigne 
durront le dit an ferra dit pur nous & tous chriftienes en 
lour queer de tout le covent qi ierront pr^fent placebo &. 
dirige ove note fblempne, ove une mefle de requiem a note 
lendematn, ceft aflavoir ales abbeyes & covents dc Wygge- 
more, Lyfhes, & Tynterne. 

Xt'm nous dfcvifons a les abbeys, priories, meftres, 
gardeins & covents de chefcune mai/bn de religbun ^ 
IbxLZ. efcriptz, quarrante marcs en mefbote la fourme et 

f urn jQwrs. Mot Picaid, Lacombc. * borrow. 



fouz mefmes les condicions, ceft aflavoir a les abbeys & 
ccvent de Lanternan% Comhir\ &Tiltc)re% et a les priories 
& covent de Walfyngham, TAnthoneny le primer cu 
Gales, Buftelefliam, Chirbury, Goleclyve% Stokes % Angle- 
{eye\ £t croys Roys«, et a les maitres & covent de les 
hofpitales' de Seint John de Brugwater*" & de Lodelowe', 
et a les gardeins & covents des freres menours de Wal- 
iyngham, Babbewell'', Brugwatier, Glouceftr' & Salop', 
et a les priories et covents des freres Auguftyns de Clare, 
Lodelov^re & Wodehous '. 

It'm nous devifons as priories & coventz de chefcun des 
maifbns defouz efcritz, vynt marcs, iffint qe chefcun de 
eux veulle emprindre et faire furtes a noz executours a 
trover un chapelleyn de eux mefmes ou autre qi dirra 
chefcun jour en lour efglife placebo & dirige fanz note, un 

* Llantarnan in Monmoiithfhirc, a Ciftertiaii abbey. Tanner, p. 331. 
** Cumhyrc, a Ciftcrtian abbey in Radnoiihire, founded 113 

lb, p. 711. 

^ An abbey of White monks in EfTex. lb. 129* 

* Goldcliff in Monmoiithfhire. lb. p. 328. 

* Tbefe were three religious houfes of this came. Stoke Curfey c. 
Devon. lb. 99. Another c. Somerfetfhire, p. 476, and the college m 
SulTdlk, p. 114. 

-* ' Anglefey, c. Cambridge^ a houfe of Black canons, founded by H* L 
lb. 42. * 

8 The Auftin priory at Royfton; or De cruce Roefia^ c. Herts. 

• >» Bridgewater, founded by one William Bruce, before 15 John. lb. 473, 

* Of very antient foundation. lb. 445. 

* A houfe of Grey-friars, juft without the N. gate of St. Edmund's 
. ^tiiy, founded .1263. lb. p« 527. 

^ Near Clebury Mortimer, c. Salop, founded on the firft poming of 
i^z order into England, about 1250. 



eoUefte efpecial pur noz almes et les almes de touz 
chriftenes pur tout un ain profchein apres q'ils averont receux- 
le dit paiement; ceft affavoir a les priour et covcnt de San- 
delford joufte Neubury ", Clifford" en Gales & Suellelhalcs'* 
Joufte Whaddon. 

It'm nous devifons a les religioufes dames la priorefle & 
covent de Lyngbroke vynt livres en manere et condicion 
efpecifiez prefcheinement devant. 

It'm nous devifons a les religioufes dames Tabbefle et 
covent de BrufyerdP quarraut marcs, iffint qe les dites 
dames durrant un an profchein apres q*eles averont receux 
le dit paiement difent chefcun jour en lo^re quere placebo 
et dirige pur nos almes et de touz chriftenes, et q'un lour 
chapellein qi chantera en la dite maifbn die chefcun un 
eoUefte efpecial pur nous en fa mcfle durrant le dit an ef 
qe mefmes les dames dient un jour en chefcune fymaigne 
durrant k dit an placebo et dirige ove note en lour dit 
quere, ove mefle folempne & requiem, lendemain pur leS 
almes de nous ct de touz chriftenes. 

It'm nous devifons a les religioufes dames la priorefle & 
covent d*Ult\jre^ quarrant marcs fur mefmes condicon ct 

" Sandleford juxta Newbury c. Berks, founded for Auftin canons 
beibrc 1205. lb. p. 19. 

■ A Cluniac priory in Herefordfhirey founded t, H. I, lb. p. 174. 

* Snellefliall in Whaddon parifh, a iinall priory of Black monks, founded 
.t» H. IlL lb. p. 30. 

p Brufyard, c. Suffolk, granted to the nunt minoreiies of Su Clare, 
4P £• III. lb. p. 531. 

^ Qjjare UlJUr. 



It*m hbus volons et devifons qe fi afcune des mai- 
fons fufdites refufe notre devys fufdite a caufe de la charge 
monftre' come eft dit, q*adonqela (bme devifez a la mailoa 
eiiii rcfufante, foit liveres par noz executours a autre mailon, 
pofleflion* ou mendinant qe le voedra acceptier ove le charge 

It'm nous devifons a trefhonoure dame & meere ua 
hanaper de berill garniz d'argent luforrez* 

Item nous devifons a Roger notre fitz et heir le hanaper 
d'or ove le covercle nomes Benefonne et notre efpeie^ garni-^ 
fez d'or qi fut a bon Roy Edward, le grand corn* d or 
ove le benfoun de Dieu et le notre ; iflint q' apres le decees 
n're dit filz I'avantditz hanaper ove le covercle, dit efpeye 
ct le grand' corn d'or remeigne a fon profchein heir, et 
iffint de heir en heir perpetuelment ; et auxi notre grante lit 
dc noir fatyn embroudez des blankes lions ove les ro(ers 
d'or ove les efcuchons des armcs deMortimer et d'Ulveftrier, chambre** toute entiere, et auidnt une coupe d' argent 
fufbrrez et enamaillez ove joeux des enfantz"" et un faler^ 
d'argent fufbrrez en manere d'une eheon*. It'm des meil- 
lours bacyns d'argent deux fuforrez, deux des meillours 
bacyns blanks d*argent, deux ewers d'argent, un poot d'ar- 
gent dim' galon', deux pootz d'argent chefcun de dim* gal- 
loun, vi peces d'argent plattes, deux doufzeins des codlers* 

•» q. fbr monftrcc, fct forth, or m$nUr^ amounting. 

■ q, profejpon^ * epcc. 

• the farnmirt of the chamber. * jcux des cnfents^ 

1 faltftiller. * in the fliapc of a dog. • fpoons. 



d*argent, deux coellers d'or ove les teftes de dames, un 
plate d'argent fuforrez, quartfe chargeours et deux doufzeins 
des efquelles, et deux doufzeins des faucers d*argcnt. It'm 
notre meindre com* d*or ove le baudrik ^ Et en cas qc 
iiotre dit fitz devie^ avarit q'il foit de pleine age fanz heirc 
de fon corps engendrez, volons qc toutes Ics chofes avant- 
dites demoei^ent a notre filz Efmon^ fur mefmc la forriic. 
Item nous dcvifons a notre dit filz Efmon trois cents 
marches** de terre come pluis pleinement furra declarrcz eil 
autr* efcript a lui tt fes heirs de fon corps a engendres, la 
reverfion a nous et a nos heirs, et auxi deux doufzeins des 
efqitdles- et deux doufzeihs de faucers d'argent, deux 
bacyns, et deux ewers d'argent, un frller en la manere 
d'une lyirtun ove le pee d*argent fuforrez, deux coellers d'or, 
& deux doufzeins des coellers d*argent, un de noz grttntz 
plates pur efpices d'argent fuforrez, un grand coupe ove un 
eWer de mefme la fcute d*argent fuforrez en manere d*une 
rofe, vr pecesplattes d'argent, deux pobtz d'arg(^nt chefcitn 
de dim' galoun & qartre cent marcs d'arg^nt, et un lit 
blank de fandale poudres des ^dfe^ rouges ove Ic chambre 
efitiere* ' • ■ • 

^ belt. «;die. : . . ',.. 

^ Edmund, his youn'ger fon, bj)ni at Ludlow, i 5 Td. Kov. 1 374, fiilSivd 
a defeat from Owen (}ltndar, on a mountain called Un nglafc, ncarKnit;ii- 
ton in Melenith orRadnorfliiie, 4 H. IV. 1407. DiigU. Bar, I. 150. Hilh 
Wigmofe in Monad. Ang. vol. IT. 228. Pennant's WiJcs, I. 3.27. & aut, 
ibi cit. Some Hiftorians pretend that he married a dautjhter of Owen Glen- 
dour, by whom he had divers children. Some fay h»s n?p! cw the ¥,. of M;4rch 
and his brother were taken with liimj but Dugd.'. !• 151. fap they 
were taken the year before.. . . «... 

* Ji tbtre Ot niarche^ is land valued at one mark. 


Item nous devifoDS a^i're fille Elizabeth ^ un faler en mn-» 
nere d*un chien, & un hanaper d-or, ove un chaplet des rofcs 
de rouge cler tout entour & deux centz graunds perks. 

Item nous devifons a n're fille Philippe « un coronal d*of 
ove perie ^ & deur cents graunds perles, & auxi un fercle ove 
rofes, emeraudes & rubies d'alifaundre * en les rofes, et le 
rouge lit ove les parkes ^ ove les rouges tapites pur la cham-f 
bre entiere, et un hanaper, et un ewer d'or ove deux faphirs 
en le fommet, & mill* livres d*argent en cas qele ne foit pag 
notre heir. 

Item nous devifons a Symond Suddebury, ercevefq* dc 
Canterbirs, une coupe ove le covercle et ove une tripere* 
ovefqe deux lions d*argent fuforrez et enamaillez. 

Item nous devifons a William Courteney, evefq' dc 
Loundres, une coupe de berill ove un long pie d'argent 
fuforrez & ennamaillez pur le corps notre Seigneur. 

Item nous devifons a friere John Gilbert, evefq' de Here^ 
ford, un plate d'argent pour efpices & ennamaillez ove lea 
armes de Mortimer eu la founce", et un anel ove quatre 
rubies & un ^amant en my lieu. ^ 

Item nous devifons a notre trefchier friere Monf'r Henri 
Counte de Northumbr' ° un hanaper de tortelez ® ove une 
cftelle P en le foimce & un nouche ovefq' un ource. 

' wife of Henry Hotfpur. 

s Wife of John Haftbgs, earl of Pembroke, Richard earl of Arundel, 
and John lord St. John. 

^ With ftones. Dugdale, not nnderftanding it, leaves a blank. 

* of Alexandria. , ^ 
» tripod. " bottom. 

" F^Uier of Henry Hotfpur, who married this earl's daughter. 

• Wreathed work. Dugdale tranflates it of a tortois. Bar. L x5o* 
» ifiQik^ ftar. 

3 Item 


Item nous devifons a notre fitz Monf 'r Henry Percy un 
.petite nouche en manere le corps de cerf & tefte d'egle. 

Item nous devifons a Monf*r Richard Lefcrop* un 
hanap' d' argent fufbriez plat. 

Item nous devifons a Monf'r Joh* LoveU un coupe ov& 
Je covercle d'un piere d'ynde *>• 

Item nous devifons a Sire John de Bifhqpefton un anel 
<d'or ove un rubie engravez q'eft fignet, & un bacyn & 
un ewer d'argent. Item nous devifons a Thomas notrc 
ifriere cent livres. 

Item nous devifons a Sire William Forde fys efquelles, 
& fys faucers d'argent, et un tablet d'argent fuforrez et 
ennamaillez de la gefnie ' n're dame. 

Item nous devifons a Sire Waut' de Colmpton un bacyn 
et un ewer d*argent, et vynt marcs. 

Nous devifons a Sire John de Briddlewede un hanap 
.d'argent appellez Waffaill \ 

Item nous devifons a Sire John de Kepfton vynt marcs. 
Item nous devifons a Sire John Pers vynt marcs. 
Item nous devifons a Monf 'r Pers de la Mare fys 
efquelles & fys faucers d'argent. 

Item nous devifons a Sire Hugh de Borafton un tablet 
ove les ymages de Seint John et Seynt Kateryne par dehors, 
et dys livres. 

^ blue 

' ^C/&i^ is Tctat d'une femroc en couche; geffinc^ Ic ceremonie ct le fcttin 
des relevailles; Scjhazen^ une nouvelle accouchee. Ladbombe. Q:,the Ubour 
or the purification of our Lady. 

• Waflcl or Grace-cup. A corrupt pronunciation of ivafs haelj be of 
health. See the notes to Dodfley's Old Flays, 17791 vol. VL p. 437. 
vol. X. p. 280. 

O z Item 


Item nous volons qe nos ancienz fervauntz miegnak^ de 
notrc hoflcU, Ics queux nous n'avons point reguerdonez ", 
eient chelcun d'caux Cent fpulez% et chefcun vadlct^ cynk 
marcs, et chelcun garccoun deux marcs. 

It'ni nous volons qe de touz nous autres bieiis qe re- 
meindront apres nos dcttcz acquitez et cefte notre devys 
pcrfourmez, qc nos cxccutours cut ordenent en autres oevres 
de charitce a faircs deinz la terre d*Engleterre folonc ceo 
qe lour lemblcra meulz affaire. Et a cefte notre teftament 
executier et perfourmer nous ordenons les tres reverendes 
piers en Dieu, William Courteney evefq' de Loundres, 
et friere John Gilbert evefq' de Hereford, Monf 'r Henry 
counte de Northumbr\ Moaif 'r Piers de la Mare, Sire 
Wautier de Coimpton, Sife John de Briddewode, Sire 
John de Kepfton, et Siite John Piers nos executours. Pre- 
fents notre nlz Henry Percy, Meyftr' John de Colton, 
dean D'evelyn % Monf 'r Hugh Chene chevalier, Thomas 
nVe friere, Henry de Cornewaill efquires, et Sire William 
Stutevyle chapellein qi Tefcript. Et volons qe ceft notre 
devys foit furvewe p»r notre tres reverend piere en Dieu 
Symond Sudbury ercevefq' de Cantirbirs, ma tres ho^ 
nourez Dame et Meere, et MonfV Richard Lefcrop. 
Efcript a Dynebegh les jour et an fufditz. 

Probatio di£ti Teftamenti coram Willielmo Courteney, 
Cant' Archiep*, 22 die Januar' 1382. 

V menial. ■ rewarded. * folz qv fouz^ pence. 

y valet, * Dublin. 



Regift. Courteney, foL 188. a. b. fol. 189. a. b. in the 
Archicpifcopal Rcgiftry at Lambeth. 

Edmund, Ton of the precedhig lady by Roger de Mor- 
timer, earl of March, was born at Langenith, 1351, 
25 E. III. and fuccccdcd on his father's death to his titles 
and eftate. He was lord lieutenant of Ireland three 
years, and died ^ at Cork, 1381, in his 29th year, and was 
buried with his wife at Wigmore abbey, to which he had 
been a great benefador, and had procured for it the pri- 
vilege of tlie mitre. He married Philippa, daughter ot 
Lionel duke of Clarence by Elizabeth, daughter and heir 
of William de Burgh, earl of Ulfter, by whom he had 
two fons, Roger born at Ulk, 1361, and Edmund born 
1374^, and two daughters, Elizabeth born at Ludlow 
1375, married to Henry Percy, furnamed Hotfpur,* and 
Philippa, born at Ludlow 1376, wife of John *Hatl:ings, 
carl of Pembroke "" ; Richard earl of Arundel, and Johu 
lord St. John. Dugd. I. 148. 150. Dugdale gives hira 
only one brother Roger who died in his father's life- 
time; but by this will, p. 115. he fhould feem to have 
had another, Thomas. 

'" 'vcrutur in non effiy fays the Hidory of Wigmore abbey, in ^k)n. 
Ang, II. 227, 
^ vSce note ^, in p. 1 1 3 . 

^ This firft marriage not mentioned in the Kiltory of Wigmore. 


[ ^'8 ] 


IN the name of God, Amen. In the day of the re- 
furredion of our Lord J*hu Crift, the yer of hym a 
' thoufand thre hondred four fcore and feventene. I Tho- 
mas of Holand, erl of Kent and lord Wake, beyng in 
hoi memorie, ordeyne and make my teftament in this 
wife. Firft, I yeve and bytake my foule to our Lord 
J'hu Crift, and to hys mercy, and to the help and grace 
of our Lady, his blisfol moder, and the help of alle 
feyntes of hevene, and my body to be buried as fone as 
hit goodlich may, in the abbeye of Brune». And I yeve 
and devyfe to ^ Alys my wif, and Thomas my fone, al 
my catayl andgbdes moebles, praying my wyf for al the 
love and truft that hath ben bytwyn us, and alfe 
• praying and chargying my fone, upon my bleflying, 
that they by good love and on aflent goveme hem in 
fwych wyfe, that at hur power my dettes mowe be 
quyted, and my old fervantes iholpe yn defcharge of 
me. And to execute my will and devys aforefayd, 
I ordeyne and make my wyf and fone aforefayd .myn 

* Brune or Bourn in Lincolnfliire. 

^ Alys his wife was daughter of Richard Fitz Alan carl of Arundel, 
whom he married 38 £. III. Sandford, p. 216. Dugdale, Bar. I. 75. 



Probatio didii Teftamenti coram Thonr' ArundeU% 
Cantuar' archiep', 10 dieMaij,^ Anno Domini 1397, 
apud Lambeth. 

Regifter Arundell, pars prima fol. 157. a. in the, Archie- 
pifcopal Regiftry'at Lambeth* 

Thomas, foh of Thomas Holand earl of Kent and Lord 
Wake of Lydel,. and Joan who afterwards married the 
Black Prince, was born 1350, being 10 years old at his 
Other's death 1360. He was marfhal of Engkad, 
3 R. II. which office was taken frorti him fix years after, 
and he was appointed Conflable of the Tower of London, 
and jgovernor of Carifbxook-caflle, 4 Julii, 20 R* II. He 
died in the year 1397, leaving Thomas his eldeft fbn, 
Edmund, and five daughters. Sandford, p. 2i6^ Dugw 
dale, Bar. I. y^. 


C *" 3 


EN noun duPteVe, duFitz, et deSelntEfpirit, Amen. 
Jco Richard counte d'Arundel et de Surr', le quart 
jour dc Mar3, Tan del incarnation noftre Seignour J'liu 
(^firt mill, ccc qtiartre vintz et dotilze, et Tan du regne 
le Roy Richard Seconde feizime, en itioun chaflel Philipp 
en bone et feine rnemoric face mon teftament en. la ma- 
rierfe q*enfuyt, ceft afiavoir. 

Pirimerement jeo devife m'alme a lui tou puiffant Tri* 
nite, mdun corps d'eftre enterrcs en la priorie de Lewes en 
till lieu dcrere haute autier, la quefe j'ai monftro a mea 
trfefdhiers en dieiix Danz Johan Chierlieu * priour illoeqes 
tt ft6tt Thomas Aflhebourne mon cpnfeflbur. Et en 
Cis qe ma tfefchie)^ compaigne E ^, qe Dieux aflbile, ne 
foi\: en riia ^ cnferrez et Jfevelez en le lieu par moy ency 
rtitififlrdz jco vetile et charge mes executours qe toft apies 
mon deces ma dite compaigne foit remoeve hors de la fe- 
pulture ou q'ele eft a prefent tanq' le dit lieu et ceo foit fait 
devant ma fepulture en toutes maneres, et yeule et charge 
mes executours qe ma hercc foit fait maes ^ de cynk cierges 
bicn grandes ove les mortiers en manere come fuift cntour 
le corps de mon treflionure Seignour et piere, qi Dieux aflbile, 
auxi pres come home purra refembler eel herce jeo vuile 
et ordeigne qe ce foit fait. Et auxi je charge mes execu- 

» John de Cariloco who occurs prior, 1364 and 1377. Willis. 
»> Eleanor, daughter of Henry duke of Lancaftcr, his fecond wife. 
. y .<= Sic Oog..; r. • 

-^ * maisj paSf, '^cepte, plus, dis que. Lacombc. but^ only* 



tours q'eu quel lieu d'Engleterre qe je trefpace de cefl: 
fecle, qe tantoft apres mon corps fbit-fi privement menez 
come home purra tanq' a la dite priorie : Et ne vuile en 
nuUe manere qe nuUes genz armez, chivalx, herce, nl autre 
<|e je n'ay devil'e pardevant, ne nul autre bobaunce ^, foient 
faitz- entour moy, forfq' foulement come avant eft dit, 
Et li enfy foit qe je trefpace de ceft fiecle en terre eftrangc 
hors d*Engletere, jeo vuile, fi mon corps ne purra refonable- 
ment eftre cariez au dit priorie, q'adonqes je fby enterres 
ou qe mes executours ou ceux qi font entour moy au jour 
de ma moriant en terre eftrange de jent "" qe foit melx ^ al 
honour de Dieux et efportable ^ pur m'alme, en lieu covena- 
ble et a pluis pres qe home purra a la place qe jeo tref- 
pafleray. Item jeo devife pur les defpenfes affaire en» 
tour mon ^nterrement atant ' d*argentcome mes extcutours 
verront qe foit pluis a Tonour de Dieux. et profit pur moy 
et m'alme, fique qe nul voie ceo ne paffe mye mill marcs, 
ove la monoie qe ferra donez pur m'alme jour -de nEK)n dit 
enterrement,. €t ove le herce, et touted autres .defpeni^s ^t 
coftageg. qe fon:ouut iaitz illoeqes pur.jnopy au dit jour. 
Item je devife., et.prdeine touz naes laynes* et tquz me6 
autresjchateuxletjcftoo;?^ vjif et n)ort„;^t fouz mes veffele^ 
ments.Qt.apparailles d'or, d'argent, etenuorez^, .ferj^^^f^j 
les orni^nie^Uz pur i^ fiiapel; queux j'ai^j^on^ et d^liv€xe;i!a:la 

'^^Wtriifvagancc, H^behrCi pi 84» m ' 'i '. iv- : ..\> ^ijiilii 
^'de gent e/lrange^ otdringe people, ^ mleux. 

^-9r <i(p/^'V*^^, JWQfiwWe*. as p. 126.; ., . ■ ' autant^ £9 much. 

»'q. wool. *» chattels and. flpSCi ..;., :.,,.ijjj • 

j gilded; as y«rzorrr% in preceding wills. 

R college 


riant, jeo vuile qe mefme le meiftrc et chapellcins ct lour 
lucceflburs, prcigiicnt k fumme annuelment de mes ma- 
nours de Angermyng'', Wcpham%Wariiecamp', Soucftoke",. 
Tottyngton", UpiTierdon^ &Pyperyng% del annuel rente qe 
je lour ay done en les ditz manoirs par licence noftrc 
Seignur le Roy, tanq' per mes heirs ou executours terrcs. 
G\i efglifes nient charges foient donez et appropiez a eux- 
et a lour fucceflburs a touz jours, a plchi et cler value de 
la quantite du dit endowement aderere *. Item coment qe- 
mon dit treftionure feignure et piere,.qi Dieux afibille, devifa 
a moy par foun teftaraent certains veflelmentz, joialx, ct 
livres a demurrer la greindre partie perpetuelment en la 
chapel dcinz le chattel d*Arundell, pur la chaunterie illeoqes* 
par luy purpole, la quele depuis qe ele eft chaunge en 
I'efglife parochiele, par certcins caules avant declarez, pur 
le meulx perpetuelment adurer, pur greindre meryt a 
Talme mon dit trefhonure feignur et piere, qi Dieux afibille ^ 
Jeo vuille et ordeigne qe mefmes les veflelmentz, joialx, 
livres, et autres ornamentz pur la chapel, queux j'ai deli- 
verez au dit college en ma vie, foient appurtenantz et de* 
murrantz au dit college pur tons jours, fi bien come ceux qe 

' Angmerj^ng E. for which he obtained a weekly market and fair from. 
R. II. Dugd. L 318. 

* Wepham in Anindcl rape, as the foregoing. 

* qusere, li^arnham in Bramber rape. 
^ q. Southwick in the fame rape. 

^ Tottington. There is a place of this name both in Arundel and Bram- 
ber rape. 

T Upper Merden in Chicheftcr rape. 

* Peppering in Arundel rape. 

* adercy tout du fuite, Lacombc; in arrear» 



j^ai ordeine et devife par ceft mon teftament et volunte, 
lefqueux je vuile q*ils foient deliverez bientoft apres ma 
moriant au dit college, illoeqes a demurrer perpetuelcment, 
Et outre par efpecial je vuile qe le dit college eit deliverance 
dcs autres draps ct veftimentz pur la chapel, de drap blanc, 
de foy embroudez et batuz ove ^ M. d*or, fi bien la meyndre 
veilement come Ic greindre, ove tout Tapparail d*iceir, les 
queux j'avoie de doun ma miere de NorfF^ Et auxi pur 
ceo qe m*) trefamee compaigne moy dona a noftre marriage 
un veftiment de rouge drap d'or ove Tautier et tout Tappa- 
rail icell, laquele je vuile qe ma dite compaigne eit le 
dit veftiment quel elc moy enfi dona a terme de fa vie, ft 

^ Sic Orig. 

* This expreffion (which at firft view fecms irrcconcileable with what 
Dugdile, I. 320. and Vincent, p. 26, fay, that this carl's mother was 
Eleanor daughter of Henry Plantagcnet earl of Lancafter) is fatisfa<f\orily 
cleared up by the following cbfei*vrftions of a judicious friend : 

'* It is yet a cullom in the North for parents, whofe children intermarry 
to call brothers and fillers ; Richard carl of Arundel, upon this principle, 
calling Elizabeth lady Mowbray his Gfler, of courfe Margaret dutchcfs of 
Norfolk would be his mother, and he might have the vanity to call her fo, 
as being a woman of high rank and fortune. Sec the following pedigree. 

Richard Fifz-Allan,== Eleanor 
earl of ArundeU 1 Plantagcnet* 


John lord— Margaret Plantagenct 

Segrave. deBrotherton,dutchcft 

I of Norfolk, ob, 1399. 

V . 

Richard Fitz-Allan, =pEliz. Bohun. 
carl of Arundel, teiia- 
tor; beheaded 1396, 

John lord — ElizabethSegravc, 


daughtci: and heir. 

Elizabeth == Thomas Mowbray, duke of Norfolk." 



ele delire grandcment de Tavoir, ele empriaunt *^ qe ele vor* 
roit la leffer a dit college, en remembraiice dc ele, fi bien 
come de moy, quant ele verra temps, et ove Teide noftre 
feignour tout puiflaixt, tout foit il jammes fait uncore ne 
ferra le dit college qe bien poy le pluis povre. Item je 
vuile et cliarge fermement mes ditz executours, q'en nuUe 
mancre ils ne ferrount livere a nuUy de la dette, en partie 
ne en tout, ne de nuUe autre chofe qe je doy a moii dit 
treflionure piere, qi Dieux aflbile; maes qe mts ditz execu- 
tours parfacent la volunte mon dit treflionure Seignur et 
piere ovefq' fes executours, l(blonq le purport de fon tefta- 
ment, de ceo qe ent ferra aderere jour de ma moriaunt 
nient parfourmez, come en un remembraunce qe j*ai lefle 
ciiclofe dcinz ceft mon teftament appicrt ; et qe celles 
diofes foient mys en execucioun et parfaitz auxi en hafte 
come home purra et favera apres mon deces, et come temps 
rcfouable le dorra** apres qe je foy a Dieu comaundez. 
Item jeo devife et ordeine quatre centz marcs dVftre par 
'ra^s ditz executours emploiez en un parpetuelle memorial 
ordeignez en ma meafoun de Lewes, come ils verroient 
meulx a£faire folom lour bone difcrecioun, come en eide 
et encres del chanfure ^ pur les moignes, et en amendamcnt 
de lour maunger. et boire jours d'anniverfairs de mon dit 
treflionure feignour et piere, ma treflionuree dame et 
miere, et ma trefchiere compaigne, qe Dieux aflbill ; c'eft 
affavoir, chefcvm des ditz jours une quantite folom Tafl&ir- 

*^ jjraying or req^viefliiig her to leave the fame to the faid colleges. 

•^ iliall give. * q, fong-money, or allowance for fiDgingmaffe?. 


RICAaRD earl of ARUNDEL. t2j 

ment ^ qe fci dite fumme vorra a ces annulment extendre, 
pur prier pur Ics almes avantditz, pur moy, et mcs enfauntz. 
Et qc le priour illoeqcs qi lerra pur k temp?, et fcs fucccf- 
Iburs piriours du dite mealoun, a lour primere entice paren- 
tre 8 lour autres charges^ Ibient primement jurcz a garder et 
fdire eel charge folom raoa dit dcvys, et pur diipoler la 
dite fume annuelment par tiele manneie come je Tai 
avaunt devifez : fi mes ditz executours vei'ount qc ccfte ordi- 
naiice iic purra eftre parfournez, adonqes je vuile bicu qe la 
dite folnaiic foit difpofe folom rordinauncc de mes ditz 
executours, iflynt qe toutes maneres de la dite Ibme foit 
exploitez en eiicres et enefpecial a perpetuelmcnt aprier 
pur les ilmes pur queux je fuy tenuz a prier, pur moy et 
touz criftieiiz. Item je donne et devife cent livres a 
Tcigiife cathedral de Ciceftre, d'eftre difpofez apres moii 
deces par mes ditz executours fblonc lour difcrecioun come 
lis verrount pluis honourable a Dieux, et efploitable a 
mefme T^fglifeen remembraunce de moy; et a Tabbey de 
Hamound ', par mefme la manere cent marcs, iffintq'il ibit 
Teu par mes ^z executours qe les ditz fomes foient ex^ 
ploitez^ en afcune chofe conae fcMt en Tonour de Dieux ct 
amcndement des ditz meifouns : fy ceo ne poet eftre par- 
petuel, qar * je averoie meulx qe ceo ferroit parpetuelment 
adurer, qe autrement fy ceo purra bien eftre coment qe ceo 
ferroit bien poy ™ de tielx fommes. Item jeo charge mes 

^ ppoportion, or what it will make. « q. among. 

^ profitable, from efploitery profiter. L. 

* Hagbmon abbey in Shropihire, founded for Auftin canons, 1 1 lo, by 
William Fitz Alan of Clun, anceftor of the teftator. 
• ^ expended, * car^ for. L. °* very near, K, 

4 executours 


€xeciitours q'ils facent gree et fatisfaccion as touz yceux 
qi foy veuleiit compleindre d'afcuti grief ou mefprifon q*a 
lour ay pluis ou meyns fait, dount ils purrount avoir evident 
prove ou verraie conufauncc,.folom ceo qe mes biens vuillent 
a ceo extcndre en defcharge de m'alme, fitoft come y purra 
eftre fait apres mon deces. Et nomement al abbe et covent 
de Fyfcamp pur le purchace del manoir de Bury ", par tiele 
manere qe foit refonablement greable a eux, en defcharge- 
de Talme mon treftionure feignour et piere, qi Deux aflbile, 
ct de la mien, fi jeo ne le face en ma vie. Item je devife a 
ma trefchiere compaigne Philippe le lit bleu de Toveraigne 
de tapiterye de mes armes, et de les armes ma dite com- 
paigne departiz enycelle. Item un lit rouge et bleu pale, 
q'eftoit pur la nief. Item un lit noir de foyj ov tout Tappa- 
raille de les trois lits avantditz, enfemblement ove touz 
ks autres litz q'ele avoit de fes propres quant ele fiiift 
mariez a moy. Item le grand fale° q'eftoit darreynement^ 
fait a Loundres del overaigne de tapeterye blew, ove rofes 
rouges en ycell, et mes armes et les armes des mes fitz, le 
Counte Marfchal, le Seignure de Charletoun, et Monf 'r 
Wrlliam Beauchamp '^. Item jeo devife qe ma dite com-' 
paigne Philippe eit pur fa chapel tout Tapp arail pur la 
chapel q'eftoit trufle ' ove moy, et la meindre petit autier 

" Bury in Arundel rape, Suflex. 

^ furniture or hangings of the halU ** lately. 

*i Thomas lord Moubray was the fecond hufband of his cldcfl daughter 
Elizabeth. John Charlcton lord Powis married Alice his y own gcft,* and 
William Beauchamp lord Bergavenny, Joan his fecond daughter. 
. * found, K, fed q. 


■ A '■ 

i3c drap de foy noir, ove Tapparail d'icel. Item je devii^ 
qe ma dite compaigne Philippe eit pur le botcUerye et 
celer deux pottes d*argent, chefcun contenaunt un potcl, 
II hanappes d'argent enorrez, outre fa propre hanap 
appelle Bealchier, un dozen de peces d'argent, un dozeln 
de quilers d*argent, les deux falers d*argent enorrez, queux 
ma dite compaigne moy dona a moun aun doun * a chaftel 
Philipp, et deux autrez nBMHndres falers d*argent, Tun ove 
coverture et Tautre fans coverer. Item deux chaundelers 
d'argentpurfoper^ enyverne", ove haut pees, etmeesefcho* 
chouns pendantz ove trois quartres fur mefmes les chan-^ 
delers et les fuages* enbataillez et enorrez. Item pur 
Tewerye un paire bafyns d*argent ennorrez de mes armes, 
deux baflyns, deux ewers fgngles d*argent, et un paire 
baflyns, defquex ele eft acuftume a laver devant maunge 
ct fbper. Item pur la cufyne trois dozeins des efquelx, 
deux dozeins des faucers, et quatre chargeours tout d*ar- 
gent. • Item jeo devile qe Tapparail pur le tefte des dames^ 
fibien de perlees come d^autre attyre, quele j*^i liveree a ma 
trefame compaigne en ma vie, qele Teit en fa volunte 
durant fi vie, et apres la deces de le, qe le dit attyre fbit 
preftement departiz entre mes fitz Richard et Thomas y, a 

• my new year's gift. 

^ for flipper: this .word is not in the gloifaries. 

^ in winter. » q. fervagcsy fenrices. L. 

y Richard died young in his father's life without iflue : Thomas fuccccded 
his father; and 6 Hen. IV. married Beatrix natural daughter of the king of 
Portugal. Diigd. Bar. L 320. Richard feems to have been eUe/i fon, 
though not noticed as fuch by Dugdale or Vincent. He is always named 
ftrft in this Will, and in p. 131. is called his A#/r, by way of eminence. 

S ■ Caufe 


caufe q'ils fount femblables d'avoir femmes, fi Dieu lour 
graunte la vie, s'ils ne foient mariez devant mon deces ; 
ct auxi qe ma file de Charletoun en eit fa part owelment • 
departiz entre mes ditz deux fitz et ele, fans afcune autre 
departefoun affaire du dit attyre, fynoun en manere come 
avant eft dit ; affiauntz pleynement en ma dite compaigne, 
qi fi ele foy feute ■ d*avoir autre marry, q*ele vuille et ordeyu 
par tiel manere et fy feurement, qe la ditte attyre ne foit 
ouftez** de mes avantditz enfantz. Item je vuile et ordeine 
qe fa ma dite compaigne eit tiel iffue par moy come 
avaunt eft dit, et q'ele parfoume les condicions fibien de 
ele come dez ditz enfantz foit il mal ou femmel, q'adonques 
touz les devifez et ordinaunces faitz adevant fibien a ele 
come a lez ditz enfantz foient tenuz et parfournez. Et fi 
ma dite compaigne ait tiel confeil, ou ne voet parfournir les 
ditz condiciouns, qe touz les chofes a ele et au dit enfant 
foit il mal ou femall paramont devifez foient reftreintz, et 
qe. ele, ne le dit enfaunt, n*eit nuUe chofe de moun dit 
devys, finoun la chapel qeje avoie ovefq* ele, enfemblement 
ove lez litz, excepte la chapel, lit, et fale que je avoie de 
doun ma honure miere de Norfolk al marriage de ma dite 
compaigne quele j*ai devife en autre lieu. Item je devife a 
mon fitz Richard moun chapel ove tout apparail de drap 
velwet rouge ove angeles et archanngeles de enbroudez 
fur ycell, et auxi un veftment fengle de drap rouge de foy 
ove blancs rofes fur ycellj. Item je devife a mon dit fitz 

* equally. 

* q. /ri/rify Aire; or perhaps ^y^^, if ihefhoaldbe/W/if^^to many again.. 

* £/?«, taken from. 



mon grand lit ove Tentier apparaille pur la chambre blanc 
et blew, et auxi un rouge lit eftandard * appelle Clove, et 
auxi le lit de foy ove demy ceel, enbroudez ove les armes 
d'Aroundell et Garreine, ove touz les apparall des ditz litz. 
Item a mon dit fitz la grand fale des armes d'Arundell et 
Garreine quartelez, et un dorcer de arras. Item dorcer 
d'arras qu'eft acuftume d'eftre pur la chambre pane a 
Arondell. Item je devife a mon dit fitz Richard de vef- 
felment, fibien en la chapel, except ceo qe j*ai ordeine pur 
le college d'Arundell, en chefcun office pur ThofteP, come et 
fblom ceo qe mes executours verrount qc mes biens foy 
extenderount en paiement de les dettes de mon trefhonure 
feignur et piere qi Dieux aflbill, fibien come de ma dette 
propre ; et a caufe qil eft mon heir, je vuile q'il ait pluis de 
dit veflel qe acun de mes fitz ou files, les condicions avant- 
dites exceptes. Item je vuile qe mon trefchier fitz Thomas 
eit del jour de ma moriaunt enavant c li. annuelment de 
mes ditz executours en eide de fa fuftenaunce, tanque les 
manoirsde Begenever*, SuUyngton^ et Schapewyk^ a luy 
foient donez et efcheiez ^ par ceux qe les ount en demefne, 
et en reverfioun a luy et a fes heirs malles de fon corps 
engendriez, et pur defaute de tiel ifliie malle la rerheindre 
d*icel a mes droitz heirs feignures d*Arundell as touz jours. 
Purvew totefoitz quant afcun des ditz manoirs luy foit donez 

• (\. Tijiandlng bed, or one whofe tefter refted on pillars. 

'' hoiife. « q. Blgnofy in Arundel rape. 

^ q. Siilton in Anindel rape. * q. Shapwick, co. Somcriit, 

^ tjihuiy cfcheatcd. 

S a ou 


ou efbheifiz en manere avantdit^ Hiint qe mon dk fitzThomaA^ 
purra prendre les profitz qe a eel temps luy Ibit rebatuz^ defoo: 
dit paiement annuel de cent livres ataunt come le dk ina^ 
noir ency a luy done fok refonablement de value. Et quant 
il eit en mains des ditz manoirs a la fomme de centz livres 
annuelz avantditz, q*adonqes Tentier paiement de mefme la 
fbmme par mes executours (bit outrement defcharge puc 
touz jours; et en defaute qe les ditz manoirs ne vailienC 
tanqe a la dite fomme, je vuile qe mes executours et feoffet 
le perfburnent a la dite fomme de c liv' come avant eft dit!^ 
Et outre vuile qe fi mon chatell fon voet extendre outre les 
dettes mon feignure et piere, qi Dieux aflbile, fibien come 
mes dettes, qe mon dit fitz Thomas ak deux centz livres 
dc monoie d*eftre difpofe par mez ditz executours a font 
raeillour oeps. Item je devife a mon fitz Thomas um 
veftiment fengle de foy diaprez de blanc, qe feuft fait a 
mefme le temps qe k ^darrein autier de rofes eftoit fak.. 
Item mon lit blew de foy eftandard enbrovidez ove griffbnsy 
ove entier feele ^, et auxi le lit rouge et blew de fatyn dc 
dymy feele ove touz les apparailles d'ieelL Item a mob 
dit fitz nh petk dofer de arras enbroudez dor en certeins- 
lieux d'icell, quele Monfieur William Brian moy donna*. 
Item un grande fale blanc et rouge enbroudez ove ba- 
bewynes* ove mes armes en myelieu de les bordures eten 
les bittiz "* qu'eftoit acuftume d^eftre a Reygate ; et de veffel 

' abated. ^ whole tcftcr diflinguifhed from half tefter. 

* Lacombe explains babtlnety Uvres de certains animaxix. q. faces or 
heads. » 



d^isirgent de chejfeun oSicc pour rouftell" folom ceoc^e fembU 
a mes executours, toufdiz eiantz coniideracioun a mes det<^ 
tes et devifes fuifUits. Item je devife a ma trefchiere file 
de Gharleton un petit tablet d*or enamaillez de deux foillesi 
ove un ymage de la incarnacioun "" de notre dame dedeine. 
Item je devife a ma file Elizabeth un nouche ove de lyouns 
et corouns qe moy fuift done par mon trefchier fitz foun 
marry, et a ma file une nouche a foer p de rofe ove perleesl 
kem je devife qe ma file de Charleton ait mon lit de fojf 
rouge ov entier feele, qu*efl: acuftume d'eftre a Reigate^ ove 
tout Tapparaill d'icell. Item je devife a ma file Marefchal *» 
mon lit de arras, ove touts les tapits qe j*avoie a la fefaunce' 
d'iceftes fait en mefme la pais% except les trois doffers de 
arras qe j*ay devife en autre lieu. Item je devife a ma file 
Margarete moun lit blew qu*eftoit acuftume d'eftre a Loun- 
dl^s, ove tout Tapparaill d'icelL Item je vuille et devife qe 
ma trefchiere file Margarete cit annuelment de mes exe^ 
cutours pur fa fuftenaunce centz marcs, tanq* ele foit re- 
fonablement mariee \ en eide de fa quele marriage jeo luy 
donne et devife mille marcs en efpecial, d'eftre auxi paiez. 
par mes executours ea meilloure manere qils purrount ou 
faverou»t, fy ma ditefilene foit mariezenma vie. Et vuile- 
outre qe mes ditz executours en ceo q^ils averount dc quoy 

" Maifon. L. houfhold. 

• A.pidiire of the incarnation of the Virgin Mary, p a! fen, like. K.. 
** Elizabeth, firft marritd to William carl of Salifburyj fccondly to* 

Thomas lord Mowbray earl Marfhal. Dugdale I. 318. 
' q. at the making of thefe. 

• q. in Flanders where the arras was made. 

** She was afterwards married to Sir Rowland Lcntfiall, knt. 



outre mes charges et dettes, encreflent la dite fomme pur 
{a manage a un refonable quantite, s'ils le veient profitable 
a faire pur avauncement de Teftat de ma dite file, fblom 
lour bone defcretioun, fiq* la fomme entier ne pafle mye 
en nulle mannere mille et cynk centz marcs a pluis haut. 
Item je dcvife a mon trefchiere et honure frere Tercevefque 
d'Everwyk " mon coupe enorrez et enamaillez ove le cerf fur 
le covercle, en remembraunce de moy & de m*alme. Item 
Je devife a ma trefchiere foer de Hereford * mon coupe ove 
coers^, et a ma trefchiere foer de Kent* mon coupe de 
troisfoilles, c'eft affavolr, fi mes dits foers foient naturelx • 
et tielx come ils deveroient de reafon en eide et par- 
fourniflement de ceft mon teftament, et autrement ils 
n*eient nient de moun devys avauntdit. Item je devile a 
ma miere de Norfiblk un crois d'or en un cas rouge de 
quyre **, et auxi a ma dite miere, un Agnus Dei d*or enamaille 
et en un coftefacorCnacioun*^ etl'autre feint Fraunceys ove 
XVII perles, en remembraunce de moy et de m'alme. Item 
je devife et ordeine a ma honure dame et niece de Gloucef- 
tre ^ en remembraunce de moy, et qe ele vuile eftre bien- 
voillant a mes ditz executours, un petit tablet d'or de 
troisfoilles, ove un crucifix dedeins, et la coronacioun ^ en la 

■ Thomas Arundel, bilhop of Ely 1374, tranilated to York 1388, to 
Canterbury 1396, Chancellor of England, died 141 4. Godwin. 

* Joan, wife of Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Hereford. 

7 hearts. K. Dugdale tranflates it cover. 

'- Alice, eldeft lifter, married to Thomis Holland earl of Kent. 

■ kind. ^ «//>, leather. K. <= 

•* Eleanor daughter of his fifter Joan cwintefs of Hereford, and married 
10 Thomas of Woodftock duke of Glocefter. 



fumniite, et enamaillez dehors. Item je devife a la meafoun 
de Robertefbrugge* en eide de fupportacioun de lour wal- 
lyng encountre le mer^ xx li. Item je devife et ordeiiie 
qe les meafouns des freres i;eligeovis, e{pecialment Aroun^ 
dell, et auxi Lewes, Ciceftre, Wyacefter, Canterbirs> Gul- 
deford, et Loundres, foient regardez par Tavys de mes 
execu tours come ils foient tenuz de prier pur les almes 
mon tres honure feignure et piere, ma tres honure dame et 
miere, ma tres chiere compaigne qi Dieux pur fa grande 
piercie et paffioun q'il fufFrIt pur eux et pur tous crifliens^ 
eit mercy de eux trois, et de nous touz quant nous tref* 
paflbms hors de ceft fiecle ; Amen. Item je devife les condi- 
cions fufdites a plein parfourner a la meafoun d'Ely « en 
eide de la fefure de la noyelle haute autier illoeqes xvi li. 
XIII s. nil d. Item,, en mefme la condicioun, a la meafoun 
de Weftmonftre des moignes xlli. Item en femblable 
manere je vuille et ordeine qe chefcun des meafouns^ de 
Cantirbirs *" pur Seint Thomas, Seint Edmundefbury, Seinfc 
Johan de Beverley, ait xl li. Item je vuile et charge mea. 
executors qe chefcun fervant qi iii*a ferviz {bit regarde pur 
foua travaille fblom le fervice qe m*a feit, et le temps q*iL 
m*a ferviz, toutditz confiderez les grandes feez* q'afcuns- 
ount de moy et autres avantages. Et je charge auxi mca^ 

• Robertlbridgc a Ciftcrtian abbey in Suflex, founded 1176. 
' Their fea walls. 

» The Benedictine prioiy at Ely^ 

* This is to be read with a comma after meafouns^ meaning three fevcral' 
religious houfes; at Canterbury, St. Edmundlbury, and L'evcrley. The firft' 
dedicated to St. Thomas, and the laft to St. John* 

*- fees,, wages. 



exceutours fi avnunt^ come je puifle, ct come ils vuillent fc* 
fpoundre devaunt DicuJC, q*ils ordeynent par tiel manere puf 
mes ditz fervantz qe tote mauere bone coiilcience {bit garde, 
eiauntz confideracioun a les devifes et voluntees de mon dit 
treshoiiurefeigneurctpicre, qi Dienx aflbile, nient parfour- 
niz, lefqueux je charge fermement mes ditz exceutours 
bien et duement garder et parfournir en touz pointz. Item 
je devife et ordeigne pur mes ditz exceutours bien et due- 
ment garder et parfournir en touz pointz* Item je devife 
et ordeyne pur mes fervantz en manere come eft fpecifiez 
pluis au plein en Tarticle prochein precedent. Itenj je vuile 
ct charge mes exceutours, come ils vuillent refpounder devant 
Dieu, qi s*ils veient qe mes biens ne vuillent extendre de 
parfourner mes voluntees fuifditz, q*adonqes q'ilsfacent mon 
enterrement auxi leger ^ come ils purrount refonablement. 
Item je vuille et ordeyne qe les meafouns de religioufes en 
le counte de Salop"* foient par tiele manere regardez q*ils 
ibient tenuz a prier pur les almes mon treshonure feignure 
et piere, ma treshonure dame et micre, ma trefchiere com- 
paigne, qe Dieux pur fa grande pite eit micrcy de lour almes, 
et pur moy, mes heirs, et pur touz criftiens. Item jeo 
vuile et ordeyne qe les ordres queux j*ai de mon grande 
eonuffaunce et autres meafouns foient regardez folom la 
bone et fage difcrecioun de mes exceutours; et qe mes 
biens fby vuillent extendre, toutdiz eiaunts confideracioun 

^ {o fzr as. • * as (lightly. . . 

™ The Fitz Alan family founded in Shrcpfliirc H^ghmon abbey an<l 
"Wombridge priory. Tan. Nat. Mon. 448. 449. 

2 a mes 


a mes excepciouns fufditcs. Item je donne et devife a 
frerc Thomas Afsheboume mon confeflbur, d'avoir m*alme 
en remembraunce ficx^me jc m'ofFrc en fa perfone, cent 
marcs. Item je vuille qe Tavowefoun de Yvele " foit venduz 
auxi toft come home purra apres mon deces refonablement, 
ct les deniers d'icell loialment emploiez par mes ditz exe- 
cutours en meilloure mannere q'ils faveront en parfournifle* 
ment du teftament et voluntee mon feigneur et piere, qi 
Dieux aflbille. Mes fi cas aveigne qe mefme Telgliie voide 
de vaunt qe ravowefoun enfy purra eftre venduz, et qe 
afcun de mes fitz vuille eftre home de feinte efglile 
Ibit able de Taccepter et occupier, q'adonques je vuille et 
prie mes feofFez de ycell de luy prefenter a ycell. Et au- 
trement mon clerc Robert Pobelowe s'il foit en vie et la 
vorroie avoir. Et fi le dit Robert ne la vorroie avoir, ou ne 
Ibit en vie a temps de Favoidaunce, q'adonqes je vuille qe 
mefine Tefglife foit done a monn chapelliin fire Johan 
Gamil. Et fi le dit fire Johan ne la vorroie avoir, ou ne 
Ibit en vie a tiel temps cc^ne eft dit, q'adonques ibit pre* 
fente a ycelle afcun fufficeaunt perfone de ma prochien 
linage qi pluis foit able a ycelle, par difcrecioun de mes 
executours. Et ea cas qe nul de ma prochein linage ne 
voet accepter la dite efglife, ou qe ne foit able a ycelle, 
q'adonques je vuille qe mes ditz executours ordeynent qe 

" q. Ewell vicarage, Surry, which E6ton fajs was appropriated to 
Newark prior)-, or Chertfey abbey. Yeovil in Somerfetfliire (written Tevil 
and Evlll in E^on) was appropriated to Sion abbey. There is alfo an EwtU 
in Kent, which likewife belonged to a religions honfe. 

T foit 


foit prefente a ycelle un fufficiaunt perfone tiel come lour 
femble par lour bon avys et difcrecioun pur le meulx, tout 
diz d'avoir pur recomender une tide perfone qe moy ad 
longement ferviz. Item je vuille, en cas qe mes biens 
et chateux avantdiz ne vuillent fuffire d'acquiter mes dettes, 
devifez, et charges de ceft mon teftament en nuUe manere^ 
ou q'ils ne porrount eftre acquites pur nuUe autre voie 
qe j'ay ordeyne, q'adonques mon hauftel de Pulteney^s** en 
foit venduz, et ove les dcneirs d'icell la duytec ° de monn 
dit teftament ferviz, Et fy befoigne ne foit, ne caufe ne- 
ceffaire la donne de la vent dycell, q'adonques je vuille 
et pre mes feofFez d'icell de doner mon dit houftel a me& 
droitz heirs feignures d'Arundell pur touz jours en la pluis 
feure manere q'ils le faveront ordeyner et devifen Item 
fy enfi foit qe mes biens et chateux ne vuillent fuffire put 
faire fatisfaccioun et reftitution a mon dit treftionure feig- 

^ The capital mefluage called the Cold harbor, in the parifh of All Saints, 
ad fosnum^ in Dowgate-ward, being purchaied by Sir John Poulteney, who 
was four times mayor, and dwelt in it, took the name of Poultnefs Inn* 
He gave the whole, with the wharf adjoining, to Humphrey de Bohun earl 
of Hereford and EiTex, and died 1349. It is not improbable our earl of 
Arundel had this houfe in right of his wife, neice to this Humphrey. In 
1397, 21 R, II. the year after his execution, John Holland earl of Hun-^ 
tingdon was lodged there, and Richard his brother dined with him. It 
was then counted a right fair and ftately houfe. In the next year Edmund 
earl of Cambridge was there lodged; and it retained the name of Poult* 
ney's Inn, 16 H. VI. It belonged, 1472, to Henry Holland duke of Exeter. 
Richard ni. granted it to the Heralds 1485, and in the reign of Henry VIIL 
the bifliop of Durham's houfe being takcA into the king's hands, bp. Tonftal 
lodged here, fince which it came to the earls of Shrewfbury, of whom the 
laft in Stowe's time took it down, and built on the fcite a number of {hxaU 
tenements let out for great rents. Stowe'a Survey, p. 2^2. foU 
* duitz. K. duty, obligation.^ 

z nur 


nur et peire, qi Dieux aflbile, fibien cdme pur parfourniffe- 
ment de ceft mon teftament et ma entente ; adonques 
je vuile et charge mes ditz executours q'ils parfacent bien et 
duement fi en hafte come ils le bonement purrount, et q'ils 
eient de quoy apres moun decees en manere come j'ay 
ordeyne et declare ma entention defouz mon feal a mes ' 
executours et autres perfbnes de m'affiaunce p, queux je 
prie et charge fur peril de lour almes q'ils le mettent et 
fufFrent eftre mys en bon et loiallc execucioun, pur acom- 
pliiSement de ceft mon teftament, et ma entiere voluntee, 
attaunt come y befoigne, et en null autre oeps, et outre ent 
ordeynent folonc ma voluntee et limitatioun fanz tariaunce, 
delay, ou contrariouftetee ** qeconqe, coment ils vuillent 
refpoundre devaunt lui tout puiffaunt Seignur al jour de 
juggement : purvew totfoitz en execucion de cefte ma vo- 
luntee, qe les devifees et ordinaunces pur mon dit tref- 
honure feignur et piere, qe Dieux aflbile, foient primerement 
ferviz, et depuiz mes devifees propres, folom ceo qe femble 
a mes ditz executours qe pluis foit honurable a Dieux, et 
profitable a ma alme. Item je ordeine et devife qe les 
coroune % bible en d eux v olumes, et un paire decretalx en 
fraunceis, et un grand paire de pater noftres d'or, ove un 
• grand fermaille d'or, ovefq' certeines autres joalx et reliqes, 
contenuz deinz un petit forcell • de blanc liez d'argent, 6ve 
des liouns mafTez* enorrez, queux mon dit trefhonure feig- 

p my confidence. *i contradiction. ' coronet. 

• q. flrong box. Forceret^ or forchiere^ is explained by Lacombe petit 

^ q. mafliSi male; or rather maflive. 

T 2 nur 


nur et pkre, qi Dleux afibile, devifa a moy et a mes heirS 
apres mon deces, a demorer perpetuelment de heir en heir 
feignures d' Arundell en remembraunce de luy et de s^alme ; 
et en cas qe mon dit heir foit deins age, qe mefmes Ics 
coroune, bible, decretalx, et touz les ditz joialx et reliqes, 
toftpres mon deces foient falvement par mes ditz execu- 
tours menetz et mifez en feu re lieu a garder tanq* au plein 
age de moun dit heir, et adonqes de luy eftre deliverez par 
charge come il vorra refpoundre devaunt Dieu, mon dit 
trefhonure feignure et piere, qi Dieux affoille, et moj, au 
jour del juggement ; Et purceo qe jeo entendy bien qe mon 
dit fitz et heir n*eftoit mye a la fefaunce d'iceftes d^age de 
fy plenerement entendre fi grand charge, fi ne leffay jeo en 
parole ne en grand dit a luy, maes en fait et en cefte nK>un 
teftament je luy charge fi avant come je purra, et come il 
vorra refpoundre al jour de juggement, come defuis eft dit^ 
quant il viendra a refonable age de entendre ceo qe a 
homme appertiendra, et fanz afcune fubtilite fefaunt en 
ycelle, eiaunt confideracioun qe coment je m*ay grande- 
ment doubtez de n'en offendre encountre Ic charge qe 
j'avoie en cefte article de moun dit trefhonure feignure et 
piere, qi Dieux aflbile, par refoun moun dit fitz foy devc- 
roit doubticr d*aflez pluis qe je n'avoie caufe, car meindre 
caufe avoy jeo de moy doubter qe n*avoie qe le foule charge 
mon dit feignur q'il n'ad s'il ne face les voluntees fibien 
de mon dit feignur come de moy, par quoy foit moun dit 
fitz, bien avys fi bien de fa alme, come pur la bone gover- 



naUk de fa perfone, come evk temps q'rl ferra en te mounde 
a plefaunce de Dieu, q'en la parfourniflement fi bien de ccft 
article come d*autres qe yay deviiez en ceft mon teftament, 
et de mes autres darreins vokmtees qe a luy apperteignount 
d'acompler, qu'il ibit preft et toulidiz de bone voluntee et 
fansfeintyfe, ou enafcunenaanere double, en afforfaunt " et 
aidant mes executours, et jiomement ceux qi prendront 
radminiftracioun de mon teftamcnt et voluntee fufditz, en 
acompliflement et parfoumiflement de mes voluntecs avant 
declarez. Item en cas qe par chaungeabletee du fiecle, for- 
tunes, ou autres empefehementz qe purrount arenir en 
apres, afcuns de ceftes devifes ne purrount eftre executez. 
enmanere come il eft fpecifiez en yceftes, ou autrement, qe 
mes executours verrount per autre voie et par bone et fage 
difcrecioun qe mes devifees propres purrount eftre faitz 
en meilloure manere qe jen'ay devifez, Jeo vuille et donne 
poar a mes ditz executours q'en les materes ' fur queles 
afcun tiel cas aviendra en enpefchement fur moun tcfta- 
ment et voluntee, q'ils le ferrount par bon avifement re- 
dreffer en mannere cometl ferra pluis profitable, meritorie, 
et expedient a m'alme; mes per nuUe vcie qe afcune chofe 
foit chaunges du teftament mon treftionure feignure et 
piere^ qi Dieux affoile, eins q'il foit parfoumy fi pres come 
ref(Miablement ceo purra faire per afcune voie, folom le 
purport et efFedt d'icell, fi noun qi je vuille qe Tordynaunce 
del college foit fait en manere come eft fpecifie en ceft 
mon teftament. Et furceo je charge mes heirs fur ma 
beniceoun,et come ils vuillent autrefoitz refpoundre devaunt 
^ firengthening. K. f matters. 



le tout puiffant trinite, et moy, prie et charge touz mes autres 
fucceflburs 11 avant come je puifle, fur peril de lour almes, 
et come ils vuillent refpoundre de la charge al jour de 
juggement, q'ils ne nul de eux mettent ne mette impedi- 
ment, deftourbaunce, objeccioun, n'autre contrarioufetee 
qeconqe, de cefte jour en avant cncotmtre cefte ma entente, 
ne encountre nulle ordinaunce qe j*ay fait et ferra, pur 
affeuretee d*icell, en arreriflement de monn purpos, et qu'ils 
y foient bones feignures et patrons, aidaunts pur fufte- 
naunce de la dite college come ils fount et toutdiz fer- 
rount, attaunt come il dure en perpetuelle memorie et 
priere illoequcs pur merit de lour almes. Item je donne 
et devife a mon trefchier fitz de Charletoun un coupe ovc 
une ewer covenable, Monf. Johan Cobham un coupe ove 
un ewer, Monf Richard le Scrop un coupe ove un 
ewer, Frere Thomas Afshebourn un mafer^ covere et 
frettez d'or, Monf Payn Tiptot un hanap d'argent enorrez, 
et deux de les meilloures chivalx, Monf William Percy 
un hanap d'argent coverez, et a Johan Cokkyng, Thomas 
Younge, et Thomas Harlyng, a chefcun de eux un ha- 
nap d'argent en remembraunce de moy, Et a parfoumir 
et mettre en executioun ceft ma voluntee et touz mes 

y Lacombe explains mazery the material of which were made drinking 
veiTels, thence called mazeiins^ mazejins^ or mazetins : and Keiham explains 
mazer (hanap de) a bowl made of mazer. Du Cange fays, nutzer^ mazeri- 
nuSy mazarum^ mazdrinum^ are the name oipretious cups; of what material 
he does not determine, but inclines to think them the pocula murrhina of 
theanticnts, called in later writers hanaps demadre: and then they will 
be made of precious ftones, which, from the many in fiances of them being 
mounted in filver, recited by Dugdale, is much more probable than that 
they were of mapU wood as Somner thought. Here, and in fome other 
inftances, the material is put for the veflel. 



divifees avantditz ; Jeo face et ordeine mes executours 1©^ 
tres reverent piere en Dieu mon trefchier et honure frere 
d'Evcrwyk, mon trefchier fitz de Charltoun, mes tref- 
chiers amys Monf. Johan de Cobham, Monf. Richard 
Lefcrop, Monf. Payn Tiptot, Frere Thomas Afshebourne, 
Sire Robert Pobelowe, Sir Johan Gamul appelle Ruflell, 
John Cockyng, Thomas Yonge, et Thomas Harlyng, 
les queux je pri d*entier coer, fur le graund affiaunce qe 
j*ay en eux, et en chefcun de eux, qii'ils vuillent prendre 
radminiftracioun de mes bienjs, et les mettre en loial exe- 
cutioun, fytoft come ils purrount apres moun deces, folom 
cefte ma voluntee come y poet pluis eftre pur Tonour de 
Dieu, €t profit a ma alme. En teftmoignaunce du qucle 
chofe a yceftes mes darreines voluntees j*ay mys moun 
leal ; done jour, lieu et an fuifflitz. 

[N. B. A blank is left in the Regifter Book for the Probat.] 

Regifter Arundel! pars prima, fol. 183. b. 184. a. b. 
185. a. b. 186. a. b. in the archiepifcopal regiftry at 

Richard Fitz Alan, fourth earl of Arundel, fon of Richard', 
the third earl, and Eleanor his fecond wife, daughter of 
Henry earl of Laneafter, ferved king Richard II. in his dif- 
ferent wars, and as admiral of his fleet. He was in the 
commiffion that fentenced Michael de la Pole the king's 
favourite, and joined the lords againft the duke of Ireland., 
The king attempted to furprize him iahiis caftle at Ryegate^ 



but foon after reftored him to his commands by fea afod 
land. 1 2 R. II. he purchaied a licence to marry for his 
fecond wife Philippa daughter of Edmund Mortimer earl 
of March, and widow of John HafHngs earl of Pembroke. 
The fame year he was in parliament divefted of all his 
employments, and eight years after received fentence of 
death, and was beheaded in Cheapfide, the king himfelf 
being a fpeflator ; Thomas Mowbray earl Marftial, who 
had married his daughter, being the executioner that 
bound up his eyes, and the earl of Kent his nephew 
guarding him. He was buried in the Auftin Friars church 
in London. By his firft wife Elizabeth', daughter of Wil- 
liam de Bohun earl of Northampton, he had three fons"; 
Thomas his fucccflbr, Richard and William who died young : 
and four daughters; Elizabeth firft married to William de 
Montacute eldeft fon to William earl of Sali{bury ; fecondly, 
to Thomas lord Mowbray earl Marital and of Nottingham ; 
thirdly, to Sir Gerard Uflete knt. and fourthly to Sir Hobert 
Gouflirll knt **. Joane wife of William de Beauchamp lord 
Bei^avenny. Margaret wife of Sir Rowland Lenthal, knt. 
and Alice married to John Charleton Lord Powis. Dugd. 
Bar. L 320. 

■ Her portrait and her hu(band*s were formerly in the windows of Anindel 
church. He kaccling in armour with a coronet, and on his tabard Mcny 
quartering fi'arren. She had the iame arois on ker mantle, and on her 
kirtle Bobun. 

* Sec Note m p. 129. 

i> With whom (he was buried at HoK^eriogham, co. NotthighanD, where in 
theS. aile is a fine monument with their effigiei. Hie on the right hand 19 
robes, ker coronet on her hisady ker right luuid in his ; ite in armour, his 
left hand on hit (WonL 


t HS 3 


EN noun de Dieu le pier, du filtz, & de feint efpirit. 
Amen. Jeo Johan fitz du Roy d'Engleterre, Due 
de Lancaftr', en bone memoire le tierz jour de feverer, Tan 
du grace mil trois centz quatre vingtz dis & fept, ay fait 
mon teftament par maner qu*enfuyt. En primes jeo devife 
m'alme a Dieu & fa trefdouce miere Seinte Marie & a le 
joy du ciel, & mon corps a eftre enfevelez en Tefglife 
cathedrale de Seint Poule de Londres, pres de Tautier 
principale de mefine Tefglife, juxte ma trefchere jadys com- 
paigne Blanch illeoq*s enterre. It*m je devife parochiell* 
ou qe jeo moerge tout ceo q' mes executours y voillent don- 
ner en noun de mon principall, quelle par le ley y doit eftrc 
donnez pur mortuair ; et ce cas que jeo moerge hors de 
Loundres jeo voille & devife qe la prim* nuyt qe mon 
dit corps ferra apportez a Londres qe foit portez tut droit 
as frers Carmes en Fletftrete pur ycelle nuyt, y avoir les 
exequies, & lendemain la haut mefle de reqyiem, apres 
quelle mefle jeo voille fbit mon corps removez & portez 
tut droit . a la fuifdit efglife de Seint iPoule, pur y avoir 
ycelle nuyt les exequies, & lendemain la haute mefle de 
rfequiem & la fepultur* ; & en quelle lieu qe jeo mperg 

U ,, jeo 

14^ JOHN O F . G A U N T. 

jeo voille & devife que apres mon trefpaffement mon corps 
demoerge defur la terre nemy eiiterez qe quarant jours, 
& doune en charge** a mes executours qe dedeinz yceulx> 
quarant jours nulle encerement ^^ de mon corps ne ^it fait,, 
ne faynez privement n'en appert. Item jeo voille & devife 
qe chefcun jour des fuifditz quarant jours foient pur 
rn'alme donnez ad pov's gentz de pays cynquant marcs 
d^aj-geht, & la veille de ma fepulture trois centz marcs ' 
d*argent, et la jour de ma fepulture cynk centz marcs 
d^irgent, s'il femble a mes executours qe ceo purra eftre fait, . 
confidere la quantite de mes biens & auftres mes ordi- 
naunces'& devys, les ditz fomes ne purront de tout eftre 
donn^'j^ as pov's com defuis, adonques mes executours ^ 
a leur difcrccion facent donner as pov's chefcune des ditz * 
quarant jours autielles foipmes com faire purront,, le quan-- 
tite die mes blens & mes aultres ordinaunces & devys ^ 
confidere. Item jeo devife entier pur ardre en tour mon? 
corps le jour de ma fepulture primerement dis groflez. 
ciergez en noun des dis comandementz de n'fe feignour. 
Dieu, countre les queux j*ay trop malement trefpaflez, fup-- 
pliant a mefme nVe feignour Dieux que cefte ma dcvo- 
cion me p'milT remedier de tuit cella q' encontre les 
difz con^andements ay multz fbvent & trop malement. 
fait, & ferfait, .et .qe defvus. yceulx d|is foient mys fcpt 
cierges grofles en memoir des feptz oevres^ de charitees 
queux j^ayefte negligent, et pur les feptzmortielxpecctiWs, 

' ^ I give in charge. 

^ no cering (or embalming) of xny body be made or prctetided, within 
the forty days, privately or publicly. 
•* oettvns* 

J O H N O ? G A U N t. iiJ 

& defuis yceulx fept jeo voille qe foient mys cink ciergetf 
grafles en l*onur des cink plaies principalx n^re feignour 
Jefu, et pur mes cynk fcens ^ lefquelx j'ay multz negli- 
gentmcnt defpendie, dounte je prie a Dieu de mercy ; et 
tout amont yceulx cierges jeo voille qe foient trois cierges 
en Tonur de la benoit trinite a la quele jeo me rende de 
touts, les malx qe fait ay, enfuppliant de pardon & de 
mercy pur la mercy & pite q* de fa benigne grace il a feit 
pur la falvacion de moy & d'autres peccheours. Et voille 
bien qe de parentre les fuifditz cierges foient mys entour 
mon corps mooters de cier, tieulx & atantz come a mes 
ditz executours plerra de y mettre. Item jeo voille qe 
mes executours facent prier mes cofyns & amys d*eftre 
a ma fepulture pur prier pur m'alme, fan ce faire de mon 
devys autre folempnitie ne fefte, fi ceo ne foit as pov'a 
gentz a prier Dieux pur m*alme. Item jeo voille, ordeigne, 
& devife qe de leftoutes mes biens & chateulx mes exe« 
cutors apres ma mort devant leftoutes mes aultres ordi- 
nances & devys facent paier leftoutes mes dettes qe le 
jour de mon trefpaflement ferront duz, favant qe fi nulle 
dettes lors ferra demande la quelle pur negligence, noun- 
chalure ^ poverte au temps, male talent «, ou autre defeut fbic 
aderier noun paie come reafbn demaunde, & purra pac 
evidence ou par bon*^ confcience eftre trovee qe foit due, a 
demandant, qe mes executours la facent paier fi avant s*ils 
averoht de quoi de mes biens & chateulx, except toutz 
voiez qe jeo ne voille par nulle voie q*ils paieat afcune 

«y5';/j, fcHfcs. ^ indifference, « 'rcfcntmcnt. 

U 2 dettes 


dettes pur Tarmc ^ en voiage qe mon trefame frere le Due dc 
Everwyk * devant ore fift en Portugole, dount jeo me teigne 
de tut quites devant Dieu & tout la mounde, mes des toutes 
autres dettes jeo voille que refouable gree foit fait, et aufli 
voille & ordenne & devife q* fi a afcune temps de ma 
vie j^ayehu"^ aucuns terres, ten'tz^ rentz, fervices, ouor ou 
argent, ou autres Mens moebles d'acui>e autre perfone fanz 
jufte & due title, ou a autre ay fait tort ou injurie, comhien 
qcdeprefent ne cognoiffe nuUe en efpeciale meintenaines"^ 
fi en temps avenir il puifle eftre duement preuvez, mes. 
executors facent plain reflitucion & amends,, fi avant il$. 
averont de quoy de mes biens & chateulx, des quelx facent 
ils aufli courtage convenables pur ma fepultur & en- 
tour mon corps del jour de mon trefpaflement, jufques. 
au temps qe mon enterment ierra acompliz, & auxi paient 
a mes fervitours lours regardes per mon ordenns °, & outre 
ceo q' mes executours pregnent de mes biens en leur& 
mains un tiel fome convenable^ de quelle ils purront faire^ 
& acompler toutz leschanteries & obitz en cefte mon tefta- 
ment ordennes pur m'alme et pur les almes de mes trefcheris 
jadis compaignes Blanche & Conftance qe Dieux ailbille. Et 

^ the army. 

i Edmund Plantagenet Duke of York, fifth fon of Edward III. wasient,. 
138^1, with an army into Portngaf, to fupport his brother John of Gaunt 
in his claim of the crowns of Caflile and Leon, in right of his wife Con» 
fiance daughter of Peter the Cruel. They defeated his antagonifl John 
King of Caftile with great flaughter ^ but the king of Portugal granting 
him peace, the Engli^ were conduced home with no imall mortification*, 
Sandford, 375. Rapia, IV. 383. 398. 

^ 0U, had. ' tenements* 

'^ though at prefisnt I know of none in fpecial maintenance.. 

^ their rewards, fees^ falaries , according to my command! • 



depuis facent mes ditz executours acomplir mes devys de- 
fbubz exprefles fi averount com de mes biens & chateulx 
lis averont, de quoy ifTuit toutz voies q' fi apres les cou- 
ftages affaire entour mon corps apres ma mort & ma fe- 
pulture & enterement plainement acompliz, & apres qe 
treftouts ® mes dettes ferront paiez & reftitucion faitz des 
torts & injuries com defous, & les riegardes par moy or- 
dennez de tout paies a mes ferviteurs, & pris & refervez 
es mains des executours la fomme pur les chanteries 8£ 
obits fuifditz, mes biens & chateux lors remainantz es 
mains de mes executours ne fufEfent my pur en acomplir 
mes devifes defoubz expreffez, qe de mes dites devys & 
de chefcune de yceulx foit rebatement p fiiit folom la def* 
crecion de mes executours, exceptz toutz voiez les chofes^ 
defobz limitez a mon tres fovereigne feignour le roy, les 
queulx jeo voille qe luy foient livrez come chofe a luy donne 
en ma vie. Item jeo devife a la fuifdit aultier du Seynt 
Poule mon graunt lyt de drap d^ore, le champ piers'* poudres" 
des rofes d*or myfes fur pipes ' d*or, et en chefcun pipe 
deux plums d'oftrich blankes% les curteines de tafieta piers 
batuz de fembleable ovrage, xiii capits de tapiterie texes* 
de la fuite^& a mefme Tautier mon veftement" de fatyn blank 
enbroudez d*ore, done Tovrage eft un raille' paflant parmy 

* aU; in the fiilleft fenfe of the word ; all and eveiy, p abatement* 

* q. partly, parcel. 

' q* pipes or tuns, or ftaves : for Lacombe gives both fenfes. 

* Over againft the duke's tomb at St. PauKs, in the border of a fouth 
window, was painted, among many other arms of the firft houfe of Lan4wfter,. 
his device, being in a field S. 3 oftrich feathers Ermine, the quills and fcroUi 
Or, to diftinguifli them from his elder brother prince £dward« Sandford^ 
p. 249. n. 

I woven. K» • here it meaiu fuxnitusc» ' 


ijo JOHN OF G A U N T, 

corons d'or le quelle jeo achatay de Courtenay, broudier 
de Londres^, & contient le veftemcnt deux frontiers per Tau- 
tier, & un chefcun frontiers trois grofles tabernacles d*ore 
& groiSes ymages d'or enbroudez en ycelle, un chefible, 
deux tunicles^ iii aubes^ ii efloles^ iii fanons, iii copes^ Sc 
un covcrtur pur le letton ', un cbrpora, ii courtins, ii tou- 
ailles pur Tautier Tune aieant petit front enfemble^ & mon 
entiere veftment de camaca^ noir fait a deferver pur mefles 
de requiem enbroudez d'une crucifix d'or ovefq* les trois cor- 
porax & autres pieces a ycelle vefliment appurtcnantz, Et 
voille toutz voiz qe treftouts ceftes chofes a le fuifdit autier 
prbcipall de Seint Pouls devifez ovecq* treftouts leurs ap- 
purtenances demoergent a mefme Tautier a toutz jours pur 
ycelle autier a honuer, & entoure ma fepultur' fanz eftre 
a nule autre oeps convertez, ne d'illoefques efloignez par 
nule yoie^ Et voille qe mes executours de mes biens facent 
purchacer en Londres, ou dehors la ou pluis profitablement 
ceo faire purront, atant de terre, ou de rent, appropriacion des 
efglifes, ou aultres pofleffions done ils me purront faire avoire 
pur m*alme & Talme de ma dit nadgairs compaigne Blanch 
pur toutz jours en la fuifdit efglife de Saint Poule deux 
obitz, ceft aflavoir, pur m'alme un obit Iblempnement a 
celebrer chefcune an le jour de mon trefpaflement, & pur 
Talme de ma dite nadgaires compaigne Blanch un obit 
folempnement a celebrer chefcun an le xii jour de fep- 

y of Covrtenayi embroiderer at London. 

* q. lettron, as hereafter, p. 15a. 

^ Camoca^ camuca^ camucum^ camaca^ pmnnus decamoca^ velvel camocas^ 
fo often mentioned in antient wills, 11 explained byDuCange ai a kind of rich 



tKirib* a toutz jours, & aufli voiUe jeo, ordenne, St deviie 
<jue de mes bifens & chateux mes executoures fecent or- 
deignier & eftabler en Tavarit dite efglife de Seint Ppiile, 
\m chai^terie des deux chapelleiiis a celebrer divines fervices 
en ycelid a toutt joiArs pur m*alme & Talme de ma dSittfi 
iiadgairs compaigne Blanch, etque a ce fuftcnir pecpetueleit- 
n^ent ibient donnez & amortizez certeinz terres &;teiie-^ 
mentz en Londres des queux la reverlion eft purchacez a^^ 
mon oeps, reddant ent par an vint marcs, a darae K^terine 
del 3tapU a terme de fa vie. Et'voillc que durant fa vie:et^ 
en f<»t paiedfel iffueigi de msinoir de Bemolfwyk \ en CDiwiiite:* 
d'Evea:wyk,*des queux ifTues foit auxi fuftenuz la ditchan-* 
terie durant la vie de dit Katerine.- Item pur eftrenrdevociba* 
q* j'ay' a la monftier de leint Elman de Bury en couate 
Su38r jeb. devife au dit moniHer' mou rych veftmpntf dd' 
perill'' ceft^avoir, un Qhefihle ovecq- ks paruiies d'uneaube^i 
& d'un amittei, un eAole, & un fanon de rouge velvet en<*' 
broudez d*un frett d'or 8t en chefeune un mafcle de liti 
frette uo axrgn'ell de peril! ^, &:'endiieicun6 autre' mafcle* 
un efcoction de perill faite dei> armes de Seint Geoi-gcv^; 
& a cella un touailt 6vecq' tm petit frontier pur riqtittr'f 
de velvet vert enbroude de penll, Tovrage* tieftes des xii ^ 
apoftxes enfemble, & Tune dea deux pieces de drap pur Ufrt 
autier enbroudez d'or, queulx j*a achateya Danoeux^ faiz* 

* Banioldfweck in Stanbliffe htindrtd, m the Weft Riding of Y«rkfliiit;'- 

* q. fcrle. ^ ring, or perhaps angd, <Jf pfcatl;'^ ^ 
« the work or pattern. 

5 q. adAxnicTiXy as hercaftcFt • > made^i.e, workr, witL 



de nVe feignour Dieu & de fa treldouce miere Seint Marie^ 
& des dufz apoftres, & treftoutes mes draps d'armes texes 
d*or pur parcelles q' font faiz de Dieu & de n*re dame, ex- 
cept ceulx qui fount ^iours en mon teftament devifez, & 
mon veftment rouge de drap d*or done la champ fatyn 
& I'ovrage angils d'or, ovecq' treftoutz parcelles & pieces 
qe a cele veftment appartiegnent enparavant a Tabbe&covent 
de ycelle monftier, q'ils pur ceftes chofes me facept avoir 
en ycelle monftier de Seint Efmond un obit perpetuele a 
tenir chefcune an le put de mon trefpaftement. Item jeo 
deviie al monftier de nVe dame de Nicol * ma tierce chalice 
d*or fait a Burdeus q*ad un crucifix grave defuis la pie Sc 
ea la patens^ un vernicle' grave, ma table d'or en ma cha- 
pell, la quell table jeo appelle Domefday achatez a Amien * 
& mes plus grantez chandeleurs d*or faitz pur ma chapell, 
& mon novell vdbnent de drap d'or la champe rouge 
ovez des faucons d*or continant dieux frontiers, & ii tou- 
ailles pur Tautier, un chefible, deux tunicles, trois aubes, 
trois amyttes, ii eftoiles, iii fanons, in copes, & un drap 
pur le lettron'' & ii curteins pur Tautier raiez de ibi, 6c 
Tun piece pur un autier enbroudez d'or lequel ie achatay 
a Amienx ^ faitz de n're feignour Dieu & de fa trefdouce 
xniere Marie & des xii apoftres. Item jeo devife a le 

^ Lincoln minder, or cathedral, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. 

^ See a chalice, with a crucifix engraved on the foot, taken out of the 

S raves of one of the arcU)i(hopS| and kept in the veikry at York. Drake't 
bor. 479» 480. 

^ the paten. * q. a Veronica. 

* q/ Amiens ai before. * q« littrin^ catafalque. L. 



JOHN OF G A U N T, 153 

novell ** efglife coUegialle de n*re dame de Leyceftre mon 
rouge veftment de velvet enbroudez de folailes d'or ovefq* 
treftout Tappareille a ycelle veftment appurtenante & -a 
celle treftouts mes meflalx p & autres livres de ma chapell 
qe font del ufe & ordinale de la efglife cathedrale de 
Sarum, & qe font ne ferront aillours en ma vie devifez. 
Item jeo devife a Tautier principale des frers Carmes en 
Ix)ndre moH veille veftment blank de drap d'ore apelle 
Rakamas, ovecq' tout ceo.qe a ycelle veftment appuijtient; 
a celle xv marcs d'argent en Tonur des xv joyes de n're 
dame. Item jeo devife as trois autres ordres des frers en 
Londres, com as Precheours, Minours & Auguftins, a cheir 
cun ordre x marcs, dont les v marcs en Tonur des v 
plaiez principalx de n're feignour J*hu, et les autres v 
marcs en Tonur des v joyes de n're dame. Item jep 
devife a covent de Minorefles pres la tour de Londres cent 
•livres d'argent d'eftrecpaie entre eux. Item jeo devife a 
♦chefcun pov*e heremite •& recluie aiant maifbn en Londres 
ou dedeins v lieues environ, en quel il demoert, tro^s 
nobles, en Fonur de la benoit trinite. Item jeo devife a 
chcfcun des nonedgnes^i deins Londres & en les fuburbs 
•^v marcs, en Tonur fdes v . joies de n're dame & a les no- 
neignes de Clerkenwell vint' livres d'ai^nt. Item jeo d^ 
vife a chefcun maifon de lepres deins v leues entour Loun- 

• Then newly founded by his wife Blanch's father Hcniy duke of 
Lanca'^er, whofe will fee before, 

r niilTals. ^ nuns. 

X dres 


/ dres charges de v malades, v nobles, en Tonur de v 
'') plaiz principalx de n*re feignor J*hu, & a ceulx qe font 
meniz charges troice nobles, en Tonur de la benoit trinite. 
) Item jeo devife a cheibun maifon de Charthous en En- 
gletere vuit li\ Item jeo devife as prifones de Newgate 
& Ludgate en Loundres cent marcs, pur eftre departe par 
cntre eulx parmialty' manire come multz' leur purra pro* 
fiter folom la defcrecion de mes executours. Item jeo de- 
vife a ana trefcheer compaigne Katerin deux meillor nouches 
qe j'ay apres le nouch qe j*ay devife a mon trefredoute feig- 
nour & nevu le Roy, & mon pluis grant hanap d'or lequelle 
le counte de Wyltes donna a Roy mon feignour, & il le 
donna a moy a mon alee en Guyen darreinement devant la 
date du ceftes, enfemble ove toutz les hanaps d*or q'el© 
mefme m'a donne devant ore, lefqueulx ferront les meins le 
jour de mon trefpaflement, & enfemble ovecq' treftoutz les 
ferniculs", anelx% diamandes, rubies, & autres chofes qe fer* 
ront trovez en un petit cofre de cypres'* qe j'ay, done jeo 
•porte le clief mon mefmes ; & auffi q* apres ma mort fer- 
ront trovez en ma bource, le quel port mon mefmes defuz 
moy enfemble*, & mon veflment entier de drap d'or, la lite^ 
& la fale de fa fuyt, ovefq* trefloutz les copes, tapites pur 
le chambre, cuiflins, clofet oreillers, drap enbroudes pur 

' mialtz^ micultx^ multZy bcft. ^firmilet^ clafp, buckle. « rings,. 
• Cyprcfi wood. « which I wear royfelf about me*, 

2 la 

JOHN OF tSAllNT. 155 

ki fepulcre' & toutes autres pieces de la fuyt, de qel con- 
4icion en entaille qe foient, quels je achatay de ma trefchere 
coufyn la Duchefle de Northfolk * aufli entierement fang 
riens ent enbefeiller ^ com jeo les avoy' de ele, dont le 
champ rouge frette d'un noir traille *^ & en chefcun place 
ou qe le frette fe joynte un rofe d^or, en chefcun un mafcle 
de la frette un tielle letre CO noir, en chefcun aultre maf- 
cle un leopard noir, & a cella jeo devife mon grant lit de 
noir velvet enbroude d'un compafle"^ de ferures*, & gartiers, 
& un turturell en mylieu de les compafles avecq* treftout 
les tapites & tapicerie & cuiflins a ycelle lit ov chambres 
appurtenantes & a cella jeo le devife treftouts mes autres 
lits faitz pur mon corps, appelles en Engleterre truflyng 
beddes, ove les tapites & autres appurtenances, & mou 
meillour cerf ov le bonne ruble, & mon meillour coler' 
ovecq' touts les diamandes enfemble, & mon fecond cover- 
tur d'ermyn, & deux mes meillors mantils d'ermyn ovecq' 
les robes de la fuyt; et a cella jeo devife a ma dit com- 
paigne trefloutes les biens & chateulx de quelconq* natur 
ou condicion qe foient, les queles ele avbit devant les efpou* 
failles entre moy & ele celebrees, ovecq' treftoutz les aul- 
tres biens & joialx le queulx jeo luy ay donne depuis les 

* The fepulchre of our Lord, which was on the N. fide of the altar in 
many churches. Sec a curious defcription of it at Northwold in Norfolk. 
Blomef. I. 517, who refers to others in the churches of Hurftmonceaur^ 
c. Suflexy and Stepney. See alfo lb. p. 487. 

* Margaret Bretherton, created Dutchefs of Norfolk for her life* 
21 R. II. Dugdale I. p. 399. Vincent, p. 344, 

^ q. embezzle. Not in any Dictionary. 

« q. black lattice work. ^ circle. 

* fetter-locksy the badge of this houfct f collar. 

X 2 eipoufaill^s 


efpoufailles fuifditz, & le quelx biens & joialx font en la? 
garde de ma dit compaigne nient expreffez en Finven-- 
tairc de mes biens. Item jeo devife a ma trefiredoute feigneur 
& neveu le roy le meilliour nouche qe j'avois le jour de mon 
trelpaflement, & le mein meillour hanap d'or coverez, le 
quel moy donna ma trefchere compaigne Katerin le jour de 
Tan renoef darrein paffez^, & mon faler d'or ovecq* le* 
gartir, le coler overez, entour le faler un turturell affis defuis 
le covercle, & a cella xii draps d'or done la champ rouge 
fatyn raye d'or, les quelx draps j'avoye ordenuz d'en faire^ 
un lit, lequel n'eft uncore comencez, & un covertur d'er- 
myn le meillour qe j'ay ovecq' la coverchiefs de la fuyte- 
enfembler, & la piece d'arras, la quelle le Due de Burgoyu 
me donna a darrein qe jeo eftoie a Calays devant la date da' 
ceftes. Item, jeo devife a ma trefcher frere Due d'Everwyk. 
un hanap' d'or coverez. Item, jeo devife a mon trefchere 
filtz Henry Due de Herford, Counte de Derby **, deux les: 
meillours peces drap d'arras que j'ay outr^ceulx q'en efpe- 
cial j'ay en ceft mon teftament, doimt Tun me donna mon^ 
trefredoute feigneur & neveu le Roy & mon trefame frere 
le Due de Glouceft' qui Dieux aflbille, Tautre au temps qe 
je retouma darreinement d'Efpaine devant la date du ceftes,, 
& mon grant lit de camaca efchette* blank & rouge, en- 
broudc d'un arbre d'or & un turturell affis defuis Tarbre,, 
ovecq^ XII II tapitz de tapiterie, & a cella mon grant lit 

« renucf, rtnoucf, rcnouycllc. L« The laft paft, or the Jaft new year. 
*» afterwards king Henry 1V«. 
* q. efcheque^ chequered* 

• dc 



de drap d*or, le champ piers overez^ des arbres d'or, & juxte 

chefcun arbre un alant ^ blank liez a mefme Tarbre, ovecq* 

la veftment de la fuyt & toutes les tapitez de tapiterie faitz 

a ycell, & en outre jeo lui devife toutz les armures, efpies, 

& dages, qe ferront miens le jour de mon trefpaflement * 

except ceulx q' aillos *" fount devifez ou donnez ; & plus 

outre jeo lui devife 11 11 chargeors, deux duzein de efcuilles, 

& fis faucers d'argent, & a cela jeo lui devife un fermaile 

d*or del veile manere, & efcriptz les nons de Dieu en 

chefcun part d'ycelle fermaile, la quele ma trefhonour 

dame & mier la reigne qe Dieu aflbille me donna, en 

comandant qe jeo le gardaffe ovecq' fa benifon, & voille 

q^il la garde ovecq' la benifon de Dieu & la mien. Item,. 

jeo devife a ma trefchere fille Phylypp' Roigne du Por- 

tugale mon fecond meillour cerf d*or & un hanap d'or 

coverez. Item, jeo devife a ma trefchere fille Katerine 

Roigne de Chaftill & de Lyon un hanap d'or coverez. 

Item, jeo devife a ma tres chere fille Elizabeth Ducheffe 

d'Exceflre mon blank lit de foi overez des egles bloyes 

difplaics, les curteins de taffeta blank batuz de la fuyte^ 

XI I II tapitz de tapiterie, & mon meillour nouch qe j'ay 

apres ceulx qe font devifez. Item, jeo devife a mon tref- 

\ cher filtz John Beaufort Marquis de Dorfet deux douzein 

- de efcuilles, & un douzein faucers, deux pottes demy galons 

d'argent, pur le vin, un hanap d' argent endorrez, 11 bacins, 

& II eauers d'argent. Item, jeo devife a reverent pier en. 

^ the field partly wrought. 

* alan^ a dog.. L.. T ^^^1^^^^^ othcrwife. 



Dieu & mon trcfame fitz revefq' de Nicol ° un douzein ctes 
efbuilles, & douzein Tauccrs deux pottcs d'argent de galons 
pur le vin, un hanap d'argcnt cndorrez, ovecq* un bacyn, 
& I eauer d'argent, & mon entier veftment de velvet 
jane ovefq* les chofes appurtenante au cell veftment, & 
a ccUa mon mcflkle & mon portheus qe fiirent a man 
feignour mon frere Prince de Gales qe Dieux ailbille. Item, 
jeo devife a mon tres chere filtz Thomas Beaufort leur frere ** 
un douzein des efcuilles, & un douzein faucers, deux pottes 
d*argent demy galons pur le vin, & fis tafles d'argent. 
Item, jeo devife a ma tres chere fiUe leur feurc Countefle 
de Weftmorland & dame de Nevyll un lit de foy & un. 
hanap d'or decovrez? ovecq* un eauer. Itemi jeo deviie 
a mon tres chere Henry, fitz ayzn^ de mon tres chere filtz 
le Due de Herford, un hanap d'or. Et a mon trefame filtz 
John', frere du dit Henry, filtz de mon dit filtz, un hanap 
d'or. Item, jeo voille & devife qe fi apres coftages afiairs 
entour mon corps apres ma mort & entour ma fepultur, 
& entierement plainement accomplez, & apres qe treftoutes 
mes dettes ferront paiez & pleinere reftitucion feit des tortes 
& injuries par moy & mes miniftres a mon oeps faitz, & 
lez courtages de mes executours en faifant execution du ceft 
mon teftament, & auxi mez fervitors regardes & liveretz 

^ Cardinal Beaufort. He held the See of Lincoln but fix years, being 
trandated to Winchefter 1404, where he fat 43 years, and died 1447, 
having been a bifhop $0 years, the longeft inijbance in England, fays Godwin^ 
•xcept abp. Bourchier in Henry VIrti's time. 

® his youngeft fon by Catharine Swinford. p uncorered with an ewer. 

^ aifne^ eldeft, afterwards king Henry V, 

' Afterwards Duke of Bedford and Regent of France, 



regardes a eaulx paiez, & la fome gardee es mains des exe- 
cutourS'Pur la fundacion des dites chanteries & obitz com 
defuis, adonques de les dettes qe lore • me ferront duz 
quant ils purroiit eftre levez, foient par mes executurs 
paiez a la fuifdit monftier de Bury mil livres, et a ma fuif- 
dit compaigne Katerine deux mil livres, a mon dit filtz le 
Due de Hereford mil livres, a mon dit filtz le Marquis ' 
mil livres, a mon dit filtz Thomas Beaufort mil marcs, 
a mon tres chere bachelier MonCr Thomas Swynneford 
cent marcs, a MonCr Waut* Blount, MonCr Chamblayn 
cent marcs, a Monfr Hugh Shireley cent marcs, aMonPr 
Ric' Aburbury le fils cynquant marcs, a Monfr Wyllyam 
Par cynquant marcs de mon devys, iffint touz voiez que 
fe atant ne puifle lors eftre leues des diftes dettes refidues, 
adonques de ceft mon devys fbit rebatement a chefcun 
perfbn de Tafierant ° par ordinances & defcrecion de mes 
executours^ Item, jeo voille, ordenne, & devife qe de mes 
biens & chateulx mes executours facent ordenner & efta- 
bier jen la novel efglife de nVe Dame de Leyceftre un 
chanterie de deux chapelleins & celebrer divines iervices en 
ycell a toutz jours pur moy & m'alme & Talme de ma 
nadgaires trefame compaigne Dame Conftances illeouques* 

• lors^ then, 

^ John Beaufort, earl of Somerfet, his eldeft fon by Cath. Swinford,. 
ftefore-roentioned, created Marquis Dorfet, 21 R. II. But as this creatioQ 
was by that king, who had alfo firft granted the title of Marquis to bis- 
favourite Robert de Vere ; Henry IV, aboliOied it ; and notwith (landing the 
petition of the commons in parliament, the carl himfelf gave it up*. 
Saudford, p. 324. 

* every one according to what he can afford. 


i6o ] 6 ^ fi OF GAUNt. 

enterres, & pur tenir & faive teAir en. la difte efglife AM 
obit pur Talme de ma dite nadgairs compaigne le xxiiii jour 
de Mars annuelement as toutz jours. Et qe a ceo fair Sc 
*fuftenir perpetuelement mes ditz executours par Tavys de 
gents de loy de mes biens facent fufficeantment endower 
la fufdite efglife pur le fuftentacion de les chanterries & 
obitz fuifditz. Item, com einfi foit qe de Tannuite bli 
pelifion annuel de quarant mil franbes en la quell m'efte 
tenuz niion trefame filtz le Roy de Chaftiell & de Lion 
certens fummcs font oncore a derier nient paiez, non efpe- 
cial ordenuz d'eftre paiez a moy, ne a mes procures a mon 
Oeps, fi voille & devife qe de toutz ces tiells fommes par 
mon dit filtz ihCi a moy duez nient paiez, ne uncore 
ordenuz par efpeciale d'eftre paiez a nion oeps, mon 
tres fbvereigrie le Roy au le tierce denier de ceo qe per 
Ton fbtereigne aide en ferra r^coverez par mes executours, 
'& clerehient reftez otiftre les courtages & expenfez. Item, 
jeo devife, voille, & orUeighelmprimerement&priAcipale- 
=ment de treftouts mfes t)iens & chateulx foient tfcftoute 
mes dettes pleinenaeht acquites, & les extorcions, tortz, & 
Ihjuriez par moy & liies mitiiftres a mon oeps faitz re- 
Aorez ^ arnendez folbm la defcretldn de'mes executours, 
& les courtages refonables entour mon corps del jour de 
Vnon trefpafiement jufqiies au temps que mia fepulture 
& les cartages de lirion eritlerenietit ftrrbht acomplez, 
depuis de la refidue de mes blens foient mes fervitoqrs 
regardez folom le diicretion de mes executours, et ' les 



(bifdits mes Icgats acomplez & parformcz par les dits 
mes executours, li avant com ils avcront de quoy de mes 
biens & chateux, & la refidue de mes biens & chateulx 
li nuUe y ferra demorez, Jeo voille que par mes execu- 
tours foit difpofe pur m'alme le plus profitablement q'ils 
en faveront devifer. Item, com de la fomme des francqs 
del annucle penfion des quarant mille francqs "" a moy&de 
clere ^ memoir la fuifdite Conftance quant il viveit ma com- 
paigne, fiUe & heir de clere ^ memoir Petre jadys Roy de 
Caftill & de Leon, a terme de vie & de la vie de la di<3:e 
Conftance lors ma compagne, & de Tautre de nous furvi- 
vant, grantes, conftitue, & folempnement promys par le 

* The duke gave up his claim to the crown of Qaflile in confideration of 
ten thoufand pounds (llbre) yearly penfion to him, and the fame to his 
dutchefs Conftance (Walfmgham, p. 342) and 200,000 nobles in hand, 
Sandford, p. 252. Rnpin (IV. 420) fays, the king of Caftile bound him- 
felf to pay down 600,000 livres^ with a yearly penfion of 40,000 during the 
lives of the duke and dutchefs. Carte (II. 575) fays, the duke of Lan- 
cafter was to be paid 200,000 crowns towards the charges of his expedi- 
tion, and to receive 100,000 fiorcns annually, and his wife Conftance at 
much, for their refpe£^ive lives. Of the contemporary hiftorians quoted by 
the latter, Walfmgham fays nothing of the money in-hand, but that the duke 
had from the king fummam multam minis. The life of Richard II. printed 
by Hearne leaves a blank for the fum. Froiflart III. c. 138. p. 328. fays, 
that on the marriage of the duke's cldeft daughter with the king's fon, the 
king gave him much land and territory in Caftile, and a great number of 
florins, about 200,000 nobles. One of the duke's followers told Knighton 
that the fecond payment was fent by the king of Spain in chcfts of gold^ 
on forty.feven mules. He did not enquire about the firft; but adds, that 
hoftages were given for an annual payment of 16000 marks for the duke's 
life, and T2000 per annum to the dutchefs if flie furvivcd. p. 2677. ^^^ 
Abrege Chron. de I'Hift. d'Efpagne, p. 548. fays, the king paid the ex- 
penccs of the war, and a conlidcrablc penfion to the dutchefs. Such is 
the variation of hiftorians, or the value of money in different nations. The 
inftrurocnt in Rymer, VII. 603. is only an order from the king to re- 
ceive the fixty hoftages for the payment. Dated Weftminfter, 26 Aug. 1 388, 
J of famous memory. 

Y puiffant 


puiffant Prince Johan jadys Roy de Caftill & de Lyon 
& de Portugale par occafion danemys * accordez, tranfac- 
cion & amicable compoficion fur les drois de roialmes 
de Caftill & de Leon, Tolete, Galicie, Sicilie, Cordube, 
Murcy, Gienn, d'Algarve, & Algiozire, & de les feignouriez 
deLace, Bifcay &Molyne faitz parentre le dit Johan jadys 
Roy de Caftill & de Leon & du Portugale & moy & 
Conftance lors ma compaigne ftiifdite, ft com pluis au 
plaine eft contenuz en lettres & inftrumentz obligatory® 
fur les traifties, compoficions, & tranfaccions ent * faitez^ 
ks queulx letres & inftruments jeo voille icy avoir pur 
ipserteez, plufours fommes des franqs a moy nottairement 
foient duz & remaignent nient paiez, Jeo voille, ordenne, 
& devife qe mes executours defoubz efcriptz que les conq'z 
fommes des francs pur quelfconqz ans, termes & temps ade- 
rier eftieantz, en toutz lieus & en quelconcq*z lieu qe ce 
ibit, demandent, exigent, & levent de quelconq*z perfones 
& perfon de les queles les' ditz fommes des francqs doient 
eftre demandez, exiges ou leves, par toutes voies, manere 
& forme meilliours qe purront yceulx mes executours, & 
leur ferra avys qe ferra pluis expedient de faire, folom tout 
force, fburme, & efFeft de les letres & inftrumentz obli- 
gacions des quelx mencion eft fait defuis ; & de ceft mon 
teftament & darrein volunte, a Texecucion d'ycelles bien 
& loialement faire jeo face, ordeine & conftitue les reve* 
rents piers en Dieu Richard ^ Evefq' de Sarcsbure, Johan 

* qn iPamhifZ. ■ tberc«n# ^ Richard Metford, 139$ — 1407. 

Z Evefq^^ 

JOHN 0]P GAUNT. 163 

Evefq* de' Wyrceftr*, mes tres chere & trefames coufyn & 
tompaignons Thomas Count de Wyrceftre, fenefchale del 
liouftell de mon trefredoute Seigneur le Roy, & Wyllyam 
Count de Wyltcs treforer d* Engleterre, montrefamefiltz** 
Johan Dabruggecourt, Monfr Wyllyam Par, MonCr Hugh 
War'ton, MonPr Thomas Skelton, & Johan Cokejmj 
chief fenefchall de mes terres & poffeffions^ Sir Rob't 
Qwytby mon attornee generall. Piers Melburn, Willyam 
Keteryng, Robert Haytfield, countreroUour de mon hof^ 
tiell. Sir Johan Legburn mon receviour generall, & 
Thomas Longley clerk, mes executoufs, donant a eux 
& a chefcun d'eiilx plein pouar & auftorite de treftoutz 
Ines biens & chateulx adnainiftrer & db toute ceo faire 
executier qe as bons executours par quelconqe voie refonable 
& juftifiable il appartient, preraiefement & en efpeciale par 
maniere com jeo lour a devyfe defuis, & en autre com lour 
tres fage defcrecion & bone confcience leyr purra fembkr 
qe mieultz foit pur moy affaire & pur la fervice de Dieu 
•& de fa trefdouce miere Marie, ayantz mes ditz execu-^ 

^ This was John Grccn whom the monks chofe bifhop 1394, on the death 
of Wakefield, and whom Walfmgham (p. 389,) mifcalls Rcbrrt TUlcman^ 
confounding him with Tideman de Winchcomb, whom the Pope, at tlw 
defire of R.II. to whom he was phyfician, obliged the convent to accept. 
This will therefore fettle the lift of Worccller bifliops, among whom John 
does not appear, though the king confirmed his eleftion 4 Maii, 2 Pat^ 
18 R. II. m. 18. and he aftually fat till the Pope tranflated Tideman, who 
had not the temporalities till July ir. i Pat, 19 R. IL m. 20. Godwin, 
t^d, Richaidfon, p. 465. 

^ fon-in-l.iw, as p. 171, 

Y 2 tours 


tours de mes biens lour courtages refbnables droit come 
par loure felt ils voillent refpondre dcvant Dieu le haut 
jour de juftice. Item, pur ceo qe afcun foiz un des exe- 
cutours deputez al teftatour qi mort eft nient fechant, 
les autres executours, mes de tout ignorantz, pur fon fui- 
guler profit recevant des grantez fbrames dues a fon tefta- 
tour certein pur certie, & afcun foiz la meindre partie apliant 
& convertaut a fon propre oeps, ad rcmys la refidue d'icclles 
fommes fraudeloufment & contre bone confcience & graunt 
prejudice del teftatour & de fes executours & en graunt peril 
d*alme de tiel fraudclens, & de mal enfample des plufours^ 
pur ceo pur efchuir tiel fraude, voille jeo ordenne & 
defpolie^ & auffi charge mes dits executours, qe nullc d'eux 
fans confaile, voulente, confent auxi & aflent exprefle del 
greindre partie des ditz executours de & fur grandes &c 
grofles fommes de monnoys, ne face acquitances generalles 
lie particulers a nuly, ne aucun acquite de Tune ou abfolvc: 
mes qe mes ditz executours ne facent k contraire ; je 
a doune & referve toutes & quelconqVpovoir en celle partia 
Et pur furvoier & faire veir q'ils enfi ferront jufques al 
complifement de ces mes darrens voulontes jeo prie & a 
mon tres redbute feignour tres humblement jeo fupplie 
come a mon Roy & fovereigne feignour terrien ^ en qui de- 
vant touts autres jeo me pluis affiee V qu*il de fa incompa- 
rable bontes &en acompliflement de fes gracioufez promefles 
les qels de fa noble feignorie il m'a fait, en ceo cafe luy 

• earthly. { confidc# 



pleafe me eftre bon feigneur, & du ceft moii teftament 
Jbverein furveojre & comandoir, que foit lefle ne changee ceo 
que jco paramont ay devife; & apres luy, fon trefhonour- 
able eftat & honoure tout jour fauvez, jeo face furveoirs ^ 
de mefme le fait mon trefcher 6c trefentierement bieii afiiie 
frere Efmon Due d'Everwyk, mon trefcher & trefentiere- 
ment blen ame neveu Edward Due d'Aumarle^, les tres reve- 
rentz piers en Dieu Rog'' erchevefque deCantirbure, Ric'*^ 
erchevefque d'Everwyk, & le reverent pier en Dieu I'eveiq*^ 
de Nicole' mon trefame filtz ; en priant a mes fuifditz frere 
naturel & neveu, qui de reafon & de nature me deuflient 
cftre pluis procheins amys, & as ditz tres reverents piers 
en Dieu & mon trefame filtz, com a mes peres efpiri- 
tuels qi de refon & d^efpirituclte me deuflent eftre efpiri- 
tuelx amys, q'ils, ovefq' mon tres redoute feignur le Roy 
fuflit, fon honur toutzdis fauvez, me voillent eftre bons 
furveoirs de mon dit teftament, &, s'il enbufoigne ^ pur le 
meilliour de moy en comfort de mes executours fuifdits, 
comandent & ordenent coadjutors, que pur necgligence, 

« fupcrvifor. 

^ Edward Flanta^enet duke of York, eldcft fon of Edmund de Langley, 
the teftator's fifth brother. He was created duke of Albemarle 21 R. 11. of 
which title he was deprived i H. IV. He was (lain at Agincourt, and 
buried at Fotheriugay. Sandford, 380. 

* This muft be a miftake, for Thomas Arundel was archbiftiop of Carr- 
tcrbury from 1396 to 1414. 

*^ Richard Scrope from 1397 to 1404, when he was beheaded for attempt- 
ing to refture R. II. He had the teoiporaiitics of this fee, Jan. 21, 1397. 

* Hen. Beaufort. • be ncceflhry. 



nonchalur, male talent, n'autre defaute, ceftes mes dit3 
volentes, ordennances, & darreins devys ne foient par vole 
de moiide leffez ", ne en autre manere que par defbus eft 
efcript changies, ne tournes, come ils voillent refpondre 
devant luy qu*eft Roy des toutz roys, & ad le feurveue de 
toutz terriens faits & penfez ° pur quelx il rendra guerdon 
a chefcun folom fon defert. En foy & tefmoignance de 
treftouts ceftes chofes pur deflus efcripts com a cefte mon 
teftament j*ay fait mettre mon feale de mes armes, de quelle 
cele pur greindre coniflanz & affirmance de mon propre* 
fait j*ay mefme mys en le dorce mon fignett quele je porte 
toutes jours mon raeftnes, le jour & an fuifditz, Seles gents 
defbub efcripts en ay requis de les teftnoigner ; c*eft affavoir, 
meiftre Johan Kynyngham, doftour en theologie, Sire 
johan Neuton, parfon de Tefglife de Burbach, Sire Wau- 
tier Piers, perfon de Tefglife de Wymondham, Wyllyam 
Harpeden, & Robert Symeon, efcuiers. 

Subfcripcio. Et ego Johannes de Bynbrok, preft)yter, Liu-^ 
coin* dioc* publicus apoftolica & imperiale audloritate notarius, 
una cum reverendis & difcretis viris fratre Johanne Kynyng- 
ham in theologia profeflbre,D*noJohanneNewton reftoreec- 
clefie paroch* de Burbach, &Waltero Piers restore ecclelie pa- 
roch* de Wymondham, ac Willo Harpeden, & Roberto Si- 
meon armigeris, Norwyc\ Lincoln* ficExonMioc*, AnnoDo* 

" cmittedl 

^ and has the overfight of all earthly deeds r.nd thoughts, for which he 
^vill lender a reward to every cn^ accoid ng to liis dcfcru, 



mini,menfe, &die fupradift', indiccione feptima pontiificis 
fandliffimi in X*po patris & domini noftri domini Bonifacii 
divina providencia pape noni anno decimo, prefens interfui 
ubi & quando illuftriffimus princeps & dominus Johannes 
filius Regis Anglie, Lancaftr* Dux fupradi£l:. in camera 
infra caftrum fuum Leyceftr* fituat* dift. Lincoln' dioc* per- 
fonaliter exiftens in manibus fuis tenuit prefentem fcrip- 
turam fuperfcriptam, & ipfam in teftim* fuperius defcrip- 
tos ad hec fpecialiter vocatos & rogatos, ac mei prefencia 
palam & publice fatebatur & expreffe dixit fuum effe tef- 
tamentum, ac fuum protunc ultimam continere voluntatem^ 
quam quidcm fcripturam five teftamentum una cum quo- 
dam codicello eidem fcripture tunc inferius annexo voluit 
& vult juxta ipforum tenorem & efFeftum fieri & com- 
pleri, eaque ficijt premittitur fieri vidi & audivi, ac de 
mandato ejufdem principis ac ducis hie me fubfcribendo ac 
fignum meum hie apponendo confuetum, in hanc publicam 
formam redegi rogatus & requifitus in fidem & teftimonium 
omnium premiflbrum interlinear* illius diccionis autret 
fuper undecimam lineam, ac rafuras illius didlionis ordre la 
tricefima quarta linea & illarum diftionum (et les coujlages 
refonables entour mon corps del jour de men trejpajement 
jufques au temps qe ma fepulture) in fexagefima quarta 
finea, prcfentis teftamenti approbo, ego Johannes notarius^ 



IT*M, la ou jeo Johan filtz du roy d*Engleterre, Due 
deLancafl:re,aypurchacez&fait purchacer a mon oepsdiver- 
fez feignouries, manoirs, terrez, tenemens, rentes, fervices, 
poffeflions, & advoefons des benefices de feint efglife, ove 
lours appurtenances, des quclx devant les cfpofailles d'cntre 
nioy & ma trefame compaignc Katcrine celebrees, jeo 
luy a fait doner aucunes parcelles a avoir a terme de fa vie, 
& d'aucunes parcelles j'ay fait enfeffer mon trefame filtz 
Johan Beaufort Marquis de Dorfct a avoir a lui & a {es 
heirs de fon corps iflantz, folom la contenue des fcfFcments 
fiir ceo faitz, & d*aucunes autres parcelles lont de ma ordi- 
nance diverfezperfonez enfeffez,au fyneq'iiz doient as autres 
feoffement ou feofFements faireama volentc, ordinance, & 
devys, quant ils ferront achetez, & a ceo de part moy requis, 
(i ay jeo fait faire cefte cedule annexe a yceftc mon tefta- 
ment contenante ma darreine $c entier volente toucheant les 
fuifditz feignouries, manoirs, terres, tenementz, rentes, fer- 
vices, pofleffions, reverfionSjSc iadvocfo is, ove lours appurte- 
nances, laquele ma volunte jeo voille que foit a toutz 
convee & effeduelement acomplee en toutes pointz, des 
quelx jeo ne ferra autre ordenance en ma vie. Et eft 
tiel ma ordenance & devys : Primierement jeo voille que 
toutz les feignoires, manoirs, terres, tenementz, rentes, 
fervices, pofleflions, reverfions, & advoefons, ove lours ap- 
purtenances, per manere que defuis purchafes 6c com defus 



iosmnBc gnntez a ma fditc txympngat a aroir a tontie 
de £i vic^ remdignLent a ele tuit entiecemqtit ' j^idbo 
Tefl^de.fl? purpous de$ vdouns 6c graunts a lele futz^ k 
Mverfioa d^ycdks que de ma ordenance tiint taillez por 
fyii ou autrament^ toatzfoiz remaignent a celuy on a ceulx 
a qui ou as.quelx ils font taUlez** Et que la reverfioa dc 
toutes auties feignduries, manoirs^terres, tenemeutz, rcntz^ 
fervtcesy pofleflu»i89 reverfiorvs, & avo^ons, ove 1ou4:b 
appuitcnanoes, es quelx ma dite compaigne a eftate a 
terrae de ia yie, & lefquells ne font de ma orddgnancft 
taiUeZy ibitdonnez a mon trecher filtz Thomas Beaufort 
fiere du devant dit Jbhaxi^ eaiembie Sc aTccque la reveHum 
de tootx les ieignofurios, manoirs, terres, Xenementz, rents, 
iervioes, pofle^ns, ireveriions, Sc avoefons, ove leurs appucv 
ten^ices, que fiirent a £d*ward de ILendaley laquele reverfion 
yzy isSt poTchaoer de Dame Elizabeth Croiier^ & les ieig^ 
aoires, manoirSyterres^ tenements, rentz, iervices, poflefloona, 
wverfiotis, tc arbefims, ove lours appartenances q^ Dame 
£lizabeth Barry tient a teranbde fa vie, a avoir au dSt 
Thomas & a fes heirs de fon corps ifiants ; & pur defiutt 
jd'iffoe du dit Tiiomas, la Temeindre au dit Johan 6c a lis 
imrs de fon corps iSJmU ^ & pur defaut ti'iffue de dst 
jbhftA la remeinder a ma tre^me fille Johane leur &ur 
<ontefie de Wdftra^knd 6c a ies heirs de fon corps iffitnt^ 
et pur de&ut d*itiSae de dit Johane la remeindre a meB 
4kidis httirs q^ils fenmit heirs de berita^ de* Laneaftm. 
Item, jeo voille que Tavant dit Johan Beaufort mon filtz 

2 ' ' ait 

170 - J OiH N OF O A ir N T. 

alt a iuy &c a fes heirs de ion corps liTants toutes les fkig^ 
nouries, manoirs, terres, tencmentz, rentz, fervices, poflef- 
fionsy reveriionsy & avoefbns, ove lours appurtenances, 
que de ma purchace 6c de ma ordinance hiy fount donnez 
fblom Tefied & purpoys de doua & grant a luy ent faiz. 
Item, jeo voille que les certeines terres & tenementz en la 
cyte de Londres a mon oeps nadgairs purcbacez d*unc 
Dame Katerine del Staple en reudant a ele vInt marcs per 
an a terme de fa viefbient per le coungie' den*re tre{» 
fovereigne feignour le Roy donnez a un chanterie a eftre 
fundie des deux chapelleins, a celebrer devines fervices 
en refglife cathedrale de Seint Poule du Londres, pur les 
almes de moy & de ma trefcheer nadgairs c^mpdgne 
Blaunch, que Dieux aflbille, quelle chanterie jeo voille que 
mes executours facent founder en meilliour manere des 
biens que (erront les miens le jour de noon trefpaflement 
fi jeo ne face fonder & ordenier en ma vie. Item jeo 
voille que mon trefcher bachelier MonPr Robert Nevill, 
Wyllyam Gafcoigne, mes trefchers efquiers Thomas de 
Radclyf and Wyllyam Kat'jmg, & mon tre^er clerk 
Thomas de Langley, qui de ma.ordenance funt enfeflez 
en manmr de Bemolfwyk en counte d*Ewerwyk, facent 
annuelement paier a mes executours pur outre a Tavant dit 
Dame Katerine del Staple les fuifdites vint marcs per an a 
terme de fa vie ; & outre ce facent les ditz enfefiez p^er 
des iflues fuifditz a mes ditz executours autires vint marcs 



per an a eftre per culx outre paiez as 4eux chapelleins 
cclebrautz divines ferviccs en la dit efglife cathedrale de 
Seint Poule pur m*alme & Talme de ma dite jadis com-^ 
paigne Blanch a un aultre jouft * Ic leu de a're fcpulture, 
. tanq* a temps que ferra illeoucq' fondue & endowe un 
chanterie perpetuele de deux chapelleins a celebrer divines 
fervices pur les almes de moy & de ma dite nadgairs com- 
p^jg^ne Blanch. £t outre ceo paient les dits enfefFez as 
dits executours autielle (bmme per an de laquele ibmme 
lis purront faire annuelement eftre celebrees deux obitz 
en la dit efglife de Seint Poule, c'eft aflavoir un obit pur 
moy le jour de mon trefpaflement & un autre obit pur ma 
dit nadgairs compaigne Blaunch le douzifme jour de Sep- 
tembre d*an en an, tanque au temps que terres, tenementz^ 
rentZy ou autre fuffifant poiTeflions, foit donne & amortize 
pur la perpetuelement fuftcntacion des ditz obitz. Et voille 
que la reiidue des ditz iflues fbit pale a mes ditz executours 
pur outre paies en partie de paiement de la fuftenance de 
deux chapelleins celebrantz fervices divines en la novell 
efglife collegiate de n*re Dame de Leycefbre, pur m*alme & 
Talme de matrefchiere nadgairs compaigne Dame Conftance 
iUeouques entierree, & pur un obit a celebrier illeouques pur 
Talme de ma dite nadgairs compaigne C<Miftance le vint & 
quart jour de Mars d*an en an, tanque au temps que en la 
fuifdit novell efglife collegialle ferront fufficientement fon- 
duz un chanterie perpetuele de deux chapelleins a celebreer 

^ jtixta^ near. 

Z 2 divines 

»^ } b H N ' © F e A- u^ vr r^ 

dtvinw fervicc* pair Vhlmn db mo^ fc^d^ma dk na^aft* 
compaigne CoiiftaBice ilfcoUqUes* enterrfee, At m(b u» ^it- 
purT^ilmede le' a^cefebrc^^i^tuetemefi* le jotirdte'Wbi^ 
fiiifdit. Addnqucs fe&t 'eftitte feke d*i d4t mtooJr a iti<»i 
trefame filtz aizne Hfenry Due deMef for^ flet a fe^ H*i¥j' 
de fbn corps, & pur defe^« d^i^flRie dfe dite Hfeniy la* re* 
meindre a mes droi2 heirs, kein, toucharit tes Wapentakes 
de Hangeft, Hkngweft & HafykeiU* en: Rydbmondfehir, 
les queulx j^ay devautrt ore forte gran tier ar mon trdTanac filte 
en ley Raufe Counte de Weftmerlandb & a matre^uxiefille 
Johane fa compaigne, a avoir atermede leurs \4es, jeb 
voille quisles aient a enkc & a leur s hieirs malz de lour 
corps liTantz, & pur defaut d*iflUe de^ heir- male dc lour 
cdrps la remeindre a Tavaiit dite Jbhan* moTtS]z 6&z (e* 
heir3 de fon corps iffants, & pttr defaut d^iilue- dedlte* 
Johan la remeindre a dit Thona^s & a fes heirs de fon\ 
corps iffants, 6c pur defaut dfifl^e de^it Thomas la-rememc&b ' 
au dit Johane & a fes heks de fbh corps ifiints^ & pur 
defaut dliTu de dit Johane la remaindre a mes dnnz heirs- 
de Lancaflf e. Item, jeo voille que toutz aultres feignorieat. 
manoirs, terres, tenementz, rentz, iervices^ pofleflibas^ fo*^ 
verfions,^ &c avoefcms, ove leurs appurtenancesi, a mbtx oepst 
purchaces & remaignants uncore es mains d^ efieHez *- pur 
moy a ceo ordennes, foient apres ma mtir% fi jed-ne facet 
autre ordenance en ma vie, donner a Favaiit dttThonias inott 
filtz, a avoire a luy & a fes heirs de ibn coips iffiuxts^ 6tpiiih 

^ioolofbiiD. * fecrifcetv 

4 defaute 

7 O » N OF G A tJ;Nt T; 175 

^efaute d*ifluc de fbki corps iilalits la remaiiDd#er ^ Tavane 
dit Johan fon frereSc a {es heirs de ion corpd ifiants, & put 
db£axiter d^idTuis de* dit Johan: la icmaindre: a^ la fuifctitd 
^hatvpleur feur 6c a fes heirs dc. ibn' corps ii£int8,> & ptki^ 
de£iUte d^iflue de la- dite Johane k rcniaindre a mes droh 
beirS'qtie ierront heirs del heretagede Lancaftre; voiilanta^ 
toutz voiesi que toutes yccftes mes voluntees, ordinaunces & 
devyseir.ceile oedule comprys ibient totitz accdmpliez peK 
aeulx? que averbnt V eftate & povor, et per Tavys^ oixlei* 
liaflces^ &r confeille db gentz de' ley" en le pluis fur maner& 
^e: eii; dec purra oixtennen. 

Regifl« Hen*. Beaufort. foL 13, b. to fol. ir8* a^^indtir,. 
In the epifcopalrregiftry at Lincoln 

E^wjfrdm. by his wife Philippa, had Iftue this John' 
dleir fburth fbn, bornar Gfiaunt [Ghent] 1340. In two 
years after his birth he was created earlof Richmond, and in 
f 56 1 dilke of Lancaftfer. In 1 359 he married Blanch youngpr, 
daughter and coheir of Henry duke of Lancafter, who 
^ng' teh years after [1369] dutchefs of Lancafter, was 
Iftlried. in* Sr.Paurs cathedral; arid in her right her huf- 
band' obtiaifled; the thrte earldoms of Derby, Lincoln, and- 
Leicefter. Peter the Cruel, King of Caftile and' Leon^ 
(yhoQi Edward Prince of Wales had inyefted in his. 
kingdoms) left at his death, 1367, two daughters, who,. 
to avoid the ufurper their uncle, had taken refuge in^ 
Gafco'^c^ The duke caufed them to be brought to Bour- 


174 J a H N OF GAUNT, 

deaux, and there married Conftance the elder 1372% ^* 
fumed the title of King of Caflile and Leon, and ^ fup^ 
ported his claim by force of arms, but without fuccefs. 
On the death of the Prince of Wales, he was appointed 
Regent of the kingdom, in the declining zge^oi hjg 
father, and during the minority of his nephew Richard IL 
by whom he was created duke of Aquitaine in 1389; and 
fix years after he fet up in parliament his claim to the 
fucceflion of the crown of England", which his fon 
(afterwards Henry IV.) obtained, and fo brought the great 
duchy of Lancafter to the crown. He took to his third 
wife Catharine daughter of Sir Payne Roet, and widow 
of Sir Otes Swynford, who had been his miftrefs in the 
life of Conftance, and who furvWed him four years, 
and dying 1403, was buried in Lincoln Minder, where 
her monument, robbed of its braffes, remains on the Weft 
fide of the altar, while thofe of his former wives were 
deftroyed at the diilblution and by the fire of London. 
The duke departed this life at the bifliop of £Ly*s palace 
in Holborn, about the Feaft of the Purification of our 
Lady, A. D. 13999 and was buried with his. firft wife 
in St. Paul's cathedral. See their monument in Sandford, 
P- ^$6. 

* She died 1394, and was buried In (he collegiate church at Lelcefter, 
where Lebnd faw her naonument of inartile before the hi|^ ftlttur, wiUi her 
image of brafs like a queen on it. It. I. 17. 

" Saodfordi p* 252« 



By hia firft wife Blanch he had iflue, 
i. Henry, duke of Hereford and Lancafier, and earl df 
Derby, afterwards king of England. 

2. Phillppa, married to John L king of Portugal 1386* 
died 1415; buried with her hufband at the abbey of 
Batalha, where Mr. Twiffe (Travels, p. 43.) defcribes the 
monument with their effigies cumbetijt '. 

3. Elizabeth, married firft to John Holland earl of Exeteu, 
beheaded at Cirehcefter i H. IV. arid fecondly, to Sir John 
Cornwall lord Fanhop: (he died 1424., and was buried at 
Burford in Shropihire. Her portrait, and that of her 
fecond hufband wer|e in a iHrindow at Ampthill church, 
engraved by Sandford, p. ^59* 

By Conftance.he had one only daughter Catherine, maiv 
ried to Henry prince of Afturias, fon and. heir to Henry 
count of Traftamare, bafe brother and fucceflbr to Peter 
king of Caftile and Leon, to whofe kingdom her hufband 
fucceeded by the name of Henry III. 1390, and their de- 
fcendants were kings ofSpain till Charles U. who died 1700. 

By Catharine Swynford he had, i . John Beaufort, created 
earl of Somerfet 20 R. II. and next year marquis of Dorfet; 
he married Margaret Holland daughter of Thomas earl of 
Kent; and dying 1410, was buried at Canterbury, where 
in St. MichaeFs chapel in the South tranfept is a moft: beau- 
tiful monument for him, his lady, and her fecond hufband 

' After icftn kings of their ilTiie bad goTcmed Portugal,. it was inyaded 
hy Philip Kng^C Spain 1580, and united to thai orown tUl 1640. 


tl6 7 e H W O F G A V N T. 

Thomas duke of ClaMoce. su Hemy^ cardinal of St 
iEiilebiuB, blfliop -of l^nicoln 139S, ^and of Winchefter «ftom 

1404 to 1447, where ^he was buried bebmd the ihig^ 
idtar, 'having been twice <:hancellor of England, arvdjonce 
at Jerufalem. 3. Thomas Beaufort dul^ of Exeter, adim^: 
^'al of Englan,df feaijl of Dorfet ; he mairied Maiy daughter 
of Sir Thomas Nevil, died at Eaft Greenwich 1426, and 
•Was buried at St lidmundlbuty, whepe'hif; corps w4s-di(^ 
•covered 1 772. (SeePhiL Tratif. ¥oL LX}L ait. 35. aaA 
ArchaeoL vol. UL p. 31 1.) 4. Joan Beaufort oiarried (ydt 
to Robert Ferrers, feoondly to Rdph Ne?ill firft earl cf 
Weibnorlttid^ bjr who»' fl^- was '^grandmoCber to th^ 
funous Earl of Warwick thetungmaker,>and ^ing <440v 
was buried at lindcdn bj her nMther, where her brafs- 
leis -moaumeat ftiil remwM. 

*Ti' "li A. 


C ^17 J 


IN dei nomine Amen* Jeo Alianore Duchefle de Glou- 
ceftrc, Countefle d'Effex, &c efteant en bon & fain 
memorie, en moun chaftell de Plefly, le ix jour d'Augft 
Tan de noftre feignour mil trois centz nonance & neof 
felon c le cours de Teglife d'Engleterre, entendant & con- 
fiderant les mauveizcees & nouncertaineteez de ceft va- 
riable & tranfitore monde', ordeigne & devife ma darrein 
voluntee & tcftament com cnfuit. Enprimes je comande 
m'alme entirement a la graunt & innumerable mercy de 
noftre tout puiflant & trcs merciable feignour J*hu Crift, 
requerant Taide de fa benoite miere la tres humble virgine 
noftre tres douce dame Scint Marie, de mon Seignour John le 
Baptift, et de tout la ccleftiel compaignc. Item, jeo devilc - 
pur ma fepultur mon cors Jeftre cnfcveiees en Tefglife de 
TAbbeie de Weftmonftre, eJns la chapell de Sdnt Edmond 
le Roy & do Seint Thomas de Cantirbirs, juxte le corps 
de mon feignour & mari Thomas Due de Glouceftr, & 
cct'* fite au Roy Edi^^ard la tierce, & tout foit qe le corps 
<le mon dit feignour & mari foit en temps avenir remue, 
fi vcule qe mon corps repofe & demure en Tavant dit 

■ f, Sept. ioT fcptiefmc^ he being '^ fon of Edward III. 

A a chapellc 


chapelle & lieu. Et fi devife & ordeigne qe la jour de ma^ 
fepulture qe mes exccutours facent ordeigner qe mon^ 
corps foit covere de un tapke noir, ove i^n crois blank 
. & un efcuchon de mes armes en mylieu du dicle crois, 
& iiri cierges toutes roundez, & viii plain mort^crs^ 
efteantz a les iiii covered Et xv homes & en efpecial 
choiftre ^ pur loiaux & doutant ^ dijux. coment qe- foit de 
lour age ou. autre poveretie felonc le difcreflion de mes 
executours, tenant chefcun des dites povres homes un 
torch, ceft affavoir, cynk au tefte & cynk au checun 
coftee, & foit checun des ditz povres homes veftuz en un 
gowne^ un large chaperon, un pares des chaufes de bon 
fort drap blu de profound colour^ & folent les dites gounes 
& chaperons doubles ove blanket; aufli foit done a checun 
de eux un pare de folers% & un pare des drapes linges &c xxd. 
d'efterlinges/, a prier pur m'alme & pur I'alme de mon 
feignour & mary avantdite^ & pur touz les vifs & morts eo, 
efpecial a queux jay efle tenus & pur touz criftiens. Item 
touchant les avaiitdites cierges, mortiers ne torches lie 
foient en nul mtaner enlumynes en tour mon dite cheitlf 
corps, fi non foulement en le temps de la fervice dyvine, 
.& ceo fait le meindre du dites cierges, mortiers, & torches 
foient lefles a la fervice du dite chapelle qe je fui eins 
enterres. Item, jeo devife a le covent des moignes du dite 

*» q. comers. Sec before. 

• q, of efpecial choice or fucceffionfrom choite or efchohc. ^ j 
^ q. redout anz^ fearing, 

* fouliersy flioes. 

^ Dugdale (Bar.U. 172) tranflatcs this a Jhlrt and 20 pounds. 



abbcye de Wcftm' le jour dc ma fepultur xli. de monoyc 
pur lour pitance. Item, jeo devife d'eftre diftribuit entrc 
les povres per Tavys de mes executonrs mefme le jour c s. 
Item, jco devKe a Tabbefle & covcnt des foers menurefles 
juxte Londres dehors la porte de Algate mcfme le jour 
pur lour pitance vili. xiiis. iiiid. & uii tonell de boii 
vine. Item, jco devife a le priour & covent de !>?. itbone 
juxta Glouceftr' xiii li. viii s. vi d. Kt a Sire Vviiiiam 
Shuldon, cbanoign de dit lieu, c s. Item je devile a relglife 
& abbey e de Walden ou mon feignour & pierc eft cnterre 
Munfrey de Bohun, darreine Counte de Herford d'Eflex & 
de Northampton, Coneftable d'Engleterrc, un veftement, 
ie champ de baukyn^ blue diapres d:s autres colours, ove 
ccrfs d'or de Cipre ^^ ceftaffavoir deux tablementz, uii 
frountcU, un chefible, 11 tunicles, un cape, iii aubes, in 
amyts ove les parurs qe a eux apertient, & (i eft Torfreis 
du dit veftiment tout de fyn drap d'ore de Cipre ^ le champ 
rouge. Item, jeo ordigiie & devife qe mes executours 
faccnt celcbrer, deinz aufli brief temps apres ma mort 
come ils puiflent, mille miffes pur m'alme; xx de Taffump- 
cion noftre dame, cl dc requiem, 1. de mon feignour Seint 
John le Baptiftrc, 1. de Seint John TEvangeliftre, xxx. d6 
Scint Leonard, xxx. de touzSeints, 1. for the foule of Tho- 
mas fum tyme Due of Glouceftre, xx. de nativite noftre 
feignour, xx. de rcfurre£lion, xx. de Taflencionj 1. de Seint 

i T^/zA/f.hv.'Wj^ pannus omnium ditiffimus, of filk and gold thicad. Du C. 
^ gold of Cypnn means of Cyprus work. So Du Cangc; ylurifrygia 
€pc) e iyprenji nQbUiJJimo, 

A a 3 Michell 



Jifichel] archangle^ xx ; et qe a tous cwz dites mefTes, de* 
vant qc le prcftrc Gomencc £/ ite nos^ qe le dit preftre di^ 
en haut toumaat vers le poeple, *' For the ibule of Thomas 
fum tyme Due of Glouceftre and Alianore bis wyfj and all 
crifteyn foleSy for charitee pater nqfier\^ & tumier vers Tau- 
tier & dire un pater nofter en fecrce, & comencier la meffe, 
& en toutes les ditz mefles foit dit le oreifon de " Deua- 
^* qui es fumma noftre redemptionis fpes, qui in terra 
** promiflionis^ &c." ove le fecretum & poft com. * & les 
nouns de mon dit feignour & moy nomes la eins Thomas 
& Alianore. Item, jeo devife a madame & mere la Coun- 
tefle d*Erford, u n paire de pater noftres de coraU de 
cynqaunt graunts ^ ove v gaudes * d^or en manere des lon*^ 
gets, fwages"* & ponfonez", requerant aek checun jour de fa 
benoifon entireroent a ma poveroufe'alme- Et en cas qe 
ma dite dame defvye ° devant moy dounc devife jeo les 
dites pater noftres a Tabbeflc de Tefglife des foers menuref^ 
fes avantdit quele foit a y demurrer eins le dit abbey de 
lors enavant pur un memorial de moy. Item, jeo devife a: 
ipon fitz Hvmifrey % un lit de noir drap de damalk,. Item 

* poft coxnmunionem* ^ q, large beads. •» 4^A • K6 • 

* trinkets, g^wdies. 

^ q. wild vine -branches, Langos les la vigue L, 

* pinkt. ® dcceaie. 

f Her only fon by the duke of Gloucefter, earl of Buckingham, whom, 
after the murder of his father (the kingdom being then in diftrad^ion^ 
Richard !!• took with him into Ireland ; and when he heard that Henry 
duke of Lancafter was landed at Ravenfpur, caufbd him, with the faid 
Duke's fon, to be imprifoned in Trim caiUe, where he continued till the 
liuke obtained the crown, and then being fent for over to England, wa» 
Ihipwreckt, or a& Walfingham, p. 401. died ihere, or at Chefter^ of the 

iague. Wecver fays he was bu.ied with his anceilors at Walden* Dugd, 

ar.ll. 173, 



un lit de foy de baudekyn k champ blu, ove overaigneB 
de blanc ove entier celures, tefters, coverlitz, curtyns, Sc 
tapitz, qe a eux appertient. Item, deux pare lincbeauz de 
Reyns, Tun pare de iii foilh, feTautre parede iiii. Item 
III pare des lincheaux de autre drap lienge des meilloun 
Item, un pare des fuftiens, ii pare blankett, ii materas des 
meillours, outre tout fon array & eftuf qe feuft deliveres a 
fes fervants a fcwi departir de Londres vers Ireland. Item 
im haiiappe de beril gravez de long taiUe, & affis en un pee 
d'or, ove un large bordur paramont, & un co vercle tout d'or 
ove I longe faphir fur le pomel du dit co vercle. Item 
un Cronike de Fraunce en Frauncois, ove deux clafpes 
d'argent, enamayles ove les armes de Due de Burgoigii. 
Item I livre de Giles " de regimine principum" '. Item un 
livre de vices & vertues, & un autre rimeie" del " hiftorie 
de chivaler a eigne** * tous en Francois. Item un pfauter 
bien & richement enlu mines ove les clafpes d*or enamaiies, 
ove cignes ^ blank & les armes de mon feignour & piere 
enamailes fur les clafpes, & autres barres d'or fur les tiil]aes 
en maner des molets *", quel pfautier me fuift lefles de re* 
meindre a mes heirs & ainfy de heir en heir avauntdit. 
Item un habergeon ' ove un crois de laton merchie fur le 
pis encontre le cuer, quele feuft a mon feignour fon piere. 
Item nn crois d'or pendant par un cheyne ove une ymage 

• ^. breadth, frotx^ feuilU. ' • Poem. 

* The fwan was the cognizance of Boh^un» * mullets. 

' A coat of mail with a crofs of latea markt or wrought on the ipot 
cppoUte to the heart (of the wearer). 



du crucifix & nil perles entour, ove ma benoifon, come 
chofe du myen qe jay mieux amee. Item jeo devife a ma 
file Anne un efpiner ^ de lingc drap, bordures les coftees dc 
Accuby * vermaill & enbr^udes & tout entour par anal ' fans 
enbrodure. Item un livre beal ^ & bien enluminee de legenda 

aurea, en Frauncois. Item le meilour palfrey qe jay a '. . 

Item un pare de pater noftres d'ore cont* xxxariez% & iiii 
gaudes de get^ qe fuerent a mon feignour&mari fon piere % 
ove ma beneifon. Item je devife a ma fiUe Johanne un lit 
de foye de baudckyn noir le meilour. Item un lit de drap 
d'or de Cipre ove cignes, & letres de Y ove entiere celour. 
Item un Ijt^ petit^piu;jLm ^lofct^ de blanc tertaryn*' batus 
ove lyotms & crgnes ove entire celour, & de ceux ditz 
litz qe failent courtyn ove tapittis veule qe foit acbatez 
covenablement a eux par Tavys de mcs cxccutours. Item 
II pare lincheux de reyn, Tun paire de in foiall, & Tautre 
deiiii. Item iiii pare dc linchcaux d'autre drap linge da 
les meillours. Item deux materas, un pare fuftiens, iii 
pare blanketts, outre touz les joialx ove apparaillc ad eftrc 
a fa propre oeps, devan^lefcriv ... de ceflcs. Item xii 
efqueles & xii faufers d'argent, mcrchcz^ ove nies armcs. 
Item un hanap d'argcnt enoijcs coveres ponfonez ove 
refones de averill 5 & efteant fur un pee. Item un bacyn 
flat & un eawer d'argent ove mes armes en la flounce^ du 
dite bacyn enamaillez & les fvi^ages enorrez. Item vi 
peces d'argent novels & ii potts quartes d*argent, etxii 

^ trinkets of jet. * Tartari^tn. DuCangcm voc. 

^ marques^ marked. « *» rim. 



quillers d'argent. Item un livre ove le pfautier, primer, 
& autres devocions, ove deux clalpes d'or, enamaillez ove 
mes armes, quele libre jay pluis ufce, ove ma benoifon. 
Item jeo devire a ma fiUc Il'abella foer de Ics avantditz 
menurefies un lit de drapd'or de Cipro palez noir& rouge, 
ove entier celure, teftre, coverlit, courtins & tapittys. 
Item un bible de Frauncois en dsux volumes, ove deux 
clafpes d'or enamaillez ove les armes de Fraunce. Item 
un livre de decrctales en Francois. Item un livre de 
meiftre hiftoires. Item un livre " de vitis patrum," & le^ 
paftorelx Seint Gregoire. Item pHiutier veil tanqe a la 
nofturn de " Exultate'* glofez, autre livre novel du pfautier 
glofes de la primer, " Domine exaudi" tanqe a ^ omnis fpiri- 
tus laudet dominum,** & fount les dites livres de Francois. 
Item xlli. de nionoie. Item un feinture de quire noir 
ove un bocle & pendant & xii roundes & plaines barrcs 
d'or quel feuft a mon feignour & marl fon piere le quele 
il ufa mefmes meint avis* & apres q'il feuft on fon darrein 
defaife *", ove ma beneifon. Item je ordeigne & devife mes 
dettes bien & loialment paies & ma voluntee perfourme, 
qe tout la relidue de mes biens moebles & nient moebles 
remeignont a mes executours & executrice de aucun dif- 
pofer cntre mes povres fervants, & de faire & ordeigner 
pur Talme de mon dit feignour & mari & du mien & pur 
toutz les vifs & mortz, as queux nous avions efte tenuz 
felonc la difcrecion & difpoficion de mes executours & 


^ quaere, difcafc, illncfa. Or is thi» a cautiouf way of cxprcflTnghis 
tragical death? 



executricc par Taffent de mes furveours. Item jeo dc* 
fende a touz mez enfantz & a checuii de eux, entaat 
come je puiffe, q'ils en nul manere foient difturbant a mes 
esscecutours de diftributier aucun manere de mes dites 
biens apres ma defir & voluntie & lour difcrecion* Item 
je ordeigne & devife qe (i eii enfi fbit qe aucun de mes 
dites enfantz defviont devant moy, ou devant q*ils foient 
de la age an apres ma trefpaflement, qe touz lez biens qe 
Ics ay devifez demure a Tordenance de mes executours 
come mes autres biens propres, de faire pur eux & pur moy 
apres lour bon avys & difcrecion, fi noun lez xl lib. et 
feinture qe jay devifo a ma file Ifabelle, vcule qe remeignc 
a Tabbeffe St efglife de foers menUrefles devant dites> co- 
meiit qe aviqgne a ina dite fiUe Ifabelle. A ceft ma dar- 
rein voluntee, ordeignance, & teftament, je ordeigne, face, 
& eftabliffe cefts mes executours & executrice Monf r Jerard 
Braybrok ie fitz, Sibille Beauchamp, John de Boys, fenef- 
chail de lAon hoftell, Sir Nicoll Milx, parfon de Dcpden ', 
Sir Hhagh Peintour^ chapclieiii de ma franc chapell deinx 
le chaflreii de Pleiflly, Sire William Underwoode, parfon de 
Dedilham"", William Newbole ; & mes furveours. Sire Ro- 
bert Exteeftue, prifour de Cricfa/urch on Loundres, ncK>il tref- 
d^wr co\ifin Monrr Thomas Percy, Counte de Wircd^re, 
w«)n fiabie amy Sir Thotoas Stanley, clerc de RoUbs. En 
teftmoignattTO de quede oeft ma darrein voluntee, ordeig- 

' Nicholais Miles, re£tor of Debden, to which he was prefented 1 8 July, 
X387, by the Duke of Glouceller, in right of his wife, Newcourt II. 208. 
« ^. Dedham^ in Hfe*. 


ntince, devys, & teftament, ay efcripts mefmcs/ceftes pre^ 
feiits & mis mon fcal Tan, jour, & lieu fufdits. 

Alianorc, &c. -f- 

N* B. A blank left for the probat. 

Regifter Arundell pars prima, fol. 163. a, b. 164. a. 
in the archiepifcopal regiftry at Lambeth, 

Eleanor was the eldeft daughter of Humphrey de Bohun 
earl of Hereford, Effex, and Northampton, and conf!able of 
England. She was married toThomasof Woodftock, feventh 
fon of Edward IIL and duke of Gloucefter, After his un- 
fortunate exit, fhe lived retired in his caftle of Plefly in 
Effex ; Richard IL having given her all her own wearing 
apparel, and tvra chariots, with fome other fmall articles, 
which had been feized by the mayor of London, and 
valued at 19L 4S.4d. (Pat. 21 R. IL p. 2. m. 10.) Having 
lived to fee that king depofed, fhe died Oftober 3, 139 9, 
and was buried agreeable to her will in St. Edward's chapel 
at Weftminfter, where her portrait in brafs in a clofc 
gown and mantle remains entire, by the fide of her huf- 
band's flab long fince robbed of its brafs. See it engraved 
in Sandford, p. 232. By the duke of Gloucefter (he had one 
fon Humphrey, of whom fee p. 180, and four daughters ; 
I. Annp, married to Thomas earl of Stafford, and after his 
death, 1 4 R. II. the marriage not having been confummated, 
to Ixis brother Edmund, flain at the battle of Shrewfbury, 
. . . , B b . 4H.IV. 


4 H. IV. (Vincent on Brooke, p. 490. Dugd. Ban I. 165* 
11. 1 72.) and again toWiliiamBourchier earl of Eflex, buried 
8 Hen. V. at Lantoni, c, Gloucefter. 2. Joan, married to 
Gilbert fon of Richard Talbot of Irchenfield, but died 
unmarried 4H. IV. 3. Ifabel, 16 years old, i H. IV. and 
a nun among the minoreffes at London. (Dugd, 1. 172). 
4. Philippa died young and unmarried. Sandford, p. 242. 


[ 18; 3 


EN noun du pier, du fitz & du feint efpirit. Amen. 
Sachient touz gentz prefentz & a venir qe je Efmon 
Due d'Everwyk, Counte de Cantebrugge, & Seignur de 
Tjmdale, k xxv jour de Novembr' Tan du grace mill 
& cccc> et dii regne n're tres redotes S'. le Roy Henry 
quart appres le conqueft fecounde, efteant en mon bon 
fens & pleine menK)rie, eyant regard q'il n'eft in ceft 
inounde chofe (i certeine come la mort moundeyne 
quant Dieu plena, jeo face & ordeyne moun teftament Sc 
ma darreine volunte en la fburme q*enfuit. Primerement 
qe eftre * & dtyx(t m*alme ^ Dieu qi la fourma, & a la be* 
noite vierge Marie & a touz les feints & (eintes de paradis. 
£t moun corps a gifer a Langelee pres de ma trefame 
Ifal)ele jadys ma compaigpe, qe Dieux affoille* Item, jq 
vueil & devife qe touz les debtees qe pourront eflre trovez 
& coneux qe jeo doie de tout le temps de ma vie (bient 
primerement paiez & agreez. Item je veill & devife cp 
deux prqftres £>ient ordeignez par mes executours foubz 
efcriptz pur faire le divine fervice pur m*alme 8c pur les 
almes de toute moun linage perpetuelment. Item je vueill 
& devife qe pur les couftages de moun enterrement, & 
pur touz mes ditz debtes paier ^ agreer, tout ma vefTeU 

B b 2 d'argent 

i8« E D M U N D D U K E O F Y O R K. 

d'argent enfemblement ove touz mes joeaux, biens, Sc 
chateux qe unqes ferrount trovez & contenuz en le inven- 
tary de toutz nies ditz biens .& hors du dit ii>veatary a 
moun paflement du fiecle foieiit venduz & ofdeynez par 
mes ditz executours. Item, je vueill & devife qe toutz 
mes debtes & les coftages de moun enterrement paiez & 
agrees, & deux preftres ordeignez pur m'alme com dit eft, 
fi aicune chofe des mes ditz biens -y demourne qe dfe 
cfcluy refidue foit feit regard a me3 ferv^ntz & officers qi 
me de long temps Wen & loialment avront fervid conle^a 
mes executours ferraadvis defaire en difcbarge de pi^^lme. 
Et fi de celuy refiduaucune chofe remaini, je vufeill q'il foit 
ordeyne pur m'alme par mes ditz executours, & pur perfour** 
mir cefte ma darreme volimte come deflus^ eft dit et declarei 
Jeo fupplie a moh tres redotes^ feigiieur le roy q'il luy pleafe 
de {a gracioufe feign urie- fonrveour mes ditz executoursi 
Et pri & requier a trefreverent piere en dleu Terceveique d^ 
Cantirbirs**, revefquedeWyhceftr.% i!^vefq\je^deDurham% 
q'il louT pleafe de lour bonn^ volunte tant tnavailler qe 
cefte ma: darreine vohmte puifle eftre duepi^nt acconiplie. 
Et pur accomplier cefte ma dite- darreine volunte je' face 
& ordeyne mes^ executours de ceft moun darrein teftanient 
>ceft aflavoir mbun trefame fitz de Rottdand & me^ 
trefamez Piiers de Mawan, fenefehal dfe moun hoft^l^ Sire 
Thomas Gerberge, fenefehal dfe mes terres, Meiftre Tho- 
mas Wrofton moun chanceller, Henry Bracy moun trc^ 
ibrer. Sire William Galandrc & Richard Alcham rnoia 
* Thomas AxundcU. ' f William.Wykcham, ^ Walter Skirlawc. 



reycevour; et outre ceo jeo veuil & ordeyne, qe toutes 
billes qe ferroutit trovez & comiz al jour de mouii dit 
paflement touchant acun doun ou devis come paircelle 
de moun dit teftament cnfeellez de mouii fignet. fdient 
pleynement acompliez per mes dkz executours come ma 
darreine volunte^ 

Probatb difti teftament! coram ThomaCantuar'archiep* 
apud Lambeth, 6^° die menfis Odlob' amxo Domini 140a, 
et tranflacionis noftre anno 7% 

Regifter Arundell pars prima, foL 194. b. In the archie* 
pifcopal regiftry at Lambeth. 

Edmund, Duke of York, was the fifth Ion of King Edward 
the Third, born at Langley in Hertfordfliire, 1 341, 1 5 E.IQ^ 
created earl of Cambridge 36 E. IIL diftinguilhcd himfelf 
with his brother John of Gaimt againft the Caftilians, 
after which he was created the firft duke of York fince the 
time of R. I. Having in vain oppofed the defigns of 
his nephew Henry on the crown, and feen England's 
fcepter in three different hands, he died at Langley Auguft 
1, 1402. His monument (in the chancel of the Friara 
Preachers there, now the parifh church) is engraved by 
Gay wood in Sandford^s Genealogical Hift. p. 359. He mar-- 
ried firft, 1372, Ifabel daughter of Pedro king of Caftile 
(his brother John of Gaunt having married her fifter 
Conftance), and by her left iffue Edward earl of Rut- 
lai^d^^ ^ftecwards duke of York, killed at the battle of 



. Agincourt ; 2. Richard de Coninglburgh duke of York, 
father of Edward, flaiii at the battle of Wakefield, 1460* 
3. Conftance married to Thomas Defpcnfer eari of Glou- 
cefter, and Richard Beauchamp earl of Warwick ; ihe 
died 1394, and was buried atLangley; fecondly, Joao, 

« daughter of Thomas earl of Kent, who furviving him 
was remarried to WiUiam lord Willoughby of Erefby, but 
died without iflue iz H. VI. Dugd. Bar. 11. 154 & feq. 

rSandford, 375 & feq. 


t *9» 3 

R I C H A R D ir. 

IN nomine fumme & individue trinitatis, patris & filii 
& fpiritus fanfti, beatiflime Dei genitricis & Virginia 
Marie, fanftorum Johannis Baptifte & Edwardi gloriofiffimi 
Confeflbris, necuon & tocius celeftis curie^ Araen. . Inevi- 
tabilis mortis fentencia nuUi omniiio deferens, ymo% nobi- 
litatem, potenciam,^ ftrenuitatem, genus, etatem, & lexum 
cquali lance concludens, creature racionali nimis redderetur 
amara nifi poft curfum hujus vite fludluantis continue vita 
beacior in patria fperaretur : Et proinde humane provi* 
dencie fagacitas, fciens nature legibus diffinitum quod cer- 
cius nil morte incercius nil hora mortis, folebat horam diflb- 
lucionis hujufrnodi nedum* operibus virtuofi^, & meritoriis^ . 
fed eciam bonorum fuorum difpenfalcione provida prevenire j ; 
ut fie hora ipfa inopinata fagaci ordinacione preventa queat 
fecurius expeftari ; quod nos Rkardus, Dei gratia qui farcine 
regiminis regui Anglorum jam ab etate ' tenera per nonriuUa 
tempora ex regis fupremi clcmencia colla fi^mifimus in 
regalis difcrecionis examine revolventes* ad teftamentum 
noftrum ' condendum & voluntatem noftram ultimam re- ' 
galiter* declarandam dum adhuc recenti & fana gaudemus 

Various readings in the Copy printed in Rymer's Foed. vol. VIII. p. 7$. 

* fummo yrao parcens * nondum ' ctate ab * pondcrantcs 

* itift. • regalcm 

I memoria 


191 RICHARD n. 

memoria, procedere decrevimus in hunc modum. la prU 
mis fiquidem, in puritate & finceritate fidei catholice 
exifteiites,emnipotcntiI>eo creator! noftro animamnoftram^ 
quam fuo ^ preciofo ci-uore redemit legamus, & earn fibi 
iiitenfiori devocione qua poflumus cum omni mentis de- 
fiderio commendamus. Pro corpore vero noftro, quocunque 
locorum nos ab hac luce migrare contingat, in ecclefia 
fanfti Petri Weftmonafterii inter clare memorie progeni- 
tores noftros reges Anglie rcgalem eligimus fepulturam; 
illudque in monumento quod ad noftram & indite recor- 
dacionis Anne dudum regine Anglie confortis noftre, cujus 
anime propicietur altiffimus, erigi fecimus mcmoriam, vo- 
lumus tumulari, cujus quidem fepulture feu funeris noftri 
cxequias more regio volumus celebrari, ita videlicet ut 
pro diftis ^ exequiis quatuor herfie excellencie convenientes 
regali pro eodem funere noftro honeftius exequendo ia 
locis fubfcriptis per executores noftros congrue prepa- 
r^ntUF. Quarum* "* fiquidem due quinquc luminaribus exi- 
m«s" &venuftis, regalibus exequiis condecentibus, in dua- 
bus ecclefiis princlpalioribus per quas corpus noftrum vehi 
Gontigerit",tercia vero cum totidem luminaribus pari forma 
in ecclefia Sanfti Pauli London' honefte ftatuetur ; quarta 
major'', principalior, & honorificencior, luminaribus infigni- 
bus & regali celfitudini congruentibus copiofe referta '* & 
magnificc '^ oniata apud Weftm' ad difpoficionem & dif- 
crecionpm eprundena exequtorum noftroruni debite coUoce^ 

^ meam • fuani • quod pro prediAis " quorum *' rf?^. 

■* contingir^ M ma^or ct *♦ refe{U '* hpnorificc 


R I C H A R D ir. 1^3 

fur. Item volumus & ordinamus quod cbrpus noftrum 
cum de loco ubi nos ab h-ac luce migrare contigerit verfus ' 
Weftm* deferri debeat per quatuordecim, quindecim, vel 
fexdecim miliaria in die fecuridum '* quod hofpicia con- 
grue inveniri potermit deferatur. Et *' per totum iter viginti 
quatuor torchie *' circa funus noftrum continue deferantur 
ardentes ulque ad locum quo funus noftrum hujufmodi fe- 
cundum difpoficionem executorum noftronim quiefcere de 
nofte contigerit, ubi finguHs occurrentibus vefperis, ftatim 
poft funus illatum, exequias mortuorum folemniter decan- 
tari volumus cum miffa in craftino antequam funus ab illo 
loco transferatur viginti quatuor torchiis tam in exequiis 
quam miffa hujufmodi '* circa funus femper & continue ar* 
deintibtis ; et quod ad viginti quatuor torchias hujufmodi 
addantur centum torchie ardentes*", cum did^um fiinus 
noftrum per civitatem London* debeat deportari. Sic 
tamen quod fi infra fexdecim, quindecim, decern, vel quia- 
que miliaria imo ubicunque eciam extra palacium noftrum 
Weftm* nos decedere contigerit, volumus quod in ** qua- 
tuor locis infignioribus intermediis, & ft nulli fint hujuf- 
modi kxri ** intermedii, in aliis locis competentibus, juxta 
executorum noftrorum difcrecionem, hujufmodi herfte per 
quatuor dies contin^os cum premiflis fblemnitatibus ordi- 
«entur. Quod fi infra palacium noftrum Weftm* nos de- 
cedere contigerit, volumus quod per quatuor dies fiant 

** indieeodan '^ daft. ^ tor^ie, and fo tbr$viieut. 

'* Jiift. ^ diiifi. *' Aift. " loca 

C c folemnitatesy 

194 R I C H A R D 11'. 

folemnitates, una exiftente herfia folemniffima, fed *' ultima 
die fiant honorificenciores exequic. *' Volumus infuper quod 
fi adverfante fortuna, quod Deus ex fua mifericordia avertat, 
per maris turbines aut .tempeftates feu qupvis alio modo 
corpus noftrum ab hominum afpe£libus rapiatur^ nee po- 
terit reperiri, feu in talibus partibus et regionibus nature 
folvamus debitum, quod corpus noftrum ad regnum nof- 
tjfum Anglie propter evidencia obftacula deferri non valeat, 
quodonmes fcdemnitates premiile que circa noftrum cor- 
pus in prefenti teftamento fieri funt difpofite, & prefer- 
tim in monumeuto, ymaginibus, & onmi alio apparatu pro 
nobis & bone meroorie Ann^ jamdudum regina Anglie & 
Francie conforte noftra pesr fuos ordinaturis, ac eciam 
cum ceteris obfequiis funeralibus & onuxibus aliis plenarie 
obfervandis nullatinus immutentur. Item volumus & or* 
dinamus. quod, corpus noftrum in velveto vel fathino 
bianco ^% more regio^ veftiatur, &. eciam interretur, una 
cum corona & fceptro regiis deauratis* abfque tamen quibui* 
cunque lapidibus, quodqqe fuper digitum noftrum^ more 
•regio^anulus cum lapide preciofo *^ valoris viginti marcarum 
moriete noftre Anglie ponatur. Iteni volumus & ordinamus 
quod quilibet rex catholicus unam habeat ^upam five 
ciphum amreum precii five valoris quadraginta quinque 
librarunl monete noftre Anglicaoe. £t qitod omnia cprone V^ 

*3 fcilicet «♦ Rjmifmtstbt 13 lines folbwifig to Ixtm. 

*5 fathane blanio^ *• precii five *' corone aurec, ciphi, 

■ thofe in Edward the Firft's tomb vrtvt Jilvered. 



"Ctipe, ciphi, adaquaria ^ &c vafa aurea, & aHa jocalia dc auro 
quecumque, ac eciam omnia veftimenta cum tJOto apparatu 
ad capellam hofpicii noftri pertinencia, necnon lefti qui* 
cumque, & omnes veftes de aras*^, noftro remaneant fuc- 
ceflbri, dumtamen idem fucceflbr nofter ultimam noftram 
voluntatem plenarie confirmet, & executores noftros & ** 
hujufmodi noftram vohmtatem in qualibcfr fui parte 
integre ac libere exequi permittat. Quodquc omncs an* 
nuitates & feoda familiaribus qui circa nos & noftram 
perfonam jugiter laborarunt, qui ex noftra licencia propter 
.caufas neceflarias, utpote infirmitatem vel feneftutem a 
prefencia noftra receilerunt^ 6c hiis eciam qui poftmoduni 
nobis, prefertim circa perfonam noflrain, fervierunt & 
ferviunt per nos conceflas^ j^xta tamen diAi fucceftbris 
noftri *' & executorum noftrorum liberam difcrecionem 
ratificet & confirmet. Item volumus & ordinamus quod 
de omnibus jocalibus noftris refiduis^ videlicet cercliis '% 
nowchis '', & aliis jocalibus quibufcunque, perficiatur nova 
fabrica navis ecclefie Sandi Petri Weftm* per nos in- 
cepta ^ & reiiduum, fi quod fuerit, remaneat executoribus 
noftris juxta noftram hanc voluntatem ultimam dif- 
ponendum. Infuper volumus. & ordinamus quod fex mllia 

»• dujf. . *^ deijf. 30 drculis, »« nochib, 

^ ewers. « Sic Orig. Q^ garments of arras. 

* Richard 11. built the North porch of Wcftminftcr abbey, where are 
his arms fupported by two angels, and under them this device, a white 
hart couchant under a tree gorged with a gold chain and coronet, bor- 
rowed from his mother Joan^ and painted on the wall pf the South crofs. 
Sandfordi p. 191. 

C c 2 marcarum 

196 RICHARD n. 

marcarum auri pro fumptibus fepulture noftre & cor- 
poris noftri delacione a loco ubi ab hac luce nos migrarc 
contigerit vrique '" Wefbn* fpecialiter referventur. Item 
volumus quod terre, redditus, & tenementa tot & tanta 
que ad quindecim leprofbrum & unlus capellani pro nobis 
in ecclefia San£ti Petri Weftm*^ celebraturi fuftentacio- 
nem congruam fufficere poterunt impetrentur ^ ; ad que 
fecienda ordinamus &; legamus funimam mille marcarum. 
Volumus «ciam quod fervitores noftri qui hadeiius per 
nos remunerati non extiterant '^ nee promoti, fi qui tales 
fiierint, de bonis noftris ufque ad fummam decem milium 
marcarum fecundum executorum noftrorum '* difcrecionem 
inter eofdem diftribuendarum precipue remunerentur. Item 
legamus dilefto nepoti noftro Thome duci Surr' decem 
milia marcar* ", & dilefto fratri noftro ^* Edwardo duci 
Albimarlic " duo milia marcarum ; & dilefto fratri noftro 
Johanni ^* duci Exonie tria milia marcarum ; & dilefto ^* 

^* verfus 3^ exifteraxvc ^* meorum ^^ librarum, 

^* diledo noftro confanguineo '^ d'Aumcrlie -*• '^ ii/unt, 

^ The fucceeding revolutions prevented this bequeft from taking place. 

^ Thomas Holland earl of Kent and lord Wake, fon of Thomas Holland 
carl of Kent, and half brother to Richard II. was, after the attainder of 
' Richard Fitz Alan earl of Arundel and Surrey, created duke of Sumey, and 
marfhal of England, it R. II. of which honors he was deprived i H. IV. 
and confpiring againft H. IV. was betrayed; and flying to Cirencefter, taken 
and beheaded by the town*8 people, who rofe upon him and the reft of the 
confpirators 1400. Vincent on Brooke, 528. Heleft no iflue by his wife Joan 
daughter, of Hugh earl of Stafford, who furvived him, and died ai H. VI. 
Vincent on Brooke, $28. He was appointed lieutenant of Ireland i% R. IL 
and founded the Carthudan priory of Mountgrace in Yorkfhirc, to which 
his corps was removed from Cirencefter. Dugd. Bar. II. 76, 77* 

• fideli 

RICHARD n. 197 

fideli noftro Wiirmo Scrope « comiti Wyltfchir' duo milk 
marcar'. Ac refervatis executoribus noftris quinque vel fex 
milibus marcarum, quas pro liberiori fuftentacione leprofb- 
mm ac capellanor' coram eis celebrator' per nos apud Weftm' 
& Bermudefey ordinator*, volumus per di£tos executores nof- 
tros expend! *^ Item volumus & ordinamus ** quod auri 
noftri ^* refiduum, folutis tamen noftrorum hofpicii, camere, 
& garderobe veris debitis, ad que perfolvenda legamus vi? 
ginti milia librarum *\ noftro remaneat fucceflbri, dumtamen 
omnia & fingula ftntuta^ordinaciones^ftabilimenta^&judicia 
in parliamento noftro decimo feptimo ** die menfis Sep- 
tembr*, anno rcgni noftri vicefirao primo apud Weftm* in- 
choato, & in eodem parliamento ufque Salopiam continuatsp, 
& ibidem tento, faftc-^, lata, & reddita^ necnon omnia ^' 
ordinaciones & judicia *^ ac ftabilimenta decimo fexto die 
menfis Septembr* anno regni noftri vicefimo fecundo apud 
Coventr*, ac poftmodum apud Weftm* decimo odavo die 
Marcii anno predido, audorltate ejufdem parliamenti fadot 
habita, & reddita^^ ac eciam omnia alia ord'maciones & ju- 

r TJbis wMi/ntiMCi com f in at 43, -♦" ♦* 4&/umt. ♦J See^ 

*^ 1 7. '♦^ omnes * "♦• Rymtr omits 'tbi § Una followimg to que au6^oritate» 

K William Scrope was created earl ofWiltfliirc 21R.II. and the next 
year made lord high treafurer and knight of the garter, but H. IV. 
beheaded him at Briftol 1399. Vincent oufirooke» 594. Dugd.Bar. I. 66i« 

* The proceedings of all thefe feilions were of the moft extraordinaiy 
kind. The parliament ftrove to carry the prerogative royal to a higher 
pitch than any kmg of England had ever pretended to flretch it, and 
eftablifhed fuch laws and ciiftoms, as were deftrudive of the Conftitution 
and Liberties of the people. Rapin IV. 433. The anonymous writer of 
Richard the Second's Life, publiflied by Heame, p. 145. calls it that great 
parliament. The writer before cited acd Dugdale (Warw*. I. 142.) men- 
tion the preparations for the duel at Coventry between the dukes of Here* 
ford and Norfolk at this time, but fay riothing of the feffion there. 



dicia que auftoritate ejufdcm parliamcnti in futurum contU 
gerit fieri, approbet, ratificet, & confirmet, teneat, & teneri 
faciat, ac firmiter obfervari: alioquin fi prediftus fucceflbr 
nofter premifla fecere noluerit vel reculaverit, quod noii 
credimus, volumus quod Thomas, Edwardus, Johannes, & 
Willielmus, duces & comes*' fupradifti, folutis prius debi* 
tis noftrorum hofpicii, camcre, & garderobe, ac refervatis 
quinquc vel fex milibus marcar* ut fupra pro hujufmodi fta- 
tutorum, {labilimentorum,ordinacionum,& judiciorum fuf- 
tentacione &defenfione,fecundum eorum poffe,eciam ufque 
ad mortem fi oporteat, refiduum habeant & teneant memo«- 
ratum,fuper quibus**& fingulis eorum confciencias prout in 
die judicii refpondere voluerint, oncramus ; pro prcmiffis 
vero omnibus & fingulis adimpiendis fiimmam nonaginta 
unius milium marcar* ordinamus & deputamus, de quibus 
fexaginta quinque milia marcar* funt in cuftodia domini 
Johannis Ikelyngton, et viginti quatuor milia marca- 
rum in manibus & cuftodia dile£l:i nepotis noftri Thome 
ducis Surr*, de qua fiimma volumus quod idem nepos 
nofter de decern milibus marcar' fibi fuperius per nos 
legatis folvatur. £t duo milia marcar' de preftito pro 
cxpenfis hofpicii noftri tempore quo reverendus pater Ro- 
gerus* archiepifcopus Cantuar' nofter extiterat thefaurarius 
per nos fadus nobis ad prefens debent'. Item volumus quod 
oomia jocalia que nobis pervenerunt cum cariftima con- 

^' & comes itfimi. ^ quibui omnibufl & fingulis fummam nonaginta, &c. 

• mditing ab9Vi two Hues. 

* Quaere, if right, there was no fuch biihop. 


RICHARD n. 199 

forte noftra Ifabella regina Anglie & Francic^ , eidem^ fi 
nobis fupervixerit, integre rcmaneant ; quod fi ei fupervixe* 
rimus, tunc volumus quod dida jocalia nobis & executo- 
ribus ^"^ noftris integre remaneant pro execucione hujuf- 
modi noftrc ultime voluntatis. Item volumus quod 
omnia indumenta ac robe corporis nodri, exceptis perlis 
& lapidibus preciofis, remaneant clericis, valettis, & gro- 
mis qui circa noftram perfonam jugiter laborarunt & labo- 
rant, juxta difcrecionem cxecutorum noftrorum inter eos 
diftribuenda. Hujus fiquidem teftamenti noftri rcgii 
executores nominamus, facimus, & deputamus venerabiles 
in Chrifto patres Ricardum^ Sarr\ Edmundum* Exon% 
Tidomannum "* Wygorn', Thomam Karliolen* ■, & Guido* 
liem ° Meneven' epifcopos ; dileftum fratrem *' noftrum 
EdwardumP ducem Albimarlie, Thomam ducem Surr' ne- 
poteni noftrum, Johanncm ducem Exonie"* fratrem noftrum, 
&'Wiirm comitem Wyltfchir', quorum cuilibet unum 
ciphum aureurn valoris viginti librarum legamus, ac dile£k)^§ 

^ & Francie de/uat. ^^ fuccefTonbus ** confangaineam 

* Richard Metfbrd was bifhop of Saliibuiy from 1395 ^^ H®?* 

* Edmund Stafford lord chancellor, 1395 — ^4'9* 

™ Tidenian de Winchcorab, 1395 — 1401. Tadmanum^ R'ymer, 

■Thomas Merks 1397, deprived 1399, for his fidelity to his depofed 
matter, H. IV. prefented him to the vicarage of Thurminfter Maiihally 
Dorfet, 1403 ; he was alfo redor of Todenham, c. Glouc. 1404, and died 
1409. Hutchins' Hift, of Dorfet, II. 133. 

° Guy de Mona, lord chancellor, 1 398^ — 1409. 

P He ytzzfirji coujin to R. II. being fon of his uncle Edmund deLangley, 
and Rymer has confangu'incwn here and before, p. 196. 

«» John Holand duke of Exeter, fecond fon of Joan by Thomas Holand 
earl of Kent, brother of Thomas Holand, created by R. II. chamberlain 
of England 17 a. r. earl of Huntingdon 11. a. r. duke of Exeter 21 a. r. 
beheaded and buried at Pleftry 1400. Dugd. Bir. II. 79. 

6 clericos 

aoo RICHARD 11. 

clericos & fidelcs noftros magiftros ** Ricardum Clitford 
noftri privati ligilli cuftodem, Ricardum Maudeleyn, Wiirm 
Fcreby, & Johannem Ikelyngton, clericos *% acjohannem 
Lufwyk, & Will'm Serlc, laicos, quorum cuilibet expenfas 
& fumptus neceffarios dum circa execucionem prefeiitis nof- 
tre ultime voluntatis eos aut eoriam aliquem vacare conti- 
gerit, juxta tamen '* difcrecionem diftorum fuorum coexe^ 
cutorum volumus perfblvi. Quos omnes & (ingulos one- 
ravimus & oneramus ut banc voluntatem tioftram ultimam 
debite exequi & quantum in eis eftadimpleri fat:iant, ficuti 
coram Deo voluerint refpondere ' ^ . Supcrvifores autem huj us 
noftri teftamenti'CTeatnus,t>rdinamus, deputamus & facimtis 
revcrendos in Chrifto patres Roger uitt' Cant\ & Ricafduiin' 
Ebor*, archicpifcopos, Will*m' Wynton* epifcopum ac 
Will'm " abbatem mon* Weftni', Edmundum * ducem 
Ebor* avunculum noftrum, & Henricum ^ comitem Nor- 
thumbr' confanguineum noftrum. Quos omnes & fingulos 
quantum ad nos.attinet in Domino requirinius & rogamus 
quatenus in hanc ultimam voluntatem & difpoficionem nof- 
tram debite & folicite quatenus opus fuerit fupervideant, 
ipfamque execucionem debite demandari fiaciant;Tefiftentes 

**claico8 noftros <nagi(lro8 *' *♦ iUfimi. " Rymcrt copy ends here. 


• Richard Scrope, 1396, 1197, beheaded. for attempting to reftorc 
Richard, He was brother to the earl of Wiltfhire, mentioned in note 8. 

' William of Wickham, 1366 — 1405. 

* William de Colchefter clewed abbot of Wcftminfter 1 386, died the 
. jrear before the depofition of Richard. Dart II. xacxii. 

' Edmund de Langley duke of York before-mentioned, 
y. Father of Hotfpur. He joined H. IV; on his landing, and afterwards 
-Hfing aj^inft him, was defeated and beheaded at Brambam Moor. Dugd. 
Bar^L. 178. 


H I C H A R D II. foi 

vero ieu contradicentes prelatx ecddiaftica oenfura. per cel« 
lant & prout eorum olficium exigit debite coherceant. tc 
€Ofnpefcant9 (icuti eorum Deo red dere voluerint racionem; 
cuilibet Tero fuperviforum iR)ftit>rum kujofmodi uiium 
ciphum aureum & unum adaquarium vatoris qnadraginta 
marcaram legamus ac eciam aflignamus* In quorum om- 
nium & fingulorum teftiraonium atque fidem prefcnteto 
paginam five prefens tcftameritum voluntatem noilram ul- 
timam contincns fuprafcriptam in fcripto redigi ac figillo 
ifioftro privato & figneto fignari, noftrique (igilli magrti 
appenfione, & proprie manus noftre fubfcripcione fecimns 
roborari* Datum, fcriptum, & ordinatum ftrit prefens tcf- 
amentum in palacio noftro apud ' Weftm' fub anno domifir 
mill'mo ccc™"* nonageffimo nono^ indiccione feprima, 
menf Aprilis die fexta decima, anno regni noftri vicefimo 
fecundo ; prefentibus reverendo pat re Roberto * ep'o Lon-* 
don% ac nobilibus & flrenuis viris. Johanne Dorf' mar- 
chione* Thome^ comite Wygorn', Sc aliis. 

For an exaft copy of this will (from the original in 
the Chapter-houfe, Weftminfter) the editor is happy thus 
publicly to return thanks to George Rofe, efq, . It is 
printed very incorredly in Rymer, voL VIII. p. ys* 

* Robert Braybrook, 1381 — 1404« 

* John Beaufort, created marquis of Doifet :^i R. II. See before,, 
p. 175. 

^ Thomas Percy, brother to Henry Percy carl of Northumberland, 
note % created earl of Worcefter, and lord high admiral of England 1 397, 
taken at the battle of Sbrewsbuiy, and beheaded 1403. Vincent on 
Bcook, p. 609. 

D d Richard; 

lox RICHARD n. 

Richard H. was the youngeft fon of the Black Prince, 
bom at Bourdeaux 1366; fucceeded his grandfather 
Edward III. 1377, when he was only eleven years old; 
and, after an inglorious reign of twenty-two years, in 
which Ibme few trjiits of a good difpofition (hewed them- 
ielves through the diffipation, effeminacy, and favoritifm 
of the age, was depofed and fucceeded by his coufin Henry 
duke of Lancafter, Sept. 29, 1399, and on the February 
following made away- He was firft buried in the church 
of the Friars preachers at Abbots Langley in Hert- 
fordfliire, but removed thence by Henry V. to Weft- 
luinfter, where a fplendid monument of brafe, with the 
figures of him and liis firft wife is ftill remaining. Engraven 
in Sandford, p. 203. and Dart. 

He married firft, 1382, Anne daughter of the emperor 
Charles, and fifter to Wenceflaus king of Bohemia; flie 
died without iflue at Shene, 1394, to the great grief of 
her huft^and, tind was buried in Weftminfter abbey. 2dly, 
1396, Ifabel eldeft daughter of Charles VIL of France 
who was only feven or eight years old, and, furviving 
him, was fent home with all the wealth ftie had brought 
to Richard, but no dower % and married to Charles duke 
of Orleans. She died 1409 **. 

c Montf. Mon. de la Mon. Franc. HI. 126. 
' HcjQiult. 


C ^03 ) 


IN the name of God, Fadir, and Son, and Holy Goft, 
thre perfbns and on God. 1 Henry, finful wretch, be 
the grace of God Kyng of England, and of Fraunce, and 
Lord of Irland, being in myne hole mynd, mak ray tefta- 
ment in manere and forme that fuyth : Firft, I bequeth 
to Almyghty God my finful foul, the whiche had never 
be worthy to be man but through hys mercy and hys 
grafe ; whiche lyffe I have mifpendyd, whereof I put me 
whoUily in his grafe and his mercy, with all myn heite. 
And what tym hit liketh him of hys mercy for to tak mc 
to hym, the body for to be beryed in the chirch at Ciaun*. 
terbury, aftyr the defcrecion of my coufin the Archbyfli* 
copp of Caunterbury", And alfolthank all my lordis and 
trew peple for the trewe fervife that they have done to 
me, and y a(k hem forgivenes if I have miflentreted hem 
in any wyie. And als far as they have ofFendyd me in 
wordis, or in dedis in any wyfe, I prey God forgeve hem 
hit, and y do* Alfo y devys and ordeyn that ther be 
a chauntre perpetual! of twey preeftis, for to fing and prey 
for my foul in the aforfoyd chirch of Caunterbury, ia 
foch a plafe and aftyr foch ordinaunce as it feemeth beft 
to my aforfeyd coufiin of Canterbury, Alfo y ordeyne and 

f Thomat Aruiidel, who crowned himt 

D d 2 devife: 

devife that of my gooddls reftitution be made to all hem 
that y have wrongfully grevyd, or any good had of theirs 
without juft tytle. Allb I will and ordeyne that of my 
goodis all my debtes be paied in all haft poflible, and 
that my fervants be rewardyd aftyr their nede and defert 
of fervice, and in efpecyal Wilkin, John Warren, and 
Wijliam Thorpe, gromes of my chambre. Alfo y will that 
all thofe that in eny wyfe be bond in any debt that y owe 
in eny wyfe, or have undertake to any man for eny debt that 
y owe, or that they can dcwlye (hcwe hit, that all foche . 
perfons be kept harmlyfle. Alfo I will that all fees and 
wages that ar not paied be paled, and in efpeciall to 
ny fervaunts of my houfliold, befor eny oder. And 
alfo, that all myn annuityes, fees, and donacions, granted 
by me befor this tym be my lettrcs patents, be kept and 
paid aftyr the effect of the forfeyd letters patents ; and 
yn efpeci;ill to all hem tliat have bene trewe fervaunts to 
X"ne and toward me alway. Alfo y wfU and preym y fon 
that he have recomendyd Thomas de la Crcus, that hath 
well and trcwly fervyd me, and alfo in the fame wyfe 
Jacob Ray(h and Halley. Alfo I will that the Quene be 
endowyd of the Duche of Lancaftre. Alfo I will that all 
my officers both of houfhold and qthcr, the which nedeth 
to have, pardon of eny thing that touch here offices 
both of lofte and oder 'thing, they have pardon therof 
in fembable manere as I of my grafe have be wont to do 
befor this tym. And for to execut this teftament well 



and trulich, for grete tryft that I have on my fon the 
Prince, y ordeync and mak him my executor of my 
tcftament forefeyd, kalling to him foche as him thinkydi 
in his difcrecion that can and will labor to the fonncft 
fpede of my will, comprehended in this myn teftament* 
And to fufiU trewly all things forefaid, y charge my 
forefaid fon upon my bleflyng. Wetneflyng my wei»be* 
lovyd coufins Thomas erchbyfhop of Caunterbury fbre-^ 
feyde, and Edw<ird duke of Yorke ^, Thonias biflichop of 
Durefme % Richard the Lord Grey ^ my chamberiayne^ 
John Tiptoft * myn treafufor of Englond, John Prophete 
wardeine of my privie feale ; Thomas Erpingham, John 
Norbery, Robert Waterton, and many oder being prefent* 
In witneflyng whereof, my privy feele be my commands** 
ment is fet to this my teftament. lyeve at my manere 
of Grenwich, the xxi dey of the moneth of Janver, in the 
yere of our Lord mccccviii and of our reigne the tenths 

*» Son ef Edmund de Langley before-mentioned. He was reftored to hif 
hereditary dignity of Duke of York, in parliament, 7 H. IV. 1405, »od 
fmothered to death in the crowd at the battle of Agineourt. (Dugd, II, 
156, 157). 

*^ Thomas Langley, who had been dean of York and lord chancellor, 
advanced to the fee of Durham 1406, and cardinal 141 1; died 1437, buried 
in his cathedral. Godwin. 

* Richaid lord Grey of Codnor, was much employed by H. IV. and 
died 5 H. V. buried at Aylesfo^d in Kent. Dugd. Bar. L 711. 

c Sir John Tiptoft was treafurer of the houfliold, 9 H. IV. prefident ot 
the exchequer, and treafurer of Normandy , and chief iUward of th^ 
\ing's lordfliips and caftles ip Wales, and the marches ; lord Tiptoft and 
Powis-; died 21 H. VI. (Dugd. II. 40). Where buried doe» not appear, 
but his wife Joyce, daughter and coheir to Edward Charltoa lord Powii^ 
has a monument in Enfield church. 



This will is printed by Wecver in bis Funeral Monu* 
ments, p. 208. from a copy given him by Sir Simon 
d'Ewes, examined with the original under the privy feal. 

Henry IV, only fon of John of Gaunt, was born at 
Bolingbroke in Lincolnfhire, 1366, created earl of Derby 
9 R. U. earl of Hereford and Northampton in right o( his 
firft wife, created duke of Hereford 1397, 21 R. II. landed 
July 1399, at Ravenfpur to claim the crown of England, 
which was fet on his head at Weftminfter 0£lober that 
year by Thomas Arundel archbifliop of Canterbury. The 
greateft part of his reign was a feries of rebellion, war, 
and bloodfhed, which he weakly hoped to expiate by a 
crufade, but died of an apoplexy in the midft of his pre^ 
parations in the Jerufalem Chamber, in the abbot's houfe 
at Weftminfter, March 20, 141 2, having reigned thir^ 
teen years and a half. He was buried at Canterbury^ where 
his monument, with the figures of himfelf and fecond 
wife, in alabafter, remains oppofite to that of the Black 
Prince. (See it in Sandford, p. 274. and Dart^s Ant. of 
Canterbury, p. 85.). 

Henry married Mary, younger daughter and coheir 
to Humphrey de Bohun, earl of Here^Drd, Eflex, and 
Northampton, and lifter to Eleanor duchefs of Glou- 
cefter before-mentioned; (he died 1394, five years be- 
fore her huft)and came to the crown^ and was buried in 
the. new college at Leiccfter% where Leland thus de- 
' Itin. I. 17. Knighton, vol.11, p. 2741. 



icribes her tomb: " There is a tumbe of marble In the 

*' body of the quire. They told me that a countefs of 

" Darby lay biried in it, and they make her, I wot not 

how, wife of John of Gaunt, or Henry IV. Indeed 

Henry IV. wile John of Gaunt lived, was called erle of 

Darby." By her he had i. Henry, afterwards king of 
England; z. Thomas duke of Clarence, flain in battle at 

Bauge in France 141 2, buried in St. Michael's chapel in 
the S. tranfcept at Canterbury, as before obferved, p. 175, 
3. John duke of Bedford regent of Franc^ under H. VL 
died 1435, buried in the cathedral at Rouen. 4. Hum- 
phrey duke of Gloucefter died fuddenly at St. Edmund's 
Bury, not without fufpicion of being ftrangled, 1446; 
buried at St. Alban*s, where his monurnent ftill remains, 
and his corps was found entire about fifty years ago. 
5. Blanch, married 1402 to Lewis, afterwards duke of 
Bavaria. 2dly, to ting of Arragon. 3dly, to the duke 
of Bar. 6. Philippa, married to John king of Denmark. 
Henry's fecond wife was Joan de Navarre, daugh- 
ter of Charles II. king of Navarre, grandfon of John king 
of France, widow of John earl of Montfort duke of Bre- 
tagne, whom he married 1 403, at Winchefter; (he fur- 
vived him many years V<and dying July 10, 1437, at 
Havering Bower, was buried with him at Canterbury. 
Sandford, p. 270. Dart, p. 85, 



C ^08 3 


IN Dei nomine, Amen. Anno ab incarnaciooe Domini 
fecundum curfum & computacionem eccrie Anglicanc 
iBiirmo cccc npno, menfis Marcii die decimo fexto, quaii 
videlicet hora prima,, infra hofpitale beate Kateriue virginis 
juxta turrim London, languens in extremis & prope 
mortem, fanus tamen mente & compos fenfuum, dare 
memorie Johannes nuper comes Somerfetie, cammerarius 
Anglie & capitaneus Calefie, teftamentum fuum nuncu- 
pativum fecit in hunc modum. In primis, legavit ani- 
mam fuam Deo, beate Marie, & omnibus fandtis ejus. Item, 
legavit, voluit, & mandavit, quod debita fua quecumque 
fideliter folverentur, & quod fervientes fui remunerati 
forent de bonis fuis, quilibet juxta propria merita & con* 
gruenciam flatus fui. Refiduum vero onfiniupi bonorum. 
fuorum ac execucionis premiflbrum pofuit folum & in foli- 
dum in difpoficione reverendi in Chrifto patris & domini 
domini Henrici Dei gracia Wyntoii' epifcopi, fratris fui, 
quem conftituit ipfius ultime voluntatis fue executorem 
unicum, ac dominam Magaretam uxorem fuam fuperviden- 
tem; teftibus Ric'o Gardinew hoftiario camere teftatoris 
predifti, Johanne Boys domicello, Thoma Hcrdi, Johanne 
Foreft, Johanne Firay^ & aliis multis. 


Jbftf^ BEAUFOkt EARL OF s6kfefe§tt. ib^ 
Qninto die Aprtlis, A. D. 1410, in eccl* London* eii^ 
minati fuerunt Ric*us Gardinew hoftiarius camere fupra- 
fcripti teftatoris, ac Thomas Hille cuftos garderob^ ejnfdem^ 
& didus Walrcrus Baxceter capellanus, confrater domui 
fanfte Katcrine juxta turrim London*, in forma juris^ & 
predifti ex parte executoris fuprafcrlpti, & probaci6ue 
teftamenti nuncupativi fuprafcripti; quide difto teftamiento 
nuncup^tivo an fuit verum teftamentum ejufdem, lingil- 
latim examinati, dixerunt quod fit, & quod prefentes fue- 
runt, & alii plures, quando teftator fecit hujufmodi tefVi-* 
mentum, ubi & quando audiverunt eum dicere quod voliiit 
quod fuprafcriptus Dominus Wynton' frater fuus, ac hujuf- 
modi teftamenti fui & ultime voluntatis principalis & 
plenus executor, & uxor fua fuprafcripta fupervidens; & 
quod voluntas fua fuit quod debita ftipendarior' CaleP de 
tempore fuo, & eciam alia debita fua ubique integre 
abfque defalcacione folverentur, & deinde familiares fui 
quidam ad fummam centum librar', quidam c marc*, 
quidam XL li. quidam xL marc, quidam xx li. quidam 
Viginti li. quidam xx marc, juxta eorum gradus, merita, & 
obfequia, remunerentur, & de refiduo faceret di£tus execu- 
tor fuus (icut cuperet quod idem teftator faceret pro eo 
in confimili cafu. Requiiiti ulterius di£ti teftes fi audive- 
runt tunc di&um teftatorem revocare aliquod teftamentum 
prius conditum, vel cxecutores prius ordinatos, dixerunt 
fmgillatim, ut prius examinati, quod idem teftator nee 
hujufmodi teftamentum prius conditum, nee executores 

E e tunc 

tunc revocavit, nee aliquid pro tunc locutum fuit dc 
teftamenti materia. 

Probatio di6ti teftamenti nuncupativi 5 die April* 
A.-D. 1 410, in eccl' cathedral' Sti Pauli, London*, auc- 
toritate Thome (Arundel) Cant' Archiep'i, coram Mag* 
Philippo Morgan utriufque juris dodbore & curie audienties 
Archiep'i auditore,. 

Regiftr. Arundel pars 2, fol. 48, a. b. in the archiepif- 
copal regiftry at Lambeth. 

John Beaufort, eldeft fon of John of Gaunt by his laflr 
wife Catherine Swinfard, was legitimated and created 
earl of Somerfet 20 R. II. and next year marquis of 
Somerfet and Dorfet ; but the title of marquis being 
obnoxious, as before obferved, he gave it up i H» IV. 
and was appoirrted chamberlain of England, and captain 
of Calais. The earl died April 21, 1410, and was buried 
in St. Michael's chapel in the S. tranfept of Canterbury 
cathedral, where his countefs ercfted to him, her fecond 
hu{band,.andherfelf, a beautiful monument, with their three 
effigies in alabafter engraved in Sandford , p . 3 1 o ; Dart, p. 6 8 . . 
He married Margaret third daughter of Thomas earl of 
Kent, who was remarried to Thomas duke of Clarence,, 
fecond fon of Henry IV. and died December 30, 1440. . 
Her figure on the tjomb between thofe of her two 
hufbands, her firft on her left hand, and her fecond. 
ttx her right,, ^er iflue were, t. Henry born 1401,, 


died 1 41 8, unmarried. 2. John created duke of Somerfet 
21 H. VI. buried atWinLoru Minfter with his wife Mar- 
garet under a bcautifi'l monument with their effigies, 
miferably engraved in Sandford, p. ^2^. Their grandfoii 
was Henry VII. 3. Tdmund earl of Morton, who, on 
his brother's death without iflue male, was created duke 
of Somerfet, marquis of Dorfet, (lain in the firft bat- 
tle at St. Alban's 1455, and buried in the abbey there, 
4. Thomas, not noticed by Dugdale nor Sandford. 5 Joaft 
married to James I. king of Scotland, and after his death 
to James Stuart fon to lord Lorn. She died 1446, and was 
buried at Perth near the king. 6. Margaret married to 
Thomas Courtney earl of Devon, beheaded 1 46 1 . Sandford^ 
322 — 326. Dugd. Bar. I. 121 — 124. Vincent on Brooke 


I «* ] 



IN Dei nomine, Amen. Cum humane condicionis fit 
ut cinis in cinerem revertatur, & ubi fumpfit originem 
Sbi finem forciatur, hinc eft quod ego Elizabeth Julers 
comitiflT Kane* bone memorie, fane mentis, ear . . . tradi* 
tur autem non abfque infirmitate, videns et confiderans 
mortis periculum & hujus vite finem approprinquare^ 
condo teftamentum meum in hune modum. Ip pri- 
Inis kgo animam meam fumme & individue Trinitati, 
fandtiflime Marie ac omnium celeftium fuperiorum* coq- 
fortio. Item lego corpus meum ad fepeliendum in ecclefia 
fratrum minor' in civitate Wynton*, in tumulo Johannis 
nuper comitis Kancie nuper mariti mei, ibidem abfque qua- 
cunque folemnitate feculari faciendV Item lego & ordino- 
quod fiant v ceree quarunx quelibet fiat pond' v libr. 
ad comburend' circa corpus meum in obfequiis meis. 
Item lego, ordino, ac conftituo, ad diftribuend' inter pau- 
peres per difcrecionem executorum meorum fnbfcriptorum 
in diverfis locis xx li. monete. Item ad fabricam ecclefie 
fanfti Swythini Wynton', vis. viiid. Item lego fabrice 
eeclefie de Ledhampton fuftentand' per difcrecionem^ 
paroeh' difponend' xl s. Item lego conventui fan£li Swy- 

■ Qjiaerc fpirituum.> 


thyni pro eorum pitantia die fepulture mee, xls. Item 
conventui de Hyde pro confimili xr. s. Item conventui 
monialium beate Marie Wynton' xls. Item cuilibet col- 
legio juxta Wynton', videlicet novo coUegio beate Marie, 
collegio fandc Crucis, & coUegio fanfte Elizabetlie xxs. 
Item lego cuilibet domui fratrum mendicant* de civitate 
Wynton', Ciceftr' & Southampton' xl s. Item lego xiii 
fratribus San£le Crucis xiiis. Item lego fratribus & 
fororibus hofpitalis fandle Marie Magdalen' Wynton' xiii.s. 
mid. Item lego cuilibet capellano feculari in eadem 
civitate Wynton' & cuilibet forori in hofpltali fanfli Swy- 
thyni de Hyda xiid. Item lego conventui beate Marie de 
Buchefeld xls. Item lego conventui beate Marie de 
Southwyk xls. Item lego conventui de Notley xl 8» 
Itein conventui de Waverley xl s. Item lego vicar' 
coir fan(Si Ricardi Ciceftr' xls. Item lego anachorit' in 
didto collegio vis. viiid. Item lego cuilibet capellano in 
eadem civitate xiid. Item lego cuilibet capellano de vilL 
de Hanoute% Warblyngton % Bourne, Chirlton% Blende- 
worthy Clanfeld^ Katry ngton% Wynny ng ^, & Farlyngton^, 
XII d. Item lego fratribus rainoribus Wynton' unum vef- 
timehtum nigrum, videlicet, chefiblc, 11 1 awbes, & n 
tunicles, cum i cap' nigr' de pann' aur'. Item lego eiideax 

• *» Warblctoo. 

^ There arc two places of this name in Siiflc::, in the rapes of Brambcr 
and Chicheiler. 
*• in H^^mpfliire. 

« Katherington. Ibid, ^ 

8 ^. Farringdon, c. Hants. 



frat: i!)us xviii li. monete, ut orent & celebrent pro ani- 

mabus Johaniiis mariti mci & omnium ficlelium dcfunc- 

torum. Item lego duobus capellanis honeftis ad celebrarid* 

in villa Oxon' pro anima mca per unum annum integrum 

xli. Item lego cariffime forori mec Alicic comitifle Kanc'^ 

unum mignum- portiforium notat* ut ipfa didtum librum 

poft decelium iuum difponat in ufus plos tam pro anima 

fua quam pro anima mea. Item lego Johanne comitifle 

Kane'' unum parvum miflale & unum magnum legend'. 

Item lego priorifle de Noreton ^ cartam meam cum toto 

apparatu ad eadem pertinent\ Item lego inter tenentes meos 

de Bedhampton * decem quarteria frumenti & x quarteria 

ordei, & hoc cuilibet eorum marit'"" neceflitatem pacientem. 

Item lego inter fiunulos hofbandre"* manerii de Bedhampton 

quinque quarteria ordei & mixt*. Refiduum vero omnium 

bonorum meorum que habeo vel habere potero do & lego 

pure, fpontanee, executor* meor* fubfcript* ut ipfi habeant & 

difponant prout eis viderint melius expedire. Hujus autem 

teftamenti mci ordino, facio, & conftituo executores meos 

* Alice, daughter of Richard Fitz Alan carl of Anindel, aunt to the carl 
of Arundel, whole will is given p. lao. wife of Thomas Holland half bro- 
ther to R. IL who fucceeded his father as carl of Kent, 1360. Vincent on 
Brooke, p. 283. 

* Joan, widow of the Black Prince, and mother of Richard II. was firft 
married to Thomas Holland carl of Kent, who died 1360. Vincent on 
Brooke, p. 28^, ^ 

^ in Hants, of which (he had an affignment in dower, 37 E.III. Clauf. 
379, 3* m. 2;. & 14. 

■ q. maritimom ; fufferers by the breaking-in of the fca. 

■ of huibandry. 



Henricum Beche, Johannem Merfedoii capellanum, Gil- 
bertum Bammebury, & Johannem Gyles. In cujus rei 
teftimonium prefentibus figillum naeum in manibus n^eis 
prefentibus appofui. Hiis prefentibus, priore de Soutliwyke, 
Johanne Uvedale, Bernardo Lucas, Thoma Coke reftore 
ecclefie de Bedhampton, Thoma Pultcr redlore eccl' de 
Wykeham, ac multis aliis. Dat* apud Bedhampton die Lun* 
XX"" die menfis Aprilis, Anno Domini mill'mo cccc"*° un- 
decimo, et anno regni regis Henrici quarti poft conqueftum; 

Probatio dicli teftamenti penultimo die menfis Juiiii^ 
A. D. 141 1, in eccl' Lincohi* coram domino Cant, ar- 
chiep'o. Reg. Arundel pars 2. fol. 154. b. 155. a. In the 
archiepifcopal regiftry at Lambethr 

Elizabeth daughter of the Marquis of Juliers was 
married to John earl of Keitit, fecond Ton of Edmund of 
Woodftock earl of Kent, and fon of King Edward L 
Her hufband dying 26 E. III. (he was fblemnly veiled a 
nun at Waverley abbey by William Edcndon biihop of 
Winchefter; but afterwards, quitting her profeffion, was 
privately married without licence to Sir Euftace Dabricef- 
court knt. in a certain chapel of the manfion lioufe of Robert 
de Brome, canon of the collegiate church of Wingham in 
Kent, by Sir Johiv Ireland prieft, on Michaelmas day 
^3605 34 E. III. For this the archblihop of Canterbury 
enjoined them the following penance, that they fhould 


find a prieft to celebrate daily fervice in our Lady*s chapel 
in Wingham church, and another prieft to do the fame in 
their own houfe ; that (he (hould repeat certain pfalms, &c. 
daily ; and that the faid Sir Euftace, the next day after any 
carnal copulation had between them, fliould abftain from 
whatever di(h of flefti or fifti whereof they moft defired 
to eat, and relieve competently fix poor people; and 
that Ihe ihould go once a year to vifit Becket's fhrine, 
and one a week eat only bread and a mefs of pottage, 
wearing no fmock, and efpecially in the abfence of her 
hulband. She died Juae 6, 141 1, 12 H, IV. Dugd. 
Bar. II. 94, 95. ex Reg. Iflip. Sandford 216. 


C ^t7 ] 


EN noun de Dieu tout puiffant &c filz & faint efpirit & 
la benoite Trinitie & la glorieule Vierge noftre damq 
fainte Marie & de faint Thomas le glorieux martir &' 
de faint Edward le benoite confeffour & de touz faints & 
faintes de Paradys : Je Edward Due de York, de touz 
pedheurs le plus mefchant & coupable, efteant en faine 
memorie, le xxri jour d'Auft, Fan de grace mill cccc Sd 
quinfze & du reigne Monfeig^r le Roy Henry quint puis le 
conqueft tierz, face & devile mon teftament & darreinc 
voluntee en la manere qi enfuyt. En primes je devife 
mon alme a la grace & la mercy noftre feignour Jefliii 
Crift qui la crea, & fourma de nient, come celuy qui foy- 
et le plus coupable, & difnaturelc creature que unque$ 
11 fourma, confiderere es les grante courtoifes & fufierance 
iefijueux de fa haute mercy il m'a de jour en autre mon« 
ftres, non obftant ma fole vie, & la vilte de mes peches. 
Item, je devife mon corps cftre cpfcvele en Teiglife paro- 
chiele deins mon coUegge de Fodrynghay, en mye lequer' 
fovhz une plat pere** de marble, c'eft affavoir ad gradum 
chori. Item je devife & ordeigne qe mes dettes & refti- 
tucions ii aucuns y ibient dehuement premiez^ foient 
paiez a pluftoft qe fiiir ce poura apres ma mort, devaut 
toutes autres chofes, en devant qe aucuns folempnites 

* In the middle of the choir, 

^jiem. * q- proviez. 

Ff foient 


foient faitez entour mon enterrement, les queux folemp- - 
nitcs apres qe mes dettes foient paiez jc veuille qe ils ^ 
neextendenr outre cent iivrcs en l\)rdenance de mes exe** 
ciitoures defqueux je veuille que cynqante marcs foient ^ 
diftributz par demy gros^ entre les plus povres qe y vien- 
droot les jours de raes exequies. Item qe mill, mefles 
des plus povres religieufes qe on pourra trouverer foient: 
a pluftoft qe faire ce pourra apres ma mort cekhrez pour/ 
m*ialme^ defqueux je veuille qe le prior & convent de 
Wytham en Selwodo * foient paiez pour cent meffes, pour 
chefcun meffe iid. & femblalement le priour & convent : 
deBeauvale enShirwode^ pourXi. mefles, chefcun des orde- 
rea des mendinantz en Londres & en ma vyle de Stam* 
ford pour l- mefles, en mefme la naanare come defluis, & . 
le furplus de mill mefles fufditz es povres religieux come : 
defuis^ & efi ipecial as convents de Cbarthous > de Londres^ , 
Coventre, & Heenton** jouA Bathe, folonc la difcrecioun ; 
de mes executours. Item s*il aviegne qe par la volunte^ . 
de Dieu je trepafle hers de ceft ficle in quel lieu qu'il tok : 
forfpris a Fodryngliay pour y eflsre enfcvely, & en ce ca- 
riant illoeques', qe nulles fokmpnitces foient faites par la 
chemya a mes coflages,. except qe je veuille qe les cbepel- 
leins Sc dercs efteaut a nu)U dLcige &. mefles chefcun jour 

^ half groaj*. 

* A Carthufian monafleiy in Sbmcrfctihirc, the firft of the order m 
England, fovoded by Hcmy IL Tkn. N. M. 476. 

' Another houiiB of Carthufiam founded b/Nich.dc-CaAtilose, i7^IIL 
lb. 411. 

» Ckstter-hodcv tt* CarthufiiftflL 

^ Henton; a foundation jbr Carthufiaot by Ela countefs of , SaCfbury^ 
1132. lb. 474* J cariying tMthcr, 


E ft^W A R D DUKE O F- YORK.. iig . 
€Utre eux departe?^ xiiis, mid. la ou men corps repofera^ 
chefcun noct, &c xxs. chefcun jour & nyyt departbz entrc 
les povr^ par denirs, & je vuille avoir {ys torches ardantj; 
entoor moo, corps chefcun jour a meffe & dirige, & chef- . 
cun nuyt cynk tapiers, le quel coft je veuille qe foit cnCy 
gouverne qe ne pafle vis. viiid. le jour & nuyt, iflint qe 
le coft chefcun jour ne paffe xls. et je veuille qe (is de 
mes efcuiers, & fys de mes vadlets, & deux chapellens m*ao- 
coinpaigaent tout le chymyn, done avera chefcun efijuier 
& chefcun chapellein lis. jour, & chefcun vadiet xiid* 
ie jour pour coftages par xv jours fans autres delpenfe« 
faire. Item, }e devife a i;non feignour le Ro)r k rmU^^ 
lour efpee & Le meillour dager qe j*ay. Item, je deviie 
a ma trefamee compaignee Philippe moa lit de plumes 
& leopars ove Tapparaill, mes tapitz blanks & rouges av 
gartiers, loker« & faucon^*^, tnon lit de vert embroude ove 
\me compas ', mes deu^c grands pots d*argent endorrez, /les 
faalains eouverts queux ele ad au prefent, ove les 4(^ers & 
faucoHs^ en mye fieu fur bloy"* champ. Item je veuille qe 
touz mes iervants mqgnajbc " queux feurent dem^Mrratitz en 
Qion hoftel par vm aa eatier devatit mon aler vers Har** 
'flowe en 'la compaigne mon ibuv^ain feigaour le Roy 
ibient ^/akz ^r .mes exebutours lour ftipendies poyix h 
tjenae pTochein enfuant apres xxK)n trcpaflcn»cnt ^d'iceft 
ficle, ceft aflavoir a un efcuier xs. a un vadiet xxs. a un 

. * ^garters, fetterlocks and felcons; the badges of the honfcof York. 
* » blue. "^ memair 

'^ ^ f 2 garceon 

220 EDWARD DUKE 6 1? Y O A K. 

garceon^ s. & a un page vi s^. viii d. Item je veuile qe 
to\iz mes hopolandrsP huykes^ nient furrez' ibient partiz 
entour • mes ferviteurs de ma chambre & garderobe par la 
difcrecion de mes executours. Item qe mes felles & her- 
noys fbient egalment partiz entre mes henxmen \ except 
qe je veuille qe Rokell ait le meillour. Item je veuille 
qe en touz mefles & autres priers qe on ferra dire pour 
moy qe Monf Seignour le Roy Richard, MonP Seignour 
le Roy Henry quart, MonP Seignour mon piere Edmund 
Due de York, madame n>a miere Ifabelle fa compaigne, 
& touz autres trefpaffez de ceft ficle as queux Dieux par- 
doint, pour queux je fuy tenuz en ma confcience a faire 
prier, foient compris .auffi avant come moy mefmes, qe 
Dieux de fa haute mercy eit mercy de eux & de moy le 
meyns digne de touz. Item, je veuille qe touz mes vef- 
timents, crucifixes, ymages, tabernacles, baffins, ewers, 
fenfures ", fconles, & autres joialx, & apparaillen>jents un- 
qore efteantz en mon chapelle, exceptcs les biens & joialx 
queux j'ay mys en gage pour mon aler en ceft veiage vers 
France en la compaigne de mon tres foverain feignour le 
Roy foient apres mon deces defiverez a le maiftre, & fes 
compaignes de mon dit coUegge pour eftrie perpetuelment 
gardez en ycell par eux & lour fucceflburs illoeqes a 
Toimeure de Dieu & fa glorieufe miere, de faint Thomas 

*• Sic Orig. Quaere xs. 

P bopidandesy houpslandsj long cloaks. L. 

^ q. if not huquc^ a hukc, or Dutch mantle. Cotgmve* ' not fiirrcd. 

• cmre^ among. [ henchmen. * cenfers. 



le glorieux martir, faint Edward le Confeffour & touz 
faintz. .Item, je devife a Thomas Pleiftede xxl. en me- 
moire pour la naturefle* qu*il me monftra quant je fuy a 
Pevenfey en garde. Item je devife a Philipp Beauchamp 
le habcrjon ^ qu'il foloit porter qui le Count Huntyngdon 
qui Dieux pardoint me donna, & outre ce Tefpee qu*il port 
des miens, & dys livers en monoye. Item, je devife a 
Thomas Beauchamp mes brigaudiers* coverrez de rouge 
velvet chequete noire & blank, & dys livres en monoye. 
Item, je devife a Johan Popham mes nouvelles brigandiers* 
de rouge velvet queux Grove me fift, mon baffinet * qe je 
port, & mon meillour chival except ce defluis. Item je 
devife aDiprant ma petite cote de maille> le piece de plate 
qe Monf. feignour le prince ma donna apelle Breft-plate, 
le pance **, qe fuift a mon feignour mon piere^ qe Dieu 
aflbill, mon houfell% & rnon chaperon de fere *^. Item, je 
veuille qe la refidu(2 de jpeis bie^s & chateux, par ceft mon 
teftament nient^devifeZc, loient emploiez, difpofez, & dif- 
tributz, pour Talme de moy,. mes parentes, bein faifours & 
touz criftiens par difcrecion de mes executours. Et de 
cefl mon teftament accomplir je face & ordeigne mes exe-? 
cutours mes chiers fervants, approvez de loialte euver« 
moy, Robert Wyntryng^am clerc. Piers Manan efcuier, 

* kmdnefg. y iabcrgfon^ cozt of mz]!^ 

* Brtgandinc^ a fafliion of ancient armor, confifting of many jointed and 
fcale-like plates, pliant unto and eafy for the body. Cotgrave% >, 

■ bafnet, hekiiet. 

* q. belly-piece, frorti pance^ gros ventre. L. pance^ a great -bellied 
doublet. Cotgrave. 

« Apwrw, honi^ngs, . f - 

<* ; * my iron fciill cap or morion* 



Johan Mufton vicacr de Cardhrdt, & Jolian London cha* 
pellein, pour ent fair execution folonc le pourport d'ycell 
de quelle . execution jc Teuillc & ordeigne qce Thomas 
Tcvefque de Durham, Roger Flore, Johan Ruflell^ & 
Laurence, dent la furvieu, 

'■ Probatio didi teftamenti coram Hen' Chichele Cant. 
archiepV ultimo die menfis Novemb' Anno Domini 1415, 
^pud Lambeth. 

" Regifter Chichele pars prima, fol» 284. b. 2^$. a. b. 
lin the archiepifcopal regiftry at Lambeth. 

Edward Plantagenet, fon and heir of Edmund de 
Langley before- mentioned, p. 1^9, was created earl 
•of Rutland and Cork 13 R. II. Of this dukedom he 
was deprived by Henry IV* and in revenge confpired 
againft him, but the confpiracy being difcovered by his 
father, he made his peace. He fuccecjM his &ther as 
duke of York and lord of Tyndale. He founded at Fo* 
theringay a magnificent college % for which he was obliged 
to mortgage great part of his eftate. He left England 
Aug. 13, 1 41 4; was at the (iege of Harfleur Aug. 16, 
and next day made his will. Having defired to have the lead 
at the battle of Agiijcourt, October 25, he loft his life in 
the heat and crowd, -being a very fat man, and iinothered 
^tp death, His body was brought to Epgland, and buried 

• Thomas Langley. 

f ^e the contraA for building it, Mon. Ang. HI* pt. H. p. i^ 


in the choir of his collegiate church under a marble 
flab, with his figure in brafs. After the diffolution, the 
choir b^ing f>tilted down by the duke of Northumberland, 
to whom Edward VL had gfftnted it^ the ftone was taken 
up, and the corps expofed to view. Queen Elizabeth 
ordered it to be re-interred in the church, with the 
grave-ftone over it> and a monument of free-ftone ftill 
remaining was erected for him on the South fide of the. 
altar, with his arms, name, and date of his death.. 
Dugd. Bar. It. 15. Vincent on Brookej,p..620. Peck's 
Annals of Stamford, B.XIII. § 7. 9. 12. p. 4. 8. 10, 11, 12. 
He married Philippa daughter of John lord Mohun, , 
who was re-married to Robert Fitzwalter, and dying. 
10 M. ly. was buried in St. Nicholas's chapel at Weft- 
minfter, where her monument remains, with her arms 
impaled by. Fitz Walter, &c. Sandford, p. 382. Her wUl: 



t «4 3 


IN le iiom de Dieu le piere, & de fitz, & de feint efpirit, 
& dc noftre dame leinte Marie, Jeo Phelip, duchefle 
tie York, & dame de Tyfle de Wyght, le jour de feint 
"Gregorie, Tan du grace mcccxxx, ale chaftell de Careftroke 
en rifle do Wyght, veullant tant come jeo fuy puiflant du 
corps & de memorie ordciner ce que Ton ferra de moy & 
de mes biens apres mon decelle, face moii teftament en 
ia maner que s'enfuit. Primes, je recommand humbJement 
ma a'lme.a Dieu, fa benoite mere, & toutz les feintes, re- 
creant* mercy de toutcs mes ■ pecchies. Et quelle part 
que ma lefle ^ morir jeo eflife fepulture de feinte efglife 
pur mon corps en Tefglife conventuell deWeftmlnfter^ 
Auxint jeo voiel, que la ou jeo meorne*" que la dirigie foit 
^ifte a vefpre, & la mefle de requiem :Gpit ditc la matin 
.apres en mefme lieu, & que xhefcun preftre efteant a les 
dites fervices eit xiid. Item, jeo voille que mon corps 
foit carie tanque a Weftminfter, repofant fur le voie a 
certeins lieues, jeo vole que exequies foient faitz, come 
dirigie a foir, & a metyn devant mon departir une meffc 
de requiem, & que mefme devoir^ foit done & diftribuc 

» cruvln^.' 

^ Kelham his fflerramourir fliall die. 

« (i*_m£or£i*y die, ^ duty, ceremony^ 



Cinque a ma veine ^ a Weftminfter, come en mefles, almoig^ 
nes, &. altres coftages xx marcs, ou pleus, ou meinez 
come befoigne i loit al difcrecion de mes executours.. 
Item jeo voille que aveine * Weftminfter xiii povres 
homes foient veftus, chercun ho:iie une hopeloiKl ^ & 
une chaperon de noir, portant chefcun deux un torche 
al dirige & al mefl'e de requiem a matyn. Item, jeo 
voille que fbit donne a. chelbun de les avaunditz homes 
XX d. de money. Item, jeo voille que le herce fbit 
coveree de drap noir tout entour. Item, que une tres 
bele herce de cir e de la menes aflife foit fur la herce 
avandit. Item jeo voille que foit diftribue le jour de 
enterement perenrre m povres homes & femes vi marcs,, 
XLd. come a chefcun d'eux id. Item, jeo voille & ordcigne 
pur avoir M dirigies en un jour, & lendemain apres foient 
dites M mefles, & a chefcun prefl;re im d. apres ma mort 
en tout la haft que bonement purroit eftre pur ma alme 
&toux criftiens. Item^ jeo voille que xiiis. mid. foient 
paiez a deux, hq^es pur lur traveyl portant les deniers 
entour les dirigies & les mefles. Item, jeo devife al abbot 
de Weftminfter xiiis. mid. & al priour de dit lieu le jour 
del dirigie & lendemain pur les fervices vis. vmd. Itenx 
a chefcun moyne lus. imd« Item jeo devife a chefcuiL 

^ venue^ coming. 

' Sec before, n. p. p. 220. ^ 

s A curious Learle of wax in a finall proportion pliiced upon it. Dugd. U. 

G g. 2 preftrc 


preftre Tenant a ma ^iteremeiit pnr dirige & chanter mefles 
xnd. Item, jeo devife xxli. pur chater** draps de ruffet pur 
vcfturc de cent poures homes & femmes, diefcun de 
eaux une hopelond & une chaperon. Item jeo lle/ife a 
deux honeftes ^preftres pur chanter meffes & pur dir le 
Trenthall del Gregory par un an entier pyr ma alnxe ^ 
toutz criftiens xx marcs. Item, jeo devife a ^[uatre viucz 
povres homes & femmes bedredjp* xiiil. vis- vnid. 
Item, jeo devife & ordeinc pur les >difpencc5 & cottages 
entouT ma enterement xxh & pluis fi befoigne i foit per 
difcrecion de mes executours. Item, Jeo voille ^ ordeigne 
XX li. pur draps noire achater pur teutz ma meigne en- 
couvertre^ le jour de ma enterement. Item, jeo voille & 
ordeigne un chalis d'argent & un veftement al autre de 
feint "Nicholas a quel mon corps gift. Iterq, jeo voille 
& ordeigne al priour de Crichurche & fon covent de 
Cantirbury pur prier pur ma alme v marcs. Item, je 
voille & ordeigne al abbot de Ghartefey .& fou covQnt 
pur prier pur ma alme xls. Item, je vdlle .& ordeigne 
al abbefle de Berkyng pur prier pur ma alme vjs. yiiid. 
& al priorefle & le covent xxvis. viiid. Iten^, .al 
priorefle de Stratford* pur prier jpur ma alme vs. .& al 
covent XX s.' Item, jeo Voille &c ordeigne al abbefle de 

^ achetery to buy. * b€drid4ep* 

^ ^to cover (clo(hi;).gE^ wJx^rhoufh^Ul, 

* Stratford at Bow, a Bencdidtinc hunnerj-, as old as the Conqueft. Tfo* 

. ■; '. y 


D ^U C H X S S OF Y O «. K. 227 

Burnham^fi". xxs. & a la covent xxs. Item, jeo vo^Ue & 
ordelgne a ^a priorefle de Goryng " & fa covent xxs. Item, 
jeo voille & prdeigiie al college de Fodryngheye pur prier 
pur xna alme xls. Item, jeo voille & ordeigne a x^hefcun 
mefon & fan covent de freres dcdeinz de ** tx)ndres de -ks 
lui -ordres p\^r venir a Weftminfter a la dirige & le meflc 
le jnatyn ae mon eoterement, a chefcun covent de diAes 
freres -xx^. Jkem, jeo voille •& ordeigne a mon filtz 
Waytervfeignovir filtz Waulter^, pur alder &de perfourmer 
la voluntee de mon teftament, une hanap dorc coveres del 
iafliondeune^ftrille'^ chafez' une anell dore ove une rubye, 
& un^fa^tiel^ Item, jeo voille & ordeigne a le Sieur Tiftot 
piu- eftre mon ferveieur' •& pur eider &jile perfourmer 
ia voluntee de mon teftament le meillour potte de les 
deux pottes graundes d^argent endorres. Item, jeo voiHe 
«& ordeigne a Sire Johan Cornewall chevaler, pur eider 
A-de/perfour-mer la voluntee de mon teftament deux pottes 
d*argent endorrez paleez & pounfonnez* ove lilies fur le 
covercle. Item, pur mefmes caufes avanteres" cent marcs. 
Item, je voille & ordeigne a Johan Appiltpn efquier cent 
marcs. Auxfint je voille & ordeigne a Alifon Seint Pai^le 

■ Burnham, or Nun Burnham, a fmall Bencdiftinc nunnery inYorkfhirc, 
founded in the reign of H. III. Tan; 683. 

■ A. fmall Auftin priory of nuns in Oxfordlliire, founded t. H, 11. Ibid. 


" dedans de^ within. 

-* Her fon by her fecond hufband Sir Walter Fitzwaltcr. 
* grille or etriife is a currycomb : but how can a cup be of this iliape. 
I .cltofea* ' fupervifor. ' ftriped and fpocted, or fprinkled. " 



diz marcs* Item, je voille & ordeigiie a Richard Weiiq 
& Anneycs Wene fa compaigne cent marcs, pur achatro 
a eulx line corrodfe clurant fes vies. Item, jeo devife & 
ordeigne le refiduez de toutzrrieis biens nicnt devant dcvi* 
{eZ que font diftribuez en quatre parties, ceft aflavoiv 
comme en mefles di<Sc9, prifoneres releveez, povres fuftines^ 
& m ale vies amend es, par bon advys & diferecion de mea 
execiitours. Item,, jeo voille & ordeigne mes executours 
Sir John Cornwall, Thomas Chaufe r, John Hore, & 
Sire John Grafwell chapehyn, & pur mefme Ic caufe pui 
eider & de perfurmer la voluntee de mon teftament, jeo 
voille & ordonne a Thomas Chawefer cent marcs, a Johan 
Hore & Sir John Cornewaall, a cbefcun dc eux xxli; 
Don delubz notre feal de nos armez, jour, lieUy & an de 
notre ftigneur avantditz. 

Probatio diQi teftamenti coram doratmo Henrico (Chi-? 
chele) in rnanerio fuo de Lamehith, 13. die Nbvemhris^ 
A,. D. 1431.^ 

Reg, Chicheie, pars, prima,, fol. 428, a. b. in the archle-r 
pifcopal regiftry at Lambeth* 



Philippa^ fecond daughter and coheir of John lord 
Mohun of Dunfter, was married firft to Edward duke 
of York, whofe witl precedes this; and afi&r hiE death * 
to Sir Waiter Fitz Walter, knt. by whom ftie had one 
fon, Walter Fitz Walter^ who died 10 H. VL She died , 
1433, and was buried in St. Nicholas* chapel in Wcft- 
minfter abbey, where her monument and effigy ftili ^ 
remain, with the arms of Mohun and Fitzwalter, en- 
graved in Sandford, 382. and Dart. Dugd. U. 15^?^ 


f ^36 3 


r^ Dei noinine, Airieri. detima die faienffs Jiilii, Anhb- 
D'diriini itiillerimb cccfc"^ dfeciftio fepHmd, hoS I'hoih^i 
riiitis re^is, Ehii Cldrehclei Gomes AIBetharle, & Sehcfcdl- 
la3 AriglFe, fana niehte; cbiirflmni t'elHiiientum libfthirii iti 
hunc mbduiti. In prinlis, legimtis animaiil ru>ftwni Eteo 
omnipotently & beatiffime Marie matri fue. Item, legamus 
corpus noftrum ad fepeliend' in ecclefia Chrifti Cantuar' ad 
pedes alte memorie domini & patris noftri, cujus anime 
propitletur Deus. Item legamus & ordinamus quod, de- 
bitis noftris plene perfolutis, executores noftri emant, feu 
quoquo modo impetrent, jus patronatus alicujus ecclefie 
valoris xlK. per ann. & illam ecclefiam appropriare & 
unire faciant & procurent priori & conventui di£le ecclefie 
Chrifti Cantuar' fumptibus & expenfis noftris recupe- 
rand' & levand* de fummis nobis per dominum noftrum 
Regem, ac Duces Burie, Aurelian, Burbon, &Alancon% 
debitis, pro 11 11^' capellanis ydoneis fjcularibus inibi pro 
animabus prefati domini & patris noftri, ac matris noftre, 
& anima noftra, & Margarete confortis noftre, & animabus 
omnium progenitorum noftri Thome, & omnium fidelium 
defunftorum perpetuo celebraturis & divina officia fadturis 
adminiftraturis annuatim percipiendispro omni fuo fervicio, 
• Berry, Orleans, Bourbon, and Alcncon; fee p. 115. 



quilibet didorutn capelianorum decern marcas fteriingjCHr 
rum per manus prioris didi conventus qui pro tempore 
fuerit, ita quod difti prior & conventus faciahrAr^^Vc^^ 
niant fufficientem fecuritatem prefatis executoribus Sc 
heredibus noftris de didlos capeilanos perpetuo, tit prefertur^ 
fuftinendos, & iaibi invenicndos, ac de femel in anno fpe« 
cialiter faciend* in di£la ecclefia per conventura prediftuitt 
anniverfarium nollrumi ut moris eft^ pro aliis principtbus 
fieri fblempniter pro perpetuo duratur*. Item, voiumUs i6c 
ordinamus quod iidem executores noftri emant, {eu quoqtw 
modo impetrent, patronatum alterius ecclefie valoris 
XL marc^ per annum, & eandem ecclefiam appropriandam 
decano, canonicis, & vicariis, ecclefie collegiate de Newerk 
apud Leyceftre, ad inveniend* duos ydoneos tapeilaiK)6 
divina ibidem pro animabus predi^s imperpetuum cele- 
braturis modo & fiDrma prenotatjs* Item legamus duo 
tnilia librarum fterlingor* de didis fummis leVand* & 
recuperand* in fi^rma prediiSla, debitia noftris plenarift 
pcrfolutis, ad diftribuend' & erogand' per manus execu- 
torum noftrorum, inter fervitores noftros fecundum ftatum 
& continuacionem in noftro officio, per ipfos fafto, in re^ 
muneracionem laborum fuorum nobis pe; ipfbs imperii 
forum. Refiduum vero omnium bpnorum noftrorum 
fuperius non^ legatorum damns & legamus Margarete 
precariffime confbrti noftre, ad difponend' & ordinatid* 
de ipfis pro fe & falute anin^e noftre prout fibi melius 
videbitur expedire* £t ipfam Margaretam confottem 

H h noftram, 


noftram, Dominum Johannem Pelhafti, Dominum Hen- 
ricum Merfton clericum, Dominum Johannem Colvyle 
militem, & Wiilielmum Alyngton armigerum, noftros 
fecimus, orditiamus, & creamus hujus teftamenti noftri 
executores, ut ipfi illud exequantur in forma fuprafcripta, 
prout prefate Margarete conforti noftre per avifamentum 
predidtorum Johannis, Henrici, Johannis, & Willielmi, 
melius videtur faciend' pro^falute anime noftre. In cujus 
rei teftimonium prefentibus figillum noftrum duximus 
apponendum die & anno predi^s« 

Hec eft pura libera & ultima voluntas noftri Thome 
filii Re^s, Ducis Clarencie, Comitis Albemarl' & Senef- 
challi Anglie, ex noftra mera & fpontanea voluntate, ac 
deliberacione & certa noftra fciencia fafta, decima die Julii, 
anno regni Henrici quinti poft conqueftum quinto : 

Premierment nous volons & ordonnons a Tonnour Dieu 
& pour la falvacion de noftre alme, que immediate apres 
noftre mort toutes les revenues & proffitz provenantz de 
noz chafteaux, manoirs, fervices, terres, tenementz, o 
toutz lours appurtenances, en Holdernefle en le counte de 
Uerwyk \ & aiUours, fi bien deins le reaume d'Angleterre 
come aillours, foient levez & receuz par Margarite noftre 
trefc^iere compaigne, & nos aultres feffes & executours, 
i'vi en an, aux termes deuz pour faire plahi paiement 
de noz dettes : Et ency « a durer tant qe la fommc de 
toutz nos dettes a noz creditours dues foyent plainement 

• * York. « ainfi. 



levez. Et en outre, en plain declaracion de noftre Volonte, 
nous volons & ordonnons que fi les fommes a nous dues 
par noftre fbverain feignour le Roy, et les Dues de 
Berry, Orleans, Burbon, & Alancon, foient paiez aprcs 
noftre mort, nous volons qe le fomme levee en la vie 
de noftre dit compaigne pour paier noz dettes de noz 
dits chafteaux, manoirs, fervices, terres ou tenements, 
foient repayes a noftre trefchier compaigne, pour ce qe 
nous volons qe elle eit les chafteaux & fervices fuifditz 
pour terme de fa vie de don & grant de nos feffees. Item 
nous volons & ordinons, qe touts les revenues & proffitz, 
provenantz de la garde de touz lours terres & tenements, 
fi bien de noftre trefchier fils Henri counte de Somerfet, 
come de Thomas filz & heir a MonPr Morice Ruflel 
chevalier, enlemblement ovec les manages d*icell, foient 
difpofez & difpenduz en ayde du payement de noz detteS 
fuifHitz, Et fi le dit Henri conte ou le dit Thomai 
Ruffelldevie^deins aige, lours heirs deins agecfteantz,adon- 
ques nous volons & ordonnons qe les gardes & mar- 
riages de lours heirs, terres, & tenements fuifditz, de heir 
en heir^ foient difpofez & defpendus de noz dettes fuif- 
dites, de & pour accomplir noftre teftament & derraine 
volunte. Pourveu toutefoiz que les profits & les reve- 
nues de la garde des terres & tenements fuifditz, de noftre 
dit filz, par deux ans entiers prochains devant le plain age 
du dit Henri noftre filz, foient deliveres al oeps & profit 
du mefme noftre filz le Counte pour miculx fon eftat 

* deceafe. 

H h a fuftenir. 


fuftenir. Item, nous volons & ordonnons que tantoft 
apres que iioz dettes & noftre derraine volunte Ibieat 
payes & acomplies, que noz fefl^s de noz chafteaux, ma* 
noirs, fervices, terres, & tenements fuifditz, fecent eftate 
a Margarite noftre trefchiere compaigne en les ditz cha- 
teaux^ manoirs, fervices,. terres> & tenements, o * touts lours 
appurtenances fuifdits, pour terme de ia vie; le remaindre,. 
fi nous devions fans heir de noftre corps, des dits chateaux^ 
manoirs^ fervices^ terresy & tenements, o * lours appurte- 
nances, a Henri noftre dit filz conte de Somerfet, et a fes 
heirs malles de fon corps engendres : £t s*il aviegne que 
noftre dit filz devie ianz heir mafle de ion corps engen- 
dres, iK)us volons & ordonnons que la reverficHi des 
ditz chateaux, manoirs^ fervices^ terres^ & tenemei).ts^ 
ovec touts lours appurtenances^ remaigne a noftre fbveraia 
feignour Henri le Roy d*Angleterre le quint^ et a fea 
heirs roys d'Angleterre, pour tous jours^ En tefmoig- 
nance de la quel chofe a ycefte noftre derraiQC volunte 
enclofe nous avons fait mettre noftre feal.. IX)anie comme 

Probatio di<Sti teftamenti apud Lambeth coram Henrica 
Chichele Cant* nrchlep% die menfis xxiii^'Novembris anno 
Doriiitii 1423- 

Regifter Chichelc p»8 prima, fol. ^y6. b. 277* ^» ^ 
in the Archiepiicopal regifhy at Lambeth. 

' ' • ip. dv#, with. 



Thomas of Lancafter, fecond fon of Henry IV. was 
created earl of Albemarle and duke of Clarence 141 2, 
conftable and lieutenant-general of the army in France 
and Normandy, loft his life on Eafter-feve 1421, by 
incautioufly encountering the French and Scots at Bauge, 
where he was borne down by a Scots lance, and 
with him fell feveral gallant officers, and 2000 private 
foldiers, befides many of both ranks made prifoners. His 
corps was brought over and buried at Canterbury in St- 
Michaers chapel in the South tranfept ; but as his will direfts 
that it be laid at the feet of his father, we muft fuppofe 
the tomb \^hereon his image lies at Canterbury, was, with 
tefpeft to him, only an honorary cenotaph. See it in 
Sandfbrd, p. 3io» and Dart. He married Margaret Holland 
widow of John Beaufort earl of Somerfet, whofe eldeft 
fon Henry he feems to have adopted, having no legi- 
timate children of his own, Dugd. Bar .^11. 196. Sandford> 
p. 309. 


C ^J6 3 

H E N R Y V. 

IN ye worfliip of ye blefled Triiiite, of oure laide Saint 
Marie, and of alle ye blefled company of Heven : I 
Henry, by ye grace of God Kyng of Yngland and of 
France, lord of Irland, atte makyng of yes prefentes 
lettres, y ordeynet and difpofet to pafle in to ye parties 
of France, to recover by help of God, my rightes yere to 
me longyng, have do write my wille and cfitente in 
manere aftir foloyng. For as much as before yis tyme I 
have enfefFed fymplich and without condicion Hemy* 
crchibifshop of Cant*bury, Henry *> bifshop of Wyncheftre, 
Thomas * bifshop of Durefme, Richard** bifshop of North- 
wich, Edward due of York, Thomas erl x){ Aroundell, 
Thomas jcrl of Dorfet;, Rauf erl of We£km*land, Henry 
lord jfilz Hugh, Roger JLeche, Wautier Hung'ford, and 
Johan Phelip, knyghtes, Hugh Mortymer, Johan Wpde- 
hous, and Johan Leventhorp, efcuiers, in ye caftil and 
Jordlhip of Hegham Ferrers % and in other lordfliips, ma- 

* Chicheley^ * Beaulbrt. « Langley. 

* Courtney <lied at the fiege of Harfleur, X4i4« 

* This eftate was granted on the attainder of Robert earl of Ferren, 
.-{o H. UI. to Edmund the king's younger fon, created earl of Lancafter, 
and after his attainder reftored ij £• IL to his brother Henry, by whofc 
.^rand^daughter Blanche it devolved to John of Gaunt, and fo paft to hu 
fon and grandfon Heniy IV and V^ The latter fettled it as above recited : 
£. IV. and fucceeding! kings, granted it to different perfons, and it now 
belongs to the honourable Thraias Wentworth, efq. See Bridges's Nor- 
thamptanflitre, IL 171— i7J« 



noirSy landes, tenementz, and othir pofTeffionB, to me 
defcended as to foon and heir aftir my- lord mj hdir 
Henry of Lancaftre, laft before me Kyng of Yngland and 
of France, Lord of Irland, ye whiche Gfod aflbille, as it is 
more fpecialy writen in my lettres.patentes yerof maad': 
And aifo atte fame tyme by myn othir Lettres patentes^ 
enfefFed ye forfaid feffez in ye caftils and manoirs of 
Haltonf and Clyderhow^y and in othir lordfhips, manoirs^ 
landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices,. and othir poffeffion^, 
to me defcended in manere aforefaid, als to foon and heir 
aftir ye forfaid my lord my fadir; and alio in othir 
landesr tenementz, and pofleflions purdiaflet, as it is 
fiilly contenet in ye faid.myn othir lettres paten tes : Allc 
ye whiche caftils,. lordfhips^ manoirs, landes, tenemrentz; 
rentes, fervices, and othir pofteflions, been of ye value of 
^li. yerely,, whenne yai be defcharged of fiez and an- 
nuy tes with ye whiche yai be now charged : And now 
it is fb, yat.of ye forfaid feffez Richard yat was bifshop 
of Norwich, Edward yat was due of York, Thomas yat 
was erl of Aroundell, Roger Leche and Johan Phelip,^ 
knyghtes, and Hugh Mortymer, efcuier, be deed : Wher- 
fi3re I wol and pray de forfaid Erchibifshop, blfshops of 
Wyncheftre and-Durcfme, Thomas now dUc of Exceftrc 
'and erl of Dorfet, Rauf erl of Weftm'land, Henry lord 
filz Hugh, Wautier Hung*ford knyght, Johan Wodehous, 
and Johaa Leventhorp, efcuiers, now beyng on lyve, 

/ IQ Chqihir«« • < CUthero ioX.aRcaihire. 


a|S ' B E N R t V. 

yat thogh yai wkh othir before nemet been fymplich 

and without condicion enfefFed in alle ye fbrfaid caftils, 

lordlhips^ manoirs, landes, tencmentz, rentes^ fervices, 

and othir pofleffions ; nethifyelees yat of all ye faid 

caftils, lordfliips, manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, 

fervices, and othir poffeflions, yai wil do fulfille mj^ 

wille and entent aftir writen ; but if it fo befelle yat or I ^ 

j>afle out of yis world, I change yis wille : And in yat 

cas I woi and pray ye foffaid feffez, yat yai do fulfille 

xny latter wille, ye whiche yai may be certifiet of be 

my lettre fubfcribed with myn owen hand, and enfeelet 

with my feel; Firft, I wol and pray ye forfaid fcfFez, yat 

at what tyme in my lyve I do a(k hem yai refefi^ me 

agayn, or do make feflfements to othir perfonne or per* 

ibnnes at my nomdnacion, in alle ye forfaid caftils, lord- 

ihips, manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, and 

othir pofleffions, in bothe my forfaid lettres patentcs 

;efpecifiet, in fuche forme and manere as it fchal like me 

defire for ye tyme : And if before fuche refeffement of 

fefFements it happeth yat I pafle out of yis world, yenne 

it is my wille, and I pray ye forfaid feffez, yat yai enformet 

by hem yat ar or flial be nemet executors of my tefta- 

ment, how fer my godes moeblc may fujEce to ye paie- 

ment of my dettes, and fulfiUyng of my laft wille; and 

if it fo be yat ye forfaid feffez may concey ve yat ye faid 

executors with my godes moeble may noght paie tny 

dettes, and do playn execucion of my laft wiUe; Thanne 

at is my wille, yat of ye iflues, profitz, and revenues, of 


ft £ N R Y tr. ^39 

alle ye fdffald caftils^ lordflhips, manorri, landes, tcne* 
mentz, fentes, fervices, and othir pofleffions, yat fltal 
be receyvet by the forfaid felEFez^ or by any of hem, 
fbms fufficientx and neceffaries by hem be paiet fronl 
tyme to tyme to my forfaid execu tours yerof, to paie my 
dettes, and do playn and entier execucion of my laft 
wille: And 1 wol yat alle ye fbrfakl caftils, lordihipSj 
manoirs, landes, tenementz, I'entes^ fervices^ and othi^ 
pofleflions, ye forfaid fefffez hold in hir owen pofleffiort 
til my dettes be playnly paiet, aiid my laft wille cntierely 
execilt : And yat doen and performet, thanne I wol and 
pray ye forfaid fcftez, yat if yer be at yat tyme on lyve 
any heir of my body gdten, yai wil do enfefie my lame 
heir in alle ye forfaid caftils, lordftips, manoirs, landes, 
tenementz, rentes, fervices, and othir pofleflions, in bothe 
my fgrfaid lettres patentes efpecifiet, to have and to hold 
to my faici heir in ftiche cfl:at as I had in ye fame caflik, 
lordftiips, manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, 
and othir pofleflions, or 1 yerof mane any etifeffemenf 
in manere aforefaid : And if fo befalle yat without heir of 
my body comyng I pafle out of yis world, or t aflc any 
fuche refefFement or feiffements as is beforefaid, thanne I 
wol and pray ye forfaid feflez . ^ ye forfaid caflil and lofd- 
fliip of Hegham Ferrers, and in alle othir lordfliips, ma- 
noirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, and pofleflions^ 
in my forfaid lettres patentes, with ye forfaid caflil and 
lordfliip of Hegham Ferrers efpecifiet, Yat, feen firft and 
underftanden ye chartiers, muniments and evidences, by^ 
force of whicbe ye fame caftil and- Itirdfllip of Hfegham 

Hh 5 Ferrers, 

240 HENRY V, 

Ferrers, and othir lordfhips, manoirs, landes, tenement/^ 
rentes, fervices and pofleifions expreffet in ye fame my let- 
tres patentes defcendit to me in heritage, ye faid fefFez do 
enfefFe my right heirs in the fame caftil, lordfliips, ma- 
noirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, and othir pof- 
feflions, to have in fuche and like eftat as 1 had yereinne 
before my feftemcnt aforefaid ; forthermore I wol and 
pray ye forfaid feffez, yat firft my dettes paiet, and plaia 
and entiere execucion of my laft wille doen, ye forfaid 
fefFez in ye forfaid caftils and manoirs of Halton and 
Cliderhow, and in alle othfr lordfliips, mangirs, landes,^ 
tenementz, rentes, fervices, and othir pofleflions, in my 
forfaid lettres patentes, with ye forfaid caftils of Halton. 
and Clyderhow efpecifiet, do departe as evenly as yay 
may in two parties egales ye fame caftils and lordfliips,, 
manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, and othir 
poffeflions, with ye faid caftils of Halton and Cliderhow^ 
expreflet in ye fame my lettres patentes : And in as miicb 
as yai may godely, ye forfaid fefFez do afligne in ye toon, 
of ye faid two parties, caftils, lordfliips, manoirs, landes,, 
tenementz, rentes, fervices, and otjiir poffeflions, in ye^ 
South coftees ; and in ye tothir of ye faid two parties, ye 
faid fefFez do afligne caftils, lordfliips, manoirs, landes,, 
tenementz, rentes, fervices, and othir pofleflions in ye. 
North coftees of Yngland ; and fuche departifon maad by 
ye faid fefFez, I wol and pray hem yat in alic ye faid. 
caftils, manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, and 
othir pofleflions, with alle yaire appurtenances yat flial in 
ye forme before faid be aflignet in faid North coftees of. 
I Yngland, 

H E N R Y V. ^41 

YiTgland, ye faid fefFez do enfefFe my brothir Johan due 
of Bedford to have and to hold to hym and to liis heirs 
mals of his body comyng : And if it fo befall yat my 
forfaid brothir Johan without heir mal of his body 
comyng departe out of yis world, thanne I wol yat allc 
fame caftils, lordfliips, manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes^ 
fervices, and othir poffeffions, fo geven to my faid bro- 
thir Johan after his decefle, noon heir male of his body 
yenne beyng on lyve, remaigne to myn heirs kynges of 
Yngland, and be annexet to the corone of Yngland foF 
evermore, in ye beft forme yat ye forfaid fefFez, by avys 
of confeil of lawe, kan ordeigne or devyfe : And alflb I 
wol and pray ye forfaid feffez, yat in alle ye forfaid 
caftilsy lordfhips^ manoirs, landes, tenementz, rentes, 
fervices, and othir pofleflions, with alle yair appurte- 
nances yat fhal in ye forme aforefaid be affignet in ye 
faid South coftees of Yngland, ye faid feffez do enfefFe my 
brothir Umfray due of Glouceftre to have and to hold 
to hym and to his heirs mals of his body comyng: And 
if it fo befalle yat my forfaid brothir Umfrey without 
heir mal of his body comyng departe out of yis world, 
thanne I wol yat alle ye fame caftils, lordfhips, manoirs^ 
landes, tenementz, rentes, fervices, and othir pofFeffions 
fo geven to my faid brothir Umfray after his decefle, noon 
heir mal of his body yenne beyng on lyve, remaigne to 
myn heirs kynges of Yngland, and be annexet to ye Corone 
of Yngland for evermore, in ye beft forme yat yc forfaid 
fefFez, by avys of confeil of lawe, kan ordeigne or dcvife : 
And if it fo befalle yat or my dettes be fully paiet, and 

H h d ' my 

my lafl: \vUle pkynly execut, ye forfaid fefFez dyee alle 
fave thre, two, or oon, thanne I wol and pray the thre, 
two, or oon, yat yai in alle ye forfaid caftils, lordfhips^ 
manoirs, landes, tenenientz, rentes, fcrvices, and othir 
poflefflons, in bothe my forfaid lettres patentes expreflet 
yai do eafefFe two of the xii perlbnnes of ye which ye 
names been hereaftir writen, Robert^ bifshop of Saleftury, 
Johan ' bifshop of Coventre and Lichefeld, Edward Cour- 
teiiey, Gilbert Talbot, Johan Neville, knyghtes, Robert 
lord of Wylughby^, Edward Holand, Gilbert Umfraville, 
Johaa Rodenhale, and Robert Babthorp, knyghtes, Roger 
Fiore, and Johan Wilcotes, efcuiers ; and yat yenne in 
alle ye forfaid caftils, lordlhips, manoirs, landes, tene- 
mentz, rentes, fervices, and othir poffeffions, ye forfaid 
two do refefFe yaire fefFours or feffbur, and ye remaig- 
iiant of ye faid xii perfonnes yat yenne fhal happen to be 
on lyve, for to fvilfille and execut all yat at yat tyme 
happeth to be unparformet of all my wille before writeiu 
And in witneflfe yat this is my full wille and entente, I 
have fet herto my grete feel, and my feel yat 1 ufe in 
ye governance of myn heritage of Lancaftre : And I have 
fubfcribed with myn owen hand yes prefentes lettres 
endentet and inpartit, and do clofe hem undir my prive 
feel, ye xxi day of Juyl, ye yere of our Lx>rd a thowfand 
foure hundred and feventene, and 0f my regne fift. This 
is my ful wille God knowethr 

^ Robert Hallaniy 1408 — 1417. 
^ JohnKeterieh, 141 5; tranflated to Exeter 1419. 
^ Robert lord Willoughby of Ereiby, a gallant commander ift this king's 
and his fon's French wars; died 30 H, VI. Dugd. Bar. II. 85. 



H E N R Y V. n3 

Voluntas metuendiffimi domini noftri regis intimanda feof- 
iatis fuis in c'tis dominiis hereditatis Lancaftr'. 

For a tranfcript of this will (from the original in the 
Chapter-houfe at Weftminfter) I am indebted to my wor- 
thy friend Abraham Farley, efq. deputy chamberlain of the 
receipt of his Majefty's Exchequer. 

Henry V. the Conqueror of France, was born 1388 ; 
and, after a (hort but glorious reign of 9 years, 5 months, 
and 14 days, died in the 34th year of his age of a fever 
and flux, at Bois de Vincennes in France, Aug. 29, 1422 ; 
and was buried in the Confeflbr's chapel at Weftminfter, 
in a little chapel, enlarged and beautified by Henry VII. 
and now kept lockt, where his monument and effigy, a 
headlefs defaced trunk of oak, remains. See Sandford, 
289, 290. 

See in Rymer, X. 506, a writ from Henry VI. to make 
good the payment of the legacy of jT. 200. to the clerks of 
Henry V!s chapel, out of the lands and caftles in the hands 
of the archbifhop, &c. to be by them made over to the 
other executors. Walker Lord Hungerford, William Por- 
ter, Robert Babthorp, and John Leventhorp. Dated at 
Weftm. May 12, 1432. 10 Henry VL Rot. Pari. IV. 
P*393* A writ 3 Henry VI. 1425. in Rymer, X. 346. 
(tranfcribed in the Appendix to this volume, p. 407.) fpe- 
cifies veftments left by Henry V. to nine churches in 
France, which do not appear here. 


[ H4 1 


THIS Princefs, youngeft daughter of Charles VJ. 
king of France, born Oft, 27, 1400, was married 
June 3, 1420, to Henry V. by whom flie had one fon, 
afterwards king Henry VI. In 1428, flic took to her fccond 
, hulband Owen Tudor, a Welfli gentleman of little for- 
tune, though of illuftrious birth, by whom flie had three 
fons: I. Edmund, created earl of Richmond, married to 
Margaret daughter of John Beaufort duke of Somerfet, by 
whom he had king Henry VIL and dying 1456, was 
"buried at St. David^s, where his monument remains in the 
middle of the choin ^. Jafpcr, created by H. VI. earl of 
Pembroke, which title he was twice deprived of by E. IV. 
but reftored by Henry VIL and alfo created duke of Bedford. 
He married Catherine Rivers, and died 1 1 H. VII. and 
was buried in Keynfliam abbey, Oxfordfliire ; his natural 
daughter Helen was mother of bifliop Gardener. 3. Owen, 
a monk at Weftminfler. 

She died at Bermondfea Jan, 2, 1437, ^^^^ ^'*'^^ buried at 
Weftminftcrby her fnft hufband. Her corps, being taken 
up when her grandfon Henry VII. laid the foundation of 
his new chapel, remained above ground till it was pulled 
to pieces by the fpeftators and Weftminftcr fcholars ; and 
whiit remains, bchig fome mafles of flefli dried as if tanned, 
is kept in a box within her hulband's chapel. 


It being notified to kiijg Henry VI, m parliament^ that 
his mother had made him executor of her will; the king 
appointed Robert RoUeftoji cl«rk, keeper of the great ward- 
robe, John Merfton and Richard Alrede efquireap to exe- 
cute the f^id queen's will, under the diredipn of Heniy 
Beaufort biOiop of Winchefter, the duke of Gloucefter, 
aad the bUhop of Lincoln, or any two of them, to whom 
they fliould acQoynt The original will is not now to bo 
found ; but the commifHon for executing it U aa follows: 

REX, omnibus ad quosy Sfc. Salutem. Sciatis, quo4 
cum recolende memorie domina Kj^terina nuper regina 
Anglie, mater noftra precarifCma, ^nos in teftamento fuo 
folum executorem fuum ejufdem teftamenti nominavent; 
ac nos confiderantes, qualiter propter ardua &c urgentia. 
negotia, nos, (latum & utilitatem regni noftri intime con- . 
cern^ntia, taliter in prefenti occupati 6c prepediti fumus, 
quod circa ea que pro debita & celeri expeditione execution 
nis teftamenti predidli pertine*it faciend' & explcnd* com- 
mode ^ efiedtualiter intendere non poiTumus, ut vellemus; 
Volentes igitur, pro cura ic admiiiidratione in hac parte 
fiend% ne executio ejufdem teftamenti in defeftu noftri 
ex caulis predidis aliqualiter retardetur, ordinare & in 
quantum poflumus, ut tenemur, providere ; de ailenfu 
dominorum fpiritualium & temporaliumj ac conlenfu com- 
munitatis regni noftri Anglie, in prefenti parliamento 
noftro exiften*, auftoritate ejufdem parliament!, ordinavi- 
mus & deputavimus, diledos & fideles noftros, Robertum 

I i z Rollefton 

h6 katherine qjjeen of henry v. 
RoUefton clcricum cuflodem xnagne garderobe noftre, 
Johaimem Merfton armigerum, & Rkardum Aired armi- 
gerum, ad omnia & (ingula jocalia, honz^ catalla, & 
denariorum fummas, ac debita, cooipota & arreragia fir- 
marurn, ac aliorum debitorum quorumcumque, que foe* 
runt predifte matris noftre, vel fiW quomodolibet fpec- 
tantia five pertinentia, infra regnum noftrum Anglie & 
extra, die confeflionis teftamenti predifti feu poftea, de 
omnibus officiariis & miniftris ipfius matris noftre, ac aliis 
perfonis quibufcumque, per indenturas inde inter ipfbs 
Robertum, Johannem, & Ricardum, & predidos officia- 
rios, miniftros, feu perlbnas debite conficiend*; necnon om- 
nium fummarum debitorum debita per quafcumque perfb- 
nas, & a quibufcumque debita, que fuerunt prefate matris 
rioftre, aut de jure legis noftre Anglicane eidem matrl 
noftre qualitercumque efle aut accidere debuerunt, reci- 
piend* & levand*. Volumus etiam, & audloritate predifta 
ordihamus, quod predi<5li officiarii & miniftri prefate matris 
noftre, ac alie perfbne predidle, omnia & fingula jocalia^ 
bona & catalla predidla, eifdem Roberto, Johanni, & Ri- 
cardo, per hujufmodi indenturas omnino reddere & Ube- 
rare teneantur : quibufcumque adquifitionibus & propiieta*^ 
tis mutationibus^ que de prefata matre noflra, poft pri- 
nium diem Januarii ultimo preteritum, ad inftantiam 
fervientum feu familiarium fuorura vel alicujus eorum,. 
ipfa in extremis languente, fieri pretenduntur^ penitus^ 
cafTatis & irritatis. Et quod predifti Robertus^ Johan- 


nes, & Ricardus, omnes & fingulas denariorum fummas, 
per ipfbs, vel eorum aliquem recipiend', feu levand*, pro 
vifhialibus hofpitii prefate matris noftre in vita fua, ac 
pro vidlualibus eorum qui idem hofpitium fuo nomine 
poft mortem fuam continuarunt, & per tempus quod 
duxerimus limitand^ continuabunt ; necnoh pro vadiis^ 
feodis, & annuitatibus, pro expenlis camere &c garderobe 
predifte matris noftre, ac moneta pre • • . • & aliis qui- 
bufcumque debitis fuis, & pro expenfis circa exequias fuas, 
necnon pro aliis pietatis operibus, juxta piam intentionem. 
& . ultimam voluntatem di^ke matris noftre perimplend% 
per avifamentum, fupervifum 8c contrarotulationem vene- 
rabilis patris Henrici cardinalis Anglie, & Humfridi ducis 
Glouceftre, avunculorum noftrorum cariffimorum, necnon 
venerabilis patris Willielmi • epifcopi Lincoln*, vel duo- 
rum eorum, feu deputatorum fuorum in hac parte, ex»^ 
pendant, applicent, convertant & fideliter adminiftrent; 
& cum fuper hoc debite requifiti fuerint, fidelem com- 
potum inde pre&tis cardinali, duci & epifcopo, aiit duobus 
eorum, feu eorum deputatis, infra duos annos prox* poft dat* 
prefentium ad ultimum jufte reddant ; rationabilibus expenfis 
& regardis^ eis,proeorumlaboribus,perfupervi{brespredi£los, 
vel duos eorum, feu didios deputatos fuos, debite allocand' ; 
quodque compoto illo finito^ deinceps ab ulteriori compoto 
five ratiocinio inde reddendo penitus exonerentur, ac adeo li* 
beri fint &illefe conditionis tam erga nos, quam erga prefatos 
cardinalem,. ducem & epifcopum, & quemlibet eorum, ac 

• William Alnwic, 1435 — HS®« ? rcvrardi* 


alios quofcumquCf iicujt ipii aliqqam receptlonem, lev4- 
tionem, occupatfonem^ (blutionem Cwp a^mipiftratbncqi 
hujufmodi jocalium^ boaorum^ & catallorumi rupiniaruip 
denariiorum debitorucn, ex prefenti ordinatione & depu- 
tationc noftra, fuper fe nufquam aflTufnpfiffeut. Valumys 
infuper, ac de avifam^QitQ, afleiifu^ ^ au^ori^atp predii^is^ 
ordliiamus, concedimus, & flatuimu§| quod predifli Ro- 
be|tu8, Johannes, & Ricardu^, e^ecutores teftamenti prg- 
di£H nuncupari, ac omnimodas adiones perfbnaleS| per 
que bona & catalla aut denariorun^ funune, five debita, 
prefatp matri noftre qualitercumque fypQts^ntva^ five perti- 
fientia, de jure recuperari dcbea4it vel def^efeat, in qui*- 
bufcuraque curiU no^lris* & aliprum quoruipcumque, piy 
eifdem bonis & caCalUs, ac denariorum fuqimis, ^ der 
bids recuperand\ ut executores teflanienti predi^, pro^^ 
^ui & in eifdem adiooibus licite yaleant & debeanl: 
refponderi, ac fi ipfi per prefatam noatrpm noilram exepyr 
tores teftamen^i fui predidi in eodem teftamento noftur 
nati fuiflent ; & quod ipfi au£toritate predi^a, de omnibus 
placitis & querelis, aflionibus &c demandis, per creditore^ 
prefate matris noftre, aut alias feu aliam, perionas vel per** 
fonam, verfus predidlosRobertum, Johann^m, & Ricardum^ 
heredes, cxecutores, deputatos, attornatos & fervientes, feu 
corum aliquem, occafione receptionis^ levationis, occun 
pationis, folutionis.five adminiftratiouis pred'uflorum joca« 
lium, bonorum, aut catallorunx, feu fvnuparum denario^ 
rum debitorum capiead*, projfequend* aut movend\ in 
futur' quieti & exonerati, ac querentes & implacitantes 


eos, vel eorum aliquem, de omni aftione preclufibiles & 
preclufi in hac parte exiftaiit imperpetuum : Dantes eirdem 
R6bef tOy Johanni, & Ricardo, & ecfrum cuilibetv plenum 
auftoritate- predi<fta ^teftatem Conlficiendi & liberaiidi 
quibufcumque perfonis literas acquietantie, de & fuper 
hujufmodi liberatione & receptione jocalium, bononim, 
CStallorum, deiiariorum fummarum, & debitorum, eis .aiit 
eoruril alicui exiiunc faclend*. Et quod cancellarius Anglie, 
Vel cuftds magni flgilti noftfi, vel heredum aut ftcceflbrum 
lioftrorum pro tempore exiftens, aufloritafe predidta, fieri 
fkc* &: liberare terieatur prcdiftJs ftoberto, Johaiini, &' 
Ricarrfo, & eorum cuiltbet, ac heredibus, executoriBus, 
cfeputath, aftornatis, & fervientibus fuis, & cuilibet eorum, 
tot & talia brevia de luperfedeas, in qulbtircum^ue placltis 
& querelis, verfus ipfbs, ieu eorum aliquem, contra 
formam & efleAum prefentium movend*', quot 6c quafia 
eis, aut eorum alicui, in hac parte fuerint necetfaria feu 
quo/xiodblibet oportuna ; aliquo flatuto feu afia caufa (jua- 
cumque non obftant*. In cujus, occ. Teite &fc. 

Qua quidem cedula, in parliamento predi^lo leda &' 
plenius intelle£la» de aflenfu dominorura prediiSlorum, 
ac confenfu communitatis predide, refpondebatur eidem 
in forma iubfequenti: 

Fiant litere regis patentes debite in forma predi£ba. Salvia 

venerabili patri Henrico archiepifcopo Cantuar% jure & H^ 

bertate fuis ecclefi^cis, que fibi in hac parte competunt, ieu 

compete re poterunt quovis modo. 

Rot. Pari. 15 Hen. VI. n. 32. Vol. IV. p. 505. 


I *Jo 3 


IN nomine fanfte & individue trinitatis, patris & filii 
& fpiritus faadi. Amen. Die dominica xxix die 
Deccmbris, A. D millefimo cccc"^ xxvi*^ Ego Thomas 
Dux Exon, fane mentis & bone memorie exiftens, condo 
teftamentum meum ultimam voluntatem meam continens 
in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo 
omnipotenti creatori redemptori & falvatori meo^ beate 
Marie femper virgini matri fue, & omnibus fanftis ; cor- 
pufqiie meum fepeliend* cum Margareta uxore mea in 
capella fanfte Marie annexa ecclefie fan£U Edmundi dc 
liury, Norwic* dioc*. Item volo quod ftatim poft mortem 
itieam, hoc eft primo die fi fieri potuerit, vel fecundo, vel 
tercio, abfque ulteriori dilacipne ceicbrentur* mille mifle 
, pro anima mea, animabus honprandi domini & patris mei, 
venerabilifque domine matris mee ac omnium benefafto- 
rum meorum & fidelium defunftorum. Quarum niille 
nuilarum volo quod cc fint de trinitate, alie vero cc de 
ipiritu fando, alie de fanda Maria, alie Cc de omnibus fanfStis 
c 'de angelis et cc de officio ** requiem eteniam ;** et 
ctrtUbet celebranti tociens lego quatubr denarios in forma 
pure clemofine quot mifTas iftarum celebraverint ut in 



fingulares perfonas non in communitates ifta legacio fiat. 
Item volo quod circa fepulturam meam, five circa meas 
exequias principales, non fint nimis fumptuofc feu pom- 
pofe expenfe, nee alique nifi fecundum difcrecionem fuper- 
vifbrum teftamenti mei, executorumque ejufdem, fed tan- 
tum quinque ordinentur cerei, ftantes fuper quinque can- 
delabra circa corpus meum, fine ampliori apparatu qui in 
talibus ordinari feu fieri confuebat. Item volo quod in die 
fepulture, five exequiarum mearum principalium, fint tot 
torchei circa corpus meum continue ardentes ad Placebo 
et dirige, & in craflino ad miffam, & toto tempore fepul- 
ture mee quot annos vixi, miferante Deo, in vita prefenti, 
ufque ad tempus illud, & remaneant difti torchei omnes 
& finguli in eadem ecclefia, poft fepulturam meam ubi 
corpus meum fepelietur ad illuminand* in elevacione cor- 
poris domini Ihefu Chrifti. Et volo quod tot fint pauperes 
viri quot erunt torchei qui cofdem torcheos toto pre- 
fcripto tempore teneant, & habeat quilibet-eorum unam 
togam, & unum capicium ' de albo panno, & tot denarios 
quot annis vixi ut fupradi£him eft. Item volo quod tot 
eligantur mulieres egene & bone fame & indigentes quot 
erunt viri pauperes tenentes torcheos prediftos, & habeat 
quilibet earum unam togam & unum capicium de albo 
panno & tot denarios quot & pauperes prefcripti. Et pre- 
diai omnes tam viri quam mulieres onerentur caritatis 
intuitu animam meam, animafque Margarete uxoris mee, 

* capuchi^ hood. 

K k parentum, 


parentum & progenitomm meorum, benefaftorum ac om- 
nium aliorum pro quibus teneor exorare vel exorari facere, 
& omnium fidelium defunftorum precibus fuis devotis 
Deo &fan6tor' patrociniis humiliter commendare. Item 
volo quod in die fepuhurc mee five exequiarurti inear«xn 
prificipalium generalis fiat diftribuoio fub hac forma, quod 
jCuiKbet venienti & in forma pauperis elemofinam petenti 
urius diftribudturdenbriuB; & in quolibet annrverfario tain 
ttiei,'qUam Margarete. uxoris mee, volo quod abbas ipredi^i 
mdhafterii fi prefens fuerit habeat vi^. vHid. prior vero fi 
prefens fuerit habeat i-ris. mid. et quilibet ceterorum 
riibnachbhim ^Jufdem rtiohafterii qui in difilis anniveriariis 
j[ir56fttts fuerit habeat xxd. Et pro cuftagiis, fumptibus, & 
ei|)eHfis diftor' ahniv^rftrior' noftror' 'lego & affigno pre- 
falo rtlonafterio fiinfti Edmiindi cccc marc' ufualis monete 
•T^tiglie de botirs meis, '& hac fub condicione, fi videlicet 
ipfe dotnlnus aSbas, cumxeteris monachis monafterii ejiif- 
'jfetti, nraiiucapere & fufcipere fuper fe voluerint, infra tem- 
'^s •ccftttm, -de confenfu executor' & fuperviforum meo- 
"tVlm *ipfis limitandum, ipAlm moiiafterium ih -tan turn 
^dorare^feccicfiarurin appropriacione, vel terr-afum empcioixe;^ 
"•uat^rhdimque 'mortifieaeione, quod ex-earum valorejpote- 
'fiht tmera jprcdidt' -annivctfarier' -de cetero impeppetuum 
infeH3)iliter lupportare, fideliterq' & effeftualiter adinaplere. 
^Qubd fi predi£kus dominxis abbas& monachi cum condicione 
& mcidificacione oneris predi^i modo quo prefertur, reci- 
pere prefat' cccc marc' deliberate recufaverint, tunc volo 
6 quod 

P |J JC E Of EXETER. ^49 

cjwd per avifamentum & difcfecionem fi^perviibrum & 
ejfecutorur?! feftamenti mei precjifli, pr^difite cccc marc* 
d^JibgrcRtur §{: .eroge^t^r l^ ufum pperum mifericordic^ 
v«Jjej[ic^t m fnftentacioner^a Sfi rejevacionpin tarn mqnacl^o- 
rjjin^ qanonicoruro^ njoiaiaU^fp, quam alioH paupenam ul?i. 
cofjy.enieiicius ad Pei lay^^ip, |$c hon,ofem & faluti^ anipae 
njpei, magis predi^^is fyperykpribus .& eypcutoribiu^ yidebi- 
tur e^pedire ; & quod hoc fi^t cum fejftinacione qua co;n- 
mpde & ragionabiliter ppterit adempleri. Item yolo & 
rogo quod Ti predidti dominus jibbas & monachi ejufdem 
monafterii fuper fe fufcipei;e yoluerUit 911113 predjdum iiji 
forma, quod tunc in capitulip anniverfar' predid* pjpx' 
prQprdinatis {pQcialiter recommendentur didi mpnafterii 
mop^chorum precibus ^nima mea, Margarete uxoris niee 
& .animc p^rentum noftrorum, ac benefadlorum^ ac om- 
nium pro quibus tenemur exorare vel exorari facere, ac 
omuium fideliunpi,defun£lorum.. Item lego dpmui .Caf,tu- 
fiea' de Monte .Qracie ^ Ebor^c* ^loc', quolibet aiyip a 
tempore mortis mee xlL et.hoc quaqadip difta domus Car^ 
tufi^en' eft penfionaria vel penfione onerataDomineJoha^ne 
Regine Anglie pro prioratu de^Hynkley^ Lincolnien' dioc* 
di<5te dpmui qonceflb ^nno regni regiS Henrici quinti 
tercio. Et volo quod celTante penfipne ceffet & Ipgatum. 

^ The Carthiifian priory of Mountgracc, c. York, founded 1396, by 
»Thomas Holland duke of Suriy arid- Kent (mentioned in note % p, iqB), 
Tapncr, p. 965. 

*= Hinckley was an aliea pripry of two BenediiStipe monks, belonging to 

• Lyra abbey in Normandy, and given for a time to^the Carthnliah priory of 

•Wo^mtgrace, by R, IJ. wl^oUy an^veiujd tq it Ipy H- V. .and after thejUflb- 

lution, granted 34 H, Vni. to the dean and chi^tcr of Weflminflerf wlio 

.fijll enjoy it. Tanper, ^,2/^1, 

Kk 2 ;Item 


Item lego principali altari illius paroch* ecclefie infra 
cujus parochie limites continget me diem claudere extre- 
mum, nomine principalis five mortuarii, fecundum quod 
coniuetudo illius loci expofcit & a morientibus ibidem 
folvi fblebat. Item lego fabrice five ornamentis ejufdem 
ecclefie cs. Item lego cuilibet facerdoti in eadem paro- 
chia mortis mee tempore exiftentl vis, viiid. Item cle- 
rico parochiali ibidem ins. iiiid. Item cuilibet domui 
Cartufien* in Anglia, domo Cartufien' de Monte Oracle 
folum except*, v marc*. Item lego domino Johanni Lon- 
don in ecclefiae SanfH Petri Weftmonafterii reclufb xli. 
Item lego mulieri reclule infra Bifliopefgate, London, xxs. 
Item lego domine Johanne reclufe in ecclefia Sani9:i de- 
mentis extra Temple Barre, xxs. Item lego domirte Alicie 
reclufe apud fandum Albanum, xxs. Item lego cuilibet 
infirmo five Invalitudinario infirmitatis, debilitatis, feu fe- 
ne£lutis caufa, in hiis quinque hofpitalibus exiftentlbus, 
videlicet hofpitali fanfte Marie, hofpitali {zndii Bartho- 
lomei, hofpitali de Elfyng, hofpitali fande Thome, et 
hofpitali fanfti Egidii prope London, xiid. Item lego 
incarceratis hiis quinque carceribus, viz. Ludgate, New* 
gate, Fleete, Kyngesbenche, and Marchalfie, cli. diftri- 
buend* pro eorum liberacione extra prifonam vel carceres, 
juxta difcrecionem executorum & fuperviforum meorum. 
Item lego ordini fratrum minorum in regno Anglie 
XL li. fecundum difcrecionem minifl:ri ejufdem ordinis & 
regni, ac diffinitorum^ provincialis capituli in comunibus 

* Dtfflnitor or DefiniUr^ the vifitor of the order in general chapter. 
Du Cange. 



ejufdem ordinis utilitatibus difponend*. Item lego ordini 
fratrum predicatorum ejufdem regni xxli. Item lego or- 
dini fratrum Carmclitarum ejufdem regni xxli. Et volo 
qupd fecundum difcrecionem provincialium ipforum or- 
dinum ac diffinitorum capituli fuorum provincialium in 
communibus ordinum utilitatibus expendantur. Item lego 
ad honorem Dei omnipotentis, beate Marie femper virginis 
matris fue, fanfti Gregorii martiris, & omnium fknc- 
torum ejus, ecclefie collegialis de Wyndefore meam maxi- 
mam crucem de argento deaurato cum armis meis fuper 
eandem. Item lego eidem ecclefie duas pelves de argento 
deaurato cum nativitate domini & annunciacione beate 
Marie * enamillat' in medio* Item lego eidem ecclefie unum 
par turribulorum de argento deaurato. Item lego eidem ec- 
clefie unum veftimentum ^ integrum rubei colons melius quod 
habeo de panno velveto aureo, id eft, unum cafulam cum 
II dalmaticis, iii albis, iii amidtis, ii ftolis, iii manipu*- 
lis, II towailUs, cum toto ornamento pro altare & unum 
corporas caas^ uno panno pro pulpeto, vi capis, cum om- 
nibus ceteris capis rubeis de panno aureo. Item lego 

« This may help to folve the difficulty in note ' p. 115. as it fliews the 
Nativity and Annunciation were common fubje^is for enamelling. 

^ veftimentum^ a whole fuit of church apparel, comprehending the 
cafula or cowl; the dalmatica or upper robe; the alba or albe, a kind of 
furplice; the amicus or amice, anfwering to the fcarf; the Jlola^ which, 
like the amice, went over the neck and hifng down before, and was richly 
embroidered; the manipulus or handkerchief, worn over the left arm; the 
towels or napkins for the altar, which had alfo an altar cloth of linen, and 
another to hang down in front of the altar, the fontlet and curtains, the 
cafe for the pix, the pulpit cloth, and the capa or copes. Du Capge in 

g corporax cafe, or cafe for the pix. 



tititm ecclefie meliorem tfllicetti cum patetia quern habeo 
de atgerttb -deaurato cum mgelis thutificantibus fupra 
pe'dem ejufdem liuin ii hielroribus cfuettis pro vino & 
aqua *de argento deaurat*. Item quia chriftianiffimus ^ prin- 
teps domittus meu^ Rex convenire intendit, & pro Deo 
'po'fuit', cUAl prmcipali & capitali domo cui prioratus de 
ttirtcley fup'radift* attitiebat in Francia, quod de appro- 
prktione qXiaruftdfita domotum ejufdem religionis ^ ad 
pribVatum de Sion ^ a'pud Shene per exmdem chriftianif- 
^ftltinfi principem noviter fundat' & dotat* Tina & pro 
appropriacione ejufdem prioratus de Hincley ad prefotam 
domufh Cartufien* de Monte Gracie, quod eadem doraus 
"pi^hicfpalis merito & jufte ilarei content'* hinc, ct pra 
tecompenYa ^oraui principaK faciend' pro ^epe difto prie- 
'ratu de Hyncley, lego & afligno quingertf 'piarc*. Eit <i 
poft concdrdiam faftam inter dominum raeum regem, •& 
domum capitakm in fummam in quam convenient pro 
toto apprdpriando pfecio pertinente difto prioratui defflynk- 
fdy, ad plus fe extendit quam ad quingent* marc*, *unc 
Volo quod fuppieatur de refiduo bonorum meorum. Item 
lego ecclefie Cartufien' de Monte Gracie unam crucem de 
argento deaurato cum lapide vocato berill in pede ad fervan- 

* This title has been claimed by the kings of France from the beginning 
of that monarchy, and confirmed by Pope Phis II. to Lewis XI. who leaft 
of all deferved it: It feems to be given here more as a complimentary 
cpifliet to our Henry VL on account of hir piety, 

* Quaere, bound hi ntifelf before God. 

* of the fame onUr. 

V This is the priOry of Jifjus ofBethUm^ begun by H. V. 1414, for 40 
Carthufian monks. Tanner, p. 544. 
" Sic Orig. 


DUKE OF E X K T E R, ajj 

dum carpus Cbrifti, Item lego prioratui 4^ Wortfxyngey ^ 
ununa veflimentum integrum Jbjbdii ** pouder^t' curp ftelj;§ 
aureis, id eft, uuam cafulam, cum ii dalmaticis^ iii altis, 
III amiiSUs, ii ftolis, iii marypulis, iii capis, uno panno 
ad ,ponend' ante altare, uno panno ad poncnd' fuper altare, 
& uno panno pro pulpeto, iitowailUs pro altari cum froa- 
tela, ac uno cor,pprjis caas^ & ii ridellP, de eodem, ne':non 
I J candelabris pro altari de ar^ento, & meo major! Holi* 
water ftqppe ^ de arggnto pro agua benedifta cum afperforio 
de argento. Jtetn lego cajpeUe Befite Marie »• in ecclefia 
faafti XdcDundi de Bury in cujus parte boriali diQ)ono 
trnxxxJari, .ui\um yeftimfintunfi album jdc panno aureo, id 
eft, j^aaip cafHtem, unam albaQi, unam amiftana, unam 
ftojAW, uuuoa ipamj)^lvijip, cum u^o jpanno ad ponend* 
ante akare, ^yinojpgnnpiadjppi^end* fupra aftare. Item un\im . 
^aliojem qupi patepa de jirjgento deaurato, & ii cruettis de 
a^gqntaj4eaHr.atPi & eclam li candelabra de argento & unu|:p 
.nuilaljeu Itpm ;lego jmQQafterio monialium de Bprkypg 
unujoa yeftjm^iit^joi ,de -nigrp &.vifidi yelvfto aureo cum. 

■^Wormcgay, a priory of black canons mNorfolk, founded U^A. united 
jfo^Frntn^y, 14^. l>nn. P..J54. Tljc ,duke ,had a ^rant pf the hooqr 
of Wyrmgay, ^ H. IV. IJugd. II. 1^5. 
^« blue.' " '. ■'■ 

.PfWi;tainp. ^ 

*» vciTel for holy-water: this term occurs frequently in Blomefield's Hiff. . 

' The chapel of the Virgin here mcti;if}aed,^pp9ars to, have b,e.en9 npt 

..wbcreftiih :4bW>'.^8-^ft^^Jy'^*M:c» at the.E. lend, ^t on.tbe N. fide of the 

choir. As the duke dipcifts his body to be bM^ied^on,thje^or^,lidcr.of f^c 

chapel, it may raife a doubt whether the body fouf^d, .U7?» R^^^^ South 

fide could h^}s^. gcc^Aji^h^U JY? 3^^:.^miiP\^* 



orphareis" dealbo, id eft, unum cafulam cum ii dalmaticis, 
III albis, III amiais, duabus ftolis, iii manipulis, & iii 
capis. Item lego forori mee Johanne * comitifle de Weft- 
merland unum librum vocat Triftram". Item lego fratri 
meo Thome Swynford % unum ciphum cum coopertorio 
de argento deaurato fecundum difcrecionem executorum 
meorum nominand'. Item lego quafdam fummas auri 
inter armigeros meos, ceterofque meos fervientes diftri- 
buend' prout patet inferius, videlicet Thome Swynford, 
L marc*. Matildi Fulfliurft, x marc\ Georgio Wighton, 
XX marc*. Johanni Walpoole, xl marc*. Willielmo Fre- 
nyngham, x marc*. Nicholao Porpoint, , x li. Ricardo 
Togood, xli. Thome Swan ton, cs* Johanni Smyth, 
vmarc*. Johanni Kirton, xli. Willielmo Frere, xmarc*. 
Roberto Bedclyngton, x li. Petro Walpole, c s. Johanni 
Northwode, xx li. Johanni ^^rmyngham, x li. Will. 
Bolton, XL li. Thome Sandon, xx marc*. Thome Bofwyle, 
xli. Johanni Aubrey, cs. Johanni Felix, cs. Johanni 
Neve, XL s. Thome Parys, c s. Johanni Lucas, xx marc*. 
Willielmo Burgh, xx marc*. Ricardo de Chaundrey, cs. 
Johanni Doucheman, xli. Johanni Maxey, cs. Will, 
Hert, V marc*. Alano Holme, c s. Johanni Gregory, xl s. 
Simoni Crokehom, cs. Johanni Sumpterman, xmarc*. 

• Fringes of gold thread. Du Cange in voc. jturifrigium. Orfrys. 
Chaucer's Roman t of the Rofe. 

^ Joan Beaufort married to her 2d husband Ralph Neville firft earl of 
Weftmorland, and died 1440. See before, p. 176. 
" A romance of that name. 

* His mother's fon by her firft hufliand Sir Otes Swynford. 



Roberto Norman, xl s. Rogero Brice, xl s. Hentico 
Haunfon, xli. Chriftoforo Piilford, c s. Ric' Ryxtoni 
V marc* Henrico Porter, xls- Willielmo de Coquina, 
XLS. Willielmo Brone, xli. Ignafio Clifton, xli. Radal- 
pho Wadefwyk, xx mark*. Edmunde Thawer, xli. Item 
lego decano, prefbitcris, clericis & pueris qui mee modo 
capelle deferviunt, cli. fterling, pro qua fumma cli. 
habend* & diftribuend*, ut prefertur, juxta difcredgnem 
executorum meorum, volo omncs et fingulos libros mee 
diiSe capelle vendi meliori modo quo fciverint mei pre- 
difti executores, quibus libris fie venditis fi quid de predi^a 
fumma c li. defuerit, id fuppleri volo de refiduo bonorum^ 
meorum. Item volo & ordino quod a die obitus met- 
ufque in diem fepulture mee, & eodem die, donius & fami- 
lia mea in tali modo infra prout efle cognofcitur, pro pre- 
fenti, ad cuftus & expenfas meas per vifum & difcrecionem 
executorum meorum prcdid* cuftodiatur. Item volo quod 
executores mei attendant diligenter quod omnes qui tem- 
pore mortis mee erunt michi fervientes in familia domus 
mee, quibus in fpeciale nichil legavi, hec affignavi, racio- 
nabiliter remunerentur de robis & equis meis fecundum 
fiatus & gradus perfonarum, per difcrecionem diftorum 
executorum meorum. Item quia mutuum preftare pro 
Deo & nichil temporale inde fperare dinofcitur acceptum, 
complacitum pariter, & ab eo preceptum, idcirco prefenti- 
bus lego & aflSgno c li. ad deponend* in fecura cifta infra 
collegium Regine in univerfitate.Oxon', ut fcolares indi- 

LI gentes 


gentes per modum mutacioiiis inde releventui*. Et Yoixt 
quckl de predi£ta pecunia in cifta repofita, ut prenaktitiir^ 
ftatuta St confuctudincs alkrum ciftafum in eadetn uai-^ 
verfitate inviolabiter obferventur: & roge qiibd mutuant 
tes, intuitu caritatis & divini? amoris pn> quibus» ifta hcfb^ 
velint pro anima mea, 6c Margarete uxoris mee^ iic pro 
animabus parentum &r progenitorum meonim, benef^kfko- 
rum^ & omhiura fideiium defun£toram preces ofi^rre de- 
Vbias Deo. item fob eifdem forma, modificacione^ & modo^ 
ac teuore verborutn^ lego & afiigno cli. in fecura dfta ao 
fecura ouflodia in auk {znd:t Trinitatis in univerfitate CftiiW 
Wbrigg- depoaend^ Item volo quod cnnni^m prem^ScH 
i^um legatoriun exeoscio differatur ufque dum omnia. mea 
propria debita, &c ea que mihi incumbunt folvere pro 
aliquibus necefiariis ad opus proprium pertinent' iblut^ 
fyerityt^ except* fdoicione elemofine pritis tegate eek« 
^dtttibu^ n^tie miflas pro anima mea ut prefertur in prin- 
c^e^ tton defideraEndo^ neque Volendd, quod predida kga« 
eid in parte vel in toto difE:ratur propter iblucionem 
fti^ieiidiorum domini mei r^^s, que nondum recepii ymo 
tiiiti hujufmodi fliipimdia domini md r^s fiierint te- 
tefil^^ volo quidd cniri orani expedkbne qua fieri poterit 
Mtztitvit Sc diftrtbuantUT unkuique .prout per oompotum 
fe^i^ radonabilieer fa£k' dd jiure debcntur. Item kigo 6r 
do onShia mea mobilia, ubieuiiiqiife fuerint inventa, ad 
ibiUBidileiti deiMtbrum mewusn, ac ultime hujus voluntatis 
mee p^F^bdnondm ic Isaf^V fbikicionera. Ittm rogo & re* 


D U K B OF E X E T « JR. tsf 

^ifo ex parte Dei onuu{)pt6nti6 fe&flEHos domiuionimf 
manerio^xHi terrarym, & tenementx)rum meorum, jam la 
poiiefiioae, qvi^d ipfi peria^pleam ic l;mpleri faciant fine dif- 
fimv^9^VMt aliqua ultirnam m^nx voluotatem de jdomaniis^ 
t^ri^f &t$^^;^P^ati$ meis fupnaciii^is^prout in quadam cedula 
inde fa^la iiC m pr^iSbiiti teftameuto inclufa plenius con- 
titiet^r, £( iu forma fupradi^ka debitis meis folutis, uld- 
maque voluutalte raea hoc, pre^eMi teftamento meo ia* 
fcripta perimpleCa ic executa, fi quidde bonis meis fuperfit, 
illud totum ordino 6c dkpono fecundam dlfcrecionem 
executorum meorum, per infpeftionem fiipeiviforum meo- 
mm kajns te^menti mei e^ diftribuend' modo quo fe-r 
quitur, ut viz. quingentc marce iftorum bonorum Jlieortiin 
que fie fuperfunt in quinquc partes cquales diyidantur & 
diftribuantur hoc mbdo, videlicet, prioratui tfe'Wirmingey », 
abbathie de Weftdereham^, monajfterio monialium de Crab- 
hows^*, monafterio monialium de Thetford" in com* North- 
folch* &jpriortttui de fan6to Dioiiifio juxta Southaixipton\ 
monafterio monialiiim de Marham^, & monafterio monia- 
lium de Blakeberwe* in com* Northff* c marc* eifdem dif- 
tribuend* equis porctonibus, aKe vero c marc* pro miffis 

^ S^c befeire, notc\ 

^ Weft Dereham, an abbey "of Bremonftrateafiaii caapAf, fouo4c<l ii86» 
Tan. 3{a. 

^ er Wigeohale. Am Aui^n nunneiy founded i tBi ^ JIk o^Jck * « 

* Th^fprd nunneiy was founded by Hugb I^Iorwold^ an^ the convent 
«f St, Edmund'e Bury. Ib« 349% Martin's fiM* of Thetferd, p. 98 — i io\ 

^ A prioxy pf Black Canons, foonded by H. I, about 1 1 24* Tan. itfi. 

< A Ciftertian nunnery, founded 1^56. Ib% ^&i.^ 

^ Blackboi;oi^h was made a Beiiedi6kine nunnery ^ont i>sdo. lb* ^$1. 

L 1 2 pro 


pro anima mea & animabiis fupradiftis celebrand*. Item, 
c marce pro liberacione prifbnarioi-um ubi magis necefle 
fuerit, & precipue apud London*. Item c marc* pro lepra 
percuffis, & decubantibus in le£tis, 6c c marc* pro fa^hira 
& emendacione viarum ubi magis neceffe fuerit in com* 
Suff* & Effex. Et quamvis fuperius quibufdam meis fer- 
vientibus nominatim quafdam fummas legaverim ut fcrip- 
tum eft, nichilominus aliis fervientibus meis lego quafdam 
fummas, quibus fervientibus fuperius nonlegavi ut patet 
inferius. Nich*o Cheriton xli. Will'mo Harewode xLS^ 
Waltero Sarjaunt x marc*. Thome Bouchier x marc*# 
Johanni Pyke v marc*. Ricardo Foteman v marc*. Ricardo 
Pondeman v marc*. Ricardo Barbour xls. Thome de 
Halle XLS. Thome Chamber al* Lynk xls. Henrico de 
Spiccry al* Newerk c s. Thome Lewyn 11 marc*. Johanni 
Hawflepe xmarc*. Johanni Payn xls. Roberto Hoode 
II marc*. Thomas BuUok xls. Johanni Elmer 11 marc*. 
Ric*o Brewer xls. Et de refiduo bonoruni meorum lego 
domlbus pauperum religioforum, nec.non xnendicancium, 
& pauperibus honeftis puellis maritand* que non habent 
amicos ad eafdem maritand* ubi videbitur predidlis execuh 
toribus meis ac fuperviforibus magis proficere pro falute 
anime mee animarumque fupradiftarum. Et iftius ultime 
voluntatis mee ordino, facid, & conftituo, executorcs meos 
dileftos michi in Chrifto dominum Willielmum Philip 
militem, dominum Thomam Walbere reflorem de Hadley, 
WillielmumMorley thefaurarium meum,Ricardum Aghton 
amaigerum, & Johannem Bertram j & lego cuilibet execu- 



torum meorum prediftorum xr. li. fterling, eofdemque one- 
rando, quod ad honorem Dei, ac anime mee falutem, pro 
hac mca ultima voluntate hoc prefenti teftamento meo 
infcript* adimplend' ordinent, procurent, difponant & 
adminiilrent, prout omnipotenti Deo placere, ac anime mee 
faluti magis proficere eifdem videatur, ficut in extremo 
judicii examine fe poterint excufare. Item volo quod una 
tumba fabricetur fupra fepulturam, tam mei quam uxoris 
mee predido loco, pro cujus fabrica lego cli. fterling fi 
necefle fuerit meliori modo quo poterit in hoc opere dif- 
ponend*. Hufus infuper teftamenti mei adminiftracionis 
fupervifbres ordino, facio, & conftituo, dilefbos michi in 
Chrifto magiftruni WiUielmum Alnewyk' epifcopum Nor* 
wicen-, magiftr' Pbilippum Morgan ' epifc' £lien% domi- 
num Ludovicum Robeffart « militem, & dominum Walte* 
rumHungerford*' miUtem; &lego cuilibet eorundem fuper- 

• 1416, tranflatcd to Lincoln, 14.36. 

' traDflated by bull fromAVorceiter to Ely, 1426, died 1435. 

s Lewis Rjobfext, a native of Hainault, ftandard-bearer to H. V. kniglit 
of the Bath and Garter, and created lord Bourchier 3 H. VI. in right Of 
his wife Elizabeth, daughter and heir ta Bartholomew lord Bourchier,. died 
1431, buried in St. Paul's chapel^ Weftminfter-abbey. Oahis monument, 
among many other coats, are the arms oi Roet^ A. 3 wheels O. and alfo 
Root's crefl, which ihews he waS: elated to the teftator's family, Catherine 
Swynford being daughter of Sir Payne Roet. See Dart's Weflminfler L 181. 
Dujgd. II. 20>. 

*'Sir Walter da Hungerford Jucccedcd ho father Thomas 141 2,. was one 
of Henry the Fifth's executors (fee before, p. .) 6 H. VI. is ftyled lord 
of I^htibury and Kemet, died Aug. 9, 1449, buried in Sali(bury cathedral 
to which he had been once a great bene6i£tor. Dugd. 11. 204; Hit 
chapel on the N. fide of the nave ftrved as a pew for the mayor and, 
archbiihop to hear the fermon, till it was lately removed. 



viforum mei teftamenti unum ciphum cum copectotio de at- 

g^nto deanrato; eoTdemque rogando humiltter 6c fpecialiter 

ut hu«c labor em, annuente Deo, meritorilm in fe fufcipere 

nott recnfcnt Vok> eciam quod omnium in hoc prefenti 

teftamento prcmiflforum & prefcriptorum difpofick>, ordi- 

nacio, & adminiftracio, fiat per executores meos, cpsi bis in 

anno prenominatis fuperviforibus meis fidelem compo- 

tum faccrc teneantur. Ac eciam volo quod executores 

mei inveniant per duos annos immediate fequentes diem 

obitus mri v capcllanos feculares ad celebrand* pro anima 

mea, & anima uxoris mec, & pro quibus deprecari teneor, 

•in monafterio Sanfti Edmundi de Bury, ubi corpus meum 

fepeltetur, videlicet, quod untis capelhnorom predidorutm 

cekfcrabit miffam de Trinitate, fccundus de San^o Spiritu, 

' tercius de fanfta Maria, quartus de <Ue^ & quintus t!e 

reqniem eternam, Et finaliter ipfam fandtam & indivi- 

duam Trinitatem deprecor pro meis executoribus & eorum 

Xuperviforibus, ut pro me ac mea ultima voluntate in pre- 

fenti teftamento meo content* perimplend* difponant, & 

adnxtniftrent, & adminiftracionem fupervideant, ut pcAiffime 

omnipotenti Deo adminiftracio placeat, & anime mee ad 

requiem & vitam etemam proficiat. Quodque AHiffimus 

concedat, qui fine fine vivit & regnat, Amen. Daf apud 

mancrium meum de Grenewych die Ir anno fupradlftis; 

et anno regnt metnendiiEmi domini mei regis I&niici 

iexti jK>ft coD^ucftom auinto. 



Hec eft iiltima voluntas mei Thome duels Exonie^ 
videlicet, quod feoffati qui ad mei ufum feofiati funt m 
maneriis de Wefthorpalle Marfhallc in Wcftthorp, Wyvet- 
fton Keveles in Wyverfton, Ovef Rekynghale, Watlesfeldd^ 
Watiham, Sc Mutford ; & advocacionibus ecclefiarum de 
Wefthorp, Wyverfton, Rekinhall, & Watelesfclde, cum 
f>mrtibus & fingulls pertinenciis fuis in com* Suff* ac ia 
manerio de Crokefefton^, cum fuis pertiaen* in comitaC* 
Southampton, cum advocacionibus ecclefiarum ibidem, ac 
in reverfion' onmium mefuagiorum, terrarum, tenemento- 
rum,reddit* & fervic' in civitateNorwic*,ac eciam in manerio 
de Grenewych, & in omnibus & fingulis ter ris, tenement*,. 
reddit\ & fervic\ cum fuis pertinenciis, que nuper adquifi- 
mus in com* Kancie de Ricardo Tyrell & aliis feoffatis, 
permittant executores m^s immediate poft diem obitus mei 
percipere & recipere omnia exitus & proficua diftorum ma- 
Deriorum, advocacionum ecclefiarum, reddit*, revcrfionum, 
fervic*, cum omnibus fuis pertinenciis fuperius fpecificato- 
rum & declaratorum, & quod eadem maneria, cum ceteris 
predi(^* cicius quo fieri poterit vendantur ad folvend* debita 
mea, & ad ukimam meam voluntatem in teftamento xneo 
fpecificatam perimplend* prout meliori modo fciverint ex- 
ecutores mei^ per difcrecionem & avifamentum fupervi- 
forum in teftamento meo predifto ipecificatorum & nomi- 
natoram. In cujus rei teftimonium prefentibus fignetum 
meum apponi feci^ Dat* apud Grenewych xxtx"" die 

• Crux Eafton, 



menfis Decembris, anno regni metuendiffirtn domini regis 
H^nrici fexti poft conqueftuiii qumto. Hiis Tefti')us; raa- 
giftro Thoma Morftede, magiftro Johanne Somerfete, 
Thoma Hoo, Gilberto Debenham, magiftro Roberto 
Wyot, magiftro Willielmo Wode, Willielmo Bohon, 
Ignaiio Clifton, Willielmo Bourg, Johanne Lucas, Jo- 
hanne Aubrey, Chriftoforo Pulford, Johanne Neve; 
Johanne Smyth, Thoma Swanton, & Edmundo Tyler. 

ITEM ultra teftamentum & voluntatem meam pre- 
didtam, lego Johanni deVeer*" comitiOxonie de vafis meis 
argenteis ad valorem xlH. fecundum difcrecionem execu- 
torum meorum limitand^ Item lego Ignafio Clifton uhfa 
decern libras fibi in teftamento meo legat* unum hamefium 
armorum*, cum duobus equis, fecundum difcrecionem 
executorum meorum prediftorum nominand. Item lego 
Thome Hoo armigero camere mee hoftiario unum de 
curfariis " meis vocat' Dunne. Item volo quod Willielmus 
Morley thefaurarius mens habeat, durante tota vita fua, 
omnia tenementa mea infra civitatem Norwicen* abfque 
impedimento vafti. Et volo ulterius quod fi predidlus 
Willielmus Morley voluerit cmere vel adquirere reverfi- 
onem eorundem tenementorum, quod tunc ipfe habeat 
eadem tenementa cum pertihenciis miriori precio per cen- 

* The fccond carl of Oxford of the name of Jobn^ beheaded with hU 
cldeft foa Aubrey on Tower-hill, 1461. i E. IV. and buried In the Auftin 
friars church, London. Vincent on Brook, 406. 

' coropleat fuit of armour, • courfers. 


P ,U K E OF EXETER. j6j 

tijjn.marc' quam a^iquis alius. qui eadem emere vel adqiil* 
rere voluerit. Item lego Ricardo Carbonell mlliti unum 
meum dlploidem^ longum de velveto defenlinum^. Item 
volo quod Gilbertus Debenham armiger irieus at! omni Jure 
& clameo que ego feu executores mei in ipfo exigere pote- 
rimus, liber exiftat & quietus. Item volo quod fupervifores 
mei teftamenti, ultra legacionem eis in di£lo teftamentd 
meo aflignat*, prout ^quariis, yel hujufmodi jocalibus 
fecundum difcrecionem executorum meorum prediflorum 
remunerentur. Item lego Willielmo Philip militi unum 
ciphum, cum cooportorio de argentc) deaurato, fecundum 
difcrecionem diftorum executorum meorum nominand\ 
Item volo quod valetti, garciones, & pagetti, quibus in pre- 
difto teftamento ineo non eft aliquid in ccrto legatum, fecun- 
dum gradus ipforum, & merita, per difcrecionem diftorum 
executorum meorum remunerentur. Item volo quod in 
civitatibus regni Anglie notabilloribus publice proclametur 
quod fi quifcumque infra didum regnum moram trahens 
die mortis mee poffit racionabiliter & de jure oftendere 
me racione empcionis vidtualium, marcandifarum, yel alia- 
rum rerum quarumcumque, ad ufum meum vel hofpicii 
mei receptarum, & habitarum, fibi quicquam debuifle vel 
debere, difti quibus quicquam debuero, ex cauiis predi(flis, 
ad certa loca mea parte limitand*, diebus eciam ad hoc per 
avifamentum executorum meorum affignand*, veniant de- 
bita hujufmodi prout de eifdem raciona,biliter & de jure 

f doublet. s Q^ faced with velve i 

Mm oftendere 


oftendere poterint recepturi, & quod eifdem folvantur 
debita hujufmodi fideliter per executores meos prout juris 
fuerit & racionis. 

Probatio dlfli teftamcnti coram Willielmo Lyndewode 
curie Cantuar* officially 28 Jauuarii, Anno Domini 1^26. 

Regifter Chichele pars prima, fol. 397. a. b. 398, a. b. 
399. a. in the archiepifcopal regiftry at Lambeth,. 

Thomas Reaufort, third fon of John of Gaunt and 
Catherine Swinford, was created earl of Perch in Nor*- 
mandy, and madie captain of Cialais, and admiral of Eng- 
land, Aquitaine, and Ireland, 10 H. IV. chancellor of 
England 11 H. IV. earl of Dorfet 13 H. IV. lieute- 
nant of Aquitain i H. V. one of the ambafladors to treat 
of the marriage of that prince with Catherine of France, 
2 H. V. governor of Hiarfleur, duke of Exeter for life, 
and knight of the garter, 4 H. V. He was taken prifoner 
in the battle wherein the duke of Clarence loft his life, 
9 H. V. but next year defeated the earl of Armagnac be- 
fore Melon. Befides feveral other gallant exploits, he had 
the leading of the rearward at the battle of Agincourt, 
and was appointed guardian of Henry VL during his mi- 
nority. He married Margaret daughter of Sir Thomas 
Neville of Hornby, knt. by whom he had no children ; 
and died at his manor of Greenwich in Kent, Dec 29, 
1426, leaving his nephew John earl of Somerfet his heir.. 
Vincent on Brooke, 104. Dugd. 11. 125. 



He was buried, agreeably to his tlireftions, in the abbey 
church of St. Edmund{bury ; in the ruins of which, fome 
labourers digging for ftone in the winter of the year 1772, 
difcovcred a body enclofed in lead, and preferved in pickle. 
After it was opened, Mr. CuUum, an eminent furgeon in 
that town, examined it as minutely as circumftances would 
permit, and his account of it was tranfmkted to the 
Royal Society (Phil. Tranf. LXII. art. jj). He is poffeft 
of the right hand and the malk of cere-cloth taken 
from the face, whofe features were remarkably fair. This 
body, being prefumed to be that of the duke of Exeter^ 
was interred in a wooden (hell feven feet deep, at the 
foot of the north pillar of the centre tower, where aa 
epitaph was intended to be affixt over it by Dr. Symonds, 
Profeflbr of Modern Hiftory at Cambridge. 

After the probabilities that have been urged by the 
learned in fupport of their affignment of this body to 
the noble teftator, it may feem prefumption to difier 
from them. But the duke*s own direction in his will 
(which they had not before them) app&ars to be decifive 
evidence that his body could not have been found on the 
South fide, as reprefcnted in Mr. King's plan, Archaw)!. 
III. pi. 15. p. 313. AH conclufions from likenefs of fea- 
tures fuppofed to be retained in the malk muft fall to the 
ground on a view of the malk, which by its thicknefs 
exhibits the eyes and nofe only en creux. Much of the 
dark hair of the forehead was torn off with it, and the 
hafte of the workmen deftroyed the lower part. . No. other 
body was found with this as might have been expefted. 

M m 2 JOHN 

f '66 ] 


HEC eft ultima voluntas domini Johanrris ducis 
Norffblcie, comitis MarefchalF & de Notyngham, 
Anghe marefchalli, &c. fa<Sa apud Eppeworth, decima 
nono die menfis Oftobris, anno regni regis Henrici fexti 
undecimo, viz. In primis quod corpus fuum fepelietur 
in ecclefia Carthur * infra infulam de Axeholme in com* 
Lincoln^ & quod omnia debita fua de bonis & catallis 
ibis integris folvantur. Item, quod domina Katerina uxor 
didti domini ducis habeat omnia vafa fua aurea, argentea, 
five deaurata, ac omnia alia ornamenta, aurea, argentea^ 
five deaurata, ac omnia alia bona mobilia fua & catalla, de- 
bitis fuis prediftis plene perfolutis, preter quod illud argen- 
tum five aurum cunatum^ exiftens infra manerium de Ep- 
peworth tempore mortis predifti dominis ducis, quod inter 
fervientes ejufdem domini ducis fecundum difcretionem 
difte domine Katerine, poft mortem difti domini ducis 
participabitur, & preter quod omnes toge difti domini 
ducis tempore mortis fue infra manierium prediftum 

-. •This houie, called Epworth, wat founded 19 R.II. by this carl'? 
father Thomas Mowbray, carl of Nottingham, carl Marftial, and duke of 
Norfolk. Taon. 286, 
^ coiAed^^ 



eiift^nt^ diftribuantur inter fervientes prediftos, fecundum 
difcrecionem di£le domine Katerine ; & quod predifta 
donlina Katerina habeat ad terminum vite fue manerium 
de Eppeworth in com* predi<flo cum fuis pertinentiis, ac 
omnia alia terras, & tenementa, redditus, reverfiones, & 
fervicla, pafcua, pafturas, aquas, vivaria five pifcaria, cha- 
ceas, warennaa, cum fuis pertinencils*, ac omnes alias com- 
moditates prediAo domfino duci, five alio cuicumque no- 
mine difti domini ducis, five ad opus fuum infra infulam 
prediftam pertinen* five fpedlant*. Item, quod di£la do- 
mina Katerina habeat ad terminum vite fue omnia mane- 
ria di6li domini ducis, ac omnia alia terras & tenementa, 
redditus, reverfiones, & fervicia, pafcua, pafturas, aquas, 
vivaria five pifcaria, chaceas, warennas, cum fuis pertinen* 
ac omnes alias commoditates predifto domino duci five alio 
Guicuinque nomine di6ti domini ducis, five ad opus fuum 
infra comitat' Eborac' pertinent* five fpe<Stant*. Item, quod 
didia domina Katerina habeat ad terminum vite fue caftel- 
lum, honoris, five dominium de Brembre cum fuis pertinen- 
ciis ac omnibus commoditatibus fuis infra comitatemSufl€x\ 
Item, quod difta domina Katerina habeat ad terminum vite 
fue omnia caftella five maneria infra terram de Gower, 
in Wallia, cum fuis pertinenciis, ac dominium de Gower, 
cum fuis pertincnciis, ac cum omnibus aliis commoditatibus 
& proficuis fuis. Item, quod Thomas Nevvmarche- habeat 
ad terminum vite fue officium fenelchalli manerii de 
Eppeworth cum vadiis antiquis. Et quod Johannes Dan« 
tre armiger habeat ad terminum vite fue decern libraa 



argent! annuatim percipiend* de manerio de Fornefette * ia 
com' NorfF ad duos aniii terminos. Item, quod Johannes 
Pecke habeat ad terminum vite fue cuftodiam parci de 
Lopham^ in com* NorfT cum feodis antiquis. Item, quod 
Johannes Baffet armiger habeat ad terminum vite fue 
•quatuor denarios per diem percipiendum * 

& quod Thomas Hide habeat ad ter- 
minum vite fue tres denarios per diem percipiendum 

Item, quod omnes fervientes predidli domini ducis habentes 
literas fuas patentes de aliquibus offioiis five feodis illis 
conceffis habendis ad voluntatem difti domini ducis ha- 
beant, & quiiibet eorum habeat eadem officia, five feoda, 
ad terminum vite eorundem. Item, quod didiz domina 
Katerina exiftat capitalis executrix teftamenti difti domini 
ducis cum omnibus aliis perfonis executoribus in ultimo 
teftamento didli domini ducis nominatis; excepto quod 
Edmundus Wynter non fe intromittat de racione exe- 
cutionis difti uitimi teftamenti. In cujus rei teftimonium 
prediftus dominus Johannes dux huic prefenti ultime 
voluntati fue figiliiim armorum fuorum appofuit. 

Probatio diiti teftamenti apud Lambeth coram Henrico 
Chichele Cant* archiepifcopo, 1 4*" Februarii, anno Domini 

♦ Blanks left in the origtnal. 

<^ Fomcet in Depwade hundred, Norfolk, fiill belongs to the duke of 
Norfolk. Blomef. III. 147. 

** Lopham in Giltcrofs hundred, Norfolk, is flill the property of the 
duke of Norfolk. lb. !• 51. - 

I Regifter 


Regifter Chichele pars prima, fol. 435. a. b. in the 
archiepifcopal regiftry at Lambeth. 

John Mowbray, born 1389, was reftored 3 H. VI. to 
the title of duke of Norfolk, which had been forfeited 
by his brother Thomas's rebellion againft Henry IV. He 
fucceeded his brother 1406, 8 H. IV. being then 17 years 
of age ; and though prevented from fharing in the victory at 
Agincourt by illnefs, yet continuing at the fiegc of Harfleur, 
he performed feveral important fervices in France. He 
married Catherine daughter of Ralph Nevil earl of Weft- 
morland (remarried to Thomas Strangeways efq. John 
vifcount Beaumont, and Sir John Widvile knt. brother 
to Anthony earl Rivers)* and died Oftober 19, 11 H. VI. 
1432, leaving iffue John, afterwards Duke of Norfolk. 
Dugdale * dates his will May 20, 7 H. VI. which is fouf 
years prior to this. 

* Bar. I. 130, He adds that h€<ordained that the bones of his father i' 
fiiould be brought from Venice to Epworth, 


t ^70 3 


IN nomine Domini, Amen. Noverint univerfi lioc 
prefens publicum inftrumentum infpefturi, quod hoc 
eft verum tranfcriptum five tranfcriptum quarundam lite- 
rarum figillo venerabilis & circumfpefti viri magiftri 
Alani Kyrketon decretorum doftoris, ecclefiarum Bath' 
fandti Petri Ebor & fanfti Pauli. London' canonici, pre- 
bendatus redkorifque feu curati ecclefie parochialis fan6li 
Petri de OundeU Lincoln* dioc* & capellani. illuftriflimi 
principis domini Johannis gubernant* . & regent' regni 
Francie, ducis Bedford' nuper decani, in cera rubea & 
tandem duplici ac ipfius figno mantiali, fignoque & fub- 
fcriptione venerabilis viri magiftri Egidii de Ferreres cle- 
rici Ebron' dioc' oriundus publica audloritate apoftolica 
notarii, ut prima facie approbat' figillatar' fignatar' & robo- 
ratur' fanar' & integrar' non viciatar' non cancellatar' nee 
in aliqua fui parte fufpedar' fed omni prorfus vicio & 
fufpeccione carencium, nuncque notario publico fubfcripto 
traditar' ad tranfcribend' anno ejufdem domini millefimo 
cccc** tricefimo quarto, indiccione decima quarta, menfis 
Novembris die nona, pontificatus fandliflimi in Chrifto 
: 3 patris 

patris & ddmini noftri domini Eugenii divina providentia 
^pe quart! anno quinto, quarum quidem literarum tenor 
de verbo ad verbum fequit\& eft talis: " Univerfis pre- 
lentes literas feu prefens inftrumentum publicum infpedluris 
Alanus Kyrketon decretorum doftor ecclefiarum Bath* 
fanfti Petri Ebor* & fanfti Pauli London' canonicus.pre- 
bendatus, re£torque feu curatus ecclefie parochialis fandli 
Petri de Oundell Lincoln* dioc% ac capellanus illuftriffimi 
principis domini Johannis gubernant* & regentis regni 
Francie ducis Bedfordie decanus, falutem in domino. 
Notum facimus quod in noftra notariique publica ^ 
teftium infra fcriptorum prcfencia perfonaliter conftitutup 
prefatus illuftriflimus princeps dominus regens & guberr 
nanSy licet eger corpora fanus tamen mente & in bona 
per Dei gratiam exiftens memoria, conHderans 6c attendens 
quod, breves dies hominis funt, Sc quod nil eft cercius 
morte, nee incercius ejus hora, nolens ab hoc feculo intef- 
tatus (Jecedere, ymo tamquam verus catholicu$, de bonis 
a Deo fibl collatis cupiens, tarn pro falute anime fue quansL 
alias uti melius poflet, difponere, fecit & ordinavit tefla- 
mentum fuum, feu ejus ultimam voluntatem in modum 
& formam qui fequitur. Primo animam fuam dum ipla 
de corpora fuo exierit devote & hun^ilitcr Deo creator! 
noftro, & beatiffime virgin! Marie ejus matri, totique cetui 
curie celeftis commandavit. Item fcpulturam fuam eligit 
viz. in cafu quo ipfum decedere contigerct in partibus 
Normannie in acclefia beatc Maria Rothomagen\ Et ft in 

N n Picardia. 

Picardia in ecclefia beate Mariae de Moriviele, & in cafu quod 
decedei'et in regno Anglie in abbathia feu nnonafterio de 
Waltham, London dioc\ Et voluit & ordinavit lervi- 
cium, luminare, & alias ordinaciones inhumacionis, exe- 
quiarum, & fepulture fuarum, fieri ficut decet pro principe 
"fui ftatus, juxta bonum avifiamentum, ordinacioncm, & dijP- 
crecionem fuorum executorum inferius nominatorum, viz. 
-illorum qui tempore deceflus fui prefentcs in Francia 
erunt, fi ibidem decedat ; & fi in Anglia decedat, ad volun* 
tatem & ordinacionem illorum qui tunc ibidem erunt pre- 
fentes. Item voluit & ordinavit quod debita fua folvantur, 
& forisfafta cmendentur primitus, & ante omnia. Item 
dcdit & legavit iili prediftarum ecclefiarum in qua huma- 
bitur omnia integraliter ornaroenta, & indumenta capelle, 
tarn in tapis quam alias quae habet, brondata*, & de radi- 
cibus auri ** fuper velvetum rubeum, & unum calicem Mii 
minutum lapidibus quem fecit fieri in hofpicio fuo de 
Tumell^ Parifius- per Stephen AUovus ejus aurifiibrtim. 
Item dedit & legavit prefate ecclefie unum par majonmi 
turribulorum argenteorum & deauratorum que noviter 
!febricari fecit Parifius,&tmam crucem argenteam deanrat^m 

■ embroidered. ^ aurifrizc as before, p. 254. n. 

^ The Piilais des Tournellei at Paris, originatly the hottft of a ehaooelkir 
in 1390, was in 1422 the reildeace of the duke of Bedford, who enlarged 
and beautified it fo much, that Charles VII. and fucceeding kings of France 
preferred it to their palace oppofite to it. After the unfortunate death of 
Heniy II. at the tilting match, thelifl for which reacht from this palace to 
the Baftile along the Rue des Tourhellcs, Catherine of Medici difliked It fo 
4auch, that ihe perfuaded CharleB to pull it down. It was completely ^^ 
moliflxcd by Henry IV. who built the place Royal on its fcite. St. Foix 
EHaifBia. furParis, I. 41. 



cum buretisS quas habuit de redemptione Johannis Alcu- 
rons. Item dedit & legavit illuftriflime principifle domine 
Jacobe ejus conforti omnes terras & tcnementa, cenfus, pro- 
Vcntus, redditus, & dominia, cum omnibus fuis juribus & 
pertinentlisuniverfis,quas & que idi^mdominus teftator habe- 
ret, poffidet, five ex conqueftu, five exproprio, tarn in Francia 
quam in Anglia, eis gavifus vita fua durante, folum excep- 
tiscaftro, terra, & dominio de Hajaputa % que dcdit & lega- 
vit Ricardo baftardo de Bedford, ejus filio naturali, cum 
Omnibus juribus fuis & pertinent' tenend* & habend' per 
ipfum Ricardum quoad vixeritdumtaxat. Item'voluit & or- 
dinavit quod poft dccefllim difte domine confortis fue ac dic- 
ti Ricardi, omnes terre, tcnementa, cenfus, redditus, & pro- 
ventus, ac dominia predi£la, cum fuis juribus & pertinen' 
Univerfis, pertineant & remaneant domino noftro Henrico, 
Francic & Anglieregi, quem fecit, nominavit,' &ordinavit 
heredem fuum. Item voluit & ordinavit quod executores fui 
habeant fcrvitorcs fuos fpecialiter in omnibus recommiflbs^. 
eos in fingulis favorabiliter & honefte tradando, ac eis fa- 
vores exhibendo, & quod omni modo ftipendia eis debita fi- 
deliter & integraliter cum omni diligentia eis perfolvalitur, 
quodquedi£lisfervitoribusfuis iecundum difcrecionem exe- 
cutorum fuorum, mentis & qualitatibus perfonarum confi- 
deratis, fiat retribucio &c recognicio fervitlorum fpecial' ad 
partem ; de refiduis autem bonorum non datorum neclega- 
torum, poft debita foluta, forisfa£l' & Icgat' folut* & emen- 
dat', voluit idem dcminus teftator quod difti executores fui. 

** Dii Cangc refers Uombureturn lobrnjietii^ which he explains a fpccies 
of money \ifed in Italy during part of the iziw century, 'tittl t|. it it has 
that fcnlehcre. 

^ Haraputc. Dugd. Bar. II. 202. 

^ commcndatosj recommended. Da Cange in voc. 

N n 2 dlf-- 

difponant, & provideaat, ad falutem animc fue, juribusautem 
quorumcumque in omnibus hujufmodi refiden* concernenti- 
bus in omnibus femper falvis ; pro quibus omnibus exequend* 
& adimplend* ordinavit & elegit idem illuftriffimus prin-^ 
ceps teftator executores fuos reverendos & reverendum 
in Chrifto patres dominos Henricum Cardinalem ^ Anglie, 
vulgariter nuncupatum, Lodowicum epifcopum Terouen* ^ 
cancellar* Francie ejus avunculum, Johannem * archiepifco- 
pum Ebor' ; Dominum Randulphum Cromwell dominum 
de Crombwell ^ thefaurarium Anglie ; Dominum Johan- 
nem Falftolf * magiftrum hofpicii fui, Dominurri Andream 
Ogard " ipfius camerarium, milites ; Ricardum Boukeland 


8 Henry Beaufort bifliop of Winchefter, brother of H. IV. appointed 
cardinal of St. Eufebius by Pope Martin V. 1426, died 144.7. Godwin ed. 
Rich. p. 795. He has the llyle of Cardinal of England in the public records 
and his own will. 

^ Lewis bilhop of Teroucnne (Turvyne^'Dugd. Turwln^ Sandford) 1417, 
chancellor of France* 1414; archbiihop of Rouen, 1436; created by pope 
EugenusIV. 1439? cardinal of the four crowns, and adminiflrator of the fee 
of Ely, where he was buried, 1448, having died at his palace at Hatfield. 
He was uncle to the duke's fecond wife, who was filler to Lewis deLuxen- 
burg earl of St. PoU Dugd. Bar. IL 202. The Hiilory of Charles VI. of 
France calls him a very cruel man, who was driven out of Paris with the 
partifans of H. VI. when it was reduced by Charles VII. His will may be 
Icen in Du Chefne's Hift. des Chanceliers de France, p. 446. 

• Johp Kemp, archbifliop of York, 1425 ; cardinal of St. Balbina 1439, 
tranflated to Canterbury 1452, where he died 1453, and has a magnificent 

* Ralph Cromwell, lord Cromwell, was conftitutcd treaAirerof the king's 
exchequer, 1 1 H. VI. maftcr of the king's mews and falconer in the room of 
the duke of Bedford 14 H. VI. He founded Tatfliall college, c. Northamp- 
ton, 17 H.Vl. began a fair houfe at Colywefton in the fame county, which as 
well as his cafllc at Tatefliall, he ornamented with figures of purl'es alluding 
to his office, and dying 1455, 34 H. VI. was buried in the choir of his col- 
legiate church, where his brafs flill remains in the beautiful chancel flript 
of its fine painted windows, and laid open to the weather. Dugd. Bar. IL 4^* 

^ The famous knight and hero, who died i4$9. See Biog. Brit, in his article. 

*" H. VL granted licence to Andrew Ogard and others, to impark the 

manor of Rye, called alfo theiflandof Rye, in the parifh of Stanftcd Abbots, 

7 c. 


thefturarium de Calefio, & Robertum Whittyngham ejus 
receptorem generalem in Anglia, armigeros ; quorum qua* 
tuor vel tres onus & executionem prefentis teftamenti, dum 
modo didhis dominus Cardinalis, vel prefatus dominus can- 
cellarius Francie, five memoratus dominus archiepifcopus 
Ebor' de illis quatuor vel tribus exiftat Temper unus, pof- 
fint perficere & adimplere adeo integre ac fi omnes pre- 
nominati executores fimul adeflent; quos executores im- 
mediate aut tarn cito poft ejus deceffum ficut commode 
fieri poterit, voluit feifiri de omnibus bonis fuis, tam mo* 
bilibus quam immobilibus, & ipfa bona eis realiter tradi 
& liberari ad ufum & complementum premiflbrum; & 
prefentis teftamenti voluit & ordinavit prefatum dominum 
regem effe & fore prineipiura provifbrem & principalem 
manutentorcm ; voluitque ac ordinavit quod hujufinodi 
teftamentum teneat & valeat fie per modum teftamenti vel 
codicelli aut ultime voluntatis melioribus modo & forma 
quibus fieri poterit ; revocando & adnullando omnia alia 
teftamenta feu ordinaciones ultime voluntatis per ipfiim 
fafta temporibus retroaftis. Declaravit infuper prefatus 
princeps teftator rion efle voluntatis aut intencionis fui 
quod predifti executores fui, feu aliquis eorum, teneantur 
autteneatur refpondere de majori fumma feu quantitate 
bonorum quam hujufmodi bona fua valeant, feu fe pote- 

c. Herts; to ere^ a caftle with battlements and loop-holes; and to have 
free warren thcrc^ and in the vills of Stanfted, Amwell, Hodcfdon, Ware, 
and Wideford. [Cart, anno 34 H. VI.- m. 6. Chauncey 195. Salmon's . 
Hertf. p. 2^50.] The brick-gate of this manfion ftill fubfifts, known by the 
name of the Rye-houfe, and in the fpandrils of the gat.e-are the. arms of 
Ogard^ a mullet, with fupporters and creil, 

2 rint 

rint cxtcnderc. In quorum premifforum teftimonium & 
fidem prefentibus Uteris feu prefenti publico inftrumeuto 
figilJum noftrum & fignum manuale una cum figno &c 
fubfcriptione difti notarii appofuimus. Dat' & ad' m 
caftro Rothomagen* Anno Domini M° cccc. xxxv*** die 
X"* menfis Septembris, Indiccione decima tercia, pont' 
{anftiflimi, &c Eugenii anno v^<> ; prefentibus nobilibus, 
ac circumfpedis viris Dominis Gerardo de Monfrant di(9i 
domini teftatoris camcrario, Nicholao Burdet militibus, 
M. Petro Yrforde facre theologie profeflbre, confeflbre, 
Roberto Warde elemofinario, magiftro Johanne de Raw« 
meris, & magiftro Philiberto Fumein, medicis predidki 
domini : Hear' ClyfFord, Ricwdo Leland thefaurar' domus, 
Johanne de Dupater, Reginald de Biriingham hoftiarii^ 
camerei Briano Stapilton, Johanne de Mortimert chev. de 
Burnieby, Thome Dampore armigeris, Johanne Scruby, 
Roberto Martyn & aliis. 

Notarius Willielmus Manchon, &c,*' 

Probatio difti teftamenti coram Henrico Chichele Cant. 
archiep*o apud Lambeth vii die menfis Oftobr* Anno 
Domini M' cccc. xl. primo* 

Regiftr, Chichele pars prima, fol. 475. a* b. 476. au 
in the archieptfcopal regiftry at Lambeth. 

John of Lancafter, third fen of H, IV. was, by his 
father, conftituted conftable of England, a. r. 4. by his 
brother H. V. a. r. a. created earl of Kendal and duke of 



Bedford for life, which honours were confirmed to him by 
his nephew H. VI. a. r. 1 1 . for ever. Henry V. appointed 
him protCiSlor and lieutenant of the kingdom of England/ 
during his abfence in France 141 5 ; and Henry VI. made 
him Regent of France 1425. After winning the battle of 
Verneuil he crowned his nephew king of France at Paris, 
Sept. 7, 1432, and not long after died there Sept 14, 1435. 
He was buried in the cathedral at Rouen, where his monu- 
ment was defaced by the Hugonots in 1462; but a brafs 
plate with his epitaph under his arms (torn away) between 
two oftrich feathers ftill remains affixt to a pillar. Lewis XI. 
when fblicited to deface the monument of this illuftrious 
hero, magnanimoufly refufed. 

He married, i. 1423, Anne, daughter of John duke of 
Burgundy, who died in child-bed and her child with her 
X432,and was buried iritheCeleftines' church atParis,where 
her epitaph remains, and a noble tomb of black marble«, 
2. Jacquette daughter of the earl of Luxemburgh,. by 
whom he had no iflue, and who remarried Sir Richard 
Woodvile, afterwards earl Rivers, by whom (he had Anthony 
his fucceflbr, Elizabeth afterwards wife of Edward IV. and 
other children. She died 1472^ Dugd.BanIL 200. Sandf«. 


[ *78 ) 


IN Dei nomine^ Amen. I Anne countefle of Stafford, 
Bockingh' Herford' and Northampton", and lady of 
Breknoc, of hool and avifed mynde, ordeyne and make 
my teftament in Englifh tonge, for my moft profit, redyng, 
and underflandyng in yis wife. Firfl, I bequethe my foule 
to Almighty God, and my body to be buried in ye churche 
of L' Anthony byfide Glouceflre, in ye. place wher I have 
beforn ordeyned, and do mad my tombe. Alfo, I bequethe 
to the fame churche a c marcs of money, or ye value 
thereof, of fuche of my movable goodys as wole befl: feem 
to ye difcreciouns of myn executours : and alfb amongft 
all my detts, I wol ^th^t al my mefnial fervants be paied 
furft of all her fees and wages, or of any other trewe 
proved dettes to hem dewe; and than all othir vitaillers, 
merchants, or artificers, that I owe any good, to be payed 
firfl, whereas moft nede ys aftir ye good difpoficion and 
demefnyng of my feyd executors : Alfo, I woll that any 
wronges or extorcions dewly proved byfor my executours, 
by me and my lyve don, that ye fame myn executours 
fatisfie hem agreablely as yer good difcrecion wol feme 
beft to difcharge, and for the helth of my foule ; and aftir 
ye acquietaill of my feyd detts, wrongs, and extorcions, I 

* She had thefe titles from her mother's family> and that of Buckingham 
from her firft hulband's. 


wokyat my dsyde executors^ havjng tendir confideracion 
of iouche of my icrvants^ as well of women as men, as 
have longift don moft trewe and diligent fervife to me 
and litil veleuid * by me, or nought, yat yey aftir their wel 
avifed diicrecions rewarde eche of hem aftir yeire degre 
and defertes competently for their help and relyf, as fer- 
fbrth as ye power of my feid executors wole ftretche in 
that partie. And alio, my feyde detts, wrongis, and extor- 
cions, and rewards of my fervants, paid and fatisfied ; I 
bequethe xxli. yerly, to be paied by the hand of my feid exe- 
cutours for terme of xx yere, to the priftis of certen landis 
and tenements, beyng in ye handys of my feoffcs, to do 
dyvyne fervife dayly for me during ye feide terme in ye 
college of Plecy^ after the forme of my will% which 
I have before maad and writyn, feeled undir my feal: And 
for ye performyng of y is my lail will, bequefts, and ordi- 
nances, before reherfid, I make and ordeine my wel be- 
loved fones Thomas byfshop of Worceftre^, Henry crle of 
Eue, Will* Bourghchiers •, Job* Bourghchicrs ^ Sir Nicol 
Wymbufsh clerk. Sir Roger Afton knyght, John Fray, , 

* i. e. little Tewardcd, or not at all* 

* founded by her father Thomas of Woodftock. 

^ The fonpcr will, hereia referred to, is not known to be extant. 

^ Thomas Bourchier bifliop of Worcefter 1435, ^^y '445» archbifliopof 
Canterbury 1454, which primacy he held 32 years ; cardinal of St. Cyriac 
1464, died 1486, buned on the north 6de of the choir of his cathedral. 
See his tomb, Dart p. 16^. 

* her third fon, lord Fitz Warin in right of his firfl wife. He died after * 
12 E.IV. Diigd. Bar. II. 131. 

' her fourth fon lord Berners, in right of his wife, died 14 E. IV. lb. 

O o Robard 

Robard Frampton, barons of ye Eftchecur, and WilT 
Palmer, myn executors, to execirte and p\3t in effeft, aft^ 
well ye primeffes, aaad to diftribue and difpofe in almefle 
(fede wher yey fliuU feme tnoft niedeftil and meritory for 
yc heite of my foule, befechyng and requirynge ye ryght 
reverent fadir in God Will' « byfsop of Lincoln, and my 
wel beloved foiie Humfirey erle of Stafford, to have tendrc 
furvieue of yc eScGt of ys my prefent teftament, duly 
and trewly to be perforrned. In witnefle whereof to yis 
my prefent teftament I let my feal ; wretyn the xvi day 
of Odtobj' ye yeare of ye reigne of kyng Henry the Vlth, 
after the Conqueft ye xviithe. 

A blank left for the probate. 

Regifter Chichele pars prima, fol. 479. a. in the archie- 
ptfcopal Regiftry at Lambeth. 

Amie, eldeft daughter of Thomas of Woodftock duke 
of Gloucefter, 20 years old, i H. IV. (Dugd. I. i72)* 
married firft to Thomas Stafford earl of Stafford, but he 
dying before confummation, (he was married tp his bro- 
ther Edmund Stafford fifth earl Stafford, flain at the battle 
of Shrewfbury 4 H. IV. (fee before, p. 185.) by whom 
ihe had ifTue Humfrey his fucceflbr, flain at the battle of Nor- 
thampton 38 H. VI; Philippa, who died young ; and Anne, 
married firft to Edmund Mortimer earl of March; adly to 

i William Alawick biiliop of LincolQ 1436, tranflated fit>m Nornrich, 
dkd 1449. 

7 John 

John Holland earl of Huntingdon and duke of Exeter, 
buried with him at St. Catharine's by the Tower. 
(Vincent on Brooke, p. 491. Dtigd. Bar. I. 164. And fee 
p* 290.) She was married fecondly to William Bourchier 
earl of Ewe in Normandy, who died in France 8 H. V. and 
was buried at Laiatoni by Gloucefter^ (Dugd. IL 1 29.) by 
whom Ihe had Henry earl of Ewe and Eflex, killed by a fall 
from his horfe,. 31 H. VIII. ; Thomas bifhop of Worcefteri 
archbifliop of Canterbury, and cardinal of St. Cyriac ; Wil- 
liam lord Fitz Warin^ John lord Bemers, and Anne 
(Eleanor, Dugd. I. 131.) wife of John Mowbray duke: 
of Norfolk, whofe father's wiU fee before.. 

She died 17 H. VL (Dugd. Bar.L 164.) but: whercc 
jhe was bujried does not appear*. , 


C *»* 3 


IN the name of God, Amen. I John duke of Exceftre, 
. l[>emg in go€)d heele and in good memory, ordeynje, 
difpofe, and make my teftament in maner and ordre yat 
jfblweth* Fipft, y bequeth my fbule to ye Fader, Son, 
and Holy Goft, iii perfons in Trinite, and oon ever- 
laflyng God,, he to do yerwith his heft blefled willei 
and my body, whan my foule is paffed out of yis world 
to God, to be buryed in a chappell witin the chirch of 
Seysit Karryne befyde^ the Tourc of London, atte north- 
ende of the high auter, in a. tombc yat is bfdeyned for 
me, wit Anne my firft wyfF, and wit my fifter Cuftaunce*, 
and wit my wyfF Anne yat now is, after the ordynance 
and difpoficion of myn executors, as it femeth hem moft 
worfhip for myn eftate. Alfo y bequeth to the high auter 
of ye faid chirch a cuppe of byroU garnifhed wit gold, 
perles, and precious ftones, to put in the facrament ; alfo 
a chalyce of gold wit al the hoole appareill of my cha- 
pell, and of the fame ftuffe and appareill y wol yat a 
chalyce, ii bafyns, ii candel-ftyldces of fylver, wit ii 
peyre veftementes, a mafle book, a paxbred^, wit a peirc 

■ married firft to Thomas Mowbray duke of Norfolk and earl of Not- 
tingham, by whom (he had no iifuc; and fecondly to John lord Grey of 
Riithyn, by whom fhe had two fons, Edmund created earl of Kent, and 
Thomas Grey lord of Rugemont. Vincent on Brooke, p. z6^ 
^ K q. tbq fame as the corporax cafcl>dbf» mentioned* 


DUKE OF E' X E T E R, aSj 

cruettes of fylver, be delyvered to the littell chappell 
where y Ihal lye and my wyfF, wit my fufter, for the 
preeftes yat Ihall fynge there, aiid pray for oure (bules. 
Alfo y bequeth to the preeftes and clerks, and other of the 
hous of Seynt Katryne, for the grete labour and obfer- 
vaunce, the day of myne obyte, and the day of myne 
burryyng quadraginta marc. Alfb y wol yat iiii honeft 
and cunnyng preefts be ordeyned yerly, perpetually to 
pray for my foule hi the forfaid chappell; and for the 
(bule of Anne my firft wyfFe, the foule of my fufter 
Cuftaunce, and for the foule of Anne ray wyfFe yat 
now is, whan (he paffeth oute of yis worlde, and for al 
the foules of my progenitours. Alfo y bequeth to the 
q«eer in the (aid chirch certeyn peces of arras, fufficient 
and competent to honge the faid queer on both iydes, 
and there to abyde ftyll, and to be honged every princi- 
pal! feft in the worfhyp of God and Seynt Katryne in 
remerabraunce of my foule. Alfo y bequeth ni vefte- 
ments, to be delyvered after my deth, that is to fay, on 
to the chirch of Stevynton*, another ro the chirch of 
Gaddefden*, and another to the chirch of Dertyngton*^. 
Item, y bequeth in mill marks, which is dew to me of my 
cofyn the duk of York^ as it appereth by certeyn obliga- 
dons madie betwene us of the fame, to pay my detts well 
and truly, and in as goodly hafte as myn executours may: 
and jzX my creditours be fo etitreted yat my foule be in 

« Q^ c. Bedford. ' Great Gaddefden, Hertibrdfliire. 

! Q^ OartingtoD, c. Dcron. I 



no perill, as it is conteyned in my laft wille to this mjF^; 
teftament annexed. Alfo y bequpth to Anne my wyft 
yat now is. a bed of arras wit the fcriptur- of honnor%, 
wit all the cofters •» longyng to the fame ; and alfo yatiha 
have all her hoole ftufFe lykc as y had wit her, and half 
the remanent not bequethen : Alfo y bequeth. to. my, 
dough ter Anne the white bed wit popynjayes % wit all the: 
cofters longyng to. the fame : and to my faid daughter y. 
bequeth the white bed wit egles embrawded^ wit all. 
tlie cofters longyng to the fame;, and as wel my. litell, 
white bed of damalk wit cofters : Alfo y bequeth. to my^ 
daughter halfF my dyamounds, fefiyres, rubyes^ and. 
precious ftones, and halflF my peerles : Alio y bequeth} 
to my fon Sir Harry,, all the. remanent of my. ftuffib o£. 
my warderobe, and of myne arras not. bequethed,, and; 
al. myn armery and attry*^ hoole: Alfo y bequeth. to* my/, 
wyfFAnneyt now. is,, a cupp of gold wit a 6con, and an^ 
ewer of gold wit a facon taking a pertryche. wit a rubye: 
in his breft : Alfo y bequeth. to mydoughter Anne xii white.- 
belles of fylver of a fute, a cuppe of gold wit a George; 
enameled with a boten*;. and. another cuppe of gold^ 
wit myne armes and. firft wyfFs armes thereupon;, 
II bafyns,. ii ewers, ii fait- fellers g^t, with armes of 
Montgomery enameled in the topp:, Alfo y bequeth to* 
. my wyflF Anne yat now. is, xii holies of gold of a fute^. 
and an almcfdifs the fhi£p°';. and the grete bafyn of. 

s i. e. entitled or called : fee hereafter. 

^ Qa. the fame at co/ies^ p. 70. note.'. 

* parrots. * artry^ p. a88. q. artillery. ' a button. 

^ Qc, the bafon ior alniB enameled with a (hip* 


DUKE O F ' E X E T E R. af j 

iylver y bequeth to my doughter Anne : Alfo y bequeth 
XL marks, to be doon in almes the day of my burryyng, 
and of my moneth mynde to them yat be femeth moft 
pore and nedfuU : Alfo y bequeth to my brother duk of 
Bukyngham" the playne cuppe of gold late made wit 
myn armes in the to^^); and he to be my fupervifor: 
Than my detts paied, and my wille performed, and 
myne obite worfhipfuUy doon, as it longeth to myn 
eftate, y wol yat the refjdew of all my goodes in this 
my teftament not bequeth be delyvered to my fon Sir 
Harry. Moreover y wol and charge my feoffeez of my 
manoirs of Stevynton, Berford Seynt Martyn% and 
MannerbierP, all thyngs in my teftament and wille per- 
formed, to make an eftate- to my faid fonn Sir Harry of 
the faid manoirs. Provided alway, yat an annuyte of 
XL li. be referved for my ii baftards fones William and 
Thomas. Thife y ordeyne and make myn executours, 
the reverent fader in God the archbifshopp and cardi- 
nal of York % my wyfF Anne, the bifshopp of Chicheftcr, 
Adam', Richard Caudray clerk, Robert Whitingham knight, 
Wauter Moyle, and Thomas Mannyng clerk, to execute, 
performe, and fulfyUe all thife articles and bequeftes 
above reherfed in this my teflement conteyned, and all 
^thir pointes and articles of my laft wille, as it is con« 

* Humfrey Stafford hii wife^s brother. 

<> Berefbrd St. li^brtin, c, Wilta. Dugd. Bar. IL 8x. 

* C.Pembroke. 

4 John Kemp. 

^ Adam MoSni • 



teyned in a ccdule to thU my teiVament axmezed, as they 
wol anfwere afore God. In witoefle of this my teftemenit 
and wille y have fett to my feall of mya armes and my 
fyne manuelL Thife witneffes, John Wardc clerke, Tho- 
mas Yarom clerk, Thomas Wychard, Thomas Lovell, 
John Gaynesford, and other. Yeventhe xvi daye of Jnlye, 
the XXVI yere of kyng Herry the.Sixtc, the yere of our 
Lord Mccccxi-vii. 

Ultima voluntas domini Johannls duels Exccl 

This is the laft wille of me John duk of Exceftre, being- 
in good heele and hoole mynde bleffed be God. Fyr^, y 
wol and charge my feoffeez of my manour and lordilupp 
of Moche Gaddefden, in the countye of Hertford, yat 
they make an eftate of the fame by licence of the kyng, 
after fuch forme as myn executours and toy lerned coun- 
cell can beft devyfe, to be moft fuer for a chauntxy to 
fuftene nil honeft and cunnyqg preeibs in the cfaappellf 
witin the chirch of Seynt Katryne befyde the Tour of 
London, where my body (hal reft, fo yat every preeft 
have yerely for his fallary and manfion xii marks, there 
to pray for my foule dayly; for the foule of my firft wyff 
Anne ; for the foule of my fufter Cuftaunce ; and for 
the foule of my wyfF Anne yat now is, whan fhe is pafled 
out of this world ; and for all my progcnitours. And y 
wol yat the refidew of the faid manoir and lordihipp yat 
remayneth over, the fallary of the faide preefts be or- 


DUKE Of E X E T I lU «<^ 

4tyn(bd and k^t to make tnjn obite yerl/ therwkiw 
Wkd to diftrlbtite the lame tyme among^s jpore men and 
women of the hous of Seynte Katrync, in the remem* 
braunce of my foule: Alfo y wol y^t my fon Sir Harry 
and his heires be patrons of the faid chauntry, to prefente 
the faide preeftes whan any of them lakkyth by deth or 
by jarauncement : provided alway, yat the faide preefte$ 
fyngc there in the faide chappell dayly as they be dif- 
pofed, and in non other place ; and yat they be bounde to 
the queer in all dowble fefts of the yere. Alfo y wol 
the manoirs of Stevynton, Berford Seynt Martyn, Man* 
lierbier, and Pennally % abydc ftill in my feoffeez hands 
tb the tyme yat my detts be paied, and my wille and my 
teftament be performed ; for y wol yat all the yffues and 
profytes comyng of the feide manoirs be receyved, and 
my detts therwith paied ; ^nd that don^ and my will^ 
performed, than y wol and charge my feofieez to make 
an eftate to my (on Sir Hany and to his heires for ever* 
more, wit condicion yat he graunt out an eftate of xLlk 
to my two baftard fones '♦....•.• for terme of thaire 
lyves; yat is to fay, to eche of hem xxli. yerly out of 
feide manoirs : Alfo y wol yat my wyfF Anne yat now i« 
have a bed of arras called Honnour, wit all the cofters 
longing to the fame : Alfo y wol yat my doughter Anne 
have the white bed wit popynjayes, wit all the cofters 
longing to the fame: Alfo y wol yat my laid doughter 

• Penaly, c, Pembroke. 

* See their names before. 



Anne have the white bed wit egylles embrawded, wit 
the cofters longmg to the fame : Alfo y wol yat my faid 
doughter have the littell white bed ofdamalk, wit ya| 
that longeth thereto : Alfo as touching my precious 
ftones, perles, dyamonds, rubyes, fafFyres, and other, y 
wol yat my wyfF have the on halfF, and my doughter the 
other halfF: Alfo y wol yat there be delyvered the day 
of my burryyng to the queer of the chirch of Seynt 
Katryne certayn peces of arras nedfuU and competent 
to hange the queer a both fydes, and to be hanged there 
at every dowble or pryncipall feft, in remembraunce of 
my foule; and there to abyde ftill for ever to the worf- 
chipp of God and Seynt Katryne : Alfo y wol yat my fon 
Sir Harry have all the refidew of my warderobe and of 
myn arras nat bequethen, and all myn armery, and all 
my artry : Alfo y wol yat my wyfFAnne have all her 
hoole ftuffe like as y had wit her : and halfF the remanent 
of myn othr ftuflFe, except yat is bequeth : Alfo y wol 
yat if my fon Sir Harry, or any of his heires, breke, lette 
or diftroble, any of the poyntes or articles conteyned in 
this my wille, that than he loofe and forgoo fro hym 
and fro his heires the faid manoirs of Steventon, Berford 
Seynt Martyn, Mannerbier, and Pennally ; and than yat 
it be lawful! to niy feoffeez, by th* avyfe of my execu- 
tours, to fille the feide manoirs, and the money thereof 
to be difpofed for my foule by myn executours : Alfo y 
wol yat my fervauntz yat have don to me continual fer- 



vice haive their feez for thaire lyves accordihg to thaire 
patentez, yf they abyde upon thayre fervyce : Alfo y 
wol yat the m^ m^ m* mark, yat is dew to me of raf 
cofyn the duk of York, as it appereth by certayne obli- 
gaciouns made betwene us of the fame, bfc ordeyned to 
pay my detts wel and truly, and to my fervaunts to re- 
warde the which yat hath no feez : Alfo y bequeth and 
wol yat my wyfF have the xii holies of gold of a fute, 
and an almefdisftie the fhipp*. Dat. the yere of our Lord 
MccccxLvii, the XXVI yere of kyng Henry the Sixte, the 
XVI day of JuylL 

' Probatio difti teftamenti coram Johanne (Stafford) Cant, 
archiep. apud Lamebith, 1 6 die Feb. A. D. 1 447* 

Regift. Stafford and Kemp. fbl. 160. a. In the archie- 
pifcopal regiflry at Lambeth. 

John (fecond fon of John Holland earl of Huntingdon 
and duke of Exeter, beheaded and buried at Plefhey, 
I H. IV.) was reflored to his eftate 4 H. V. and was in 
feveral expeditions in France both in that and the fuc- 
ceeding reign, having been taken prifoner when the duke 
of Clarence was flain. He was couftituted lord high admi- 
ral of England, Ireland, and Aquitaiu, Odlober 21, 1 4 H. VI. 
and next year conftable of the Tower. He was created duke 
of Exeter 21 H. VI. with this fpecial privilege, that he and 
his heirs male (hould have the feat in all parliaments and 
\ P p 2 councils 


councils next to tlie duke of York and his heirs male« 
He died Auguft 5, a6 H. VI. and was buried on the North 
fide of the chancel of St. Catherine's chioxch by the TowcTi^ 
where his monument with the figures of himielf and 
bis firft wife remain much defaced. 

He married firft^ Anne daughter of Edmund earl of 
Stafford, by whom he had one fon Henry, who came ta 
a violent end at fea 13 E. IV. and a daughter Anne mar-^ 
ri^dfirft, to John lord Nevile, fon and IWF t» Ralph 
zd earl of Wcftmorland, by whom having np iffue,. (he 
married his uncle Sir John Nevile knight, and by him 
(he had Ralph third earl of Weftmorland^ His fecond wife 
was Anne daughter of John Mountague earjl of Saliibury^ 
who furvived him, and died 1457. 

Dvgdale has given an abflrad of the duke^s will and 
ihat of hifi fecond vn§^^ Bar. IL 8x» 


I *»t ] 


Cojpia mltime voluntatis Regis Henrici Sexti, pro Cbllegiii 
fuis Regalibus, viz. pro Colleglo B. Marie de Etona, & pro 
CoUc^o B. Marie & S'ti Nicholai de Cantebr* perficiendis. 
[See a copy of part of this will in vita Gul. Waynfleti 
fcripta a Budderio.] 

IN the name of the blefled Trinity, the Father,, the 
Sonne, and the Holy Ghoft, Oure Lady St. Marie mother 
of Ch rift, and all the holy companie of heaven : I Henry 
by the grace of God king of Eagtand, and of France, and 
Lorde of Ireland, after the conque^ of England the Sixt, 
for diverfe great and notable caufesi moveing me at the 
makeing of theife prefents, have do ' my will and mine in- 
tent to be written in manner that followeth : 

Forasmuch as I have cn&fFedi before this time John^ Nametofts^ 
Cardinall and archbifliopof Yorke, John^ archbi(hop of 
Canterbury, Robert^ biihop of London, William* bifliop of 
Lincoln, William ^hifliop of Sarcfbury, and Thomas' bifliop 
of Bathe and Welles, John Carpenter clarke of the churche 
of Worcefter^ now bifhop of the fame, Adam Molyns 
derck now bifhop of Chicheftcr, Walter Lyert clerck now 

* » common phrafe for hav^ done^ or caufed. 

^ John Kemp, 142$ — i4S4« *" ]^ti. Stafford, 1443 — 14$2« 

** Robert Gilbert, 1431 — 1436, or his prcdeceflbr Robert Fitzhughnsafter 
ef King*8-hill^ and chancellor of Cacnbridge; 
« Will. Alnwick, 1435— 1450^ ^ ^^1. Aitcough, 1438— i45C» 

« Tho. Bekynton, 1443— I4i65, 

6 biihop 


The lands all 
parcell of the 
duchye of 

Date of the 
letcen patents. 

bifhop of Norwich, John Langton clerck late bifhop of 
St. David, and now to God paffed, John Dulaber clerk 
now bifliop of St. David, William earle of SufF, now 
marques of SufF*, Henry earle of Northumberland, John 
vifcount Beaumont, Walter lorde of Hungerford, Rauf 
lorde Cromwell, Raufe lorde of Seudely, John Beau- 
champe knight, now lorde Beauchampe of Powicke, and 
James Fenes efq. now lord of Say, John Somerfett, Henry 
Sever, Richard Andrew, Walter Sherington, clerks; Edward 
Hungerford and Edward Hull knights ; John Saintlo 
now to Gfod paffed, John Hampton, John Norres, Wil- 
liam Trefliam, John Vampage, and Richard Aldred, 
now to Grod palled, efqs. in divers caftells, lordfhipSy 
mannors, lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other 
pofleflions, parcell of the duchy of Lancafter witliin Eng- 
land and Wales, as it is more fpecially and at large 
conteyned and written, in diverfe my letters patents 
hereof made, of which letters the firft beareth date the 
laft day fave one of Novembre, the year of my reigri 2z ; 
the fecond beareth date the 7th day of Julie the fame 
yeere ; the third beareth date the 23d of Februari, the 
yeere of my reign 23 ; the fourthe beareth date the 29th 
of June in the fame yeere ; which caftells, lordfliips, man- 
nors, lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other pof- 
feffions, be of the yeerlie value of 3395 1. lis. jA. when 
they be difcharged of the fees and annuities with which 
they be now charged, which letters patents and all things 
conteyned in them by the authority of my parlement 
2 laft 


laft holden at Weftmiiiftcr, as by an a£te of the fame Jotw^by ' 
parlement plainly it appeareth, were authorized, ap- J^ni!*""^**" 
proved, ratifyed, and confirmed, for to performe and 
fulfill niy will, of .and upon the difpofition of faid caf- 
tells, lordfhips, mannors, lands, tenements, rents, fer- 
vices, and other pofleilions, by me to be made and 
ordeyned, and to my faid feoffees, in my behalf to be 
declared and notifyed. I by thefe my prefent letters de- 
clare and notifie imto my faid feflfecs, according to the 
faid afte, that in thefe my letters is conteyned my faid 
will, which I defire to be done and performed by my faid 
fefiees of the caftells, lordfhips, mannors, lands, tene- 
ments, rents, fervices, and other poiieiiions above fayd. 

Fir{);, forasmuch as it hath pleafed our Lorde God for caufes that 

r rr y /-I'k «i moved thefe 

to luner and grunte: me grace for the primer ° notable '.^^ fooiwu- 
woi^es purpofed by me after that I by his bleffed fuffe- 
raunce tooke.unto my felf the rule of my faid realmes, 
for to ered, found, and flablifh unto the honour and 
worfhip of his name fpecially, and of the blefled Vir- 
gin our ladie St. Marie, encreafe of virtues and dilatation 
of conning ' and flablifhment of Chriflian faith, my two 
colleges Roiall, one called the College Roiall of our Ladie 
of Eton befide Windefor, and the other called the 
College Roiall of our Ladie and St. Nicholas of Cam- 
bridge, the edifications of which colleges^ now by me 
begoun, advifed, and appointed, in manner and forme as 
hereafter followeth> may not be perfe^ly accomplifhed 

^ Qc aforcxDcntioned* \ knowledge. 




tke buiMmg M without great and notable ^worices afiigned ^nd parveiBd 
lii^d^ thereunto ; I will, pray, and charge mine own feofibn^ 
that unto the time that the jGud edifications . and otheir 
workes of bridges, coiiduidts, cloyflers, ^id ethers thihges ' 
begoun and advifed by me in either of the iaid colleges^ 
be fully performed and accampHiflaed in notaUe wife 
then any of my faid realme of England; they {eetbaC 
my faid colleges, according to the forme of genendl 
graunts by me unto them made in that behal&, have and 
perceive ^ yeerlie of yffues, profits, and jievenoes, coming of 
the afbrefaid caftells, fendikips, mannors, lands, tenemeMs^ 
rents, fervices, and other pofleifions, by the Ha»ids of llie 
tenants, farmei^, occopieis, and receiTers of the fyaw 
A yearly fomae 20oolib« for the edificatkms and worices aboveiayd; that 
Affigned, lee. 1$ to iay, to the pravoA of my faid coUege of £eon, for 
the workes there ycarlie looolib. and to the puov^df 
my iaid college of Cambridge, for the edifications -ittii 
workes there yeerely i coo lib. from the feaft of St. 
Michael laft paft unto the ende of die Cerme of twenTf 
yeeres then next (following, and fully and compleat; and 
if it be ib that the ediffications of my &id colleges, or 
either of them, acooiding unto my iaid devife and 9p^ 
Order for the pomtoient her^ conteyned, Aali not be fully accom* 
thr^dificatioDs, pliihed and finiihed wiehin the iaid tearme of 20 yean, 
I will then pray my iaid feoffees that they do grant unto 
either of my faid colleges looo lib« to be taken yearlie from 
the ende of the £uid tearme of twenty years, iiniihed unfo 



H E N R » t H E SIXTH. 195 

. the tiwe of the ecjifications of the one of my faid colleges 
be hlly accomplifhed and performed, of the yffttes, pro- 
fitsts, und revenues abovefayd; and that after the finifli- 
jment of the edifications of one of the faid colleges, the 
£aid yearly ;aoooUb. [1000] m fembable wife to be 
granted tx) the other of the fame colleges whofe edifica- 
tions flialj npt be then finifhed, to have and perceive of 
the yffues^ profits, and revenues abovefayd, unto the time 
pf the jedification of the fame college, to he fully finiihed 
and perfi3rmed; whjich edifications of my faid college I 
have fvlly d^viied and appomted tQ he accpmplifhed in 
Sti^ wife : th^ is to witt. 

The CoUege of ETON. 

I wHl that Sim quicf 9f *ny faid q^Uege of Etson ihall ^^^^f^^ 
«50Btteyi>e iii leogth foj feet of sS&f,e\ whereof behinde ^"^"' 
i^ higb akar^ AgH W 8 ^e^ anfl ^q^jl the faid altare 
to the ^iM^r 4Qf^ fS ^^' Item, the fy^g^ qiikr (hall 
flonteyn m breedtb fr-pgi ^deft) H^ vntbki the fiefpondes"* 
•9 fetjOt lteox# tW grofMide 19^ W»ti <^aU be enhanced 
Uglier iheu -tl^ he v^w on the utter g4e» (ere it come to 
ihc laj^oge €if tJ^e £d1: ftoqie &{ the f:l@Fe livall to feet of 
nflizfi. Itero, the iwalj pf the -faid i^jwier (hajl conteyn iti 
tm^ ^ IJbe grounds >y^t:6s M@itp the battlersi^it 80 Height or t^c 
&tf of afSs^ IteBEu in ijie JBaft «^de of the faid quier 
4h^ be fat a great ^kble i^dowe of 7 hays a^d two 
jbmtteraces, wA mhfv fiie of the feid qwer 7 windowes, 

^ Aati^tetfUlc ^Mt. f ^* parallel «orpe4poBdeiiC wslli or fides. 

Q^q every 

196 H E N R Y T H E S 1 X T tt'. 

every windowe of foure bays and 8 butteraces, conteyning 
in height from the ground workes unto the overparts bf 
the pinnacles loo fete of affize. Item, that the faid 
grounds be fo taken, that the firft ftone lye in the middle 
of the high altare, which altare (hall conteyne in length 
12 fete of affize, and in breadth 5 fete; and that the 
firft ftone be not removed, touched, lior ftirred, in any 
vtftry. wife. Item, the veftry to be fet on the North fide of 

the fame quier, which fhall conteyne in length 50 fete of 
affize departed into two houfes, and in breadth 24 fete, 
and the wall in height 20 fete, with gable windowes, and 
fide windowes convenient thereto, and the grounde work<}8 
to be fette in the height of the grounde of the cloyfter. 
And I will that the edification of my faid college of Etoa 
proceed in large forme, cleane and fubftantially, well 
replenifhed with goodly windowes and vaults, laying 
^^'cS'rwus"'^ apart fuperfluities of too great curious workes of ehtaile 
buUding. 3j^ J jj^iy mouldinge. Item, in the faid quier oh every fide 

32 ftalles and the roode lofte there, I will that thqr be 
made in manner and forme like the ftalles and roode 
loft in the chappell of St. Stephen at Weftminftr, and of 
the length of 32 feete, and in breadthe clear i2.feet bf 
affize; and as touching the dimenfions of the church of 
my faid college of Eton, I have devifed and appointed that 
the body of the fame church between the yles fhall con- 
teyn in breadth within the refponders 32 fete, and in 
length from the quier dore to the Weft dore of the faid 
church 104 feete of affize ; and fo the faid body of the 


H El Jf- R Y THE S I X" T. H. J97 

church, fhall be longer then is the quier, from the fcre- 
dofle ° at the high altare unto thfl^ijuier by j^feete, which 
dimenfions is thought to be a right, good, convenient, 
and due proportion. Item, I have devifed and apjwinted 
that the yle on the otherfide of the body of the church, Th\fo«t»»yie 

■^ J y which IS meant 

fliall conteyn in breadth fro refpond to refpoud 15 feete, cUureh^"'^*" 
and in length 104 feete, according to the faid body of 
thechurch. Item, in the South fide of the body of the ^^ch for'^cd. 
church a fair large dore with a porch, and the fame for ^"^*' 
cbrifteninge of children and weddinges. Item, I have 
deviled and appointed fix greces ® to be before the high 
altare, with the grece called Gradus Chori, every of them 
conteyning in height 6 ynches, and of convenient breadth, 
every of them as due forme (hall require. Item, in the. 
breadth of the church-yarde, from the church dore unto 
the wall of the church-yarde within the wall of the Weft 
ende, which muft be take of the ftreete befide the high 
waye, fix foote of affize. Item, the grounde of the 
dojrfter to be enhaunfed higher, th^n the tilde grounde 
8 feete ere it come to the pavement, fb that it be fett but two 
fbote lower than the paving of the church, which cloyfter ]^^^^^ ^f^^ 
Ihall conteyn in length Eft and Weft 200 feete, and in '^^^^"• 
breadth North and South i (sio feete of affize. ' Item, the 
faid cloifter (hall clofe unto the church on the North fide 
at the Weft end, and at the North fide at the Eaft end of 
the church it (hall be clofe unto the college, with a dore 
into the faid college. Item, the faid cloiftre (hall conteyne 

* fcreen at the back of the high altar. . 

• ftepe, grejfus. 

Q^ q 2 : m 

A fptre ground 
for trees rad- 

The church- 

Height md 
wtdeneft of 

The water at 
Bddwyn bridge 
tol>c turned. 

In hreacfch within the walls 1 5 fete, and in height 20 fete^ 
with clere ftSnes round about inward, and vawted and 
embattled on both fides. Item^ the fpace between the 
wall of the church and the wall of the cloyfter fliall caa<« 
teyne 38 feete, which is left for to fett in certaine tree9 
and flowers, behovable and convenient for the fervice d£ 
the fame church* Item, the cemitory of the fame churok 
ihall be lower than the paving of the cloifter 4 feete d£ 
affize, with as many greces up into the chxu^h dore ds 
fhall be convenient thereto. Item, in the middle of the 
Weft of the faid cloifler a great fqaare tower, with a faiw 
dore into- the cloyfter, which tower ihall contaiiie dasam 
Within the wall 20 feete, and m height with the battiaw 
ment and the pinnacles 140 feete* Item, from the higfa^ 
way on the South fide unto the wall of the college a good 
high waM with towers convenient thereto ; and in Bkewiiii 
£rom thence by the water fide, and about the gardens, and 
all the precin^ of the place round about by the hig^ 
way, until it come tx> the doyller end on the WeA fido 
again* Item, that the water at JSaldwyne bridge be turned 
over the warf into the river set Thanris, with a ditch of 
40 foote of br»dth, and the ground between the. fiuatt 
ditch and the college ariied of a great hei^it, fo that it 
may at all floo^ be plain and dry ground, where then? wMl 
be ia diftance from the hall fo the water at all timed of 
day ground 80 feete ; and as touching the dimenfions of 
the hmrfing of my iaid college of Eton, i have devi&d and 
appointed that the South wall of the precin^ffe of the laid 



collet which fliall extend from the tenement that Heugh 
Dyer now holdeth and occupieth, unto the Eft ende of the 
gardens after long p the waters fide, fliall containe in length 
1440 feete of affize, with a large doore in the fame wall sonthwiii 

^^ - ° 1440 fceu 

to the water fide. Item, the Eft wall of the fame pre- 
cin£be, which ihall extend fro the waters fide to the high 
way at the newe bridge at the Eft end of the gardens, 
(kail containe in length 1200 feete of afllze. Item, the E^ftwtn 

^ ^ ^ I2CO feet* 

North wall of the faid precind:^ which (hall extend fro 
the Eft end of the gardens after along the highway unto 
the North Weft comer of the fame precin<9:e, fliall con- 
taine in length 1040 feete of affize, in which wall fliall f^\^ 
be a faier gate out of the utter court into the highway. 
Item, the weft wall of the fame precin£te, which fliall 
extend fro the faid weft comer of the fame precin^ unta 
the faid tenement^ which the faid Hew Dyer now occu- 
pieth, fliall containe in leiaeth 10 10 feete; and £6 the wedwan 

. . . . - *oio feet. 

utter walles of the iaid precinde fliall dcxitauie in length 

about the feme preeinfie 4690 feete of afiize. Item, be- thc whole 

tmtx the iaid north wall of the faid precin<9:e, and the ^^on coiiece 

* 469* feet. 

widls of the college in the utter cowt of the Eaft part 

of the gate aad the way into the oollege, fliall be edi- 

fyed diwerik houfes necef&re for the bake-howfe, brew* Houfcjor 

howfey gamers^ ftabies, hcy-bowfe, with chambers for 

die fteward, audiDor, and other learned Counfell and mini^ 

terg of the fame ccrflege, and other lodgings iieceflarie for 

Hich perfons of the fame college as fhaU happ to be daf^ 


jco It E N R Y THE 'S 1 X T H. 

cafed with infirmities. Item, in the weft part of the fainc 
gate and the way into the college, on the. north pane% 
8 chambers for the poore men, and in the weft pane 6 
chambers, and behind the fame a kitchin, buttry, pantry, 
and a ground for the faid poor men. .Item, the north 
pane of the college fliall containe 155 feete' within the 
walls, in the middle of the which fhall be a faier tower 
and a gate howfe, with two chambers on either fide,, and 
two chambers above, vauted, containing, in length 40 fbete, 
and in breadth 24 feete ; and in the Eft fide of the fame 
gate 4 chambers, 2 beneth and 2 above, every of them in 
length 35 feete, and in breadth 24 feete; and in the weft 
fide of the fame gate a fchool-houfe beneath of 70 ffeete 
in length, and in breadth 24 feete. Item, the Eaft pane 
in length within the walls 230 feete, in the middle whereof. 
The library. direftly againft the entering at the cloifter, a library con- 
taining in length 52 feete, and in breadth 24 feete, with 
three chambers above on the one fide, and. fower on. the 
other fide, and beneath nine chambers, every of them ia 
length 26 feete, and in breadth 18 feete, with five outer 
towers and five inner towers. Item, the weft pane of the 
faid college 230 feete in length, in the which fhall be 
directly againft the library a doore into the cloifter, and 
above eight chambers, and beneth other eight chambers, 
with three outer *towers beyond the north fide of the 
cloiftre, and five inner towers, with a way into the 
quier for the minifters of the church between the veftxy 

« fide. 



and the fame quler. Item the fouth pane in length 155 

feete, in which (hall ftand the hall, with a vaute under- '^^'^ *'*"» ^l'^- 

. ' . ' try, and ceilcur. 

beath for the buttery, a cellour, containing in length 82 

feete, and in breadth 32 feete, with t\i^o bay windows, 

one inward and the other outward, with a tower over 

the hall-doore, and at the Eft end of the hall a pantry, 

with a chamber beneath, and at the Weft end of the hall 

the provofts* lodgings above and beneath, 'containing in i^gin^'**'^^'* 

length 70 feete, with a comer tower inward, and another 

without ; and pn the South fide of the hall a goodly kitchin, 

and in the middle of the quadraot' a goodly conduit within 

goodly devifed, for the ufe and profit of the faid college. 

Item, the height fro the ftreete to the enhanfing of the 

ground of the cemetry feven feete diameter, and the fame 

wall in height above that five feete diameter, with greeces 

out of the way into the fame pane, as many as fhall be 

convenient. Item, that the quadrant within the college, 

and the utter court be but a foote lower than the cloifter. 

It^n, aEll the walks of the faid college of the utter court, 

^md of the walles of the precind about the gardens, and 

as far as the precinA fhall goe, to be made of the hard 

ftone of Kent ; and the faid gardens to be enhanfed with 

earth to the heighth of a^ foote lower then, the cemetory of 

the church^ 

I quadrangle. 




L^Sth And 
vldcnefs of ihe 


Heifht of tire 
wtlles ef the 

The fide chap* 

The CoUege of CAMBRIDGE. 

And as touching the dijnenfions of the church of my 
faid college of vOurLady and St. Nicholas, ^tCambridge^ 
I have dcvif'ed and appwited that the fame chtirch (Hall 
containe 288 feete of ^ffife in Ifingjth, without ;any yiefi, 
and all of the widenefs of 40 feete, and the length of tb# 
fanie church from the Weft end to the altare at the quier 
doore^ fhall coutaine ixo feete^ and from the pro¥oft*f 
ftall unto the greece called Gradus Chorl 90 feete» fye 
26 ftalles on either fide of llie iaine qprn^ anfwcrjog $9 
70 fellowes and ten priefls^ ooodtif^s, which nwft h» 4^ 
primA formi; and from dbte iiud ftalks vato thp «ft 
end of the iaid chiurch 72 foete of affiz^: slfo a iiere4M' 
bearing the roodciofte departing the quier and thp hodj.^ 
the church, oocntaming in lengda 40 feete^ aad m hp^^tk 
14 feete; the Trails of the faixie chvrcb to hfi w Imf^ 
-90 feete, imbattled, vaivted', and chaise sBO&d^f fyfBifAfi^y 
hv^tttrxedi, and every buttesace filled with fimiilk'i: ainiii 
i:he esft end of the faid cborch AtsiX hs a windoirp o£ nwe 
bayes'', and betwiat ertfy tutterace a winnSi^w^ of fiw» 
bays, and betwixt c^ery cftbe finae butteraoe in the boif 
of die dixipch, on bodi fides of the rannachffirdb^ a doftii: 
with an altare therein, containing in length ao feM^ 
and in breadth 10 feete, vauted and finifhed under the 
foyle of the yle windowes: and the pavement of the 

^ Rgredos has here a different aj^lication from what it had before, p. 296. 
But it both places fignifies a fcreen. * yaulted. * 

" finifht. Finials are the little fpires ornamented with flower works that 
terminate the Gothic buttrefles and turrets* 

* Q^ ^aies, as ia the copy of this will printed in Blomefield's Collea. 
Cantab, p, laj, 

6 church 


church to be enhanced ^ four feete above the ground with* 
out, and height of the pavement of the quier one foote 
diameter above the pavement of the church, and the 
pavement of the altare three feete above that. Item, on '^^^ "^^^^^ 
the north fide of the quier a yeftry, containing in length 
50 feete, and in breadth 22 feete^ departed into two houfes 
beneath and two houfes above, which (hall contain in 
height 22 feete in all, with an entrie for the quier vawted. 
Item, at the weft end of the church a cloiftre fquare, Thccioiflrc. 
the eaft pane containing in length 175 feete, and the weft 
pane as much; and the north paine 200 feete, and the 
ibuth pane as much ; of the which the deambulatorjr 
13 &ete wide, and in height 20 feete to the corbill table, 
with . cleare ftdried and. buttrace, with finialls vawted and 
embattled, and the ground thereof fpur feet lower than 
the church ground; and in the middle of the weft pane of Thcftcepic* 
the cloiftre a ftrong tower fquare, containing 24 feete 
within the walles, and in height 120 feete to the corbyl, • ' 

table, and fower fmall turrets over that, fined with pin^ 
nades, and a dore into the faid cloiftxe inward, and out- 
ward none; and as touching the dimenfions of the howfing 
of the faid college, I have devifed and appointed in the 
ibuth fide of the faid church, a quadrant clofing to both Thcqmdrant 
ends of the faime church, the laft pane whereof fhall con- 
taine 230 feete in length, and ii^ breadth within the walls 
22 feete : in the fame panes middle a tower for a gate- catc-houfe/ 
howfe, containing in length 30 feete, and in breadth 22 

y raifcd. 

R r feete 


feiete within the wdlsi and iii height 60 feete, and thete 
chambers over the gate, every over 6ther ; and dti' either 
fitle of the fariifc' gatte foUr charnbers, ei^ry contdning in 
fehgth 25 fcete,* and in breadt?h 22 ftete? and'oVcreverjf 
of rtiefe chambers tWa chairtbferi' abbve^^ of tfe fan« iwwW 
fure or more, with two towers oiitH^rti' and two toxkr^ift 
inward. The fouth ^ane ihall contain in leA^tfc 23^8" feete, 
and ni bfcadtti 22 feetft within-,' in which fliatt : be ' feveil 
chanibfery,' cvtery cohtffinlng^ in length- 29^ f^etb, -andi iti 
breadth 2ts, with'a chamber,^ j^afcdlof the-jpfov^iftVlbdg^ 
ing, containing in length ^$ feett, and' with' a< chatioiwf 
in the caft corner of the fame pkhe, ecynteining iliT kitf||fft 
25 ftetc^ ahd in breadth 22 lecti^ dn* ov©r'everfi<rf aM 
the fame diambers tw6 chambers,^ and wi<!h five to<<kw» 
owteward, ahd three towir^' inw^; ebft \ir^ p'aiM 
fhall cohtam in length 230^ feette, and i» breadth' withal 
24 feete ; ill which at the end toward thifc church fliall i^ 

The Kbrary. ^ fibfarj^, Containing in length 1 10 ferte^ ahd inf bmadtlL 
24 feete; and undei* it a fai^ howfe for reading- snd ifeP^ 
putationis,^ (Containing in Whgth 46 feete, and r#a ehattii- 
bers wider the ftme library,' ^Veiy c6nfaittiftg in' Wflgfh: 
29 feete, and in- bi*iadth 2*4; ahd ovfer the feid library ail 
Abufeof thefame largenefs for^^rfdilulfe of the coll*gec. 

Sd'butiJJ;'' in ^he other end of the fame pflne an halt confaining-ift 

length an' roo feeti, upon a vault 12 feete high ^ 6fdaineA 

for the celkr and buttery, and thie breadth of the hall ^ 

feete, on' every fide thereof z bay wiivdbw^ ^y^ in thb . 

I nether 


nether end of the fame hall, toward the middle of the , 

pane ,z pantry aiid buttry, every of them in length 20 TUcpmciy. 

feete, and in breadth 1 7, and over that two chambers for 

officers, and at the nether end of the hall towards the 

weft a goodly kitchin : and the fame pane (hall have ThcUtchia. - 

inward two towers ordained for the wayes ijito the hall 

and library, and in every cornier of the quadrant (hall be 

two corner towers, one inward and one outward, more 

then the towers above rehearfed ; and at the upper (end of 

the hall the provoft's lodging; that is to wit, more then I^JgiS^'"''*'* 

the chambers for him above fpecifyed, a parler on the 

■ground, containing 54 fcete in length, and X2 in breadth* 

two chambers above of the fame quantitie, and weftward 

clofing thereto a kitchin for him, a larder, houfe, (Uble, 

and other ncccSzry houfes and grounds; and weilward 

beyond theife howfes, and the faid kitchin ordained for 

the hall, a bake-howfe and brew-houfe, and other howfes Bakchoufe tn^ 

of office, between whidi tliere is left a gronnd fquare 

of 80 feele in every pane for w^oode and iueli ftuff; and in 

the middle of the faid large quadrant ihall be^ conduid 

goodly devifcd.for die eafe of the fald. College : And I will Watertioauia- 

that the edification proceed in large forme of my ftid 

college cleane and fubftantiall, .{etinR apart fupetfluity of Nn fuperflu«y 

. 1 /• 1 1- "* curious 

too great curious workes of entaile and bufy mouldmg, works. 
And I have devifed and appointed that the precinde of 
my faid college of our Lady and St. Nicholas, as well 
on both fides of the garden from the faid college unto the 

R r a water, 



water^ as in all other places of the fame precin£k, bs 

l^tn^S^ih enclofed with a fubftantiall wall of the height of 14 

fe«*hiih. feete, with a large tower at the principal entre againft 
the middle of the isafl pane out of the High ftreete; and 

ihe Sf rcti gate- in the fame tower a large gate, and in the middle of the 
weft end of the New bridge; and the faid wall to be 
crefted, and embattled, and fortified with towers, as 
many as (hall be thought convenient thereto. And I 
will that both my faid colleges be edified of the moft 
fubftantiall and beft abiding ftufFe of ftone, lead, glafle, 
and yron, that may be had and provided thereto : and 

The parirti that the church of St. John, which muft be taken to 

church of St. .f » . 

^iiX ^ " ^^^ enlarging of my faid college, be well and fufiiciently 
made againe in the grounde in which the provoft and 
fchoUars abovefayd now be lodged or nigh by where it 
may be thought moft convenient, to the intent that 
Divine fervice fhall mow be done therein worfliip- 
fuUy to the honour of God, our Bleffed Lady Chrift's 
mother, St. John Baptift, and all Saints: And alio for 
the expedition of the workes abovefayd, I will that my 
faid college of Cambridge have and receive yearely of the 
yffues, profits, and revenues, coming of the faid caftells, 
lordfliips, manors, lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and 
other poffeffions abovefaid, ii7lib. 6s. lod.. during all 
the time of the edification of the faid college, for the 
yearly wages and rewards of officers and minifters longing 
to the workes there; that is to wit, for the mafter of 
2 the 

H E N R Y T H E SIXTH. 30; 

tbe workes, 50 lib. for the clerk of the workes, 1 3 lib. 6 s. 8 d. Fees graotcd to 
for the chiefe mafon, i61ib. 13s. 4d. for the chief car* of the works. 
pienter izlib. 8d. for the chief fmith 6 lib. 13 s. 4d.; and 
for the purveyors, either of them at 6d. the day, 
18 lib. 6 s. 8 d.; and in femblable wife, I will that my 
faid college of Eton have and receive yearly, during the 
edification thereof, of the fame yfTues, profit, and reve- 
nues, 1 24 lib. for the yeerly wages and rewards of the 
officers and miniflers belonging to the workes there ; that 
is to wit, for the mafler of the workes there 50 lib, for the 
clerk of the workes 13 lib. 6 s. 8d. for the chief mafon 
1 3 lib. 6 s. 8d. for the chief carpenter 10 lib. for the chief 
fmith 6 lib. 13 s. 4d.; and for two purveyors either of 
them 6d. by the day, iSlib. 5 s. 6d.: Moreover, for as 
much as I entirely defire that all the numbers of the per- 
fons ordemed, devifed, and appointed by me, for to be 
m both my faid colleges, be fulfilled in as hafly time as 
they goodly may, and fo the numbers for the accomplif- 
ment of my devotion to be kept always perfect, and that 
certain of the liveloods with which I have endowed my 
faid colleges be yet in reverfion, fo that the faid numbers 
with other charges may not fufficiently be found and fup- 
ported, unlefs that the fame college be fuccored, other* 
wife I will, pray, and charge, my faid feffees, that my 
faid college have and receive yearly of tlie yflbes, profits, 
and revenus, coming of the caflells, lordfliips, mannors, 
lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other pofTeflions 



above fayd, over the faid yearly 2000 lib. to the iame coU 
leges, in the forme ^id rfor the caufe abovefayd aiilgned, 
the fumme of a l^ovrfaad markts granted unto my (ai^ 
colleges during the lives of certain perfons {pecified in 
my letters patents feweth *, under the feale of my faid 
duchy thereupon made, as it is in the faid letters niorc 
clerely conteyned. Furthei'more, I will, pray, and charge 
my faid fefiees for to be delivered to my faid colleges 
2000 lib. over the faid yearly 2000 lib. and yearly 1000 
markes unto them, in the formes abovefayd, afligned td 
be taken as foon as it goodly may be arreifed and had by 
the fame feafts, of the-yflues, profits, and revenues, of 
the faid caftells, Igrdifhips, mannors, lands^ tenements^ 
rents, fervicee, and other poffeflions ; that is to fay Unto 
^'^^ \\h\n ^^y P^'^voft and college roiall of Eton icoolib. and unto 
TcAicl^Vr^l^ my provoft and college royall of c Cambridge looolib. of 
fufficient and good gold, and of fufficient weight of my 
lawftill coine, which I have given for a treafure for 
them, to be kepte within them for diverfe great caufes, 
which be more plainly expreft in the ftatutes and ordi- 
naunces of my faid college, by me made in that behalf* 
And I will that my faid college of Eton have of the faid 
yflues, profits, and revenues, of the faid c^ells, lord- 
Ihips, mannors, lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and 
pofl'eflions, 200 lib. in money, for to purvey them books 
to the pleafure of God and weale of my fame college. 
And in femblable wife to my other college of Cambridge 

• Qt following. 

200 lib* 

trcafure to re- 

» B N R Y T H E SIXTH, 309 

aoolib. for to flufF tbem' with Jewells f6r the fef vice of 
God, in the fafifte colkge.: And if it like unto God to t^i^f^rforra 
paU me out of this mortal life, before that my faid col- S^^^''"" 
Jfeg€s be accomflifhedi 4n4 befortj they have fuch as is to 
them here apointed, theipi I tvilt and defire that my will 
above jiehearfed touching the fame colleges and eitljer of 
tbemy be fpeciaily and principally accomplished, and in 
all points perfedly. performed before all other things: And 
focpndiarUie, that my faid fepfibes, informed by then}: thpt 
IfhaU ordoiri^ tx), befHiine executx>rs of my jteflament^ :fo 
farr .aiS my ^oods moveable may fuffer for the payment of 
my debtSy and ivlfiUing of my teftament and laft wilt, doe 
fuch fuwimes of; rnoOty Sufficient and ncceffarie in that be- 
half of the yffues, profits^ and revenus^; coming of the 
lordfhips, cafilesy manXHis, lands; tenements, rents, fer^ 
vices, and other pofleffions abovefayd, over that which is 
affigned to my feid college, to be payd from tinae to time ^^^^^ ^^rforl^cd 
|ta my forefaid executors, they thereof for to doe and fa- °hf V mcn/of 
tisfie rnine exequiesj-TOeniorialls, aiid all things behoveablc and'^hc^thf"' 
fcbout my fepulture in honorable wife^ and to. pay my Z^^olhc"^ 
debtsf ef my howfe of my great wafdrobe, and of my 
cshsimbre^ and to do plam and entire execution of my lad 
will and teftamcnt, in the which I will that the debt* of 
.BQy hcfwfehold be Ipecially preferred ; and if it fortune me 
te deceafe^ after that the edifications, ordinances, and 
apointments of my faid collegfes here before by me made, 
Umited^ devifed, and afligned, be accOUipl^iflied and per- 



formed, I will then that my faid feoffees do, in fatiafa^^ion 
of my debts with all the yflues, profits, and revenues 
of the faid caftles, lordftiipS, manors, lands, tenements^ 
rents, fervices, and other pofleffionsj as is aforefayd* 
Moreover, I will that all the forefaid caftles, lordfhips^. 
manors, lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other 
pofleliions, remain .ftill in my feoffees hands untill the 
time that all this my will afore written, and every pointe 
of it, be entirely executed and perfeftly accompliflied ; 
and that fully done and executed, then' I will and pray 
my faid feoffees, that the faid caftells, lordfhips, manners, 
lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other pofleflions^ 
wholie remain to mine heirs and fucceflburs, kings of 
England, for ever more, and to be annexed to the crown 
of England for ever, in the beft forme that the faid 
feoffees, by advife of counfell of law, can order and 
devife ; alway forefeen, that it be lawfull to me, dureing 
my life onely, by writing, to change this my will, and 
to the fame for to adde, and therein for to mufe in all 
thinges conteyned therein, except fuch ordinances and 
apointments as belong and concerne unto my faid col- 
leges which be above rehearfed, after my difcretion ; which 
changings, additions, and mufeings, if it fortune any 
to be, I will, charge, and pray my faid feoffees duly to 
execute after my will ; and if it fortune, that before my 
debts be fully payd, and my laft will plainly executed, 
my faid feoffees die all fave three, or two, or one, then 

I will 


1 will pray and charge them three, two, or one, that 
they in all the forefaid caftles, lordfliips, mannors, lands, 
tenements, rents, fervices, and other pofleffions, in my 
forefaid letters patents exprefled, do enfeofFe 14 perfons, nc|^'7'^°" '^'^ 
whofe names be hereafter written, that is to wit, the "^^ ^^c ow die 

' ' before the |.or-- 

reverend father in God William * bifhop of Winchefter, ^r^^^'^c^ofii** 

Reignald** bilhop ot St. Afaph, Thomas*^ earl of Devon, 

Richard^ earl of Sarum, Henry** earl of Northumberland, 

John^ carl of Shrewefbury, Thomas lord Cliffords, Lion** 

lord of Weles, Mr. John Chadworth * provoft of my faid 

college of Cambridge, William Weftbury, provoft of my 

faid college of Eton, Mr. William Say, Mr. Andrew 

Holts, Sir Robert Roofe ^ knight, and Sir Thomas Stanley ^ 

knight : And if it fortune that the faid fourteen perfons, 

which the faid three feoffees, two, or one of them, fhould 

fb enfeoffee, as in the premifles before is rehearfed at 

* William Wainflcet, 1447 — 1486. 
^ Reginald Peacock, 1444 — 1449. 
c Thomas Courtney died i E. IV. 

^ Richard Nevil, who was alio the famous earl of Warwick, flain at the 
battle of Barnet 1471. , ' 

« Henry Percie, third carl of Northumberland of that family, flain at 
Towton I E. IV. 

^ John Talbot flain in France 1453. 

K Slain at the battle of St. Albans 33 H. VI. 1455, and buried in the 
abbey there. 

^ Third husband of Margaret Beaufort duchefs of Somerfct, grand- 
mother to H. VII. He was flain at Towton 1 E. IV. Dugd. Bar. II. 12. 

* Archdeacon of Wilts, prebendary of St. Paul's, bifliop of Lincoln 1452, . 
where he died, and was buried 1471. He was the fccond provoil of King's 
College, eleftcd 1446. Godwin. 

^ Great uacle to Thomas lord Roos of Hanilake. He died before 
27 H. VI. Dugd. Ban I. 553. 

* Lieutenant of Iceland 9 H, VI. chamberlain to that king, and father of 
Thomas firft lord Stanley. lb. II. 248. 

S s thai 


tint time as fuch feoffment fliould be made, be not one 
aii\c but palled to God all fourteen, then I will that 
tlie ii id tlu-ee, two, or one of my faid feoffees, fhall 
ciifcoife other fourteen perfons fpiritur.U and temporal!, 
of good tame, faith, and credence, in all the faid caf- 
tles, lordfliips, mannors, lands, tenements, and rents, 
fervlccs, and other poffeflions : Forfeen alway, that if any 
oiikcrscon- of the fiffl fourtccn perfons be alive, when the faid feof- 
to^'^Kimriu .1- ments (hould by the three feoffees, two, or one of them 
be made, I will that as many of the forefaid fourteen 
perfons as then (hall be alive, be put into the faid feof- 
ment before any other perfons of the fame ftate and de- 
gree they be of: And forasmuch as for the good rule and 
profitable governance of the faid caftles, lordfhips, mannors, 
lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other pofleffions, 
continually hereafter to be had, and for the effeftuall and 
expedient leve of the yffues, profits, and revenues of the 
fame, I have orduined, and made by my letters patents 
fcverall my well-beloved William Trefham efquire, chan- 
cellour, and Nich'us Wilioughbie general receiver, and 
attorney of and for all the caftells, lordfhips, manors, 
lands, tenements, rents, fervices, and other pofleffions 
abovel'aid : And to the faid office of chancellor have or- 
dained, devifed,' and apointed, a feale to be ufed in that 
behalf, as in my fiid letters it plainly appeareth ; I will, 
pray, and charge my faid feffees, that tliey, by theere deeds 
lufficient in law, doe confirme and make fure the faid 
William and Nich*as of and in the faid offices to have 


HENRY T H E S I X T H. 513 

and occupie feverally for terme of their lives. And fur- 
thermore, at my nomhiation made under the faid fealc, 
during my life and after my deceefe, the nomination of 
the provofts of my faid college for the time behig made 
under their feales; I will that my faid feoffees do order and 
make at all times hereafter needfull, as well fuch chan- 
cellour, generall receiver, and attorney, as ftewards, par- 
ticular receivers, auditors, bailiffs, feoders, and all other 
particular officers and minifters of the faid caftles, lord- 
fhips, lands, mannors, rents, tenements, fervices, and 
other poflefiions : alway forefeene that none of the 
officers or minifters of my faid duchy of Laijcafter, duiing 
the time that he fhall ftand in the faid office, be here- 
after ordained or made in any wife any officer or minifter 
of the faid cafteUs, lordfhips, mannors, lands, tenements,, 
rents, fervices, and other poffeflions, which Ihall come again 
into the hands of me, or mine heirs kinges of England : 
And that in every graunt which my faid feoffees hereafter 
by their letters and feale hereupon doe make, ther be put 
and conteined a claufe fpecially according unto this my 
will in this behalf. Furthermore^ for the finall performing 
of my faid will to be put effedlually in execution, I, confi- 
dering the great difcrction of the faid worfhipful father in 
God William now biihop of Winchefter, his high truth t-,c b!fj3o,> of 
and fervent zeale, which at all times he had and hath ^"^"^"^ ' f^^- 

' vl yor 7\(\ exc- 

unto my weale, and which I have found and proved in, ^^v«**'^^^^, 
him, and for the great and whole confidence which I have 1^^^^^^ '''^^''^''*^ 
unto him, for thefe caufes will that he not only as furveiour 

S s z but 


If any quar- 
rcl rile l>etwcrn 
the fcoftces ami 
executors, the 
ibiihop of Win* 
chcftcr ihall dc- 
*4idr the doubt. 

but alio as executour and diredlor of my faid will h6 
privy unto all and every execution of performing of my, 
lame will, and that his confent be had in any wife thereto; 
and if any execution of the performing of my faid will, or 
if any part thereof, be done in any wife contrary to the 
tenor and effedl thereof, I will that it ftand void and for 
ever to be had for none; and if it befall that there be any 
diverfe opinions, variance, or difcord, betwixt my faid 
feoffees and mine executours, in or for any execution of 
the performing of my faid will or any part thereof, I 
give then and graunt to the faid bifliop of Winchefter, by 
thefe prefentis, plain™ power and au6lorite; and finally, I 
will that he, as umpire in that behalfe, have at all times 
power and auftoritie for to call and take unto him fuch 
difcrect perfons of my faid feoffees as unto him for the 
accompliflhment of my will feeme moft difpofed ; and that 
after their advife heard, do make the finall conclufion in 
that part: And I will that the power, ftate, title, and 
interefl of that perfon, and the perfons of my faid feofiees, 
in whom the caufe of fuch variance and difcord, by the 
faid bifliop of Winchefler, and two other of my faid feof- 
fees, fliall be founde, ceafe and be void, as well in all 
things touching my faid feofment, as in all things touch- 
ing my faid will ; and if it be foe that the faid bifliop of 
Winchefl:er pafle unto God out of this mortall life, I being 
alive, then I will thdt this auftoritie and power by me 
amto him in the forme abovefaid, given and graunted, re- 

full, pkin* 



turn again wholly unto mc, and abide in mine own dif- 
|X)rition : And in cafe I be called out of this mortall life, ^rv^o^'^n clr* 
the faid biftop of Winchefter me overliving, I will then wi„^f Sifbc. 
that at fuch time as God ftiall give him knowledge by IriherrVovf- 
likelihoode o' this brief paffage out of this world, my faid bimoiT die after 
will at that time not fully accomplifhed, he remembre **'"'''"^' 
him of the moft difcreet, faithfull, and true perfon, a 
lord fpirituall and temporall, which the Hiid bifhop of 
Winchefter, by experience had the mean time, (hall finde 
and prove for to be beft and moft godly difpofcd, and moft 
fervent in zealc, to the performing of my faid will : and 
as well unto the fame lord, without inordinate affe^iion 
or acception of perfon, as he fliall in breef time ftreightly 
anfwere herein before the tribunall feate of Chrift oure 
alder " faviour and terrible judge, as unto the provofts of 
both my faid colleges for the time being, committee wholy 
tinder his letters and feale the faid power and au£toritie, 
which he hath in the fame forme abovefayd, of my guift 
and graunt made unto him in this behalfe* And if it foe be JJoS' r^urbl''' 
that the faid lorde unto whome the faid power and auc- j;,°\hrcone^^^^ 
toritie fliall in the forme abovefaid by the faid bifliop movTd\5^thc 
t)f Winchefter be committed, be not profitable unto the ncwonc pUceJ 
performing of my faid will ; I will that the provofts of 
my faid colleges for the time being, have full power and 
auAoritie for to difcharge the faid lord of all power and auc- 
tority unto him committed in this behalfe ; and thereupon 
the fame provofts being remembred in the manner and 

" al^ep, Sax. elder, i.e. the firft. BMcy.^-^Q^al der^ moft dear. Dr. 
Johnfon explains alderlirue/l (Shakfpcarc, a H. VI.) by mojl beloved, 

I forme. 

by them* 


forme, as it is above rehearfed, have full power and auc- 
toritie for to commit undcrr lettres and feales fuch po\^?er 
and au£loritie in this partic unto another lord, and from 
time to time, as by me is here in the forme abovefaid 
committed unto the faid bilhop of Winchefter, in every 
pointe according unto the fame: And femblaby% if the 
faid lord deceafe, my faid will not accompliihed, the 
faid provofts in likewifc rcmembred and advifed, (hall 
commit the faid power and aucloritie unto another lorde, 
and fro time to time, as often as any of thofc cafes (hall 
fall unto the time that my faid will and every part thereof 
If thf execMton be plainly and entirely accomplifhed and performed ; and 
iV"sVin &c ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^y ^^ my heirs and fucceflfours, kings of 
fcurhc'^uilds^o England, difturb, let, or in any wife interrupt my faid 
certain ufcs. exccutours, fcffccs, furvciour or furveiours, it fhall be 
lawfull for my faid feffees to fell and alienate all the faid 
caftles, lordfliips, manners, lands, tenements, rents, fer- 
vices, and other pofleffions for [fro] my faid heirs and 
fucceflburs, fo letting the execution of my faid will, ta 
fuch as fhall be thought to my faid executours, furveiou^^ 
or furveiours, expedient. The mony thereof arifing to 
be employed by the fame executours, furveiour, or fur- 
veiours, upon the fullfilling of my faid wall, and furplus 
(if any be) to be employed upon the holie workes ef 
pietie. And that this my faid will in every pointe before 
rehearfed may the more efFeclually be executed, I not 
onlye praye and defire, but aHb in Chrift require and 
charge all and every of my faid feoffees, mine execu- 

• In like manner. 

4 tours^ 


tours, and furveiour and lurveiours, in the vertuc of the 
afperfion of Chrift*s blood and of his paineful paflion, ;!^,//e'^ivon la 
that they having God and mine entente only before their ^^^ '-^^^"^'**^' 
eyne, not leteingP for dread or flwour, of any perfbn living 
of what eftate, degree, or condition, that he bee truly, 
faithfully, and diligently execute my laid will, and every 
part thereof, as they will anfwer before the blcfled and 
dreadfull vifage of oure Lorde Jhefu, in his moft fear- 
full and laft day, when every man (hall be moft ftraightly 
examined and dealed with after his merits. And further- 
more, for the more fure accomplifhment of this my faid 
will, 1 in the moft entire and moft fervent wife pray 
my faid heirs and executours, and fucceflburs and every The like cuarje 

*' ... given to his 

of them, that they (hew themfelves well willing, faithful, ^"" *"*i Suc 

and tender lovers of my defire in this behalf ; and in 

the bowells of Chrift our alder, juft, and ftraite *i judge, 

I exhorte tliem to remember the terrible comminations 

and full fearfull imprecations of holy fcripture againft 

the breakers of the law of God, and the letters of good 

and holy workes. ^od Ji audire noluerlsj venient fuper Dcut-xxviii. 

te omnes maledi^iones ijia^ et apprehendent te. MalediSius 

en's in clvitate^ malediSius in agro : malediSlus fruSlus ven- 

iris /«/, & fruSius terra tua. M.dediBus eris egrediens^ 

& maledi^ius ingrediens. Mitict iibi dcminus famenr & eju^ 

riem^ & increpationem in omnia opera tua quce tu facies^ 

donee conterat te & perdat velocUer^ propter inventiones tuas 

pejfimas. Adjungat tibi pejlikntiam: per cut tat te do minus 

f letting, hindering, *» flric^, 



egejlate^ febri ^ f rigor e^ ardore & aftu^ & aere corrupts 
ac rubigine & perfequatur donee pereas. Tradat te dominui 
corruentem ante hojles^ ^c. 

I alfo, in amiable wife, exhort my faid heires and fuc* 
ceflors in Chrift Jefu, the liberall rewarder of good deeds, 
to remember the defireable bleffings and moft bounteous- 
grace, promitted to all fuch as obferve the lawes of Chrift,. 
being helpers and promoters of good and vertuous defire ;, 
Scripture in the fame faying to fuch : Venient Juper te 
univerfx benedi£iiones Ift^. Et apprehendent te. BenediSius 
tu in civita/ej & benediclus in agro : benedlStus frucius 
veniris tuij & benedidlus JruSlus terrcs tU4e ; benediSlus eris 
egrediens © benediSlus ingrediens. Dabit dominus inimicos' 
tuos qui can/urgent adverfum te corruentes in conJpeSlu tuo^ 
Per unam viam venient contra te^ & per feptem fugieni 
a facia tud. Mittet dominus benediSlionem Juper eellaria 
tua & Juper omnia opera manuum tuarum ; Jujcitabit te 
dominus Jbi in populum Jan5lum^ videbunique omnes terra^ 
rum populi^ quod nomen domini invocaium Jit Juper te^ &. 
iimebunt tegentes t err arum: abundare tejaciet dominus omnibus 
bonis^ &c. 

And in witnefs that this is my full will and intent,. 
I have fett hereto my great feale, and the feale of my 
faid duchy, and my feale apointed and afligned by 
me for the faid caftles, lordfliips, mannors, lands, tene- 
ments, rents, fervices, and other pofleffions put into the 
faid feoffment : and alfb as well the fignet I ufe in mine 
owne governance for the fame duchie, as the iignet of 
mine armes. And I have figned with mine owne handes 


H B N R Y T H ;E SIXTH. 919 

thefe prefent letters indented and tripartite, and doe theni 
to 1)6 inclofed under my privy feale at my faid college 
of Eton, the 12th of March, Anno' Domini 1447, and df 

my reign the 26th. / 


Harleian MS. yo^l. N"* it. p 289. to 304. both in- 

clufive, being one of Mr. Baker's MSS. ex manufcripto 

Cajo-Gonvill cui titulus, Mifcellaneae CoUediones Magiftri 

Roberti Hare, vol. IL 

Henry VI. was only child to Henry V. whofe prophetic 
expreffioiis at his birth he literally fulfilled ; being more a 
monk than a monarch. He fucceeded his father at nine 
months old, 1422, was crowned at Weftnriinfter 1429, 
and in Paris 1431; and before he had reigned 25 years^ 
was difpoflefled of all his territories in France. In the 
year 1452 the rebellion which had been fpmenting in 
England broke out ; and Henry, after having been twice 
depofed and imprifoned in the Tower, was, in 1472, there 
affaffinated in the 51ft year of his age, by Richard duke of 
Gloucefter, afterwards king Richard III . He was firft buried 
at Chertfey abbey, and then removed by order of Edward IV# 
to Windfor, and there interred under a fair monument 
in St. George's chapel, of which there are at prefent no 
remains, whilfl that of his competitor and his fucceflbr 
Edward IV. {till exifts. 

He married 1445 Margaret daughter of Rene duke 
of Anjou, a lady of a fpirit as oppofite to that o 
,,.;.. T t her 

)io HENRY T H S 6 I X T H^ 
her father, as her hufband's was to his father^s. By 
her he had an only child Edward, bom 1453, ro^^ri^ to 
Anne daughter of Edward Neville earl of Salifbury and 
Warwick, and murdered after the |)attle of Tewkibury, 
by Richard duke of Gloucefter, who married his widow. 


- - i: }<i j 


IN nomine fanflte & individue Trinitatis, patris & filii 
& ipiritus fandlij ac gloriofiflime virginis Marie, & tocius 
curie celeftis. Amen. Ego Henricus liiiferacione diyina 
titulo fanfti Eufebii, facrofanfte Romane ecclefie prefbiter, 
cardinalis de Anglia vulgariter nuncupatus* epifcopus Win- 
ton, indignus, gratias Deo, compos mentis, & -fane me- 
morie, ac in finceritate catholice fidei integer & indubius 
exiftens, coniiderans interior! acie mentis mce quam fallax, 
^am tranfitoria^ m^itabilis, & immutabifiter caduca fit 
hec vita, quam pocius umbram que cito evanefcit feu fjsec- 
taculum fore confpicio quam perhennitatem dierum, icfc 
circo volens, cum l5ei paciencia, bona mea terrcftria in 
celeftia commutare, & eadeiri bona rtea que michi divina diJP- 
poficione collata fore cognofco pro anime mee ialute difr 
ponere in pios ufus, eondo teftamentum mcuni & htfiicf 
meam voluntatem in hunc irioduni. 

In primisj lego animani metim omnipotenti Deo plaf- 
matori** meo, & fue mifericordic, ipfiufque matri virgiai 
gloriofe, & corpus meum huraand' in cccIefiameaWinton* 
in eo videl't loco quern pro fepulttira mea elegi & aflignavi. 
Et volo quod omni die imperpetuum celebrantur tfes mifle 
pro anima mea per tres monachos ejufdem ecclefie, iff 

■ He haa thij ftylc in the public records. Rymcr. Rapin, V. 268. 

T t 2 capella 

capella difte lepulture mce, una videl't de requiem, alia 
de die, tercia de annunciacione virginis gloriofe, vidert 
cum officio " rorate celi defuper*' & aliis finguiis eidem 
officio pertinen'. Et in qualibet miffa volo quod cum 
fecreto & poft communi dicatur ifta oracio " Deus qui 
** inter apoftolicos facerdotes," &c. exprimendo nomen 
Henricum Cardinalem, et quod quilibet (ic celebrans 
Kabeat in ipeciali memoria in milTa fua animas Johannis 
ducis Lancaftrie & Katerine conjugis fue genitorum meo- 
rum, animas Henrici quarti, & Henrici quinti regum 
Anglie, Johannis comitis Somerfet, Thome ducis Exoir, 
fratrum meorum, Johanne comitilTe Weftmerlandie fo- 
roris mee, & Johannis ducis Bedford; & volo quod fiat 
aflecuracio, lecundum difcrecionem executorum meorunr 
& jurifperitorum, pro continuacione iflarum miflfarum, & 
pro obitu meo folempniter in predifta ecclefia finguiis 
annis imperpetuum tenendo meliori & fecuriori modb quo 
fieri poterit. Item volo quod quilibet lie celebrans habeat 
& percipiat finguiis feptimanis iid. per diem per manus 
prions feu fui deputati. Et volo quod feptimanatim mu- 
tentur ifli fie celebraturi, & intitulentur in tabula convene 
tuali fub iflo titula^ fre . . • . 'celebraturi proximafeptfmana 
pro anima Henrici cardinalis Anglie ; pro quibus quidem 
iniflis & obitu fie imperpetuum celebrand' volo quod exe- 
cutores mei concordent cum priore & capitulo predict* & 
pro onere vid. fblvend* tribus monachis di£t' mifTas fin- 
guiis diebus celebraturis. Item volo quod exequie mee: 

I Q^ fratres^ - . 



cclebrentur non nimis fumptuofo modo, fed fecundum 
ftatum in quo Deus voluerit me decedere, & hoc fecundum 
difcrecionem executorum meorum. Item volo quod dif- 
tribuantur in die fepulture mee ccli. pauperibus ibidem 
congregand* fecundum maius vel minus juxta difcrecionem 
executorum meorum. Et fi contigerit me obire in aliquo 
loco diftanti ab ecclefia mea Wynton predift' volo quod 
ultra fumptus neceffarios pro conduftu corporis mei ad 
locum fepulture, diftribuantur dietim xli. pauperibus ele- 
mofinam petentibus fecundum maius vel minus juxta 
difcretionem executorum meorum. Et fi contigerit cor- 
pus meum pernoflare in aliquo loco, volo quod pro anima 
mea fiant exequie mortuorum de nofte, & miffa de requiem 
de mane, in ecclefia ubi fie continget corpus meum pro 
ilia no£te commorari, et quilibet preftiter ibidem cele- 
brans habeat viiid. et quod offerantur in fingulis ec- 
clefiis tr€S panni aurei de meis propriis majoris precii vel' 
minoris, juxta difcrecionem executorum meorum & fecun- 
dum exigenciam locorum. Item volo quod quanta celeritate. 
fieri poterit poft deceflUm. meum- decern miilia miflarum^ 
icilicet tria milia de requiem, m milia de *' rorate. celi de. 
fuper," III milia de fando fpiritu, & mille de trinitate:: 
et poft oracionem officii in qualibet mifla dicatur oracio,^ 
** Deus qui inter apoftolicos facerdotes," &c. exprimendo 
nomen ut fupra, & volo quod quilibet celebrans miflam 
habeat vid. Item volo -quod fufficienter provideatur per 
eXecutores meos in omnibus ornamentis honeftis & neceffa- 
Ills pro capella & altari in loco fepulture mee ut videl't 
ordinent pro eodem altari 11 veftimenta communia pro 


diebus feriatls & ii veftimenta mellora pro fcllis majorl- 
bus cum una crucc deaurata fecundum difcretioiiem cxe* 
cutorum meorum & cum ymaginibus meis de falutacione, 
viz. una ymagine beate Marie virginis, & alia archangeli 
Gabrielis cum olla & lilio^ Item, unum calicem aureum 
cum uno pari urceolorum % uno pari candelabrorum cum 
tintinabulo, & deofculatorio pacis^ de auro. Item legcr 
eidem altari unum par candelabrorum argenteortim & 
deauratorum, cum una calice argenteo & deaurato cum 
urceolis, campana, & deofculatorio pacis deauratis. Item 
II paria pelvium deauratorum, viz. unum par melius & 
aliud minoris valoris. Item unum vas aque bcrredrft* ar- 
genteum ad minus valoris x marc*. Item lego erdem altari 
onum par candelabrorum argenteorum quod eft in ora- 
torio^ meo, in diebus feriatis ad ferviend^ eidem ahari fin* 
gulis diebus, ii miffalia mea, fecundum difcretroncm exe- 
cutorum meorum, & unum breviarium meum raajds, non 
notatum quod quondam erat epifcopi Barhon* ; que omnia 
volo remanere eidem altari imperpetuum, & in mitlo aRo 
Joco defervire, Et quod prior & coirventus difte ecclefie 
obligentur quod didis veftimentia confumptis, feu aiiaar 
in tantum uiitatis quod cum honeftate non poffint uiterru? 
defervire, ipfi providebunt diftl altari de aliis veftimenti* 
competentibus eorum fumptibus & expenfis, & prout po* 

* Att the reprefentations of the faltxtation, introduce a 7/7/ in Ae mtjgdrt 
hand, and ^Jl^wer^pot on the floor between him and the Vii^-; ihe latter 
may be only a piece of furniture, the former anfwer to a caduceus o« 

« poti. ' a paxt 

i terit 

1 I S H O P OF W I N T O N, jij 
tent concordari inter executx)res meos & ipfbs. Item volo 
quod prior difte ecclefie mee Winton' & conventus ejufdem 
habeant de me ccli. & calicem meum meliorem cum 
pateua, & veftimentum meum integrum totaliter inbron- 
datum quod emi ab Hugone Dyke ; ita tamen quod nul- 
lus ifto veftimento utatur fi non epifcopus Winton* pro 
tempore exiftens in ecclefia turn quando voluerit, vel ali- 
quis qui debet officiari in prefencia regis, regine, vel regis 
primogeniti. Item lego priori ejufdem ecclefie unum ci- 
phum deauratum ad minus valoris xli. cum ii oUis argent* 
& deaurat* galoniers«y & iiii ollis argent' non deaurat' galo- 
ners^ad finem quod rex, regina, quandocumque vel epifcopus 
Winton* pro tempore exiftens fuerit in civitate feu fuburbiis 
ejufdem, ubi eis debet deferviri de prebenda ^ panis & vini in 
prefeptacione cujus fervitor prions tenetur dicere ** Saint 
Pier & Saint Pol voue envoient,** eo tunc predi£t' unum 
portetur in eiiidem cum quatuor ollis galoners non deaurat\ 
£t ultra hoc volo quod prior habeat quatuor ollas argen« 
teas potellers' cum uno pari pelvium coopertarum & ir 
pelvibus jQmplicibus cum duobus aquareis^* Item duas 
dyod^oas ^ifcorumt duas duodenas falvariorum, vi char* 
geours, II ialeria^ deaurata; que omnia volo impetpetuum 
defervire prioribus ejufdem ecclefie temporibus congruis 

I of galloB mealure. 

^ a portioB : a feed when appKed to hories* 
* Q. of pint ineafim. Du Cange explains oHa potteller a porringer. 
► ewers. 

' falt-leibn. This Englifli word is a rednndancf - Sateriuaxy Saliere, 
implying the lame, zi/ellar^ in one word. 



& debitls. £t qviod prior obKgetur, fub pcna privacioukv 
ijfta non alienare, ncque impignorare, hec extra monafterium 
ducere. Et quod pondus omnium iftorum vaforum per me 
legatorum remancant penes conventum. Et quod femel 
in anno fupprior & o<3:o feniores tocius conveutus videant 
quod ifta bona remaneant in manibns di<fli prioris/ Et 
volo quod ifta remaneant priori & conventui ecclefie mee 
predifte ; fie tamcn quod ipfi obligentu'r & quod fiat aflecu- 
racio ut prediftum eft per advilamentum & difcrecionem 
executor um meorum de obfervando folempniter obitum 
meuxii fmguHs aiinis imperpetuum. Et quod quilibet 
monachus celebraturus diebus obitus & anniverfarii mei, 
dicat in miffa poft officium cuni fecreto & poftcommu- 
nione, ** Deus qui inter apbftolicos facefdbtes," &c. nomen 
Henricum Cardinalem ut fupra. Item do eidem priori 
viginti marcas, et cuilibet confratrum meorum ibidem xls. 
ut ipfi pro anima mea orent; & miniftris ecclefie cs. diftri- 
bucnd' fecundum difcrecionem diftorum prioris & con- 
ventus. Item lego priori, fuppriori, & conventui ejufdem 
ecclefie mee, vi duodenas difcorum de argeato, quilibet 
difcus ad valoris xl s. v duodenas taffiarum " de argento, una- 
quaque taflia ponderis ii marc' de pondere Troiano" cum 

" *^J, cups. 

" Troy weight. None of the gloflaries give a fatitfa£tory etymology o£ 
this word. Speiman aod Du Cange after him content themielves with 
faying that Troj a pondus apud Anglos dicitur quod la uncias in libra nutne* 
rat, Somner fuppofes it the fame with Trona or Tron^ in Scotland, but 
the authorities alledged prove the latter to be only the weighing engine and 
not the weight. 



inajori cipho meo cooperto, & vi oUis argentcis, vidert 
II galoneys, & iiii"' pottcllcrs, que omnia volo delervire 
in rcfedorio, & nuUo modo alibi, Et quod prior pro tem- 
pore exiftens, cum odlo fenioribus capituli, in fefto fanili 
Mich?elis videant omnia ifta cum ponder' ^ remanere in rc- 
feftorio : et quod de iflis vafis deferviatur conventui in re- 
feftorio exiflen' diebus nativitatis domini, pafche, pcnthacof- 
tcs, aflumpcionis, & annunciacionis beate virginis, omnium 
fandlorum, apoftolorum Petri & Pauli, fanfti SwithinI, & in 
die anniverfarii mei ; quo die volo quod confratres mei liabe- 
ant pitanciam ad valorem xL s. Item, remitto abbati & con- 
ventui fandli Auguftini extra Cantuariam cccLxviIi. xiiis. 
Iiii d. in quibus ipli michi obligantur, ita quod pro ifta fum- 
ma ipfi obligcntur fecundum difcrecionem executorum meo- 
rum quod dietim impcrpetuum in tribus miffis, viz. in una dc 
virgiue gloriofa & in mifla celebranda ante feretrum beati 
Auguftini, necnon in mifla capitulari immediate poft 
primam coUcdlam dicetur in fmgulis dictarum mlflTarum 
fuo per d'nm p collecla '* Deus qui inter apoftolicos facdr* 
dotes, &c*" exprimendo nomenHenricum Cardinalem ut fu- 
pra divilum eft : et -luia cum hoc quod llngulis annis im- 
pcrpetuum dicm obltus mei Iblcmpniter obfervabunt cum 
exequlls ix. li. " dc node cc mifla Ibkmpni in die. Item, do 
et lego abbati prcdicV unum ciphumdcauratum valoris x li. 
cum fex Iimplici!)U3 pcciis dcaurat' 11 oUas dcauratas, 11 ollas 
argenteas potellers, xii difcos, xii fallaria ' & iiii char- 

® Qi^jcrc according to their full weight. 

♦ Tlvjlb words being unintelligible in the original, qiicre if/upraciiifn. 

« Sic Grig. 

' Siiltfcllcrs, as before Salaria^ note '. 

U u geours. 


geours, II pelves argenteas cum ii aquariis, que volo im- 
perpetuum remanere eifdem abbati et conventui in forma 
qua alia per me data & legata remanent priori & conventui 
difte ccclefie mec Winton. Item, lego eidem abbati x marc* 
& cullibet monaclio ejufdcm monaftcrii xx s. lit ipfi pro 
anima mea orent. Item, volo quod diftribuantur cccc li. 
incarceratis, five pro tranfgreflione, five pro debito, in utro- 
que computatorio ' London' in Newgate, Ludgate, Flete, 
Marelcalcia, Banco Regis, & in carceribus infra manerium 
meum in Suthwerk, pro liberacione corundem per manus 
aliquorum virorum bone confcience quos executores mei 
voluerint eligerc & nominare ; ita quod quatuor eorundem 
executorum meorum in nominacione hujufmodiperfbnarum 
quibus iftam diftribucionemdebuerunt facere fint Concordes. 
Item, volo quod diftribuantur duo milia marcarum inter 
pauperes tenentes meos in comitatibus Hampfhire, Wilts, 
Surr', Somerf ', Oxon', Barks, & Bucks. Et fiat ifta dif- 
tribucio vel in pecuniis, vel in aliis rebus que magis vide* 
buntur tendere ad utilitatem eorundem fecundum formam in 
articulo proxime preceden' exprefliit' viz. per manus aliquo- 
rum virorum bone confciencie juxta difcretionem executo- 
rum meorum fie ut premittitur nominand*. Et quod ipfi 
habeant pro labore eorum illud quod didl' executoribus 
videbitur racionabile et conveniens. Item, lego fratribus 
predicatoribus London xl. 1L ut ipfi pro anima mea orent. 
Item, tribus aliis domibus & ordinibus mendicaiicium in 

• Compter. 



eadem civltate, \ iz, cuilibet domui x. li. Item, lego cuilU 
bet conventui fratrum mendicancium infra dioc* mcam 
X marc*. Item, lego domino meo regi Henrico tabu- 
lettum cum reliquiis qui vocatur Tablet de Bourbon, & 
unum ciphum de auro cum aquario qui erat illuftriffimi 
principis recolendeque memorie patris fui, faft' de auro 
per eundem principem in die Parafceves oblato, de quo ci- 
pho ipfe folebat ufualiter potare & ultimo potavit, fuppli- 
cando & humillime intercedendo apud ejus ferenitatem 
quatinus velit fuccurrere & fubvenire executoribus mcis in 
hiis que poffunt tendere ad falutis anime mee prout fibi, ut 
Deusnovitjfemper fuifidelis, & affedlans profperitatem ftatus 
fui, optansque & defiderans ea que poflent tangere ad falu- 
tem fui in anima & in corpore. Item, lego Johanne ^ uxori 
Edwardi Stradlyng milit. ii duodenas difcorum, iiii cliar- 
gcours, xri falfaria, ii pelves cum ii aquariis, ii ollas pot- 
tellers, & XII pccias de argento. Item, unum ciphum 
dcauratum valoris x li. Item, unum leftum de albo ferico 
enbrondat' cum rofis, cum tapitis & cuflinis eidem pertinen* 
& centum libras in auro. Item, lego Hans Nulles XL li. 
Item, volo quod clcrici capclle mee exiftcntes in fervicio 
mco tempore mortis mee, & ad locum fepulture nice corpus 
meum ducentes, habeant de rcgardo" c marcas inter eos di- 
vidcndas, fecundum difcrccionem cxccutorum meorum, at- 
tendendo promociones corum & tcmpora quibus michi fer- 
vierunt. Item, volo quod (i pro aliqua folucionc denario- 
* The bifliop*s natural daughter. See hereafter. ■ Reward. 

U u 2 rum 

330 C A R D I N A L B E A U F O R T, 

rum faol* ante dat* prefencium, pro quibus eram obligatu^^ 
aliqua erat defalcacio fafta veri dcbiti, quod fiat reftitucio 
perlbnc feu ejus cxecutoribus cui talis defalcacio facia fuerit 
de tall fumma fic dcfalcata ; que quidcm fumma dcfalcacionis 
hujufniodi apparere potcrit per libros compotorum thefauri 
deWolvefcy. Item, fi aliquas dcnariorum fummas reccpi 
ab aliqua vcnacione facia infra chafeas, parco>, vcl garcnnas 
mcas, volo quod fiat reflitutiode fumma fic rccepta iii qnan^ 
turn legitime confliire poterit de aliqua fumma fic recepta. 
Item, volo quod dcbita mea fi que fuerint ante omnia per- 
folvantur. Item, quod fiqui fint qui velint & poffint jufte 
conquer! de aliqua oppreflione, feu aliquo malo per me eis 
injufle illato quod fiaiit eis reflitucio &c emcnda, petendo ve- 
niam & mifericordiam prout ipfi unan . . • . confequi vo- 
liint. Item, remitto divSlis tenentibus meis quafcvmiquc dena* 
riorum fummas quas ipfi, aut eorum aliquis, debcat michi in 
die obitus mei. Item, volo quod per difcrecionem didl* ex- 
ecutorum meorum diflribuantur duo milia librarum inter 
fervitores meos domefticos ac familiares, habito refptiSlu ad 
quantitatem temporis quo fleterint in fervicio meo, ad qua- 
litatem fuorum graduum & perfonarum, & ad eorum in me 
merita in cafu quod eifdem exccutoribus meis ante obitum 
meum non declaravero, vel fcriptis dimifero modum & for- 
mam diftribucionis hujufmodi faciende ; volo tamen quod 
Hans Nulles fit contentus de eo quod fibi legatum eft, & 
quod non comprehendatur quoad iftum articulum inter 
sdios fervitores meos. Item, volo quod refiduum bonorum 


B I S H O P O F W I N T O N. 331 

meorum non Icgatorum juxta difcrccioncs & confciencias 
dicl' executorum meorum dilponatur & con vertatur in opera 
caritatis & in pios ufus^ iitpotc in rclcvaridis paupcrlbus do- 
mibiis religiolbrum five religiofaium ere alicno opprcfils, in 
maritandis pucUis pauperibus, in luccurrcndo paupcribus 
egeftatem & neccflitatem evidentem pacicntibus, & in alia 
fimilia opera pictatis, proiit ipli credidcrint lakiti anime 
mec magispoffc cxpjdire. Hiijus autcm te«'lamenti mci ac 
ultime voluntatis ordino cN: conllituo rcverendum inChrifto 
Patrcm Dominum Cardinaleni & Archicpilcopum Ebora- 
cen/ '' ncpotcm mcum ^ Marchioncm Dorfct, Fratrem Ri- 
cardum Vycll priorem ecclefie de Wltliani' ordinis Cartu- 
fien. Magiftrum Stcplinnum Wilton arcliidiaco-uim Win- 
ton cancellarium meum, Ricardum Waller, armigerum, 
mdgiftrum hofpitii mci, Williclmum WiiaploJc Iciicf- 
callum terrarum epifcopatus mci Willichn' .Marcys tlie- 
faurarium meum dc Wolvefeye, Wlll'm Toly^ & Will'm 
Port ; rogans eos cum omni finceritatc cordi atq' exhor- 
tans in vilceribus caritatis, quatinus in exequcndo 6c adim- 
plendo iftum teftamentum mcum & banc ultimam volun- 
tatem meam fidditatem, & dlligenciam adJiibeant quam 
fibi in calu fimili adhiberi & preftari vellcnt, & prout vclint 

^ John Kemp, 142^—14^2. 

y EdmuTid third Ton of John Beaufort, fon of- John of Gaunt, crcntcd 
marquis of Dorltt, 21 Tlcn. VI. llain at sr. All):in% ur^, foe Iv'".m-c, 
p. 211. He married l-kanor fccond dnij^htcr of !Je:i. -chimp earl of War- 
wick, by whom he had four fons and f.vcn daughters. She died 1467. 
Sand ford, p, 331, 33a. 

= In Sehvood, c. Somcrfct; fee before, p. 218. note *. 


53= CARDINAL 1) E A U F O R T, 

ante tribunal tr:mendi judicis in extreme examine refpon- 
dere. Etlcgo cuilibet diftorum executorum mcorumonus 
executionis hnjus teilamcnti mei, & admlniilracionis bono- 
runi mcorum in le affumenti pro labore fuo, videlicet, difto 
Revercndillimo Patri ducentas libras, et unum ciphum 
aurcinn valoris quadraginta librarum, & dicto nepoti meo 
marchioni ducentas libras & unum ciphum aurcum valoris 
XL librarum, & unicuiq' aliorum executorum meorum pre- 
dict* centum libras. In cujus rei teftlmonium hoc tefta- 
mentum meum fub figillo armorum meorum claufi atq' 
(ignavi. Dat. in palacio meo de Wolvefeye, vicefimo die 
menfis Januarii Anno Domini milklimo cccc''^ xlvi^°. 


IN Del nomine, Amen. Ego Henricus miferacione di- 
vina Cardinalis de Anglia, ac EpifcopusWinton, port tefta- 
mentum meum fcriptum et figillo meo xx die Januarii, 
anno Domini Mill. cccc\ xLvr'. fignatum, altifllmi gracia 
mediante, fenciens me compotem mentis, Volcndo ultra ea 
que continentur in eodem tcftamcnto aliqua ad falutem 
anime mee de rcfiduo bonorum meorum in tcilamcjito meo 
non legatorum certo modo difponere, que non occurrebant 
menti dum teftamcntum meum hujufmodi conficeretur, facio 
hunc prefentem Codicillum hujufmodi voluntatis mee dil- 
poficionem in fe diftinfte continentem. Et volo quod ea 
que continentur in ifto eodcm codicillo meo ejufdem fmt 
I momenti, 

B I * H O P O F W I N T O N. 333 

momenti, vlgoris, et efficacic, ac fi in diflo teftamcnto meo 
confcripta & coniprehcnfli eflent, & nichilomiiiiis quod ibi- 
dem tcftamcntum meum quoad omnia & lingula que in eo 
continentur fuum roborcm retincrc & lortiri intelliFatur, 
preterquam in hiis que per me fignantur, ct in Ipcclale et 
per tcrminos cxprcfl'os in hoc codlclllo forlan mutari con- 
tinget ; in quo cafu intcncionis mee eft, & voloquod ftctur 
terminis & verbis hujus codicille & non teftamcnti mei 
fupradicli, et quod voluntas mea quantum ad hoc obfer- 
vetur fecundum formamhic infertam et expreflatam. Itaque 
in primis lego priori et conventui ecclcfic ChriftI Cant* 
millc libras, de qua fumma volo quod v*^ marc, convertantur 
et applicentur ad folucionem focicnd' pro mancrio & do- 
minio de Bekelbourne propc Cantuar' et rellqua pars dicle 
fumme mille li. ad fabricam ejufdem ecclefic. Ita tameii 
quod quidem prior et conventus ordinent & faciant fecuri- 
tatem executoribus mcis in difto teftamcnto meo nominatis 
quod fmgulis diebus imperpetuum facient tres miflas cele- 
brari pro anima mea per tres monachos ejufdem ecclcfic fc- 
.cundum illarum trium miflarum que continiiis 
diebus imperpetuum celebrabunt pro anima mea in eccl lia 
mea Winton in diiSo teftamcnto meo exprefllitam, ct obitum 
meum fingulisannis imperpetuum folempniterobiervabunt. 
Item, lego ad opus et fabricam ecclefie Lincohi* cc li. ita 
tamen quod decanus & canonici ejufdem ecclefic diem obi- 
tus mei fingulis annis imperpetuum obfcn^aripromitrant, et 
pro anima mea eodem die miflam de requiem cclebrcnt {o- 



lempnem, et no£te prccedente vigilias mortuoruni exequnn- 
tur foknipiiitcr & ficut contucvcrimt fiiccrc pro fuiulaton- 
hCis ejul'dcm ecclelie, danclo iccuritnteni cxccutoriI)Us mcis 
fupradiclls pro fc & ruccciToribus luis de hoc dchite fa- 
cicndo. Item, lego domino mco R^gl difcum five plattam 
mcam auream pro Ipicebns, & ciplnim mcum aurcum cna- 
mellatum per totum cum ymaginibns, cum uno aquario 
ejufdem operis cidcm ciphopertinente. 

Item, cum alia certa jocalia ct vafa aurea & argentca per 
dominum meum rcgem ct officiales fuos autoritate fua ac 
parliameiiti fui in ea parte utentes anno regni fui fecundo 
michi impignorata fuerunt pro certis pecuniarum fummis * 
extendentibus le ad eftimacionem & valorem corundum 
pignorum, fibi ad luam, & dominorum de fuo concilioin- 
ftanciam mutuo per me conceflls, fub ea viz. eondicione 
quod ii dc eifdcm fummis non fieret michi plenaria folucio 
in termino feu terminis hinc inde concordat' quod cxtunc 

• The Bifliop lent the King at one time pour Vcfploh de v*ve prcfcut vfiynge 
vers les piu tics de France isj Normandiea v*re tr-es grande bcfoi^^uc ct neccjjiu 
tsf pnr l^iije de v're povre Cjmm:oialte dc Engleterre^ £. 14,000 ; and 
jT, 8306. i2s, 8^/, was then dv.e a fa aunc'icn creance a vousfait^ c^me picrt par 
vos honurohUs tetters patottz a lay cut faltZy et avos dlt% Commtoiesm:n}jireSj 
fay the Commons in their j)etition, 9 Ken. V. 1414. defiling to hive it con- 
firmed, and the letters patents inrolled in parliament. For the £. 14,000, 
the Kini; made over, in the fit'ih year of his reign, the dniics and cuf- 
toms on certnin imports at Southampton ; and when the bilaop had rc- 
imburft himiclf to the amount of £, 8306. 18^. 8^. he lent the King ano- 
ther £. 14C00. making in all ^.22306. 18 j. 8,</. for which the faid cnf- 
toms were again mortgaged to him, und the cocket of the faid port and its 
ticpendenties ; which grant was confirmed in the above parliament. Ror. 
Pail. vol. IV. p. 133 — 135. r>ut a good deal of the loan remained unpaid 
at the time of the billiops dcatli, as appears by this codicil. The King 
redeemed, 1432, the /"xord cf Spu'niy and other jewels, which had been 
pledged to the Cardinal for ^. 493. 6 j. 8^/. Rymer, X. 502, 



bene liceret michi eifdem jocalibus & vafis uti & gaudere 
tamquam propriis ita ut eadem bona de natura pignorum 
tranfirent in meram naturam proprietatis mee & mea eflent 
& rcmanerent, prout in Uteris regiis et indenturis inde con- 
feftis plenius liquere poterit ; Nichilominus quamquam hoc 
ita fint, & quod ipfa jocaiia et vafa pro non obfervacione 
difte condicionis ex parte Domini Regis, et non folucione 
didarum fummarum jure Optimo mea (int, volo tamen quod 
de illis eifdem jocalibus & vafis omnia ilia que in manibus 
meis tempore obitus mei remanferint Dominus Rex fi fereni* 
tati fue placuerit habeat, dum tamen folvat did' executori- 
bus meis omnes illas fummas pecuniarum pro quibus prius 
impignorata fuerant ; except' tabuletto de Burbon & illo 
cipho & aquario aureo fa£t' per Dominum Regem pie me- 
morie de auro in die Parafceves oblato, de quibus eft fada 
mencio in dido teftamento meo, que volo clare remanere 
Domino meo Regi tanquaiji fibi legata per vim difti tefta- 
menti mei fine aliquafolucionc.pecuniarum pro eifdem fienda. 
Et volo quod pro folucione facienda pro diftis olim pignori- 
bus concedatur Domino Regi per eofdem executores meos 
Ipacium unius anni, & fi infra idem tempus vel in fine 
ejufdem non fiat ifta folucio, quod tunc vere liceat executo^ 
ribus meis de eifdem rebus ad falutem anime mce diiponere 
ficut de ceteris bonis meis. Item, quamvis fatis effet expe- 
diens in omni adu prcdidi teftamenti mei, iiecnon hujus co* 
dicilliexecucionemconcernente omnes executores meosfimul 
prefentes fieri, cum tamen poffet contingere quod non omnes 

X X fcmper 


fempef iti hujilfmb^ sbBlvl pet^ciendo propter alias fcorum 
occupaciones & impedimenta (imul convcnire poflent ; volo 
<juod ex eifilerti executoribus meis faltem quinque in omnt 
a^u execucionis hujufmodi lint Concordes fine quibus ad 
t^nne minus in unum confentientibus nichil fiat quod de 
jure ef!e6lum aut vim executionis canfequi poffit. Item^ 
Volo quod difponatur per executores meos ut a die obitus 
taei ufque ad finem unius anni integri, omnes fervitores 
Fateiliares mei teneant fe fimul^ ccmmorentur, & cohabitent 
in aliquo locx) et holpicio honefto & coiigruo per executores 
meos ordinando 5 Et quod per executores ipfos provideatur 
bmnibus eifdem (ervitoribus familiaribus meis in hoipicio 
hujuimodi ftare & fimul expeftarc volentibus^ unicuiq* vir. 
fecundum ftatum fuumcompetenter ct honefte tarn in efcu- 
lentis & pdculentis quam in vadiis*' et ceteris rebus, feoundum 
formam & reguiam ordkiamtfi in domo ftiea confuetam & 
per me haftenus obfervatam. Ivem, lego reftori & con- 
fratribus domus de A(hrigge ad fabricam novi opens diftc 
domus c li- ; dum tameu fecuritatem executoribus meis 
faciant ad obfervand* ea pro anima mea que alias a me erant 
ordinata et eis declarata, necnon per eofdem michi conceflk 
Item, lego abbati & conventui de Hyda juxta Winton ad 
reparacionem ecclefie gufdem cc li. dummodo fingulis an* 
nis imperpetuum ipfi teneant & obfervent diem obitus mei, 
& de hoc folempniter faciendo fecuritatem executoribus 
meis faciant pro fe et fucceflforibus fuis. Item, lego fervi- 
tori meo antiquo Ricardo Petteworth c IL ut ipfe pfro ani* 

^ Wages. 


BIS Hor o F wiilr^eM. nj 

ttA OMfl eret. In quorum premi(S>f um ceftlmonium hunc 
prelentem codicillum meura figneto meo fignavi. Dat* ia 
palacio meo de Wolvefcye vii"*^ die menfis Aprilis, Anno 
Domini millefimo cccc«** xlvii"*. 


IN Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Henricus miferacionc 
divina Cardinalis de Anglia ac Epifcopus Winton, poft tef- 
tamentum meum fcriptum & figillo meo xx^ die januarii, 
anno Domini millefimo cccc"^ xlvi^^ fignatum, & queri- 
dam codicillum de poft per me vii^die menfis Aprilis, anno 
Domini millefimo cccc"° XLvif* editum, fcnciens eciam 
nitnc ficut tunc me, gratie Altiffimo; compotem mentis mee, 
volensque ultra ea que continentur in feifdem teftamentd 
meo & codicillo aliqua difponere de refiduo bonorum meo- 
rum in dift* teftamento & codicillo non legatorum fpecia- 
llter nee diipafitorum, facio jam nunc & condo hunc pre- 
fentem codicrllum meumukimam voluntatem meam quoad 
que in eodem diftribuuntur diftinfte contlnentem, decernens 
quod ea que in ifto eodem codicillo meo deftribuuntur ejiif- 
dcm fint roboris et efficacie ac fi in di£to teftamento meo 
cohfcripta leu comprehenfa fu'iflent. Et quod quatenus 
prcfcns dilpoficio mea in hoc codicillo contenta obviat five 
difcordataliquibus in dift* teftamento meo & codicillo meis 
dcfcriptis, ilia que in prcfi^nti codicillo meo continentur for* 
ciantur & habeant efFeftum et vigorem, & quod n-ichilomi- 

X X 2 nus 


nuf didVteAameDt' & codicillus quoad omnia alia &:(kigula. 
que in: eifdem continentur fint & maneant rata atque firma. 
In.pyimisiigitur in illo priori cpdicillo meo difpofuero quan- 
tum ad certa jocalia & vafa aurea & argentea 'per Domi- 
num meum Regem & officiales fuos autoritate fua ac parlia- 
menti fui in ea pajpte utentes, anno fecundo. regni fui im- 
pignorata pro certls pecuniarum fummis per me tunc mu- 
tuatis ad eftimacioj:^en;i & valorem eorumdem pigi^rum fe 
e^tendentibus, que quidcm jocalia atque vafa poftea tacionc 
non folucionis di£t' pecuniarum in termino hinc inde con- 
cordat' ex fpeciali conceirione& concordiadidli Doniinimei 
Regis per literas fuas patentes expreffis inproprictatem meam 
tranfierunt, quod hujufmodi non folucione non obftant, 
et eo quod difta jocalia & vafa fie in proprietatem meam 
tranfierunt, & jure optimo mea fa£la fint, prefatus Dominus 
mens Rex omnia ilia que dc eifdem tempore obitus mei in 
manibus meis remanferunt fi fibi placeret haberet ; dum 
tamen prius folveret executoribus meis omnes illas pecuni- 
arum fummas pro quibus impignorata fuerunt. Jam tamen 
reminifcens illorum notabilium & infignium collegiorum > 
viz. Beate Marie de Eton juxta Windefpr, & Sanfti NIcho-. 
lai Cantabrigg*, per didum Dominum meum Regem ex 
fingulari & precipua fua devocione ad divini cultus augmen- 
tum catholiceque fidei eixaltacionern fan£te ac falubriter fim- 
datorum, defiderans que profalute anime mee de gracia ipfius 
Domini mei Regis cjufque benevolencia & aflenfu concur- 
sentibus particeps fieri oracionum & aliorum omnium fuf- 


: B I SH O P O F WIN T O N. 339 

fragionim ac pi^tatis operum in didis fuis coUegiis Deo of* 
ferendis> fcipecialiterquodfingulisdiebus ab eo qui officium 
alte & prindpiild in quolibet didl* coUegiorum celebratu- 
riis eft, exceptis majoribus duplicibus feftis ac parafceves, ab 
Sabbato Sanfte Pafche dicatur pro me & pro falute anime 
mee una fpeci^S; collefta, & quod in utroque diftorum col- 
legiorum fingulis annis imperpetuum commemoretur & ob- 
fer vetur fdiempniter dies anniverfarius obitus raei, cum miffa 
de requiem, & cum exequiis mortuorum, die immediate pre- 
cedente. Et cum premiflis confidens & humillime fuppli- 
cans eidem IX>mino meo regi quatinus dignetur & velit ex- 
hibere fe favorabilem & graciofum executoribus difti tefta- 
/nenti mei, & eqfdem in execucione ultime mee voluntatis 
fuppiortare atque defendere, lego atque difpono utrique dic- 
torum coUegiorum fummam mille librarum recipiend* & 
deducend* de ilia majori fumma per didlum dominum 
meum Regem perfolvend* prefatis executoribus meis pro 
jocalibus $^ vjifis fupradid' ferenitate fue rehabend* fecun- 
dum modum & formam indifto priore codicillo meo conten- 
to exprefl[at* : Quas quidem fummas, fie ut prefertur prefatis 
cpUegiis difpofitas, converti volo in utilitates eorundem col- 
legiorum, tales videfiz* que (ervicium eximiam circumfpec- 
cionem difti domini mei regis videbuntur magis opportune. 
Item, lego Domine mee Regine ledum blodium de panno 
aureo de Damafco que pendebat in camera ilia in maiierio 
meo de Waltham *, in qua eadem Domina mea Rcgina cu- 

* A ftately palace of the bifliops of Winchefter, S, of Winchefler, demo- 
lilht during the civil wars. Wykeham die d here 1404. All its remains conlifl; 
.of the Weft fide of the hall, and a South Weft tower. 



babat illo tempore quo fuit «1 ^ifte m^nttw^ una com trii 

bus tapetis d'arras in eadem camera tunc pcnd^tibus. 

Item, lego atque rcmitto domino de Tiptoft ^ iiitt 
cccxxxiii li. VIS. VIII d. in quibus idecti liamiaus de 
Tiptoft per fuum fcriptum obligatorium micbi tenetur €t 
obligatur. Item, fimili modo lego ct remitto WilUdmo 
Stafford totum illud in quo ipfe per litcras fuas oWi* 
gatorias que funt de fumma cc li, michi tefnetor et obii* 
gatur: ita tamen et non altter, quod idewi Wiltielraus per 
literas fuas fufEcientes & legitimas in ea parte conficiend* 
acquietet tarn executorcs meos quam ecian^ roagiftrum 
Thomam Foreft, magiftrum five cuftodem hofpitalis San£ke 
Crucis juxta Winton, & confratres ejufdem de fumma 
XL li. in quibus fibi teneor racione cujufdam anraiitatis 
XX li. fibi pro feodo fuo concefle, tinacumfecultetecfeftrin* 
gendo pro eifdem in manerio de Heynftrigge * <ii6t* ho(pkali 
nunc appropriat. Item, lego Johanui baftarde'^^e-Somerfet 
ccccli. cum certa quantitate vaforum argentcoruita iecumi- 
dum difcrecionem di(5lorum executorum meonim ei4dm 
aflignand. Item, lego finiili modo WUlicSW^'Swyivfotd 
nepoti meb cccc li. cum certa quantitate vaforum fibi ^iJig* 

* John Tiptoft, fecond Lord Tiptoft, fuccccdcd hU fatl^^ beforemcft- 
tioned, p. 205. note % and was beheaded on Towerhill, and buried hi 
Elackfriars, London, 1470, He was the patron of Caxton, and one of tfalB; 
revivers of learning in England, Dugd. Bar. IL 41. 

« Hcnftridge, c. Somerfet. 

' Perhaps John of Gaunt*s eldefk fbn by C&therinf Siiviiifbrd, Who wa^ 
bom a baiVard, though legitimated by zSt of parliament, 20 Ric. II. 

s Q. Some grandlbn of Catharine, the biihopTs mother, by her iirfl 

4 nancT 


Hand* fectmdum difcrecionem eormidem executonim meo-^ 
rum. Item, lego Thome Burneby fcutifero femiliari Do- 
mine mee Regme xx IL & unum ciphum de argento deaurato 
iccundum eorundem executorum meorum difcrecionem iibi 
liberand. Item, lego Edwardo Stradling ^ militi certura 
porcionem vafonim ai^;cntcorum juxta difpoficionem did* 
executorum meorum fibi liberand* & tradend*. Item, lego 
Johanni Ycnd feniori, xiii difcos argenteos per difcrecionem 
executorum meorum limitand. la quorum omnium pre- 
mifibrum fidem & teftiixKHiium huic prefenti codiciUo meo 
fignetum mcum eft appenfum. Dat. in palacio meo de Wol- 
vcfejre ', nono die menfis Aprilis, Anno Domini raillefimo 


CommifSo ad proband* didum teftamentum & codicillos 
1 1 die menfis Septembris, 1 447. 

Regiftr. Stafford & Kemp, foLiii. a,b. *i 1 2. a, b. 1 13. a. b. 
in the Archiepifcopal Regiftry at Lambeth. 

* Who hadinafrrfed the Bifhop's natural daughter ; fee before, p. 3^9, 
note "1, and p. 343. 

* Wolvcfey-houfe (or cafftle, as Bp. Pontifara ftyles it, 1300.) buih by 
Bp« Blois about 11 36, was m Camden's tinic very fpacious, aod furrounded 
with many towers 5 but being demolifht in the civil wars, Bp. Morley built 
a handfome houfe near it, in which he inchidcd its chapel. Its ruins are 
CKVenfive and magnificeiit. Wartott's Defcription of -Wiachefter, p. 62. 


34* C A R D I N A L B E.A U F O R T, 

Henry Beaufort, fecond fon of John of :Gaunt, ftudied 
firft at Peterhoufe, Cambridge ; afterwards at, Oxford, of 
which latter univerfity he was chancellor, 1399; but he 
eompleated his ftudies at Aix le Chapelle. He was prebend of 
Thame and Bokingham in Lincolnifhire diocefe, confecrated 
bifhop of Lincoln, 1397, when very young, and feven years 
after, on the death of Wykeham, tranflated to Winchefter 
1404, 4 Hen, VI. He affifted at the council of Conftance, 
1 41 7, and June 23, 1 426, was created Cardinal of St. Eufe- 
bius^, by Pope Martin V. who appointed him his legate, or 
rather general of his forces againft Bohemia*, which he in- 
vaded 1429, with 4000 men, raifed by the contributions of 
the Englifti clergy, and who under him ferved in France be- 
fore, on the lofs of the battle of Patay. In the decline of life 
he applied himfelf feduloufly to the care of his diocefe, 
and, among other afts of munificence, founded near St. 
Crofs's hofpital, another, for a mafter, two chaplains, 
thirty-five poor men, and three nurfes ; by the name of 
" the almftioufe of noble poverty," whofe annual revenue 
amounted to ^. 188. He was four times Chancellor of 
England, 1404, 1414, 1417, 1424; and in 141 7 under- 
took a voyage to the Holy Land, He died April 11, 
1447, Rapin fays *", in defpair, that his riches could not 

^ Godwin de praef. ed. Rich. p« 231. n. See an attempt to deprive him 
of his bifliopric of Winchefter on this promotion, 1431. Rymer, X. 1497. 

' See the Cardinal's petition to the King, for leave to levy and carry 
over thefe troops, and the King's anf^er, the Cardinal's Commiftion, &c* 
1429. i43i« Rymer, X, 419 — 437. 491. 

" V. 357- 



exempt him fkmi death* Shakipcare has beautifully im- 
proved die thought «. He lies buried under a noble monu- 
meat in the prefbytery , behind the high altar of his cathe- 
draL His figure in his Cardinal's hatftt lies on an altar- 
tomb, en the verge of which remained of his epitaph, 
in bifhop Godwin's time only thefe words : Tribularerji 
. Tujcirem mferkardw tuas. He was a prelate of exceflive 
frugality, whereby he amafled fo much weakh, that when 
Henry V. a little before his death, propofed to convere the 
revenues of the dcrgy into fiipplies for his foreign war^, 
the bifliop his uncle lent him ^. 20,ooo, out of his own 
coffers, on the fecurity of the crown jewels. The influence 
which his wealth gave hio), and a good ihare of political 
prudence, foon gave him an afcendency over his nephew 
the Duke of Gloucefter, Proteftor in the abfencd of the 
Duke of Bedford, The Duke of Gloucefter came at 
laft to an open rupture with him, and brought him to a 
trial, in which he was acquitted, but the Great Seal taken 
from him. As Henry VI grew up he gained great autho- 
rity over him, and obtained feveral pardons, 1437, and 
1442. He had juft turned the tables on his rival the 
Duke of Gloucefter, who was found dead in his bed at 
Bury a month before the bifhop died In his youth- 

"» " If ihoul)ceft Death, I'll give thee England's treafure, 
1* Enough to piirchafe fiich another Ifland, 
•* So thou wilt let me live, and feel no pain.'* 

Second Part of Hcu. VI. Aa iii, Sc. ult. 

Y y fill 


fill days, before he took orders, he had by Alice daughter 
of Richard Earl of Arundel, (ifter of the Abp. of Canter- 
bury, a daughter Jane, whom he married to Sir Edward 
Stradling, Knt. of Glamorganfhire; It is remarkable of 
this bifliop that he, as well as his immediate predeceflbr and 
fucceffor in this fee, held the epifcopal dignity longer than 
any other of our prelates", except Thomas Bourchier Abp. 
of Canterbury. 

Godwin, ed- Rich. p. 231.296. Sandford, p. 260. See 
alfo Rymer^ X. 419, 420, &c. 497. 516. 

■ His immediate predecelfor Wyckham enjoyed the fee of Wincheftcr^ 
from 1 36 J to 1405 ; the Cardinal, from 1405 to 1447; and his fucceflbr 
Wainfieet, from 1447 to i486; making izt years; and each of them 
about 40. If we add the time that Beaufort held Lincob, he will have been 
a bilhop 50 years. 


[ 34$ 1 


BY the following extrafts, communicated by Dr.Ducarel 
from the Regifters at Lambeth, it clearly appears this king 
had made a will ; but where it is now dejpoiited is un- 
known. Probably it was intentionally deftroyed during the 

ufurpation of his brother Richard III. 


Sequeftracio honor' Regis Edwardi III?'*. 

Anno Dni milleiimo cccc*"^ oAuagefimo tercio, indiccoe prima, 
pontificatos S. in Xpo patris et Dni Dni Sixti divina providencia 
Papc quarti anno xii™* menlisMaii die vii'*®, infra domum* folite 
habitacois magnifice preclareque DiieDomine GecilieDuciile Ebor* 
infra poch' Sci Petri juxta Powlis wharf ci?itatis London* fituatV 
Prefentibus ibidem Reverendiffimo in XpoPatre & Dno Thoma^Del 
gra Ebor' Archiepo, Reverendifque Patribus Thoma *^ London', 
Wi»mo^Winton%Robcrto«Bathonien' & Wcllcn', Jolinc^Wigorn^ 
Edwardo ^ Ciccftren', Johne *» Lincoln', Johnc*Elien', & Edmundo*^ 
RofFen* eadem gfa Epis, ac magnificis ppotentibufque dnis Rica 

■ No mention of this houfc in Stowc. 
* Thom^is Rothcram, 1480— xjox. 
« Thomas Kemp, 1448 — 1489. 
^ William Wainfleet, 1447 — 1486. 

^ Robert Stillington, 1465-i— 1491. He was chancellor of England from 
' John Alcock, 1476 — 1486. He was chancellor 1473 ^^ '4^^' 
s Edward Story, 1477 — 1504. 
*» John Ruflel, 1480— 1495. 
' John Morton, 1478 — 1486. 
^ Edmund Audley, 1430— -1492. 

Yy 2 Duce 

346 EDWAltl>rHfeFOURTH. 

Duce Glouccftr*, Henrico ^Duce Buk% Wiltmo "Comity Anindcll;, 
Wilt o Haftyngs " ctno dc Haftyngs, Tho' Stanley ^ dno de Stanley, 
h aliis jKeribtt&rtgnt qmplurib'4 ReverefidiflimuB jnXpo Pater & Dm 
PSs Thomas Dei gracia tit' sci Curaci ? in Thermis facrosce Romanc^ 
ecclie pfbit*CardinalisS Cant' Archicpus, tocius AngliePrimas & 
Apoftolice fedis Legatus, poft obitu felicis memorieEdwardi quarti 
nop Regis Aoglie gcPrancie, ac Snl Hi'Briie, pro eo^ &ex co, qd exc- 
cutores in fuo teftaftiento noiati onus execacoisejufdS feuadrainiftra- 
dione boncri' diftideftinai in feaffumcre diftulcrunt; etne a quoqm 
illicite didrahant' aut confiHnantS &>ex-a)its tegitknis caofis ijpm ad 
tunc movent*, virtute prerogative fue, & ecctie fue Cant', omnia 
& fmgula bona&jocalia cjufdefn ffni nuper fttgis legitime fe- 
qneilravit, ac cpfiodia hmoS fequeftr' in omnib' & fingulrs jocalib*' 
pre^iA^ int'pofltVdiletf fiiiis Wiltmo Dawbeney, Rico Laurence,. 
& Robeito Forfler, in forma jaris comrniiT^ £t deinde tunc iSm: 
idcoi Rcrereddiffimus in Xpo patQr Cardioalis & Archiepus Caat',. 
adquem,. vimite prerogative fue & ecctie fue Cant' pdift', mortuc^^ 
pfat' Rege, cuftodia figiUor' quorumcumq' ejufdem nuper Regis 
Qotor' ptinere dinofcit', Sigillum magnu, Sigillu privs^tu, & Signetu 
a4 p£at'Regedum viwibat jitincut', ad manus fuas recepit, &penea^ 


' Heniy Staflbrd duke of B uckingham^ beheaded at Saliibury byRichard IIL . 
whom he had fet up. 

« William Fitz-Alan^ eighth earl of Arundel, died 3 Hei^, VII. 

■ William Lord Haftings, beheaded bj Richard III. jpfior U> hi& ufiirpa*- 
tion, ahd buried at Wiadfi^ry near BdwardlV. 

° Created earl of Derby, i Hen. VII. 

p Cyriaci. ' 

*J Thomas Bourchier, 1454 — 1486. 

' It is very remarkable that the next inftnimcnt to this fequeftration, in * 
the Lambeth Regifter, and immediately preceding the following commi^n . 
for paying the expences of the king's funeral, contains the ibUowing fummons 



Cofniffio j> Funcralib' Regis folvcnd'. 
Thomas miferaroe divina, &c. Rcvercndiffimo confri iiro Thome 
Dei gra Ebor' Archiepo, ct venerabilibus fratribus iiris Jotii 
Lync*, Edwardo Cyccftren', et Johi Elicn*, cade gra Epifcopis ; 
necnon dileft' filiis Dnis Will' Haftynges DHo de Haftyngcs, 
Thome Stanley Dno de Stanley, ac Thome Mongomery militi, 
executoribus in tcftamcnto et ultima voluntatc felicis memorie Ed- 

of Edward V. for calling a parliament on the ajth day of June then next fol- 
lowing; which funiinons, though foreign to the purpofe, it is apprehended 
will be acceptable^ as U is not known to have ever yet appeared ia ^ 
print. . 

fireve pro Parliamento. 

Edwardus, Dei gratia, Rex Anglic & Francie, & Dn'i HiVnie, venenu 
Kli in Chrifto Patri Thome eadem gratia Archiep'o Cantuar* tocius Anglie 
Primati, Salutem. Quia, de avifamento ^i aifenfu confilii noflri pro 
quibufdam arduis & urgentibus negociis, nos, ftatum & defenfionem Regni 
noftri Anglie ac ccclefie Anglicane concernentibus, quoddam Parliamen- 
"tum noftnim apud Weftm* riccfimo quinto die Janii prox* fiitur* teneri 

. ordinavimns, & ibidem, vobifcum, ac cum ceteris prelatis, magnatibus, & 
proceribus di&i Regni noflri colloquium habere & tra^atum ; vobis> in fide 

' Zc dile^tione quibus nobis tencmini, firmiter injiingendo mandamus, quod, 
confideFatis di^orum negotionim ardtiitate, et periculis imminentibus, cef- 
fante excufatione quacunquc, did' die & loco perfonaliterinterfitis, nobif- 
cum, ac cum prelatis, magnatibus, & proceribus predidlis, fiipcr didl* ne- 

• gociis tra6tenir* vcftmmque confilium impcnfur'. Et hoc, ficut nos & hono- 
rem noftram ac falvationepci & defenfionem Regni & Ecclefic prcdidor* 
cxpeditionemqiic didorum ncgotior' diligit*, nullatenus omittatis. Premu- 
nientes Priorem & Capitulum Eccl'ie veftrc Cantnar', ac Archidiaconos 
totumque Clcrum vedrc Dioc\ quod iidem Prior & Archidiaconi in pro- 
priis pcrfonis, ac didum Capitulum per unum, ideraque Clerus per duos 
procuratores idoneos plenam & fuffTcicntem poteftatem ab ipfis Capi* 
tulo & Clero divifim habcates, p'did' die & loco pcrfonalitcr interfiot, 
ad confenciend' hiis que tunc ibidem de conimuni confilio d'ci Regni 
noftri, divina faventc clcmencia, contigerit ordinari, T. meipfo apud* 
Weftm' XIII die Maii, Anno Regni noftri primo. 
Regiftr* Morton, Dene, Bourchier & Courtney, foK lyj, b, 

7, wardi 

j4« E D W A R D T H E F O U R T H. 

wardi quarti nuper Regis Anglie et Francic, ut afferitur, noininat"% 
Sat?m in omi Salvator'. Cum nos omnia & fingla bona prefati 
nuper Regis ubicunq' infra provincia nram Cantuar* ac in quortim- 
cunq manibus exiftent% pro eo, & ex eo, qd vos onus execucianis 
tcftamenti ejufde Idtos affumcrc diftuliftis, prout difFert* in pfcnt*, & 
ne a quoqm illicite diftrabantur aut confumantur, exq'^liis legitimis 
caufis nos in ea pte moventibus^ legitime iequeflraverimus. £x 
pte tamen vra nobis excunc intimatu, qd expe.nfe funerales con- 
fuete & omnino de jure in hoc cafu requific', que ad eftimacoem 
MccccLxxxxvi lib* XVII for n den' fe extendunt, fuper cujus 
eftimacionis veritate a vobis plene in(lru£^i fvimus^ nondum funt 
folute, nee de illis badremis lint aut eft que primo & principa- 
lit' folvi deberent aliqualit' fatisfaft* : Ne perfone quib* debetur 
fatisfaccoi hmoi debitam expedarent folucoem aut quicquam circa 
folucoem hmoi di • . • am foret abfq audoritate noftra quomodolibet 
attemptatu, nobis fupplicari fecift*, ut bona Ipfius defunfii in efti- 
macoe predid' conftantia & p appreciatores nros juratos primitus 
jufte appreciatos proptcrea vendicoi trader'i&cu pecunia ex vendi- 
coe hmoi proveniente folucoem facere expenfaru funeralium pre- 
dia* libere poffit, fequeftracoe nra pdift* non obftan*; vobis plena, 
tenore prefenciu, committimus^poteftatem. Dat' fub figillo Archie- 
patus iiri in manio nro de Knolly xxiii die menfis Maii^ A. D* 
MccccLXxxiii, & nre tranfl' anno xxix. 

Regiftr, Morton, Dene, Bourchier, and Courtney, fol. lyji 
.2,. h. in the Archiepifcopal RegUtry at Lambeth. 



Edward IV. died of a quartane ague, at his palace of Weft- 
xninfter, on the pth of April, A, D. 1483, in the forty- 
fecond year of his age, and twenty-fecond of his reign, 
juft on the eve of a war with France ; and lies buried at 
Windfory in the new chapel he had there founded, where 
his magnificent monument of brafs, gilt, (engraven in 
Sandfordy P*4^30 remains entire to this day. 

An imperfed account of his funeral is printed in the. 
Archaeologia, vol. L p. 348.. 


r jscf } 


IN Dei nomine. Amen. The xth daie of Aprill, the 
yere of our Lord Gode mcccclxxxxii. I Elifabeth 
by the grace of God Quene of England, late wif to 
the moft viaoroiufe Prince of blefled memorie Edward 
the Fourth, being of hole mynde, feying the worlde 
^o traunfitorie, and no creature certayne whanne they 
•fhall departe frome hence, havyng Ahnyghty Gode 
frefsh in mynde, in whome is all mercy and grace, be- 
.queith my fowle into his handes, befeechyng him, of 
the fame mercy, to accept it gracioi-ily, and oure blefled 
Lady Quene of comforte, and all the holy company of 
hevyn, to be good meanes for me. It'm, I bequeith my 
body to be buried with the bodie of my Lord at Windeflbre, 
according to the will of my faide Lorde and myne, with- 
out pompes entreingor coftlie expenfis donne thereabought* 
It'm, where I have no wordely goodes to do the Queue's 
Grace, my dereft doughter, a pleafer with, nether to re- 
ward any of my children, according to my hart and mynde, 
I befech Almyghty Gode to blifle here Grace, with all her 
aioble iflue, and with as good hart and mynde as is to me 
poffiblc, I geve her Grace my blefling, and all the forfaide 
my children. It'm, I will that fuche fmale ftufe and 
goodes that^I have be difpofed truly in the contentac'on of 



my dettes and for the helth of my fowle, as farre as they 
will exteiide. It'm, yf any of my bloode wille any of my 
£aide ftufe or goodes to me pcrteyning, I will that they have 
the prefermente before any other. And of this my prefent 
teftamcnt I make and ordeyne myne Executores, that is. 
to fey, John Ingilby, Priour of the Chartour-houfe of- 
Shene, William Sutton and Thomas Brente, Doftors. 
And I befech my faid dereft doughter, the Quene*s grace, 
and my fone Thomas, Marques Dorfett, to putte there 
good willes and help for the performans of this my tefta- 
mcnte. In witnefle wherof, to this my prefent teftament 
I have fett my feale, thefe witnefles, John Abbot of the 
monaftry of Samte Saviour of Bermondefley, and Beue- 
di£lus Cun, Doftor of Fyfyk. Yeven the day and yere 

Extracted from the Regiftry of the Prerogative Court of 

Doggett. 9. fol. 74. a. 

Henry Stevens, 

George Goftling, jun^ J. Deputy Regifters. 

John Grene, 





EDWARD IV. foon after his coronation, propofed a 
marriage with a daughter of Lewis duke of Savoy, fifler to 
the Queen of France, for which purpofe the earl of Warwick 
was fent to France. In the mean time, the King hunting in 
Wickfield foreft, and coming to the manor of Grafton, in 
Northamptonfliire, fell paflionately in love with Elizabeth, 
widowof Sir Jbhn Grey of Groby, and daughter of Sir Ri- 
chard Woodvile, Knt. afterwards created Earl Rivers, by 
Jaquetta, relid of John Duke of Bedford, and daughter of 
Peter of Luxemburg, Earl of St. Paul. He was married to 
Herat the above manor, May i, 1464; and en the 26th of 
May, in the year following, (he was folemnly crowned at 
Weftminfter, She was his wife near 19 years ; during which 
her father and fourth brother were beheaded in his caufe, 
by the Northamptonlhire men, 1468, and herfelf forced 
to take fanftuary at Weftminfter, 1470, where her eldeft 
fon Edward was born. After her hulband's death, her 
elder brother, Anthony *, and her fon by her firft hufband, 

■ The following abflratft of his will is from Dugd. Bar. II. p. 233. made 
23 June, 1483. in Shcrif Hiitton cafllc, Yorkfliire, not long before his execu- 
tion : •* He bequeathed his heart to be carried to our Lady of. Pue, adjoin- 
ing to St. Stephen's College, Wclbninller, there to be buried, by the ad- 
vice of the dean and his brethren ; and in cafe he fliould die fouth of Trent 
to be alfo buried before our Lady of Pue aforefaid : appointing that all 
the lands which were his father's fliould rcmnin to his right heirs, with his 
cup of gold of Columbine ; and that fuch lands as were the Lady Scales, 
his firft wife, fliould come to his brother, Sir Edward Wydvill, and to his 
heirs male, and for lack of fuch heirs male unto the right heirs of his fa- 
ther 5 but he to whom it fliould fo come, before he took poflcfliou thereof, 


being beheaded at Pontefrad by Richard,' (he took refuge 
a fecond time at Weftminfter, which (he quitted not till 
after Richard Ill's death. Henry VII. having feized on all 
her poflcflions, (he retired to Bermondfey abbey, where 
(he foon after died, and was buried near her hufband Edward. 
She obtained his licence, in the 6th year of his reign, to 
complete the foundation of Queen's College, Cambridge, 
begun by Henry VI's Queen. Sandford, p. 407. 

By her firft hufband, who was (lain in the battle of St, 
Alban's, 39 Hen. VI. (he had iflue, i. Sir Thomas Grey, 
created by Edward IV. in the eleventh year of his reign, earl 
of Huntingdon, and four years after marquis of Dorlet. He 
fled from Richard Ill's tyranny to the Duke of Richmond, 
and died i 7Hen. VII. 2. Richard, belieaded as above ^. 

By the King (he was mother of, i. Edward, born 1470, 
proclaimed King, and murdered with liis brother. 2. Ri- 
chard duke of York, born 1474, married to Anne only 
daughter of John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk. 3. George, 
Duke of Bedford, died an infiiat. 4. Elizabeth, born 1466, 
married to Henry VII. 5. Cecily, married ift, to John 
Lord Vifcount Welles, Ion of Margaret Beauchamp, 

to dediK'Jl: ;oo marks, to be employed for the fonls of the faid Lndy Scales, 
and ThuHKis her brot!ici>%nd the fouls of uU the Scidc's blood, in helping 
and refrelhinj^ ht-'finial?, and orlier deeds eharitable. Alfo to find a priell 
one year at our Lady of Pue, to pray for tiic fonls of rhofc brothers ;ind all 
Chriftian foiilc?. Likewife to tind anoiI:er priell to lin^ at tiie chapel of 
of the Rodcs in Greenwicii, to pr:iy lov his own fo.:l, r.nd all Cliiiili.ui 
fouls. Farther directing, that all his apparcU for his body and horfi-liarnets 
tliould be fold, and with the money thereof ihirts and fiuccki for poor folk 
to be bought. * 

^ Diigd. Bar, II, 719, 720. 

Z z 2 dutchefs 

dutchcfs of Somerfet, (mother of Margaret Beaufort, couii- 
tefs of Richmond, mother of Henry VII.) by her (econd huf- 
band Lionel Lord Welles ; and he dying 1498, leaving by 
her one daughter, Anne "", (he was married, idly, to 
Kyme of Lincolnfhire, and buried at Quarrera, m the Ifle 
of Wight. 6. Anne, married to Thomas Howard third Duke 
of Norfolk, and buried at Framlingham, having had one 
fon, who died young, and was buried, at Lambeth K 7. Brid- 
get, born at Eltham, 1480, became a nun at Dartford, 
where (he died about 1517 *• 8. Mary, died at Greenwich, 
1482, buried at Windfor. 9. Margaret, born 1472, died 
the fame year, buried at Weftminfter, on the north fide 
of the Confeflbr, where a fmall altar tomb remains, with 
part of the epitaph given by Sandford. 10. Catherine,, 
married to William Courtney earl of Devon, died and was 
buried at Tiverton, where fhe has a monument, with her 
effigies, on the fide of the altar ^ Sandford, p 415 — 4Z0. 

*- Dugd. Bar. II. 13. 
* Ibid. II. 274. 
« Ibid. I. 642. 

' See mention of her in the wardrobe -aecoiint, in Mr, Walpolc's Hiiloric 
Doubts, p. 67* 


[ 355 ] 

THE unfortunate EDWARD V. was barely pro- 
claimed King when he was murdered by his ufurping uncle 
RICHARD III *. who, after a turbulent reign of two 
years and two months, came to a deferved end in Bofworth 

The will of HENRY VII. having been printed at length, 
with a judicidus preface and appendix, by Thomas Aftle, 
Efq. F. R. and A. S. S. 1775, 4to. it would be unnecefTary 
to reprint it here. We fhall therefore clofe the prefent 
feries with the will of Margaret Countefs of Richmond,, 
mother of Henry VII. 

* It is not generally known that, in July 1483, King Richard III. with" 
his Queen and their attendants, were received and entertained at Oxford. 
by Wainflcet, the founder of Magdalen College, as appears from the regif- 
ter books of that college. Sec Wood's Hilloria & Antiquitates Oxon. I- 
p. 233. 

MA R^ 

C 5S6 3 


IN the name of Almighty God, Amen. We Mar- 
garetc Countes of Richmond and Derby, Moder to the 
moft excellent Prnice King Henry the Vllth, by the g'ce 
of God King of Englond and of Fraunce, and Lorde of 
Irlande, our moft dere Son, have called to our reihcm-. 
brance the unftabihieffc of this tranfitory worlde, and that 
cv'ry creatur here lyving is mortall, and the tyrne and 
place of deth to ev'y creatur uncerteyn. And alfb calling 
to o'r remembrance the great rewards of eternall lif that 
ev'y Criften creatur' in ftedfaft faith of holy church fhal 
have for their goode deeds doon by theym in their prefent 
lif. We therefore beyng of hole and goode mynde, &c. 
the VI day of Juyn, the yere of our Lord God a thoufand 
fivehundreth and eight, and in the xxiii yere of the reigne 
of our faide moft dere fon the King, make, ordeyn, and 
declare, our teftament and laft will, in man' and forme 
folowing, that is to faye, Firft, we gif and bequeth our 
foule to Almighty God, to o'r bliflcd Lady Seynt Mary the 
Virgyn, and to all the holy company inheven. And our 
body to be buried ha the monaftery of Seynt Peter of 



Weftm', in fuche convenable place as we in oVlif, or our 
executors aftir ourdecefle, (hall provide for the fame within 
the Chapell of o'r Lady, which is nowe begon by the faid 
o'r moft deer fon. It'm, we woll, that placebo and dirige 
w't lauds and w't all divine f Vices, prayers, and obfervants 
belongyng thereunto be folemply and devoutly fongen and 
faid in the daye of oV decefle, by all the preefts, mynif- 
ters, and children, of o'r chapell, and mafle of requiem, 
w'tnote, in the mornyng nexte enfuyng, , with all divine 
Tvice, prayers, and obfervants belonging thereunto, in as 
folempe and devoute wife as they can doo or devife : and fo 
to contynue to fynge and fay daily ev'y day fro daye, as 
long as o'r body fliall refle there unremoeved toward the 
fa^d place of our interment ; and that ev'y preeft and ley- 
man of oV faid ch-apell have for his labor in that behalf 
for ev'y daye forev'y fuche placebo, dirige, 2nd lauds, wt 
mafle of requiem, xii d. and ev'y child of the chapell mid.' 
It'm, we will that like placebo and dirige, with lawdes^ 
and mafle of requiem, be folemply and devoutly faid and 
fongen daiely ev'y day during all the faide tyme in the 
parifshe church of the place where it fhall pleafe Almighty 
God to call us owte of this tranfitory lif to his infynite 
m'cy and grace by all the preefl:s and clerks of the fame 
church ; and by other preefts to the nowmber of lx or 
under, and clerks to the nowmbre of xxx, or under, re- 
fortyng to the faid church. And that ev'y of the fame 
preefts beyng p'fent, and helping to fuche placebo and 
I dirijge 


Jirige w't lawdes andmaffe of requiem, and faying alfb ther* 
maffe for our foule have for his laLor and reward in that 
behalf for ev'y fuche time xiid. And ev'y of the faid 
clerks beyng prefent and helping at fuche Tvice of ev'y 
fuch placebo and lawdes with high maffe of requiem have 
for his reward iiii d. and loo to contynue daiely till o'r 
body be remoeved, and to have like reward for ev'y daye. 
It'm^ we will, that o'r executors aflbne as they convenyent- 
ly may aftir our deceffe, caufe folenlply and devoutly to 
be fongen or faid for our foule in ev'y of xv paiifshe 
churches next adjoyning to the place of ourdecefle, by all 
the preefts, clerks, and mynifters, of ev'y fuch churche, 
placebo, dirige, with lawdes and mafle of requiem with all 
divine prayers and obferv'nces belonging thereunto. And 
our excutors caufe to be geven and deliv'ed therefore to the 
chttrch-wardeynsofev'y fuche church xs. to be diftribut- 
cd, that is to faye, to ev'y preft beyng p'fent, and helping 
all divine Tvice of the fame, and alfo ther faying mafle of 
requiem, xiid. and to ev'y clerk mid. and the refidew 
of the fame, if any remayn, to be dilpofed to the repara- 
cions or ornaments of the faid church. It*, we will, that 
ev'y preeft, to the nowmbre of Lx, beyng prefent in the 
parifshe church where our body (hall refte eny nyght be- 
twene the place of o'r decefie and the place of our inter- 
ment that (hal be helping at all divine f Vices of placebo and 
dirige with lawdes and mafle of requiem, with note, and 
there faye placebo, dirige with lawdes, and maffe of requiem, 



fliall have for his labor viiid. And ev'y clerk, to the 
ftov^mbr* of xxx clerks, beyng pTent, and helping to fing 
and fajr placebo and dirige, with lawdes and mafie of re- 
quiem, or feying there placebo and dirige, with lawdes, 
nil d* It', we bequeth to the curate of ev'y church where 
our body (hall refte at n3rght iii s. mid. And to the 
wardeyns and parif^oners of ev*y fuche church to th'ufe of 
the fame church xs. in money, and ii torches. And to 
the ryngars of the bells of ev'y fuche church iii s. iiii d. 
And we will that ev'y preeft, laymen and childern of oui* 
chapell have for their reward for the fame daie like fomez: 
fls is appoynted to be gefen to theym in our chapell, as i^ 
bifore faid« And we will that all the faid ma(!es and 
other maiies that ^albe faid for our foule aft* our decefle 
unto the tyme of o*r entennent exeepte the high mafle of 
requiem ihalbe orderd and faid as can be afb* the forme and 
order of a trantalL It*ra> we will that o^r executors geve 
and deliver to the church-wardeyns of ev'y other parifshi 
that our body ihall paJSe through toward the faid place of 
our enterment, other then in the faid citie of London, 
XVII s. viiid« and a torche, to caule placebo and dirige 
with lawdes, and mefle of requiem, to be folemply and de- 
voutcly fongen of faid in ev*y fuche churche by the preefts 
aad clerks of the fame. And to geve therof to ev*y preeft 
for his labor vi d. and to ev*y clerk mid. and the refidew 
therof to be difpofed for the reparacion of the ornament and 
irhuTcli of the {ame parifshe. It^m, we will that in like wife 

A a a our 


our exccutours yeve and deliver to the chui*ch-wardeyiii of 
cv'y church that our body fhall pafle through within the faid 
citie of London xs. and a torche to caufe like placebo and 
dirige with lawds, and maflc of requiem, to be folemply 
and devoutly faid and fongen by the preefts, miniftres, and 
clerks, of ev'y fuche churche, and to geve to ev*y preft for 
his labor vid. and to ev*y clerk iiii d and the refidew 
thereof to difpofe to the reparacions of the ornaments and 
church of the fame parifshe. It'nr, we will that our execu- 
tors yeve and deliver to the freres of cv'y of the iHi orders 
of freers in the faid citie of London, for their labour to geve 
their attendaunce upon the comyng ©f our body through 
the fame citie and for placeba and dirige, with lawds and 
mafie of requiem, to be fbtemply fongen and faid in ev^y 
of the churches of the faid freers xL s» It*, to the prior 
and xrovents of Crift's churche in London^* Seynt Mary 
Spitell, Seynt Barthilmewes*, and to the abbotta and co* 
vents of Tower-hill * and Bermondfty, . for a folempne 
dirige, and mafle to be hadde and kepte in ev'y of the 
fame place to ev'y of them, xx s. It'm, to the Crowche 
Freers, and to the prior and covent of Blfyngfpitell for a 
like dirige and mafle to either of them xiii 8. iiii d. It*m, 
we bequeth to th'abbot and covent of the manaftery of 
Seynt Peter of Weftmynfter, for placebo and dirige, with 
lawds and made of requiem, and other divine fervice and 
obfervances to be had and doon. in the ikrm monacfterj at 
the daie and in the tyme of our enterment, as fbllowetht 

• i. c. St. Maiy Mountgrace. 



that is to faye, to the abbott of the fame monaftery, if he 
be there prefent, xx s. to the prior if he be prefent, x s. to 
ev'y monke prefent there, beyng a preeft, ii s- to ev'y 
monke beyng profefled and noo preeft, xii d. to ev*y 
monke beyng novice and not profefte, viii d. And at our 
moneths daye to every of the perfones of the fam^e monaf- 
tery abdve reherfed for like placebo and dirige, with lawds 
and mafle of requiem, with all divine fervice and obfervaunce 
belongyng theninto the like fomes of money as above is 
fpecified* And to the bells ryngars the tyme of our en- 
terment, xvis. viiid. And at our monethes dale vis. 
VIII d. And to the Deane and Chanons of the College of 
Seynt Stephen, for a like folempne dirige, with lawdes and 
mafle of requiem, there by theym to be faid and fongenln 
the tyme, and in the dale of our faide enterment lx s. to 
be diftributed by the difcrecion of the deane and treforer 
of the fame place for the tyme beyng for al maner of charges 
to be doon aboute our faide enterment. And to the deaoe 
and chapiter of the college of Wynburn'', for a like fo- 
lempne dirige, with lawdes, and mafle there to be faid and 
fongen at the tyme and in the daie of our enterment xl s. 
It', we will, that our executours geve and deliver to the 
churche-wardeynsof the parifshe church of Seynt Margarets 
of Weftm' XL s. and a torche, to caufe a like folempne 
dirige, with lawdes and mafle of requiem, there to be fo- 
lemply and devoutly faidafid fongen, in the fame churche, 

^ Where her father and mother John and Margaret duke and duchefs of 
^merfet are buried. 

A a a 2 by 


by the prcfts, miniftres, and clerks, of the fame churche^ 
at the tyme and in the daie of the enterment of our body. 
And to geve to every preeft therof for his labor xiid. and 
to ev*y clerk vi d. and the refidew of the fame xl s. to he 
difpofed to the reparacions of the ornaments and churche 
of the fame parifshe. It'm, we will that in the daye that it 
(hall J)leafe Almighty God to call us from this pYent and 
tranfitory lif to his infynite mercy afld grace, and in the 
daie of o'r enterment there to be diftributed in almes 
amongs poore people by the difcrecion bf our execiU:otir 
cxxxiii li. VIS. VIII d. or more, as (hall be thought con^- 
venyent by their difcrecions. And cc li. to be difpofed 
in hying of clothe for our executors and (ervants, men and 
women, or other perfones, by the difci^cions of our execu- 
tours that (hall give their attendance upon the Cdnveyauiice of 
our body, and our faid enterment, and aft our monechs dak* 
It% we will, that o^r executors pitovide and ordeyne a con- 
venyent herfe, by theirdtfcrecion to be (ett and occupied in 
the place where we (hail dece£^, bi our'chapell, during; all 
the tyme that our body ihall refte there- It% we wiU that 
our executors proride and ordeyn by their diibrecidti ano- 
ther con venyent herfe^ in the pari^e church where we 
* ihall decefle,^ there to be fett and occu^ed during^ aU the* 
' (aid tyme. lt\ we will th^it our executours provide and or- 
deyn a convenyent herfe by there di(cfecKXi hk the- hid 
monaftery of Seynt t^ter of Weftm-, where 6ttr body^- 
with Godd's grace, (halbe interred. It'ix^ we will that o'r 
executours provide and ordeya by the^r difcrecion torcHfes^ 
2 con* 


convenyent to be occupied and fpent in the place where we 
ihall decefle ; and in the parifshe church of the fame, till 
our body fhalbe removed ; and alfo to be occupied and 
geven by the wey in conveying of our body unto the citie 
of London, and through the fame citie unto the fame mo- 
,naftcry at the tyme of our entcrment. It*m, to the torches 
holders in the faid chapell and parifshe church for ev*y day 
till the body be removed to ev'y of them iiii d. It', for 
the wages of the torche bearers fro the place of our deceiie 
unto the faid monaAery of WeftmS ^^^ ^ the fame monaf- 
tery, to ev'y of theym, by the day xii d. It'm, we will, that 
our executours content and paye the cods and charges of 
our houfehold fervants and officers, and of fuche other con* 
Jvcnyent and neceflary peribnes that (hall geve their atten-^ 
dance in conveying of cnir bodye from the place where we 
ihall decefie unto the faid monaftery of Weftm% and: geve 
to every peribne for his cofts for every daye viii d.. It'm^ w^ 
will, that our executorscontent and paye to every of the fame 
pYones for their cofts for u dales lying at Weftm% and i^ 
the citie of London, the tyme of our interment,, for every 
of them XII d* by the daye. It'm, we will, that our execu- 
tors geve to every of our houfehold fervaunts viii d. ffar every 
day, for their cofts, to bringe them fro* Weflm** unto* the 
place where our houfehold fhall be kepte aftir our decefle^. 
by the fpace of a quarter of a yere. It^m, vsre will that our 
-executors caufe placebo and dirige, with lawde8> apd maiie 
of requiem,, with divine fervices, prayers^ and obfervaynceSy 


364 C O U N T E ^ S O F 11 I C M M O N D: 

belonging thereunto, to be Tolemply and devoutly faid aitd 
fongen by the prefts, myniftres, and children of our chapcll 
in the place where our chapell flial be kepte at the tyme of 
our deceffe bifore the enterment of the fame, and in fome 
other convenyent place, by the difcrecion of our executors, 
by the terme of xxxdaies nexte enfuyng our faid enterment i 
and to geve to every preeft and layman of our chapell beyng 
prefent and helping thereunto for hie labour for every day that 
he (halbe fo prefent and helping therinto mid. and to every 
child of the chapell id. It'm, we will that our executors^ 
in as goodly hade and breff tyme as they can or maye aftir 
our decefle, content and paye all our detts. And we will, 
that our faid executors caufe all Our houfehold fervants to be 
kepte togider, and houfehold kepte in all things convenyent 
for theym at and in fuche convenyent place as (halbe 
thought by o^r executors moft neceffarye for the fame from 
the tyme of owr decefle by the fpace of oon quarter of a yerc 
at the lefte. And tliat our executors, by all the fame time, 
ihall provide and prdeyn, or caufe to be provided and or- 
deyned for all our faid houfehold fervaunts ; that is to faye, 
for as many of theym as will there foo tarrey and abide by 
all the faid tyme, mete, drynke, and other thing convenyent 
for houfehold, as they have ufed aud accuAomed to have 
had heretofore in oure houfeholde. And alfo to content 
and pay to every of our houfehold fervaunts, bothe man and 
woman, their wages for oon halfe yere next after our de- 
cefle, as well to them that will departe within the quarter of 



oon yere aftir our decefle, as to theym that will tarry and 
abide togider in houfehold during all the fame quarter. It% 
we will, that our executors, aftir our funeralls and detts con- 
tented and paid, (hall truely deliver, content, and paye, 
all other legacies conteyned and fpecified in a fceduU to 
this our prefent teftament and laft will annexed. All whiche 
legacies conteyned in the fame fcedull we will and ordeyn 
that they (halbe had, reputed, and taken as parcell of this 
our prefent teftament and laft will, according to the tru^ 
entent and meanyng of the fame. Nev'thelefle we wiU, 
that if at any time hereaftir we for any caufe reafonable 
doo* alterate or chaunge any thing conteyned or (pecified in 
this' our prefent teftament and laft will, or in the faid fce- 
dull therunto annexed, orellys adde any thing in writting 
fcedull or codicell, the whiche fhalbe heraftir in this our 
prefent teftament and laft will annexed, we will and declare, 
that the fame writting, fcedull, oroodicell, and everything 
in them, and in ev*y of theym conteyned and written, 
fhalbe taken, reputed, executed, and fulfilled as parcell of 
this our prefent teftament and laft will, according to the true 
entente and effeSe of the. fame. And of this p'fent our tef- 
tament and laft will, we make and ordeyn our executors 
Richard « Bif«hop of Wynchefter, John^ Bifshop of Rochef- 

« KichardFox, Bp- of Winchefter, from 1502 to 1530. 

* John FiOier, her confeflbr, maftcr of Qpecn's College, Cambridge, 
chancellor of the Univerfity, and cardinal, beheaded by Henry VIII. 1536. 
An altar^tomb, with flowerings and fuch omamenti, difcovercd on fomc 
late repairs in a fmall chapel adjoining to the chapel of St. John's College, 
Cambridge, was fuppofed to be hii monument, or one intended for him by 
himfelf in hit liie-tinsc. 


366 OOOfrrSSS: of RICRMONa 

ter, mj LordHerbeit « dife Kitig^g Chamberiayn, Sir Tho^ 
lAas LovcU 'Trcfuror of the King^s houftholdi Sir Heniy 
Marney » Chauncellar of the Duchie of Lancefter, Sir John 
Seynt John** our Chamberlayn, Henry Horneby onr Chaun^ 
cellor, Sir Hugh Afshton Comptroller of oure houfchold. 

• Charles Somerfet Lord Herbert of Gower and Chcpftow, natural fon of 
Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerfet, fon of Editiund Duke of Sdnierict, mete 
to the teftatrix. From hit relatkmihip to Henry VII. and his many excels 
lent qualities, he was much in that Priace's favour, and was chamberlain of 

' his houfhold : having married Elizabeth daughter and heir of WilliaiA Her- 
bert, Earl of Huntingdon, he became, in her right. Lord Herbert, and wa« 
created Earl of Worcefler. He died April 15, 1526, and lies buried with 
his faid Countefs in a chapel which he ere^ed in the royal chape! at Wind« 
for, where a fine monument remains over them. From him deiccndt hh 
Grace Heniy Soinerfet now duke of Beaufort, 1780. 

' Sir Thomas Lovell, Knt. of the Garter, Was an aflive mail iit Hthty 
Vli's rcigBk When only an Efquire he was, in 1485, made Chancellor of 
the Exchequer, and Efquire of the King^s body, knighted at the battle of 
Stt>ke, and Knight of the Garter. In 1502 Treafurer of the Houfhold^ 
and Prefident of the Council, and one of Henry Vll^sO&xecutors, Conftable 
of the Tower, Surveyor of the Court of Wards, Steward and Marlhall of the 

/ Hotifliold to Henry VIII^ He built the f^te-lioule at lineoln's^Inn^ andEaft 

. Hariing-hdl, Norfolk, refounded Haliweli Nunnery, Shoreditch^ where h« 
was buried 1528. dying at his l^otile caHed Eliyngs, atl^hfield. . Bloinf* 

• Nbrf. 1. 219, 

« Henry Marney, Privy councillor to Henry VII. and VIII. Knight of 

' the Garter, Captain of the Guard, Keeper of the Privy Seal, was created 
Lord Marney, April 9, 14 H^n. VIII«'i jaj. Of his holdini^ the above oflicf 

- 1 fold no other mention except in Tanner's Bib. Brit. p. 752, where William 

' A^alter, " a poetical writer is called fervint of Henry Lord Marney, Chan- 
cellor of the Dutchy of Lancafter. He.died'Blily 14, t $23. and was buded 
in the chancel of Layer Marney church, Eflex, where he has a monuments 
Salm. Eflex. 449. Dugd. U. 301. where fee his will. 

^ Qs. eldeft fon of Sir Oliver St. John, ttulf brother to the teftatrix, and 
fon of her mother by her fecond hulbind. Sir Oliver St. John of Bletfoe. 

' Collins 's Peerage, V. p. 104. The!*e is ftlH in the Bletfoe family a carpet, 
with the arms and matches of the fam¥f^ wi>rk«d by the teftatrix. 


COUNTESS O F R I C H M O N p. $^y 

And we, in our mpft humble wife, haitly pray and befeche 
theKbg our fovereigne Lord and mopft deere fon, that it 
wold pleafe his highnes to be fupVifors of this our p'fent 
teftament and laft will, and tp be goode and gracious Lord, 
and to fliewe his fpcciall favor, helpe, and^ffiftance, to 
our faid executors, and to ev*y of them, in executing and 
performing of this our prefent teftament and laft will. And 
alfo that it would pleafe his Highnefs to fee and caufc as 
well all the premiflez afore reherfed as all that hereafter is 
fpecified in this our prefent teftament and laft will, or in 
the faid fceduU therunto annexed, or that flialbe conteyned 
in any other writting or codicill to be hereafter herunto an- 
nexed to be well and truely executed and performed in every 
behalf for the lingular love that we bare and ever have borne 
unto his Highnefs, as he will have our blefling, and be dif- 
charged before God and for the (ingular truft we have in 
the fame. And alfo we fpecially will and defire the moft 
Reverend Fader in God William * Archbifshop of Canterbury 
to be and caufe as moche as in hym is or may be, all pur faid 
teftament and laft will, and every article therof, to be truly 
executed and performed, accorduig to the true entent and 
cfFedt of the fame, as we putt in hym our Angular truft. 

Ultima voluntas ejufdem d'ne Margarete. 

- r 

And forafmoche as the fmgular lawde, praife, and pjeafur 
of Allmighty God reftith moft in this tranfitory world in 

* Warham, 1504 — 1J33. 

B b b admv- 


admyniftracion of facrifice, and divine fervices, hy the 
miniftres of holy, churche for remyffion of our fynnes, and 
in the encreas of veitue, cunnyng^, and of all criften feithv 
and in doyng of goode almes-deeds, and werks caritatifs j 
therefore we entending, with the grace of Almighty God> 
to caufe hym to be the more honored and ferved with facri- 
fice and divine fervices, by the mymftres of holy chutche,, 
as well within the faid monaftery where we intende,. wfth 
Godd^s grace, our body to be enterred, as in the univerfi- 
tees of Oxenfbrd and Cambrigge, and other places where 
the lawes of God be more fpeciaHy lemyd, taught, and 
prechid, and fcolers to the fame entent to be brought up in: 
vertue and cunnyng^ for the increafe of Crift's faith have pro*« 
vided, ordeyned, and eftablifshed, as followith ; that is to 
fay, three pcrpetuall daiely maffez,. with divine fervices and 
obfervaunts, to be daiely faid by three fadde * and difcretc 
monks of the faid monaftery, and oon perpetuall anniver- 
fary, to be yerely, folempfy, and devoutly, bolden and 
kepte, with lxx lights, and with the diftribucibn of x li. 
in almes at every fuche anniverfary in the fame monaftery, 
for the helthe of our foule perpetually, while the world 
fhall endure ; ^nd oon perpetuall brother, called a converfe 
to be perpetually kepte in the fame monaftery, (pecially to: 
ferv J the fame monks at their mafles, and all other preefts; 
that (hall fay their maffes at the aulters whereat ii of the 
faid II chauntries maffez (hall be faid. Andalfo have pro* 

1^ Xnowlcdgc. ^ Sober.. 



vided, eftabliflied, and fouaden, by the Kyng*s licence n 
perpetuall reders in holy theologie, oon off theym in the 
univerfitie of Cambrigge, and another of theym in the 
univerfitie of Oxforde, and oon perpetuall precher of the 
worde of God in the faid univerfitie of Cambrigge. And 
have licence to founde a perpetuall chauntry in the churche 
off Wynburn of oon perpetuall preft to teche gramer frely 
to all theym that will come thereunto perpetually while 
the world (hall endure ; and licence to geve to either of the 
faid II reders, and their fucceflbrs, lands and tenements to 
the yerely value of xx li. and to the faid precheor and hi^ 
fucceflbrs x li. ; and to the faide chauntery preft of Wyn- 
burn X li. And alfo whereas King Henry the Vlth of 
blefled memory was in mynde and purpofe to have pro- 
vided and ordeyned in a place in Cambrigge called than 
Godd's-houfe, fcolers, to the nowmbre of lx there tolerne 
and ftudy in all liberall fcience, in which place was never 
ibolars, felowes of the fame place above the nombr' ot iiii, 
for lakk of exhibicion and fynding we have nowe of late 
purchaced and obteyned licence of the faid King our moft 
deere fon, and by reafon thereof have founded and eftab- 
liflied in the fame place a college, called Crift's college, of 
a maifter, xii fcolers felowes ", and xlvii fcolers difciples 
there, to be perpetually founden and brought up in lernyng, 
vertue, and connyng according to fuch ftatuts and ordyn- 

"» Edward VI. to avoid a fupcrftitious allufion to Chrift's twelve dif- 
ciples, added a thirteenth fellow. Fuller's Hift. of Cambr* p* 91* 

B b b 2 naunces 


itaunceaas we have made^ and ihall xaaake, for the fame* 
And for the fyndiag of oiie of the faid three chaunfeery 
maffes, to be faide hi the faide monaftery of Weftm*y we 
have purchafed and obteyned a graunte of the abbots prior^ 
and coVent, of the faide monaftery, by whiche they have 
bounden theym and their fucceflbrs to us, our heirs and 
executors, by their deed fealed, with their covent feale,, to 
caufe oon daiely mafle to be faid by a monke of the faid 
monaftery, at the aulttr of the ftiryne of Seynt Edward in 
the fame moiwftery perpetually while the world fliali en- 
dure. And we the faide Princefle, for the fmguler love, 
favor, confidence, and truft that we do here, and of long 
tyme have born to the faid monaftery, and to the gover- 
nors and myniftersof the fame ; and trufting that the abbot, 
prior, and the governors and myniftres of the fame monaf- 
tery for the tyme beyng, of their true fubftanciall and ver- 
^uoufe difpoficion, will well and truely kepe and'performe, 
in their behalf^, the will^ mynde^ ajoid entent, of us the faid* 
Princeffe, in keeping of the other twoo of the faidt three 
chaunteryes mai&s, and of our faid anniverfary, with the 
faid Lxx lights, and diftribucion of x li. in almes,. at every 
ibch anniverfary, and of the iaide converfe;. and alfo con- 
tent and payeyerely to every off the faid reders,. and their 
fucoeftors, xiii ii. viSi viicd^ and to the faid prechor,. 
and. his fucceflbrs, xli. perpetually while the worlde ftiall 
endure. Therefore we, by reafon of letters patents of li- 
cence of the faid King our Soverain Lorde and mooft deere 



fon, bcryng date the xth day of Maye, the xfiiiith yere of 
his reigne, have geveii and graunted to the abbott, prior^ 
and convent, of the faid monaftery, the advowfbns of the 
church of Swynnefliede", m the county of Lincoln, and of 
the church of Chefhunt% in the countie of HertP, than of 
our patronage, and alfo caufed the fame churches to be 
lawfully appropried to the abbot, prior, and convent of the 
fame monaftery, and their fucceflbrs, at our propre cods, 
and charges ; whiche perfonages,. th'abbot, prior, and con- 
vent, of the fame monaftery, at their fpeciall defire, and 
by their entire affents and confents, have accepted and 
taken at the yerely value of Liiili. vi s. viiid. over all 
charges ; that is to faye, either of the fame churches, at the 
yerely value of xxvi \L xiii s* rin d. over all charges 
whiche be in deede at this day of gretter valowe. And alfo 
by reafbn of the faid licence geven \into us by the King^ our 

* Given at tbedklblutbo to Trinity College, CambridgCr 
° Edward IV. (eized the advowiba of Chefhunt, as parcel of the Eartdoiix: 
of Richmond; and g^yc it to theD«an.and Canon» of Windfor. But the 
tedatrix recovered it, and prefeated to it, 1492 and 1494, two eminent 
perfonages, afterwards Bilhops,. William Smyth of Litchiield, and Hughi 
Oldham of £xetev. She gave it to the abbot and convent of We{hniniler„ 
whoprefented to the vicarage, 150^-, 1526. On the fuppreHioa the Dean and 
Chapter fold the redtory to Anthony Dcring, and after feveral purchafers,. 
it is now the property of Mr. Martia.. The advowfonof the vicarage wa* 
granted by Mary to Bp. Bonner, whofc fucccffor, before 1610, conveyed it 
to Robert Cecil,, afterwards Earl of Salifbury, whofe defcendants poffefe it 
at prefent. 

f In Mortmain, for ^. 150. per annum. WidmoreVHift. of Weftm^Ab. 
p. 13 2, ex archiTi He fays, Ihe conveyed ^. 90. of it to the convent ; but 
the total of the three fum$ here abovefptxiiied amotints to^. 86» 1 2s^ 4//.. 



Soverain Lord and moft dere Son, we have geven and 
gfaunted unto the faid abbot, prior, and convent, and their 
fucceflbrs, the manors of Drayton, with the appertenaunces, 
in the county of Midd*x, and divers londs and tenements 
in Weft Drayton, Hillyngdon, Colham% Woxbrig', and 
Drayton ; and alfo divers londs and tenements in Willefdon, 
Padington, Weftburn, and Kenfyngton, in the county of 
Midd*x, which the faid abbot, prior, and convent, at their 
ovvnedefire, and by their entire aflents and confents, have 
accepted and taken of us, for and at the yerely valow of 
XXVII li. XIII s. iiii d. and all charges. And alfo by rea- 
fon of the fame licence, we have geven and graunted to 
the faid now abbot, prior, and convent, and their fuccef- 
fours, divers londs and tenements in grete Chefterford', in 
the countic of Eflex, which the fame abbot, prior, and 
convent, of their owne affent and con(ents, have accepted 
and taken, at the yerely valow of vi li. over all charges ; 
all which manors, londs, and tenements, fb geven and 
graunted by us to the abbot, prior, and convent, and their 
fucceflbrs. And the faid churches and benefices of Swyn- 
nefhede and Cheftehunte, now appropried, as is aforefaid, 
amounten all to the yerely valow of Lxxxviili. over all 
charges. And all the yerely charges of the faid ii chaun- 

^ Q:, Copham, ' Uxbridgc, 

• Mr. Marant (Eflex, II. 55J.) mentions lands m Great Cheftcrford 
granted by Maurice Berkeley, ^yith the advowfon of the church to the con- - 
vent.of Weftminfter, 18 Henry VIL but the Countcfs's bcnefafUon in the 
fame place has efcaped hinu 

3 ^ery 



tery maflcs perpetually to be kepte in the faid monaftery, 
and the faid yerely charges of the faid anniverfary, with 
the faid lights of lxx tapers, and diftribucion of almes of 
X li. yerely be aflefled by the affent and confent of the faid 
abbot, prior, and convent, at xxx li. And the yerely 
charges for the fynding of the faid converfe at c s. which 
xxxli. andcs. yerely, for all the fame charges we the 
faid Princeffe have geven and graunted to the fame abbot, 
prior, and covent, and their fucceflbrs, for the fame fynd- 
ing of the fame 11 chauntery maffes and perpetual! anni- 
verfary, with the faid lights, almes, and converfe perpe- 
tually while the world (hall endure. And for the exhibi- 
cion and perpetuall fynding of the faid iiperpetuall rea- 
ders in the faid univerfities of Oxenford and Cambrig, the 
faide abbot, prior, and covent, at our defire and requeft, 
and according to the faid confidence and truft, have geven 
and graunted by thefe feveral deeds, bering the date the 
firft day of July, th^ yere of our Lord mW* and three, 
and of my faid Soverain Lord and Son xviii. to either of 
the fame 11 reders an annuytie of xiii li. vi s. viii d. yerely. 
And alfo by another deede, beryng the date the fixte day 
of November, the yere of our Lord God m^ v*. v. and of 
my faid Soverain Lord and Son xxi. to the faid perpetuall 
prechor an annuytie of xli. for his exhibicion and perpe- 
tuall fynding in fuche manor and forme as in the fame 
deeds more playnly apperith. All which cofts and charges 
for the perpetuall fynding of the faid 11 chauntery malTes, 



8^4 of the faid pcrp^tusJl gnnivef fary, with the faid [lights 
and yerely alnjes, and of the;iaid opn converfe, an4 of the 
feid II perpejtuall riders, and. of , the faid perpetuall prechv 
as is. afore jrehcffed^ extende to, the y^rely fooie of lxxi Ji. 
jciii.s. ;iind. Arui fep the faid yerely v^Uie of the faid 
churches geyen and appropri^d, and of the faid temporal! 
loiid gevfen and graunted by us to the falde monaftery ex- 
tende and ampunt yerely ovqr the faid yerely charge to. the 
fon^e of XV li. vis. vni d. whicheiXvli, vis. viiid. we 
.have geven and graunted tp the faid abbot, prior, and co- 
vent, and their fucceffpurs in reward, and to and for the 
entent that they (h^ll the more furely, truely, and devoutly 
ofeferve, :kepe, ^i)d performe, our f^ devout w|ll, myufle, 
•aad entent, in the premjflfez, ip ikepii^g of the f^id per- 
petuall cfhauntry mafles, and of the faid perpetuall anni- 
verfary and converfe, and content and .paye the faid jju- 
nuyties to the faid ii reders and prechors, and their fuc- 
ceflbrs. Apd for tlie charge of wyn, wa;x, vcftfxients, and 
prnaments^ to be daiely pccvipicd at the faid three chaun- 
tery maffes, or any pther mafle there to be faide ; and for 
fuche cafuelties and charge as m^y fortune to fall by reafbn 
of the f^id londs anfl teneqieuts, by aydes, fubfidees, pr 
otherwife. And ^alfp we have, tifor this tyme, yeven to 
the faid abbot, prior, and convent, divers books, chalices, 
and veftyments, and other ornaments, to be ufed and oc* 
cupicd oonly aboute the aulters where the faid iii chaun* 
tery mafles (halbe f^id. And avtsr, that we att oyr greate 



''Cofts and charge have purchafed and obtcyned bulls of 
greate indulgencies and pardon of holy folders popes of 
Rome unto the faid monaftery for all perfons faying or 
bering any of the faid 11 chauntery mafles, or any other 
mafle, to be faid by any preeft at the aulter provided, or 
the aulters to be provided by us, or our executors, in the 
faide monaftery there, as the fame 11 daiely mafles fhalbe 
faid, as grete as be in the place called Scala celi, without 
the walls of the citie of Rome, which is daiely, as is fup- 
pofed, playn ^ remiflion, to the grete comforte and relief of 
the faid monaftery, and of all Chriften people refbrting 
thereunto, as in the fame bulks more playnly at large ap- 
perith of record. And where the forefaid abbot, prior, and 
covent, have bounden theym and their fucceflburs to us 
the faid Princes, our hey res and executors, by indcntur, 
fealed with the common feale, beryng date the fecunde 
day of March, in the yere of our Lord GoD m^ v*". v. 
and of my faid Soverain Lord and Son the xxi. enrolled In 
the Kyng's Court of Chauncery, to caufe the faid three 
mafles daiely to be faid by three monks preefts of the faide 
monaftery, beyng of goode and honeft converfacion, well 
and fufficiently lernyd, and of goode and vertuoufe difpo- 
ficion, with all fuche fpeciall collefts, divine fervices, pray- 
ers, and obfervances, and alfo to kepe and holde ouf 
faid anniverfary folemply, with divine fervices, prayers, 
and obfervances, and with the faid lights and diftribucioa 

* full, plain, 

C c c 'Of 


of almes of x li. yerely ; and alfo fynde and kepe oon^ 
converfe for us in the faid moiiaftery perpetually, whrle 
the world fhall endur, in fuche maner and forme as iiv 
the fame endenturs is conteyned and fpecified : and alfo 
have, by their feverall dedes, fealed with their common 
feale, and graunted to either of the faid ii reders, and their 
fucceffors, an annuytie of xiiili. vis. viiid. And to the 
faid prechor, and his lucceflbrs, x li. We will and fpecially 
requyre the faid abbott, prior, and covent, and their fuc- 
ceflburs, in fpeciall confidence and trufte, and as they will 
therfore aunfwere afore Almighty God, at the dredfiiU daie 
of fynall jugeament, to fee and caufe the faid three daiely 
inafles, with the prayers, obfervances, and ferymonyes, to 
to be daily faide ; and the faid anniverfary, with the faid 
lights and diftribucion of almes yerely to be truely holdei> 
and kepte ; and to provide, have, and kepe, oon converfe 
for us in the faide monaftery perpetually while the world 
fhall endur according to the true entent of the faid inden- 
ture ; and alfo to content and paye to either of the faid 
II reders and their fuccefiburs, yerely, xiiili. vis. viiid* 
and to the faid prechor^ and his fucceflfors, yerely, xli. 
according to the faid graunts. And whereas we the faid 
Princeflfe, by reafbn and vertue of lettres patents made to 
us by the faid King our Sovrain Lord and mofl deere Son, 
beryng date the firfl dayc of Maye, the xx yere of his 
reigne lafl pafle, have eflablifhed and founded the faid 
college called Crifl*s College, in the faid univerfitie of 



Cambridge, to the hole nowmbre of lx perfons, with fer- 
vants to theym convenyent and neceflary ; and, by reafon 
of the fame licence, have geven and graunted to the 
/naiftcr and fcolers of the fame college, and their fuccef- 
fours, for their exhibicion and fuftentacion, the manors of 
Malketon", Melreth*, and Beached, with dyverslonds, tene- 
ments, rents, reverlions, and fervices, in Malton, Mel- 
reth,Beache, Whaddon, Knefworth', Hogynton*, Orwell, 
and Baryngton ^, in the countie of Cambrigge ; the maner 
ofDitefworth*', with th'appertenaunces,.with divers londs 
and tenements in Ditefworth, Kegworth, Hathern, and 
Watton, with the advoufons of the churches of Malketon, 
Kegworth, and Sutton de Bonyngton **, in the countie of 
Leycefter, and the manor of Roydon * in the countie of 
Eflcx, to have to theym and their fucceffours, for ever- 
more ; and alfo obteyned licenfe to the fame maifter and 
fcolers, and their fucceffors, to appropre to theym and 
their fucceflburs the faide church of Malketon, and alfo 

" Malton. This is a decayed paridi, now included in that of Orwell, 
where the church, anticntiy a reftory, dill remains in ruins. The rc6toiy 
of Orwell belongs to Trinity College. EAon, p. 98. 

* Meldreth. ^ Waterbeach. 

* Kneefworth. * Q^ Oakington. 
^ Harrington. "^ Difeworth. 

* The Villarc places Sutton Bonington in Nottinghamfbirc ; but it is 
not in E6ton. 

e In I $22, the Maflcr and Fellows of Ch rift's College in Cambridge 
arc recorded to have had the manor of Roydons, Inq. 14 H, VIII* 
0(^. 30. But what manor is meant, and how they loft it, I cannot learn. 
Moraut*s Eifex. II. 490. 

C c c 2 the 


the churches of Fendrayton, Hclpefton^ andNavenby^, jfs^ 
in the fame lettres patents more playnly apperith; which 
churches of Malketon, Fendrayton, and Helpefton, we 
have caufid adlually to be impropried by aflent and confent 
of the ordynaries, and of all other havyng therin intereft 
unto the fame maifter and fcolers, and their fucceffours, 
aftir due forme and procefle of the lawe in that parte re- 
quifitc : alfo we have, by the Kyng's licence, and by 
au6toritie, aflent, and confent, of the ordinary, and of ail 
other having intereft, united, annexed, and appropried, for 
ever the parifshe churche of Manberer**, in Wales, within 
the diocefe of Seynt David, to the faid maifter, fcolers, and 
their fucceflbrs. Item, we have, by the Pope's auftoritie,. 
and the King*s fpecial graunte and licence, yeven unto the 
fame maifter, fcolers, and their fucceflbrs, the abbey of 
Creyke*, in the diocefe of Norwich, with the purtenances, 
which was in the King's hands, as diflblvyd and extindte. 
All which maners, londs, and tenements, and other the 

' Both in Cambridgefhire, 

• Naumby, c. Lincoln. 

** Manwrbwr, c. Pembroke. **This lady being of Welfli affinity; a 
Teuther by marriage, and having long lived in Wales (where her fon, king 
Henry VII. was born in Pembroke) thought fitting, in commemoration 
thereof, to leave fome Welfli land to this her foundation." Fuller ubi fup. 
* This priory of Auftin Canons (made an abbey by Henry III.) was, about 
12 Henry VII. looked upon as diffblved, becaufe the abbot died without a 
convent to erredt another ; whereupon the lands and revenues, by the pro- 
curement of the King's mother, the lady Margaret, Countefs of Richmond, 
were fettled upon Chrift's College, Cambridge, being of her foundation, 
who are ftill polTeft of them. Tan, Not, Mon, p, 356. Blomf. Norf. 
HI. 776. 

6 premifles, 


premiffes, we late purchafed and provided to the fame en- 
tent : and will therfore, and fpecially defir and requyre the 
faid maifterand fcolers, and their fucceffours, to caufe and 
fee our foundacion of our faid college to be truely (/bferved 
and kepte, according to the ftatuts and ordynances by us 
therof made, and to be made, and according to our will, 
mynde, and entent, as they will therfore anfwere bifore 
Almighty God at thedredefull daye of fynall jugeament '*^. 
And alfo we fpecially defire and requyre our executors, and 
every of them, that they, according to the confidence 
and trufte that we have putt in them, and in every of 
them, to fee and caufe, as ferr as in thcym is, or (halbe, 
faide iii daily mafles to be faid and doon, and the anni- 
verfary, with the faid lights, diftribucion of almes, to be 
holden and kepte, and the faid converfe to be provided and 
kepte in the faid monaftery, and the faid annuities to be 
truely content and paid to every of the faid reders and 
prechars, according to our will, mynde, and entent, 
aforefaid, and alfo to fee and caufe the maiftcr and fco- 
lers of the faid college, called Crift*s College, to be or- 
derid, rewlid, and governed according to our faide will,. 

* In the North veflry windows are the effigies of Henry VII. and his 
mother the Countcfs of Derby and Richmond, with her firft and fccond 
hufbands, in armour, with their helmets by them ; alfo John Beaufort her 
father, and Margaret her mother ; but they are now much broken and 
defaced, and the infcriptions fpoilt. There may fliil be read, 

** . • • Komitijfa Rychemondle et Derbci • . . tis pro qui bus .... /uo 
" verbo . , . • , tarn magni • . • . ." Blomeficld, Collect. Cantab. 

p. 2l6. 



mynde, and entent, and, according to the faid ftatuts and 
ordinaunces ; and alio to fee and caufe all our teftament, 
and laft will to be truely executed and performyd in every 
behalf, as they will anfwer before Almighty God at the 
dredfull daie of finall jugcment. And alfo we, in mooft 
humble and hertie wife, praye and befeche the faid King 
our Soverain Lord, and mooft deere Son, for the moft 
ter^dre and fmgular love that we bear, and would have 
born to hym, to fee and caufe our faid will therein, and 
in all other things, to be truely executed and performed. 
And whereas we the faid PrlncefFe, by our deede bering 
date the firft day of Aprill laft paft:, the xx yere of the 
reigne of , our moft dere Sonne King Henry the Vllth, 
have enfeoffed the right reverend Fader in God John'^ 
Bifshop of Rochefter., Hugh"Bifshop of Excefter, and other 
of and in our maners of Maxey" and Torpell, in the coun- 
tie of North', to have to theym, and their heyres, upon 
•confidehce thereof to performe our laft will ; and where- 
as the faid Bifshoppes, and their cofeofFez, (ithen that at 
^ur fpeciall requeft and defire have divifed and graunted to 
William RatclifF, David Cecilc, and Thomas Williams of 
Stamford a felde, and a clofe by fide Crakelolme, late in 
the tenure of James Mandefley, within the LorcMhip of 
Maxey, to have and to holde, to theym and to their 

* Fiflier. " Oldham, 1504 — 1520. 

" Maxcy is in Naffaburgh Hundred, Northamptonfliire. The manor 
now belongs' to the dean and chapter of Peterborough. Magn. Brit. 
III. 469. 



aflignes, during' the lif of Margaret White, anchores in 
the Houfe of Nones "" belide Stamford, to th'ufe and en- 
tent that the fame William RatclifF, David, and Thomas, 
and their affignes, fliall take and difpofc th'iffues and pro- 
fitts therof to and for the exhibucion and fynding of the 
faid auchores, and of a honeft woman to attende upon hir 
during her lif. And alfo we have geven and graunted to 
our fervant Edithe Fowler, late the wif of Thomas Fow- 
ler, widow, certyn parcells of the faid manors, londs, and 
tenements, to the yerely valow by eftimacion of x li. And 
alfo we have geven and graunted to our fervant Elizabeth 
Mafley divers other parcells of the faid maners, londs, and 
tenements, to the yerely valow, by eftimacion, of vili. 
XIII s. mid. And alfo to our fervant Richard Stukley 
and Margarete his wif, to the lenger lyver of theym^ cer-^ 
teyn other parcells of the faide maners, londs, and tene-^ 
ments, to the yerely valoWy by eftimacion, of 11 11 li, Andv 
alfo have geven and graunted to our fervant Henry Lud- 
ley certeyn other parcels of the faid maners, londs, and 
tenements, to the yerely valow, by eftimacion, of iiii li- 
as by their feveralL graunts therof more playrily apperith. 
All which dimifes and graunts made by the faid Bifshopps,. 
and other their co-feoffez, to all the faid perfones, we the 
faide Princeffe,^ by our feveralL deeds, fealed with the feale 

* A Benedi^ioe I^HBoery in Stamford-baron, fouBded an abbot of Peter- 
borough 6 Henry II. greatly reduced at the diiTolution, wKen the lite wa9 
graunted to Richard CecU, TaB« Not* Mon« p. 58i«^ 



ofov.r armes, have ratified, approved, and confermed, as 
in the iamc deeds more plaviicly appcrith. ApaI for the 
farther fuertie of the parties to whom the faide graunts and 
coil fir macions be made, we wnll and declare by this our 
prefent teftament and laft will, that all and every of the 
fame perfones have and enjoye feverally all the faid londs 
and tenements conteyned and fpecified in the fame graunts 
and confirmacions according to the tenors and efFedls of the 
fame. And we in moft humble wife praye and befeche 
the King our Soverain Lorde and moft deere Son to give 
his gracious affente to the fame ; and to fufFre them, and 
every of them, to have and enjoye the fame, according to 
our faid will, mynde, and entent- Item, we will, that 
our executors, aflbne as they convenyently maye aftir our 
decefle, doo make, or caufe to be made, in the chapell 
there, as our body fhalbe interred, a convenyent tombe, 
by their difcrecions ; and oon aulter, or ii, in the fame 
chapell, for the faid ii chauntery maffes there perpetually 
to be faid at the howres and tymes and with all fuche 
prayers and obfervaunces as is afore reherfed. Item, where 
we have licence of the faid King our moft decre Son, by his 
lettres patents graunten unto us, and our executors, to 
eftablifshe and founde a perpetuall chauntery of oon preeft 
in the college of Wymborn, and to geve to hym and to 
his fucceflbrs londs and tenements to the yerely [value] of 
X Ii, We will, that if we founde not the faid chauntery 
in our lif that then our executors, aflbjae as they conveny- 


ciitly maye jfftir our deceffe, (hall eftablifti and fouade the 
fame ohauiitery of 0011 perpetuall preeft in the fame col- 
lege, th^e to kcpe contynuall refidencc, and to teche frely 
gramer. And we will, that all the londs and tenements 
called Foftcrs, which bepurchacedinCurrey-Revell, which 
be of the yerely valovv of viii li. be fold by our executors, 
to pay our detts or laft will, and to be difpofid in chari- 
table works of pitie and mercy for the wele of our foule. 
And whereas we the faid Princeffe in the tyme of the 
reigne of King pdward the Illlth, obteyned his Lettres 
Patents of licence to put in feofFament, and by reafon of 
the fame licence, dide put in feofFament our maners of 
Martok, Currey-Ryvell, Kyngefbury, and Quene-Camell, 
in the fame count ie of Somerfet, with the hundred of 
Bulfton, Abdike, and Horethorn, in the fame countie, 
and our bourghes of Samford, Peverell, and the hun- 
dreth of Allerton, with th'appertenances in the countie of 
Devon, to Robert p bifshop of Bathe, Sir Raynold Bray, 
knyght, and others, to have to theym and their hey res, tp 
th'ufe and entent therof to performe our laft will, which 
Bifshop, and his co-feofFes, by reafon of the licence which 
the fild King our ^ovcrain Lord and moft deere Son 
graunted unto theym at our defire by his lettres patents the 
vith ye re of his reigne, made aftatc of all the faid ma- 
ners and other the premifles to Richard "^ bifshop of Lon*' 

P Stillirigton, 1465 — 1491. 
*i Fitz J;imc:, 1506 — 1522. 

D d d . dou. 


don, and Richard Skipton, Gierke, to have t€ theym and' 
their heyres^ in fee ; which bifshop and Richard Skip- 
ton, by reafbn of the fame lettres patents, made aftate of 
all the fame maners, and other the premiffes, to the right 
reverend fader in God Richard ' thaij. bifshop of Excefter^ 
•now Bifshop of Wynchefter, Elies Daubeney of Dawbe- 
ney, knyght, William Smyth ' than deane of Seynt Ste- 
phens, noWe bifshop of Lincoln, Thomas LovcH, knyght^ 
William Hodie, knyght, and Richard EmfonS yet lyving, 
and other decefled, in fee, toth^ientent therof, to performc 
our laft will, by vertue wherof the faid bifshop of Wyiy- 
chefter, and his co-feofFez be thereof feafid in fee to the 
fame ufe and entent : We the faid PrincelTe will and de- 
clare, by thies preients, that where our moevable goods 
which we (hall have at our decefle, be not fufEcient, aftir 
our funerall had and don, to content and paye all our detts 
and legacies, and to performe our teftament and laft will, 
in every behalf ; that therefore our executors andaffignes 
(hall have and take all th^yffues and-^profitts and revenues 
of all the fame maners, and other the premiflfes, unto the 
tyme riiat they with the fame yffues, prcrfitts, and revenues, 

' Fox, tranfl^ted to Wells, 1492; Durham, 1494; Wincheftcr, ijoa; 
died 1530. 

* Bp. of Coventry and Litchfield, 1492; Lincoln, 1495. 

' This fon of d fieve maker, as Lord Bacon calls him, the fit inftrument 
-^f Henry VII's peculations in the clofc of his life, and the famous coad- 
jutor with Dudley, was created a baron of the exchequer, and received 
the honour of knighthood. Henry VIIL who, with greater profufion, came 
not a whit behind his father in rapacity, made them both the firft facrifice of 
his- reign. 



liave contented and paid our faid detts and legacies, and 
throughly and perfitely performed our teftament and laft 
will ; and that the faid bifshop of Wynchefter and his 
co-feofFes, their heyr^s and aflignes, (hall ftand and be feof- 
fed of the fame maners ^nd other the premifl'es to the 
fame ufe and entente and fufFer and not Ictt our faid exe- 
cutors and aflignes fo to doo- And we, in our mooft hum- 
ble wife, alfo praye the faid King our moft deere Son to 
geve his gracious allent thereto to fufFer and aflifte our ex- 
ecutors and aflignes fo to do, as we putt our finguler trufl 
in his Highnefs. And we the faid Princefle, aftir our detts 
paid, and aftir our legacies and bequelGts fpecified in this our 
prefent teftament and lafl: will, and in the fcedulles ther* 
unto annexed, fiiUy and truely in every thingc executed and * 
performed, vyill, that our executors, calling into their in- 
ward mynds and remembraunce Almighty God, and the 
dutie of executors, for diftribucion of goods to them in 
fuche caas committed to diftributc the refidue of all our 
faid goods for the welth of our foule, in fuche wife as by 
their difcrecion (hal be thought mooft beft, meritorious and 
coavenyent. In wittnefs wherof, to thies prefents we 
havefet to our figne manuell and fealc of arms the daie and 
ycre abovefaid, 

•Ultima voluntas ejufdem D, Marg*. 

D d d 2 Be 


Be it rcmembrcd, That it was alfo the. laft will of the 
faide Princefle to difiolvc th'ofpitall of Seynt Joh'nis in 
Cambrigge", and to alter and to tbunde therof a college of 
leculer perfones ; that is to fay, a maifter and fifty fcolers, 
with divers fervants ; and newe to biclde the fai<l college, 
and fufficiently to cndowe the fame, with londs and tene- 
ments, aftir the maner and forn^ of other colleges in Cam- 
bridge ; and to furnyfshe the fame, as well in the chapell, 
library, pantre, and kechen, with books and all other 
things neceffary for tne fame. And to the performans 
whereof the faide Princefle w^illed, among other things, 
that hir executors (huld take the yflues, revenues, and 
profitts of hir londs and tenements put in feoffament in 
the counties of Devonfhire, Someifettfhire, and North- 

° Founded by Nigelhis bifhop of Ely, or rather by Henry Fro ft burgefs 
of Cambridge in his time, in honour of St. Jo^n the Evangelift, for a fccu- 
lar maftcr and brethren, faid to be endowed with ^. 140. per anv, but at 
its fuppreflion the revenues amounted only to ^>So, Tanner. Not. Mon. 
p.43. The Couutefs had been folicited by (bme men of character in the other 
univerlity to place iier remaining chanties upon Oxford, at St. Fridcfwide's; 
but Bp. hiflier, by more powerful arguments, and particularly by pointing 
out the melancholy (late anddiflblute lives of the brethren of Old St. John*s 
Houfe, turned her thoughts back again to Cambridge. Their prodigality 
and exceiTes had occafioned them to mortgage all their lands and fettled 
eflates beyond their worth, and at laft the houfe itfelfwaj abandoned. The 
beft thing that could be done was to diifolve it, and ingraft a college on the 
old ftock. The confent of the bifhop of Ely, as reputed founder and dioce* 
fan, was eafily obtained of James Stanley, and the King's licence afeafily. 
But before this could b^ done in due and legal form, the King died ; and 
before much more could be done to the purpofe, the foundrefs likewife 
died ; and had flie not lodged this truft in faithful hands, this great and 
good defign had died with hen Baker's Pref. to her Fimeral Sermon by 
Bifliop Filher, p. xv. 



amptonfhire, Sec. Alio the faide Princefle willed, that 
with the revenues comyng of the faid londs putt in feofFa- 
ment that the faid late hofpitall fhulde be made clere of all 
olde detts dewly provid, and alfo that the londs and 
tenements to the fame late hofpitall belonging, fliuld be 
fufficiently repayred and maynteyned. Alfo the faid Prin- 
cefle willed,, that hir houfcholde fervants whiche* had long 
contynued and done to hir goode fervyce fhoulde be rewards 
ed with parte of hir goods, by the difcrecion of the Reve- 
rend Fader in God Richard BiLhop of Wynchefter,. upon 
inibrmacion geven unto him of their goode fervice and 
merits; and in likewife fhe wold, that by his difcrecion 
hir executors fhuld be rewarded. Alfo the faid Princefle 
willed, that the nowmbre of xii poore men and women 
that hir grace kepte and founded at Hatfeld in hir liftyme 
fhulde be kepte and maynteyned, at hir cofts, during all 
the lyves of the faide poore men and women. Alfo, the 
faide Princefle willed, that over and above x li. londs by 
yere which (he wold (huld be purchafed and, geven, unto 
hir chauntry and free fcole of gramer in Wynborn Mynr 
fler, flie wold, that other vi li. (huld be purchafed, . and 
the King's licence to be obteigned for the fame. Alio 
the faide Princefle willed, that the maifter and felowes of 
Crift's College of Cambridge (hould have provided for 
ttiem and their fucceflburs londs and tenenaents to the 
yerely value of xvi li. over and befids other londs that the 
faid college hath in polTeflion. Alfo the faide Princefle 
willed, that the faid Crift's' College (huld, at hir cofts and. 



charge, be perfidy fynifhed in all reparacions, bidding, and 
garnyfliing of the fame. Alfo the faid Princefle willed, 
that faide maner of Malton, in the (hire of Cambrige, 
whiche belongeth to the faid CrifTs College fliould be 
fufficiently bielded and repayred, at hir cofte and charge ; 
foo that the faid maifter and icolers may refbrt thidder, and 
there to tary in tyme of contagioufe feknes at Cambrigc, 
and excrcife their lernyng and ftudies. Alfo the faid Princefle 
willed, that a ftrong coffer (hould be provyded in the faid 
CrifFs College, at hir cofts and charge. Alfo that hir 
faid executors fliulde putt in the fame a c li. of money, or 
more, to the ufe of the faid college, to be fpended as they 
fliall nede. Alfo the faid Princefle willed, that all hir 
plate, juells, veftmcnts, aulterxrlothes, books, hangyngs, 
and other necefl'arys belonging to hir thapell in the tyme 
•of hir decefle, and not otherwife bequethed, fliuld be divid- 
ed betwene hir faid colleges of Crifte and Seynt John, by 
the dilcrecion of hir executors. Alfo the faide Princefle 
willed, the iiii daye before hir decefle, that the Reverend 
Fader in God Richard bifshop of Wynchefter and maifter 
Henry Hornby, hir Chauncellor, ihuld the fame day have 
the overfight of hiv faid will and teftament ; and by theire 
fadnefle and goode difcrecions Oiulde have full auftoritie 
and power to alter, adde to, and demyniflie, fuche articles 
in hiT faid will 'and teftament, as they thought moft con- 
venyent, and according to the will of the faid Princeffe. 

Prpbat' di£F teftan;ienti ax)u3 Lamhith^ xvii die T)^enfi$ 
06lobris, Anno Donuni Miirimo Quingenteflimo xii^ 



MA R G A R E T, only daughter of John Beaufort duke 
of Somerfet (grandfon of John of Gaunt) by Margaret 
daughtef of John Beauchamp of Bletfoe, Was married to 
Edmund de Hadham, fecond fon of Owen Tudor the 
lecond hufband of Catherine Queen of Henry V. created 
^i Henry VI. earl of Richmond, with precedence before 
all other earls. He died ^$ Henry VI. 1456. and was- 
buried in the middle of the choir of St. David's cathedral^ 
under an altar tomb yet remaining, with an infcription^ 
ftyling him, " Father and Brother to Kings." His widow 
married Henry a younger fon of Humphrey Stafford duke 
of Buckingham, flain at the battle of Northampton,. 
38 Henry VI. whofe will bears date 1 48 1 , 21 Edward IV ^. 
She took to her third hufband Thomas Lord Stanley^ 
who narrowly efcaping death from a blow of a halberd 
at the arreft of Lord Haftings, joined the Countefs*s fon 
at the battle of Bofworth, and had the honour of placing the 
ufurper's crown on his head,, and was the fame year created^ 

^ He bequeathed his body to be buried in the college of Plefshy, in EfTex, 
and gave £. 160. to buy twelve marks of livelode by the year* to be amor- 
tized for the finding an honeft fittting prieft to fing for his foul, in the faid 
college of Plafshe, for evermore. And to his fon -in-law the Earl of Rich- * 
mond a trappur of four new horfe-hamcfs of velvet. To his brother John: 
Earl of Wihihire his bay courfer; and to Reynold Bray *, his receiver- 
general, his grizzled horfe. Of which teftam^nt he appointed Margaret 
Countefs of Richmond his wife his Executrix. I>ugd. Bar. 1. 167. 

* This trufty fervant of the Countefs of Richmbnd was one iodrumenr in bringing 
about the. Revolution in favour of her fon, being fcnt by the Duke of Buckingham and' 
Morton Biihop of Ely to conccn xneafures with her aod Edwkrd IV's dowager. 
Dugd. Bar. li. 239. « Polyd. V«rg. p. 553. 


390 COUNTESS O F R 1 C H M O N X» 

Earl of Derby, which title has been held to this day by 
his lineal defcendants, of whom our hiftories recite a glo- 
rious feries. 

She had no children by her two laft hu{bands, and only 
one fon by her firft. 

Having lived to fee "the coronation of her grandfon 
Henry VIII. (he departed this life juft thirteen months 
after the date of her teftament, June 29, 1509, and is 
buried, according to her appointment, in the South lide 
of the chapel df Our Lady at Weftminfter, begun to be 
built by her fon, and commonly called Henry Vllth's 
chapel. Her effigies of copper gilt, habited in an ermine 
mantle, with a coronet on her head, and a hind at her 
feet, lies on a tomb of black marble, at whofe head are 
her arms impaled by thofe of the Earl of Richmond, as 
at thefeet by thofe of the Earl of Derby. On the South fide 
Henry VII. impaling Elizabeth of York, Hen ryV. impaling 
Catherine of France, and Arthur Prince of Wales. Oh the 
North fide Henry VHI. impaling Catherine of Arragoni 
John Duke of Somerfet, impaling Margaret Holland, her 
grandfather and grandmother. Her fimple ej^itaph, recit- 
ing her charities, was drawn up by Erafmus, who re- 
ceived twenty (hillings for it. * See it, an<l the monument, 
in Sandford, 328. in Dart I. 148. dnd in Baker's Preface 
to Fi flier's Funeral Sermon, where is alfo an engraving of 
the arms ufed in her feal, and now borne by the colleges 
of Chrift and St. John in Cambridge ; And fee Dugd. 
Bar. II. 237, 238. 

5 THE 



THE feveral great benefaftions of this good lady for 
the promotion of learning, which had been gradually 
emerging in this kingdom during the diftradions of the 
wars between the houfes of York and Lancafter, render it 
neceflary to give a more particular account of her foun- 
dations than could be divided into notes. 

The Countefs had letters patents, 1 2 Henry VII. to pur- 
chafe lands of the yearly value of jT, 10. to found and en- 
dow at Winborn a perpetual chantry of one prieft, In honour 
of the blefled Jefus, tlie Annuntiation of the Blefled Virgin 
Mary^ and for the health of her foul, and the fouls of her * 
|)arents. But dying before it was endowed, her executors 
obtained letters patents, i Henry VIII. ratifying the former, 
and empowering them to purchafe lands to the value of 
£. 6. per annum, over and above the others, by indenture, 
tripartite, 2 Henry VIIL between them, the Dean and 
Chapter of Wimborn, and the facrifl-, or keeper of Brem- 
bre's chantry there. The executors founded a chantry 
at the altar on the South fide of the tomb of John duke 
of Somerfet, and Margaret his wife, father and mother of 
the teftatrix, and appointed Richard Hodgekynnes, B. A. 
to be firft chaplain, contmually refidcnt in the college of 
Wimborn, in a houfe appointed by the dean and chapter 
there to teach grammar to all comers as in Eton and Weft- 
minfter fchools, without any other perquifites than were ap- 
pointed by the executors ; and to celebrate daily mafs at the 

E e e faid 

592 C O U N T E S S O F R I CM M O N 1>. 

faid altar, for the fouls of the foundrefs, King Henry VIL 
her parents and anceftors; the collects and other cere- 
monies are particularly prefcribed. He was to keep her 
anniyerfary July 9, and after it to diftribute twenty (hil- 
lings, as follows ; to the facrift of the college if prefent 
at her mafs fixteen pence, to every chaplain devoutly 
finging eight pence, to every fecondary and partfh clerfc 
four pence, to the facrift for five wax candles tx> be burnt 
about the bier, and two on the altar, and for bell ropes, Six- 
teen pence ; to the ringers eight pence ? the refidue among 
the poor of the parifh, at one penny or twopence each* 
His ftipend was ten pound per annum> and his door-keep- 
er's forty-fliillings, and he was to give an account of his 
expences each Michaelmas, to the facrift, and one of the 
fenior chaplains of Brembre's chantry ; and the furplus 
money was to be kept ki a cheft under three keys, one in 
the hands of the Dean or his facrift> another in thofe of 
the fenior chaplain, and the third in thofe of the chaplain 
of this chantry ; or to be taken out as wanted. In 1511 
Richard Hodgekyns was chantry prieft, and received fix 
pounds per annum- At the diflfolution this chauntry fell 
with the college of Winborn and ^11 its revenues into 
the King's hands ; part was leafed out^ and part continued 
as a precarious maintenance to the minifters of the churchy 
till 5 Eliz. certain of the parifhioners, by means of Lord 
Montjoy, obtained the Queen's letters patents to found 
the free grammar-fchool now fubfifting at Winbom, ii\ 



which the munificence of the pious teftatrix is abforbed ; 
and inftead of one prieft a ichoolmafter is maintahied* 
by an income of ^- 34. per annum, and an uflier at jT, 25. 
per ahniim. Hutchins*s Dorfet, IL 81 . 83. 

The Cambridge public ledhire in divinity fhe inftituted 
in the 13th year of her fon's reign, on the feaft of the 
Nativity of the Blefled Virgin, and by her original foun- 
dation appointed John Fiflier^ S, T, P. her firft reader, 
\v4io was fucceeded by Dr. Cofin, Mafter of Benet, and he 
by William Burgoyn, afterwards Mafter of Peter-houfe; 
and he-by Erafmus. She likewife gave rules and ftatutes for 
the choice of her reader, and for the difcharge and perfor- 
mance of the duties of his place, and endowed her Ie6tur6 
with 20 marks per annuna^ payable by the abbot and coa- 
vent of Wefbfninften The iame day and year ftie infti*- 
tuted the like reader at Oxford, with :dlowance of the fame 
falary, and almoft under the feme rules with that at Cam- 
bridge, and nominated one John Roper, S. T. P. her firft 

In the 20th year of the fame teign ^e founded a perpe- 
tual public preacher at Cambiidge, with a ftipend of JT. lex- 
pfer anntJto, payable by* the -^libot and convent of Weft- 
minfter, whofe duty was to preach at leaft fix fermonS 
every year at feveral churches Specified in the foundation 
in the diocefes of L<5ik1oi>^ Ely^ and Lincoln ; and one 
John Fawn, S. T.P. is appoirttfed her firft preacher, by the 
original foundation. . j 

E e e 2 This 


This foundation of a public preacher is peculiar tx> 
Cambridge, for Mr.. Wbod'^s fufpicion of the like at Oxford 
has no foundation.. 

The foundation of Chrift's college was undertaken by 
the advice and perfuafion of Bp. Fiflier ; who, by her fta- 
tutes, was appointed vifitor/for life after the fbundrefs.. 
The foundation has been placed in the year 1505, but the 
ftatutes were not given, nor the foundation perfeded, till 
the year following. The original obligation of John 
Syclyng, laft mafter of God*s houfe, and firft mafter of 
Chriil*s college, forobferving the foundrefs's ftatutes, bears 
date Sept. 5, 22 Henry VII. from which day and year, I 
fuppofe, and not fooner, the government and ftatutes of 
that college took place and begun to be in force. And 
becaufe the biflhops of Ely had yet kept up ibme claim or 
(hew of power, a grant was obtained from James [Stanley] 
biftiop of Ely,, fon in law to the foundrefs, 1 306, whereby 
he gave leave to the Mafter,. Fellows, and Scholars, ta 
celebrate divine offices in their college chapel, which had 
been already confecrated ; and by another grant of the- fame 
date, at the inftance of the foundrefs, he exempted the col^ 
lege from epifcopal and or^nary vifitations for himfelf and 
fucceflbrs. for ever.. Thq endowments of the college are 
all fpecified ia the foundrefs's will, and though it appears 
from thence that ihe herfelf was very liberal, having be- 
fiowed good lands and manors of her own, yet the abbey 
of Creyke ^ven her by Henry YII. and Gtod's Houfe, 



which was of the foundation of Henry VL did go a good 
Way, and pretty deep, in the foundation. 

In regard ta the foundation of St. Jdhn's College, 
(he did indeed leave a will and lands in feoffment for 
the performance thereof, and thefe were very fufficient, 
had they been fecured againft the next heir the King 
her grandfbn ; and though her will (as far as appears) 
was very good, and duly attefted,. yet that part of it which 
concerned her foundation of a new college, having been 
done by way of codicil, before it could be fealed, the good 
lady departed this life, and left Ibme ground for caviL 
This might have been borne with had they been furc of 
the old houfe, but that was yet ftanding undiflblved, fo 
that all that had been done towards it was to begin anew,, 
with lefs power, and under greater difad vantages. King 
Henry VII. was now wanting ; the King reigning, as he 
had not the fame ties of duty and affedlion^ fo. he was 
under no obligation to make good his father's promifcs ; 
and having an eye upon the eftate, he had no very ftrong 
inclihatiou to favor a defign* that muft fwallow up a part-of 
his inheritance. The bi(hop of Ely, who was eafy and 
complying enough whilft the foundrefs was living, flic 
being gone, began to fliew his nature, and was full of 
difficulties, and withheld his confent for half a year. 

His firft bufinefs ought to have been to have vifited and 
reformed the houfe, and to have prevented thofe enor- 
mities that occaiioned its diflblution ;. but having rather 



countenanced their loofenefs, by his ill example, it is na 
wonder if he had Ibme tendernefs. and feeling 6f the in- 
firmities of his brethren, or was unwilling to confcnt to 
a thing that fc5 plainly reproached him with his own great 
negled and worfe example. 

Great application was to be made both at court and at 
Ely ; the affair was likewrfe to be foiicited at Rome, and 
vhere Julius 11. being then pope, nothing was to be done 
without addrefs and management^ and all the other requi*- 
fites to expedite fuch an afFair. The expences of the bulls 
are put down upon the executor's accounts (figned and al- 
lowed by Polydore Vergil), which are very high for a thing 
fo much in courfe and of no greater confequence than the 
diflolving an old ruhious houfe, that might have been done 
without aiking the pope's leave, had it been thought expe* 
dient ; and yet, when the bull came, it was found defec- 
tive, and was to be renewed at a new trouble and expence. 
The latter indeed was not loft ; for when the decretory 
bull was fent it ftruck the old houfe at one blow, without 
confent either of the King or of the bifhop of Ely* 

The King's licence was granted Aug. 7^ ann. reg. 
primo. It fets forth the defolate ftate and condition of the 
houfe, though not in fo difmai a manner ; ^ves leave to 
the executors, upon its fuppreffion, to convert it into a 
college unius tnagijiri^ acfociorum^ et fcbolarium ad nume- 
rum 50 vel circa j in Jclentm liberalibus^ jure civili & cano- 
flic a t et tbeologid Jludentium^ to be ftiled St.Jobn*sCkllege\ 



(o unite, incorporate, and annex, all the lands of tlie old 
houfc to the college fo eredled ; and further grants leave 
to the college when eredled to hold ^. 50. per anniim 
over and above the lands of the houfe, the ftatute of mori'- 
mam notwithflanding, 

, This licence was granted at the requeft of the foiindrefs 
(though then deceafed). a^ well as^ of her executors; for 
there is an old draught or original of the King's licence, 
figned Yitixxy^ but not .feialed, whereto is prefixed the pe- 
tition of his humble grauv{t\ d(^me^ in a form there put 
down : fo it feems, her petition was either preferred, or 
left to be preferred, after .her . death ; and the King's li- 
cenpe m\der £eal, refers to her petition. 

The bifhop of Ely's firft grant is dated March 7, 1 509. after 
the King's licence, and before the papal bull came, where- 
by he firft makes conditions for himfelf and fucceflbrs,. by 
referviag to himfelf a power of naming three perfons dur- 
ij:^g his Hfe, and to his fucceflbrs a power of naming one, 
^ to be elected fellows of the college^ ji habiles et idoneifmt^ 
a clog that yet remains upon the fociety ; and then grants, 
that the college, when erefted, (hall enjoy the jewels, 
goods, &c. belonging to the houfe, and obliges Iiimfelf, 
that, the papal bulls firft had, he would give leave and 
allow the houfe to be incorporated to the college. And 
he empowered Richard Wiot, S. T. P. Mafter of Chrift's 
college, John Fotehede B. D. and William Thornborough, 
to take a full and perfeiH: inventory of allthejevvcls, muni- 
4 mcnts. 


mcnts, and other moveables of the houfe, and to ha^c 
them in fafe cuftody till the college (hould be erefted. 

When the pope's bulls came, the bifliop of Ely pafled ano- 
ther grant, dated Dec, 31. ann. reg. fecundo, whereby he 
conveyed over to the executors all the fcite and maniion, and 
all the houfes, churches, chapels, and edifices, belonging 
to the houfe, together with all manors, lands, rents, tene- 
ments, and other poffeflions appertaining thereunto, and 
all his right as founder in the fame ; which houfe being 
fuppreft, diflblv'd, andextinguilhed, by apoftolical authority^ 
by the King's licence, and by his confent, devolving to him 
ns founder, being of the foundation of him and his predecef- 
fbrs, he grants to them, to the end and intention, that 
they might change, found, create, andereft k into a col- 
lege of fecular ftudents, to endure for ever ; ordinary jn- 
rifdiftion always refer ved to him and his fucceiflbrs- And 
he appointed and conftituted Richard Henrifon, clerk, and 
others, his proftors or attornies, to ehter and take feifin and 
poffeffion of the houfe ; and being fcized, to deliver full, 
plenary, and peaceable poffeffion thereof to the foundrcfs's 

By virtue of this grant, on the 20th of January, the 
fame year full and peaceable poffeffion of the houfe, &0w 
was delivered by Richard Henrifon, the bifhop's com- 
miffary to Henry Hornby S. T, P. one of the executors, 
in the name andftead of the reft; in theprefencc of \yil- 
fiam VVoderovc S, T. P. mafter of Claro-hall, and deputy 



Vice-chancellor, William Burgoign S. T. P. John Fote- 
hedeS. T. B. maftcr of Michael- houfe, Oliver Scalis pub- 
lic notary, and many other ftudents and burgefles. 

And fo the old houfe, after much folicitation and long 
delay, after a tedious procefs at Rome, at court, and at Ely, 
under an imperious pope, a forbidding prince, and a mer- 
cenary prelate, with great application and induftry, and 
at no lefs expence, was at iaft diflblved and utterly extin- 
guifhed, on the 20th day of January, A. D, 15 10. and fell 
a lafting monument to all future ages, and to all charita- 
ble and religious foundations, not to negleft the rules or 
abufe the inftitutions of their founders, leaft they fall under 
the fame fate. 

Though all this was tranfadled in the name of the 
executors, it ought never to be forgot, that the bifhop of 
Rocbefter was the fole or principal agent. 

The houfe being thus diflblved, the next thing the exe- 
cutors were to think of, was to fet about their new foun- 
dation ; which they were now empowered to do by a fiill 
authority. Somewhat they were now fure of, and we have 
a college in view, but as yet a very poor one : for the 
revenues of the old houfe were fmall, according to an 
authentic account amounting only to ^. 80. is. 10 d. c(b. 
per ann. And it is pretty plain, from the King's licence of 
mortmain^ he did not intend the foundation fhould be over 
large, it being thereby limited to £. 50 per annum^ befides 
rfie revenues of the old houfe. 

Fff It 


It is true, the foundrefs had done her part, having left 
the iflues, profits, and revenues, of her eftate and lands, 
to the value of JT. 400. and upwards, to that purpofe, and 
for the ufes of her will ; but furely the King, when he 
granted fuch a mortmain, did not intend the executors • 
ftiould enjoy them long. However, being unwilling to 
underftandhis meaning, or being willing to pufli things as 
far as they would go, or prefaging already the future 
growth of the college, though from unhopeful beginnings, 
they went on with good affurancc ; and having cleared the 
debts of the old houfe, according to the direSion of the 
foundrefs in her will, as well as the rubbifh of the old 
buildings, which in great part were very ruinous, they 
proceeded to the foundation, both of the. fabric and body 
politic of the college. 

The charter of foundation was given April 9, 151 1, in 
the name and by the authority of all the executors. 

In all this charter, which is a very long one, there is no 
mention made of the larg? revenues left by the foundrefs, 
for the ufes of her will ; but the King's licence of mortmain 
is there recited, whereby the college is limited to J[. 50, 
per annum befides the lands and revenues of the houfe. 
About the fame time the fabric of the houfe was under- 
taken, which was made equal to the defign. 

The expence of the whole building amounted in aU 
(after fome deduftions for other ules) to betwixt four and 
five thoufand pounds, a round fum in that age I for fo 


COUNTESS O t R 1 C H M O N 6, 401 

much was paid by the executors towards the building to 
Robert Shortoii mafter of the college, and (6 much was 
paid by him to Oliver Scalis, clerk of the works, at feveral 
payments, as appears by their feveral accounts. 

AH this while the executors had to do with a greater 
man, the King, as heir at law to the foundrefs*s eftate. 
AH due care had beeti taken to fecure their intereft therein, 
by proving her will, both in the Prerogative Court and in 
the Court of Chancery, by advice of the judges, wherein 
archbilhop Warham was very vrfeful and favourable, both 
as Archbilhop and Chancellor of England ; who, after a 
Jong, tedious, and expenfive hearing, witnefles examined^ 
the King*s council heard, and judges confultcd (all wliich 
was necefl'ary' to guard him agaihft the King) at laft ap- 
proved and allowed the will as gojid. Upon this ground 
the profits of her lands were received for fome years, firft 
by Biftiop Fifher, and afterwards by Dr. Hornby; but 
this was not to continue long; for what by the clamours 
of the Countcfs's officers and fervants, who, becaufe they 
could not have all themlelves, were willing to give all to 
the King ; what by the advice of fome potent courtiers, of 
which number Wolfey is faid to be one ; and what by the 
fre(h fuit of the King's auditors and council, who are ufu- 
ally ready to fecond the courtiers in fuch defigns, the 
executors were fo hard prefled, and fo ftraitly handled, that 
they were forced to let go the lands, notwithftanding all 
the claim they bad to them. 

Fff2 The 


The lands being gone, they were to look out and fue for 
a compenfation, otherwife all was at a (land. Somewhat 
of tliat kmd was eafily obtamed ; but that at firft granted^ 
as it was fmall in itfelf, fo it was foon defeated by unex- 
pected accidents, and an untimely death. Somewhat more 
durable was to be had, and there being an old decayed 
Maifon Dieu or hofpital at Ofpring in Kent worth 
having, this filling under theBifliop of Rochefter's view, 
was quickly thought of, and being by devolutlc^n in the 
King, by the Bifliop's application at court, with the medi- 
ation of the Queen, Wolfey, and other courtiers, it was at 
laft obtained. 

This, with the lands of the old houie, together with 
the foundrefs's eftate at Fordham, which was charged with 
debts by her will, with fome other little things purchafed 
with her monies, was the original foundation upon which 
the college was firft opened ; and whoever dreams of vaft 
revenues, or larger endowments, will be mightily mifta- 
ken. Her lands put in feofBnent for the performance of 
her will, lay in the counties of Devon, Somerlet, and 
Northampton ; and though I Ihould be very glad to meet 
with lands of the foundation in any of thele three coun- 
ties, yet I defpair much of fuch a difcovery. But whoever 
now enjoys the manors of Maxey and T'orpell, in the 
county of Northampton, or the manors of Martock, Cur- 
rey-Ryvell, Kynlbury, and Queen-Camel, with the hun- 
dreds of Bulfton, Abdike, and.Horethorne, in the county 



of Somerfet ; or the manor of Sandford Peverell, with the 
hundred of Alberton, in the county of Devon ; though 
they may have a very good title to them, which I will 
not queftion, yet whenever they (hall be pioufly ^d cha- 
ritably difpofed, they cannot bcftow them more equitably 
than by leaving them to St. John's college, Cambridge. 

Mr. Thomas Baker's preface to the Countefs's funeral 
fermon, preached by bifhop Fifher at her moneth. 
minde ; p. viii — xliv. 



A P P E N D I X. 

N** I. p- 207. 

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Pur les Exccuteurs dc darricn Roy Henry [IV.] 

TEM, ccrtcines Lrcs patcntcs fcurent faites pur les Executours 
du Roy Henry, pier nre Sr le Roy q'or eft, en la fourme 

q'enfeute. Henricus, Dei gra. Rex AngP & Franc*, & Dnus 

Hi15nie, Omnibus ad quos prefentes Lre pervenerint, Salutem. 
Sciatis, qd cum recolende memorie Dnus Henricus, nuper Rex 
Anglic, pater iirj cogitans diem exitus fui appropinquare, ac pie 
defiderans dum adhuc ageret in humanis, precipue pauperibus 
ligeis fuis, quibus in diverfis pecuniarum funiis erat aftriflus, faiis- 
facere, & aliis pietatis operibus faluti anime fue falubriter pro- 
videre, Teftaraentum fuum condiderit, in quo, de bonis & catallis 
fibi a Deo collatis creditoribus fuis primo fatisfieri, ac certa legata 
folvi, & nonnulla pietatis opera exerceri & impleri, difpofuit venc- 
nerabilib' patribus, Henrico * archiepo Eborum, Thoma ^ epo 
Dunolm', ac Johanne Pelhara, Roberto Waterton, & Johannc 
Leventhorp, nominatis Executoribus ; necnon Nobis, & Confan- 
guineo iiro Thoma *^ archiepo Cantuar', fuperviforibus ad hoc de- 
putatisi Qui quidem archiepns Ebor', epifcopus, Joftes, RoBms, 
& Johes, advcrtentes bona&catalla ipfius patris nri ad perfolucoem 
dcbitorum fuor* & alior' inTeftamento pdco difpofitor' nonfufficere, 

• Thomas Fitz Alan, fon of the carl of Arundel, bifliop of Ely, 1374 — 
1388; archbifliop of York, 1388 — 1396; of Canterbury, 1396 — 1414. He 
was alfo lord chancellor. 

^ Thontas Langlcy. See above, p. 205. 

* Thomas Arundel. ' 

7 Exe- 


Executioncm Teftamenti hujufmodi admittere renuunt & recufant, 
& fic difppfiiio Teftamenti honor' & catallor' hujufmodi ad dcm 
confanguineum firm, tanquam ad ordinarium de jure ptineret, ac 
bona&catalia pdca pro fatisfaccoe & folucoe,& aliis pdcfs implendis, 
venditioni publice exponi dcbcrent ; Nos, attendentes bona & 
catalla pdca Nobis & nris ufibos fore accoffioda, ac honeftius effe 
bona & catalla ilia penes Nos remanere, quam venditioni publice 
aliqiialiter, ut premiititur, exponi, eadembona & catalla abipfis qui 
tempore dci patrisnricuftodiaraeorundem habuerint recepimus, & 
penes Nos retinemus ; eorumq; valorem per vcram eftimacoem inde 
fSam, qui ad viginti & quinque milia marcarum fe extendir, ut 
difpoiitio pfati patris iiri in quantum fumma ilia fufficere poffit ex- 
inde perfkiacur, ejufqv anima mifericordiam AltifHmi facilius pro- 
mereatnr^. ac Nos de bonis & catallis pdcis penes Deum & homines 
fimus penitus cxcufati, prefiatis archiepo Eborum, epo,Jofti, Roberto 
& Jolii, concedimus & ailrgnamus p prefentres ; Habend' & per- 
cipiend' fummam pdcam infra quatuor annos prox' fequentes poft 
dat* prefentium, vidett ad fefta Sci Michis & Pafche extunc prox' 
tribuen' equis portionihus quatuor milia librar' ; & ad fefta Sci 
Mil his & Pafche extunc prox* fcquen* equis porcoibus quatuor 
milia librar-, &ad fefta Sci Michis & Pafche -cxxunc prox' fequen' 
quis porcoibus quatuor milia librar' -, & ad fefta Sci Michis 8c 
Pifche exjunc prox* fequen* equis porcoibus Quatuor milia fex- 
centas fexaginta & fex libras, trefdecim folidos, & quatuor denarios; 
deinde primo creditoribus ipfius patris nri pro viflualibus & ex- 
penCs hofpitii fui, ac neceffariis camerc, ac garderobe fuar', ab eis ^ 
empt' ; necnon ;p pecuniarum fummis eidem patri nro p ipfos cre- 
ditores mutuaiis, juxta fanas difrecoes fuas fatisfaciend' -, ac deinde 
alia pieiatis opera juxta difponcoeni ipfius patris nri pdcam, fi 
fumma hujufmodi ad hoc fufficiat, per fupervifum nrura ac ipfius 
confanguinei nri, feu dcputatorum nror' faciend' & exercend'. Vo- 



Iciiics ulrerius & conccdentcs, de aflcnfu diiorum fpirituallum & 
temporalium, ac coiiacis regni nri Anglie in pfenti Parliamento 
mo cxiften', quod tam idem confanguincus iir, quam pfatus 
archiepus Eborum, epus, Johes, RoBtus, & Johes, de omnimodis 
pticis, qucrelisi adionibus, & demandis, que p pfatos creditores, 
vcl alios quofcumquc, verfus pfatum confanguineum nrum, ratione 
commiflionis adminiftrationis fumme fidce pfatis archiepo Ebor*, 
cpo, Jotii, RoBto, & Johi, per ipfum faciend'; aut verfus ipfos 
archiepura Ebor*, cpum, Joliem, Rotitum, & Johem, rone admif- 
fionis AdminiftracioDis hujufmodi, feu occupationis, receptionis, 
feu deliberationis fumme pdce, vel alior' bonor' feu catallor' que 
fuerunt pdci patris nri quorumcumq, capi, profcqui, vel moveri 
poffinCi in futur' quieti fine, & penitus exonerati imperpetuum ; 
aliquo flatuto in contrarium fco non obftante. Volumus tamen, 
q3 iidem archiepus Ebor', epus, Johes, Ro^tusi & Johes, omnes 
dcnarios quos ipfos de fuHia pdca recipere & habere continget, 
circa fatisfaftionem debitor* pdcor', ac alia pietatis opera pdca, in 
forma pdca faciend', fideliter folvant & expendant, p fupervifum 
fupradcm : Et qct ad compotum five ratiocinium inde rcddend' nifi 
coram pfato confanguineo nro, vel ejus fuccefforibus, nullatcnus 
teneantur ; aliquo ftatuto vel ordinacoe in contrarium faftis, vel 
alia caufa quacumque non obftante. In cujus rei teflimonium has 
Ifas nfas fieri fccimus patentes% Teftc Meipfo apud Weftm', xv 
die Maii| anno regni nri primo. 


N D J X. 


N® II. p. 243. 

Rot. Pari. 2 H. VL m. 30. Vol. IV. p. 213. 
Pur Johan Stafford, Trcforcr cTEnglcterrc. 

ITEM, unc autre Petition en'papire fuift bailie en le dit Parle- 
mcnt, p Maiftre John Stafford Trcforer d'Engleterre, ovec une 
cndcnture faite pentre luy, & Henry Sire Fitz Hugh, Walter 
Hungrcford, Walter Beauchamp, Lowys Robeffart, William Por- ' 
ter, & Robert Babthorp, Chivalers; John Wodehous, & Jofen 
Leventhorp, Efquiers; Executours del tcftament de le tres noble 
Prince Sr Henry, jadis Hoy d*Engleterre, piere a nre tres foverein 
Sr le Roy q'or eft, nomez des certeins biens, chateux, joialx, & 
furames de deniers, q feurent a dit nadgairs Roy, deliverez as ditz 
nomez Executours, p le dit Treforer, p vertu des lettres patentes 
de nre dit §r le Roy au dit Treforer faitez celle partie ; folonc la 
forme & effeft d'une afle en Ic darrein Parlement iire Sr le Roy 
q or eft, enrolles, le tenour de quell Petition cy enfuit. 

Au Roy nre foveraigne & tres gracioufe Sr, & as Seignrs Spiri- 
tuelx & Temporelx dc ceft prefent Parlement, fupplie humblement 
vre fervitour Meftre John Stafford Treforer d'Engleterre, q come 
lire foveraigne Sf le Roy qe or eft, de Tadvys fon grand Counfaill, 
& affent des Seignrs Efpirituelx & Temporelx, & fon Coramunalte 
de fon Roialme d'Engleterre, en fon darreyn Parlement, p auftorite 
du dit Parlement, voudra ordiner & graunta q nre dit Sr le Roy 
ferra delyverer & affigner p fon depute ou fes deputes a fes tres 
chiers & loialx Henry Sf Filz Hugh, Sr Lowes Robcffard, Wauter 
Hungerford, Wauter Beauchamp, William Porter, and Robert 
Babthorp, Chivalers; John Wodehous, & John Leventhorp, 

Ggg Efquiers; 

4d8 a t T B N D I X. 

Efquicrs ; Exccutours nomcz del tcftament dc tres haut & tres 
puiflant Prince Sr Henry le Quint, nadgairs Roy d'Engleterre, 
pierc nre dit S? le Roy q*or fcft, des bicns, chatcux, joialx, & 
fommes des deniers, queux furent le dit nadgairs Roy, a le value 
de XL M. marcz, come p un afte en le dit Parlement eint fait 
pluis pleinement appiert ; p force de quell afte, nre dit Sf le Roy, 
p advys de fon dit Counfaill p fes lettres patentz fift afSgn' & con* 
ftit* le dit fuppr fon depute a delyvercr & afljgner pur le die lire 
S7 le Roy & en fon noun a lez nomez Executours du dit nadgairs 
Roy fuifditz diverP bicns, chatcux, joialx, & fommes des deniers, 
en les ditz lettres patentz contenuz; & autres biens, chatcux, 
joialx, & fommes des denirs, a le value du dit fomme de xl m. 
marz atteignauntz, des biens, cbateux, joialx, & fommes des de- 
niers qneux furent le dit nadgairs Roy ; p endencurcs ent affairs 
pentre le dit fuppliant, & les nomcz Executours fuifditz ; p force 
de quellx lettres patentz & aftc avauntditz, le dit fuppl' ad dely- 
vere les ditz biens, chateux, joialx, & fommes des deniers, en 
les ditz lettres patentz contenuz; & autres biens, cbateux, joialxt 
. & fommes des deniers, queux furent en la garde & mayns des di- 
vert officers le dit jadis Roy a les ditz nomez Executours, ficomc 
p les endenturcs pentre le ditfuppl', & les ditz nomez Executours, 
ent faitz pints pleynement appiert ; folunc la forme & eifed du dit 
afte, & les lettres patentz fuifditz. 

Que pleafe a Vous, tres gracioufe Sr, de fairc enafter & enroller 
en le Rolle du ceft Parlement les fuifditz endentures. Et outre 
ceo de ordeigner p anftorite de ceft prefent Parlement, q le dit 
fuppl', fez heirs, affignes, terre tenauntz, & executours, de cy 
en avaunt, de toutz les ditz biens, chateux, joialx, & fommes des 
deniers, & de chefcun parcell, d*ycellez, fi bicn devers Vous, voz 
heirs, fucceffours, & executours, come devers chefcun autre per- 
fon qeconqe, foient quietez & difchargez a toutz jours. Et q de 



chefcun maner d'aftion & empefchement, fi blen p Vous, vox 
heirs, fucccffours, ou cxecQtours, come p autre pcrfon qcomq, 
tnvers le dit fuppliant, fez heirs, afljgnez, cxccutours, ou terrc 
tenauntz, pris ou purfuez, a prendrez ou a purfuers, jp caufe 
d'afcun poffeffion, adminiftration, ou 1 were des dirz biens, chatcu:^, 
joialx, & fommes des deniers, ou d'afcun parcell d'ycelles, ou 
autre caufe qcoinqe ; le die fuppliaac, fez heirsi affignes, exccu- 
tours, & terre tenauntz fuifditz^ foient auxiet quicez & dif- 
chargez, & les ditz pleynauntz, cmpefchuauntz & purfuantz, cat 
foient barrez & excludcz a toutz jours ; pur Dicu & en oevcrc dc 

La quelle Petition leeu & entendu, ordioe fuift & acfcorde p les 
Seigiirs Efpirituelx & Temporelx de cell prefent Parlen^ent, p 
Taflent des Communes en icell afiemblezi q les ditz endentures 
foient enaflez & enrollez en le Rolle du dit Parlement ; le tenpur 
des qucux endentures cy enfuit. 

Hec Indcntura fafta apud London*, Vicefimo fexto die menfis 
Augufti, Anno regni Regis Hcnrici fexti prlmo : Inter Magiftrum 
Johannem Stafford ThcP Anglie, & depuiat* per litcras ejufdcm 
Domini Regis patentes affignat', ex parte una. Et HeDricum 
Dnum Filz Hugh, Walter' Hungrcford, Walter' Beauchamp, Lo« 
dowic' Robeffart, Willielmum Porter, & Robertum Babthorp, 
Milit*; ac Johannem Wodehous, & Johannem Lcventhorp, Ar- 
miger' ; Executores Teftamenti rccolende inemorie illuftriflimi Prin- 
cipis & Domini Domini Henrici Qplnti, nuper Regis Anglie, Patris 
pdifti Dni Regis nunc, nominat', ex parte altera. Teftatur, quod 
prediftus Magiiler Johannes Stafford deputat', deliyeravit & affig* 
navit pro difto Domino Rege nunc & nomine fuo ; prefat* Henrico 
Domino Filz Hugh, Waltero, Waltero, Lodowico, Willielmo, 
Roberto; Jobanni Wodehous, & Johanni LeTenthorp, de bonis, 
catallis, & jocalibas, ac denar' ftunmis, que fuerunt ipfius nuper 

Ggg 2 Regis, 

4TO A F F E N I> I X* 

Regis, citra prox' Parliamcni* expend', applicand', conTcrtead' & 
fidcliter adminiftrand*, juxta formam & eSe^um cujufdam. afli in 
ultimo Parliamento difti Diii nri Regis, none prox' ante dat' con- 
fedionis prcfentium habiti ; & in Rotulo ejufdem Parliamenti irro- 
tulati ; diverf ' bona, catalla, & jocalia, ac denar' Ibmmas fub* 
fcripcas; videlicet, (vid* Rot. Pari. vol. IV. p. 214 — 241.). 

Ec prefens Indentura teftatar, qaod predidi Henricus Dominus 
Filz Hugh, Walterus Hungreford, Walterus Beauchamp, Lodo- 
wicus Robcffart, Willielmus Porter, & Robertus Babthorp, Mili- 
tcs ; ac Johannes Wodehous, & Johannes Leventhorp, Arnaigeri ^ 
Executores Tcftamenti Domini Henrici Quinci nuper Regis Anglie 
defiuiAi nominat' ; receperunt die & anna predidis de di6l' Ma- 
giftro Johannc Stafford, Thef ' Anglie, & deputat* Domini Regis 
nunc, diverfa bona, catalla & jocalia, ac denar* fummas prefcript', 
que fuerunt predict nuper Regis, ad valemiam xviiiM.cccciiiiti» 
nils. xd. appretiat', per Johanncm Palyng, & Johannem Wynne, 
aurifabr* ; Hugonem Dike, & Johannem Chirche, mercer* ; & 
Johannem Bullok, tapicer' % de London', ad hoc jurat'; in. partem 
folutionis Quadraginta Millium marcarum di£l' Execut' nominal* 
aflignat', fecundum formam & effeftum a£li fupradi£li, que com- 
prehenduntur in prefcnt* indent' in viginti una paginis pcrgameni 
deeifdem fuperius fcript'; quarum prima pagin' cont' fummara 
iXM.ciiiiti. xis. ixd. — Secunda paging Mcxiiti. xixs. viid:. oB. 
•— Tertia pagin', Mccxixti. mis. viid. oB. — Quarta pagin', 
ccccLxli* xviis. iiid.- — v" pagin', cJJJJiiiiti. mis. vid*. q. — 
vi^* pagin', DCLXXiiti. xviis. q. — vii°™* pagin', mclxvTu viid*. 
oB. — viii^* pag', cccLvti. xvs. viiid. 06. — ix'**pag', ccxxixti. 
xixs. XI d. — X* pag', GCCLViti. ixs. viid. oB. — xl"** pagin', 
ccccxLiiili. HIS. lid. ob. — xii"**pagin', cccxti. viis. viud. — 
xui^'* pagin' cxixii. 11 s. xid. ob. — xmi" pagin', pcccviiti. 

■ Weaver. 

11 s^ 


lis. 1(1. — xv" paging ccJJJxviiiti. xiiiis. vict. — xvi" pagin', 
cctcJ5J5xiii ti. viis. iiid. q.— XVII*"* pagin*, ccxviiti. xixs» — 
xviir* pag\ dlVu vis. net. — xix"*pagin*, jjjjviiiti. viid. o15. — 
XX*"* pagin*, xLiiili. xvis. — xxi"* pag', CLxxli. mis. viiict. q. 

In cujus rei te(limoi\iujn, huic parti Indcntur', penes prefat* 
Magiftrum Johannem StaflFord, ThcP Anglic, & Deputai* 
Domini Regis nunc remanenti, predift' Henricus Dominus 
Filz Hugh, Walterus, Walterus, Lodowicus, Willielmus, 
Robcrtus, Johannes Wodehous & Johannes Leventhorp, 
Execut' predifti nupcr Regis nominal', figilia fua appofuc- 
runt. Dat* die & anno fupradi^lis. 

N^ III. p. 243. 

Rot. Pari. I Hen. VL m. 14. vol. IV. p. 172. 

Pur TExecution de la darrain vblunte'de piere du Roy. 

FAIT affavoir, q'en cefte Parlement forent baillcz une Peti- 
tion & une Cedule confuitz enfemble, tachez ore a le dorfe 
de cefte rolie de Parlement^ de la quell Petition le tenure cy 

Pleafe au Roi nre Sr foverain, p aflent des SeigSrs Efpirituelx & ' 
Temporclx en cefte prefent Parlement, & p auftorice de mefme le 
Parlement, grauntier & ordeiner tout ceo q'eft contenuz en une 
Cedule a ycefte Bille annexee, & q Icttres patentz de i*e Sr le 
Roi, p auflorite de mefme le Parlement, foient faltz, fclonc Ics 
fourme & contenue de ycelle Cedule, pur Dieu & ea o^vere de 
chite. Et k tenure de la dire Cedule cy enfuic. 



REX^ dr.nibus ad qcos ice. Salmcm. i 

Sciaris, quod de aviGimemo Concilii Rri, & alfctifu DoTTiinonim 
Splritualium & Tempornlinm, ac confenfu Commuriitatis Kegni 
nri Anglie, in prefenti Parliamcnto nro exiftentiam, auftarltatc 
ejufdein Parliamenti, rolumus, ordinamus, & coaccdimui, quod 
nus dcliberari & affignari facieraus per deputarura nrura autdepu- 
tatos nros dilcftis & fidclibus noftri$ Henrico Dno Filzhugh, Wal- 
tero Hungreford, Waltero Beauchamp, Lodowico Hobcflart, Wil- 
lielmo Porter, & Roberto Babthorp, Militibus; ac Johanni Wodc- 
hows, & Jolianni I.eventhorp, Armigcris; Executoribus una cum 
;:liis, in Teftamento cariflinii Dui & Patris Hri EKii H. nuper 
Regis Anglie defunfli nominatis; bona, catalhy & jocalia, ac pe- 
cuniarum fummas valorem Quadraginta Milium Marcarum attia- 
gentia de bonis, catallis, & jocalibus, ac dcuariorum fumnnis, que 
fuerunt prefaii Patris iiri. Et quod iidem HenricusDnus Filzhugh, 
Walterus, Walterus, Lodowicdsj .WHrielnnis, Robertus, Johannes, 
& Johannes, omnia & fingula eis in hac parte iic deliberand' & af- 
fignand' circa folutionem cujufdam fumme Decern & Novem Mi- 
lium Marcarum, in quibus di£tus Pater nofter, tempore obitus fui^ 
illis qui Executores Teftaraenti recolende memorie Dni H. nuper 
Regis Anglie, Avi nri fimiliter defufiSi, nominati fuerunt, indebi- 
tatus fuit, pro certis bonis 6c catallis, que fuerunt ejufdem Avi iiri 
receptis, & penes ipfum Patrem nrum recentis, quam alarum fum- 
marum pro expends hofpitii, ac neceflkriis camere & garderobe 
ipfius Patris iiri, ac diverfarum fummarum fibi mutuatarum, & 
alias, in partem executionis & complement! ukime voluntatis pre- 
fati Patris nri, per avrfamentum, fupervifum, & contrarotulationem 
tam fuperviforum in difto Teftamento pdifti Patris nri hominato- 
rum, quam cariffimi avunculi nri Humfridi Ducis Glouceftr*, & 
cariffimi confanguinei nri Thome Ducis Exon', ac venerabih'um 
patrum Henrici Wynton' confanguinei iiri carti&mi^ & Thome 
4 Dunelmen* 

A P P E N D ' I X. 413 

Donelmen' Cancellaiii nri, q>ifcoporum, feu deputatonim fuorum 
in hac parte, expendant, appliccnt, convcrtant, & fidclitcr admi- 
niftrenti in quantum commode poterint, citra prox' Parliamcntum 
Srum exnunc tencnd' : Et quod ipfi, cum fupcr hoc debitc requifiti 
fuerint, fidelem compotum indc reddant prefatis fupcrviforibus, 
ducibus & cpifcopis, feu eorum deputatis, quodquc Parjiamento 
illo finito, dcinceps ab ukeriori compoto five ratiocinio inde red- 
dendo penitus cxonerentur, ac adeo liberi fint & illefe conditionis, 
tarn erga nos, quam prefatos fuperviforcs, duces & epifcopos, ac 
alios quoTcumque^ ficut ipfi aliquam receprionem^ occupationem, 
folutionem^ five admin iftratiooem hujufmodi bonorum^ catallorum, 
& jocalium^ aut pecuniarom fummarum^ eis fic aOignatorum & li- 
beratorum, fuper fe nufquam aflumpfiilent. Volumus etiam, ac de 
avifamento, aiTenfu, confenfu^ & au£toritate pdiAis, ordinamus, 
concedimus, & ilatuimuSi quod tam pdidi Henricus Dnus Filzbugb, 
Walterus, Walterus, Lodowicus, Willielmus, Robertus, Johannes, 
& Johannes, quam omnes alii Executores in Teflamentis pdi^is 
nominati, ac eorum heredea, executores, attornati, fervientesi & 
deputati, de omnimodis placitis, querelis, aAionibus, & demaodis, 
per creditores um diAi avi iiri, quam prefati patris nri, aut alias 
fcu aliam perfonas vel perfonam, verfus pdiftos Henricum Domi- 
num Filzhugb, Walterum, Walterum, Lodowicum, Wiliielmum, 
Robertum, Johannem, & Johanoem, aut prefatos alios executores, 
in Teftameniis pdiftis nominatos, heredes, executores, deputatos, 
attornatos, & fervientes, feu eorum aliquem, occafione adminiftra- 
tionis, occupationis, perceptionis, reccptioni?, folutionis, aut libe- 
rationis diftorum bonorum, catalloriim, & jocalium, aut denario- 
rura fummarum, eifdem Henrico Domino Filzhugh, Waltero, 
Waltero, Lodowico, Willielmo, Pioberto, Johanni, k Johanni, fic 
aflignand' vel liberand', fcu alicujus parcelle eorumdem, profecutis 
. aut motis, capiend*, profequend', aut movend', in futur' quieti & 



exonerati exiftant tmperpetuuni, ac querentcs & imptitaoteSy ^e 
omi adione preclofibiles, & preclu^, io bac parte ; et quod Can- 
cdlarias Anglie, aut cuflos magni figilli tiri, vei heredum, aut fac- 
ceiTorum noflrorum, pro tempore exiftens, au£toritate pdida, fieri 
facere & liberare teneatur, tam prefatis Henrico Duo Filzhugh, 
Waltero, Wahero, Lodowico, Willielmo, Roberto, Johanni, & Jo- 
hanni, quam didis aliis executoribus, in teftamentis pdidlis nomina- 
tJSi & eorum cuilibet, ac beredibus, executoribus, depatatis, attor- 
natis^ & ferviemibus fuis, & cujuflibet eorumdem, tot & talia brevia 
de fuperfedeas, in quibufcumque placitis & querelis, verfus ipfos, 
feu ipforum aliquem, contra formam & eflfedum prefenrium, oaotis 
Tel movendis, quot & qualia, eis & «orum cuilibet, in hac parte 
fucrint neceflaria^ feu quomodolibec oportima, aliquo flatuto in 
contrarium faAo, feu alia caufa quacumqufe non obilante. In 
cujus &c. 

Les queux Petition & Cedule leeuz en ceo mefme Parlenient, & 
les matiers comprifcz en ycelles bien entenduz, k Roi de Taffent & 
ayifement des Seignrs Efpirituelx & Temporelx efteantz en le dit 
Parlement, & de Taflent auxi de les communes efteantz en mefme^ 
voet & ad ordeinee & grauntee toutz les articles, chofes, & maters 
contenuz en la cedule avauntdite, & q iettres patentz du Roi foient 
ent faitz defoutz fon graunde feale en (lue fourme felonc Vcffc& & 
le tenure de mefme la cedule en toutz points^ & ceo p. i'auftorite 
de cefte Parlement. 



N'' IV. p. 243. 

Rot. Pat. 3 H. VI. p. 2. m. 10. Rymer, vol. X. p. 346. 

Super LibenttioDc diTcrds Franciae ecclefiis, juxta Teflamentum 
Henrici nuper Regis. 

REX, omnibus ad quos^&c. Salucem. Sciatis quod cum dite£his 
Clericus nofter, Magifter Robertus Gilbert, nuper Decanus 
CapellsB cariffimi Domini & Patris noftri Regis dcfunfti, per prae- 
ceptum cariffimi confanguinei noftri Ducis Exonie, & diledlorum 
& fidelium noftrorum Domini de Bourgchicr, Walteri Hunger- 
ford, & Willielmi Porter^ militum, ac Domini Fitz-Hugh jam de- 
funfti, Executorum nominatorum in Teftamento difli Patris noftri, 
liberari fecerit diverfis ecclefiis in partibus regni noftri Francias 
res & parcellas fubfcriptas, pro cxonerationibus animoe difti Facris 
noftri fiendis ; videlicet, 

Abbatiae Sanfti Dionifii unam Crucem argenteam deauratara, 
cum uno magno pede ftante, ponderis viginti & oAo librarum 
Troye ; 

Unam altara Frontellam*, & unam baffam Frontellam, dc veWet 
rnbeas, cum foliis aureis brouderatas ; 

Unam Paruram ^ pofitam cum perreia ^ & armis Anglian ; 

Tres Capas de velvet rubeas, cum roCs aureis, leonibus, & flgri- 
bus de Hciarum, brouderatas ; 

Duas Tunicas, & unam Cafulam, de eifdem panno & cofore. 

Tres Albas cum Paruris, Stolis, & Favones ^ dc eifdem panno & 

El etiam unum par Curtinarum de tartryn rubearum. 

• Frontel to the altar. ^ Parure^ ornament. 

* PierrcriCj precious ftones. Du Cange in voc« 

^ Ck/anoncSj banners. Id. in voc Favo & Fano* 

H h h Item^ 

41^ A P P E N D I X, 

Item, apud Maunte, unum Vcftimentum aureum panni yiridis^ 
cum foliis aureis, & unam altam Frontellam cum una balTa Fron- 
tella ejufdem pannL 

Item, apud VemoD, unum Vcftimentum cjuCdem pannl vlridis' 

' Ec *f5miliref apiid Rothomagum, duo^ pannos biodei* eolori^^. 
cum fakonibus aureis, pro vcftimentis inde faciendis ; 

• Et unum Pannum f ubei coioris aureum pro orfrais inde fa- 
ciendis. - 

Item, apud Olhfy unum Pannum aureum^ biodei cbbris, cum faU 
cohibus & herodi^^' 

Item, apiid'^AVkes, unum PannOm aureum c}«&icm,colcEi$» 

Et cohfimillfcr apud Ewe, unum Pannum, blodci coioris, cum 
foliis aureis. ' • .• . 

Item, apud* Hefdyn, unum Pannum aureum rubci c(^loris, cum 
fdliis- aupeis. * 

Et apud Tirewyn, unum Pannum aureum tubei coioris, cum 
foliis aureis. ' • » . 

Jfos^ de affenfu Concilii rioftri, confiderarionc pr^mifforum, 
volumus quod prsefatus Robertus de omnibus rebus & parccllis 
pra&didis, per ipfum ut prsemitritur libcraris, ecgfei nos, . haeredes 
& executores noflros, in Scaccario itoftro feu, alibi, quietus fit & 
cxoneraius imperpetuum per pra?f(;nt€S. 

Jo cujus, Sou 

Teftc Rege, apud Weftmonafterium, xxviii. die Junii. 
'. yii. Per Breve de prfvato figillo. 

G L O S- 

[ 4rr J 

G LP S S A R y. 


ABBETt de Lyfmsy Ldhc abbey at 
^^ Eritkio Kent, 107. 
:^cordamtcme affitrt^ as like as it can 

be made, 92. 
j^dgquariaj ewers, 195. 
j/direrfj tout du fuice, Laconibe ; In 

arrear, 124. . • ' 

ChifcuH pit fin di^Paffitrantj every^one 
i* according to wnat he can afford^ 

159.. .:. 
Affiaunci^ confidence, 129. 
.^j^ify confide, 164. 
Jffrei (aviria)y beafts, 34. •.. iv,. V 
Jffbrfaunty flrengtbening, 14^4 >*'V 
jfilloursy ailleurs,.otherwifc, 'J5y«* ^ 
JiaHt^altHjZdagy 157. i'MA 

.Album. iSea Vifiimmtumm H 

jflder^ moft dear, 315. Dr. Johnfoh 

explatns li/^irt;^/? (Shak^ear^ 
i,. 2 H. \l.)hj mojiiehved. 

^/w^, foul, \']7* • '. '■» 

Almefdis ihejlnpp^ q. the difh or bafon 
for alms enameled with a Ihip^ 
.Anailley emaille^ en^clled, 24. 
^^m#fnr/ir, .to dimtnift}^ ro2. * 
Amienj Amimx^ Amiens, 152. . ' 
jin (f} nrmf darmin paj/izj rstmef, 
"' ' rtneu^ rgnouviiU. • Tlie laft paft, 
• or the laft new ycar^ 1 56. ' :> 

Atuis^ q. aneUy rings, lOO* 

Anely Anelxy ringSy.io6, 154* 

Anglijiyiy Aaglefey abbey, c. Cam« 

- bridge, no. . 

Jntbwiny /"/^ ;Lantony,:Llanbodeni^ 

or Lantonia prima, in Monmouth- 

(hire, 107. * 
Anthony (prhrit de r)f LaQtboi pti- 

ory, 48.";. . , 
Anyntity aneantie, undone, deftioyed, 
. 123. ' \. \ 

AournementZy ornaments, 85. 
AppiryQ^a^prigry^i^. \ 

Aauaerisy ewers, 325. 
nj6rareyZtxtiary,B»adirerty 54»^^ ^ 
Arerijfement^ /feackwarding, jhindcr- 
-"ance, laa^. :.* '^ '—' .\ 

Armey armyy 148. . I* • 

Ajjheruggey Afliridgc pjiiory,c« ^('cks, 
■ 71. . '. : . ,: ^•,. . ,i\ .-•• \ 
Ajftze di 'ferit^mkt with. ..ftoncsj 

105. . ' :• 

AJfize {feet^h ilftttttable feet, ^5: 
Atanty autanti & miichy ^^ i . n> a 
AttaniZy for as much, 1:^2. • •> 
Atiryy ^rtrfy <(• artillbry, 284. iS8, 
'Avaunty (b far as, .136* \z . ^ 

Aveinty venue, coroib^ 225. 
Augnell deperiSf ring, or pcrj;»[]t^^jlr 

gell, of pearl, 151. ,) • , 

Auxlnty auffi, fometioiq^ ,01^^,; 45. 
-Ayn%9 aifi\e^\ekkft| ,if^w \ .v,i'.:i.wl 
H h h 2 Baloisy 


Cuaatum, coined, a66». '^ .. 

Cunnyngj knowk^g^ 300* . 

Xfytr£t% /If) Mii i^fi.otgntJn mil0r 
chtvall ou leprix en nom de tftt^tipaly 

. the curates of that d^urch to have 
our bcli horfe^ pr his .value, ja tb^ 
name oiF the principaJ, 34* 

Curfarii^ courfers, 069* . 

Divoiry duty, /W^WHTj^ 2.24^ 
Diffinitor^ oc (dcfiiji^oT, (the viiltorof 

S^ali/aundn^ of Akxandiia, 114. 
.it>44matifa» See Vifiimeniimm 
l)ameiux (a)y q. od^jtmiiUfCy at 

Amiens, 451. 
Damortiiz^ amortize, 93. 
2)arr«W4^ 4ernicr, 38. . 
Darreynementj lately, 1 28. 
Dafjher (ovt uti)j with a .^rinklpr, 

jyautrepart^ on thex^ther fide, 85. 
Decovuz^ uncovered, ijB^ 
D^iglesy with eagles, 74, . f 
JOebuiSy due, 74. 

within, 34. t46..;»^7> 
Deliberacioy deliver]^ ^$9« 
D Armor iy dtmofencif^ Ml^MKHf demeargft 

delay, 98. . .-. 

Dmoeranty remainder, ^3. 
Dmy grosy half groats, ai5. 
sDio/cukiori^ pacisy a pax to pnt the 

hoft in*, 324. 
Depdetiy Debden, 184* 
2)rr/yw^/e«, Q^ Darlington, c, Devon. 
Defaifiy C^difeafe, illncfs, 183. 
Deffuey deceafe, lib. 
D'evelyriy Oublin, 1 1^» 
DiViiy die, 113. deceafr, 233, 
Pfviims^ d^viir^ or dfV^ir^ to ^ie^ 83, 

theor^giiin.gepc^^aptei:, %gi. 
Diploidn^y ioxih\^ty%o^,' , .,\, , 
Difiptuify 4^Qdin^;89» . . , 
Ijonwizy Dunnrich^. gg.. ..'jj ^ ., %. 
■ D^y^ dror, of g9ld,:. 30^ ' ' . ^ 
Z)V^^ eL dragity ,, Jp:i9Rkf , Wlin, or 

mjaLtjCorn, 34, : , .^ , 
Jhrrcy 0ijill give, 126. .. ., ^ 

: iP#«^rbfck piece* 74- V \ .u > 
D$ffier (un)y et buyt^cupur Us c$fls 
; 41 di^ux j^n^mriSy a b^ piece, aq^d 
eight pieces for |hq fides, and two 
'benches, 69. , ^ ., , ;) 

jbpfmiy dei}ne2^ given^ 123. 
Dtfvff/ #;2 chttrgty give hi charge, 146* 
DoifUiMty q.r/^«/tfi»s, fearing, 179^ 
Draget^ dragere^ meflin,ini|[tcorh,35« 
Drapifty Qj^ JapTAfty Joans, .37^ , 
DuyUiy dkitzy diity, qbligatipn, i^« 
Pymtngty Dimanqbc, Suii4siy^^« 
X^^'^blue, 51. 

. . . t . • i . '.* •' ■ , } 

£w:, EjUbx, 44, , * 

Effif(^y feoffees, 17 a. 

Ehuy eu, had, 148. 

<£i4l(«it, aiding, loi. . 

Ely (meafouu dt) the Bcinedi£tincl 

priory at Ely, 135. 
£mprindru borrovr, 109. 
Empriaunty praying or rcqueftlng^ 

lafe. ., . . , 

EnbafiitUry q. embe^Kzle, 155. ^ . 
EnafireSy hereafter, io6. • . , . 
En bufoigniy be neceflfary , 165. > 
Encfiuvertriy to cover> clothes, 226* 
En^y ainfi, 23Q. 

^. ■■• .En 



Engnyn^ in grain, 37. 

Enguerdonnentj reward, 74. 

Enhanced^ raifed. 303. 

En mye le quer^ in the middle of the 
choir, 217^ 

Ennertz^ gilded, 121. 

'Bhfefftblementy enfcmblcment, to- 
gether, 35. 

Bntj thereon, 162. 

^ntour^ cntre, among, 220. 

Epitumunty Epiiimium^ 2. a field of 
battle, a term peculiar to Orderi- 
cus Vi talis. 

Ergiy orge, barley, 35. 

E/cheitZf cfchus, efcheated, 131. 

EJihetie, q. efchiquiy chequered, 156. 

Efnun^ Edmund, 100, 113. 

Efpecial choijiriy of efpecial choice || 
fucctffion, 178. P 

Eptie^ fword, 112. 

EfploitahUj profitable, 127. 

Efpoisy pois, peafe, 36. 

EjportabUy q. ifptciiabky profitable, 


EfqueUs, poringers, 24. 

Ejlatut merchant. A bond of record, ac-- 
knowledgtd by the cierk oftheJiatuUs 
merchant -nJ the lord mayor of the 
city of Lont'on, or two merchants 
afligned for that purpofe ; and before 
the mayors of other cities and towns, 
or the bailiff of any borough, &c. 

EJielUy eftoile, a ftar, 114. 

EJPlingeSy fterling, 70. 

E/loifey fubje<a, j/?#//rr a la ley, fubir 
a la loi, 37^ 

EJloifenty ejloiery to Itand to, to abide. 
Kclham. 75. 

EJIoor^ flore, 121, 

^ftore^ ejlovoir, neceffity; eftoyer, ejirey 

Eftrange de jent, dc gent cftrange , of 

firange people, 121. 

Eftre, propre, own, 55. 

E/lre cey {/|?r^ r/o, befides this, 94. 

Eftrille^ or eirilUy a currycomb, 227. 

Eues, had, 38. 

Ewerofy Q^ a Hfle ewe-, 27. 

Exeqwisix.H. (cum), fie orig. 327. 

Exploite%y expended, 127. 


Faixy made, /. f. work, 151. 

Fanony manipul^ towel, 71. 

Farlyngton, q. Farringdon, c. Hants, 

FavoneSy or FamneSy banners, 415. 

Fei%y fees, wages, 135. 

Ferniettb, fermtlet, clafp, buckle, 

Feruresj fetter-lockf, 1 55. 

Feur et paille. Lacombe makes feur 
fynonymous with paslle, clfe where, 
hay, forage, 34. ^ 

Feurer, fuere, artifan, ouvrier, 53. 
It is not eafy to explain the office of 
the feveral domcftics, fuch as /v- ' 
rour, HaftUeTy &c. 53. 

Fefaunce d^ecejles (a ia), at the mak- 
ing of thefe, 13 V 

Fiertre^ fierte, feretory, fhrine, 32. 

Finolsy finialsy a term of Gothic ar- 
chitefturc for the little ornaments 
that terminate pinnacles, 47. 


Firmayly chain, lOO. 

Flouncey rim, 1 82. 

Foer Oy alfoery in the (hape of, 1 33. 

Foilly q. breadth, from feuille, 181. 

Forcelly q. (Vrong box. F$r€erett or 
forchterey is explained by Lacombc 
petit cQJfrey^y). 

Fcrnecettey Forncct in Dcepwade hun- 
dred, Norfolk, 268. 

Founce^ fond, bottom, 114. 

Frontrllay frontel to the altar, 415. 





Gaddi/deny Great Gaddefden, Hert- 

fordfhire, 28^. 
GaloniirSf of gallon tneafure, 325. 
<iarenn€y Warren, 37. 69. 
Gartiersy hkers^ W fauconSi garters, 
.fetter-locks, and talcons, the bad- 
ges of the houfe of York, 219. 
GaudiSj trinkets, gawdies, 5.iop.i8o* 
Gaudes de ggi^ trinkets of jet. 
Gemele%j double, or pair of, io8* 
G$rfacon\ Gerfalcon, a courfer,88. . 
Gifiir^ to lyCi 44. 
Gifm€y geftMy Tecat d'une femme en 

couche, 115. See Jlmun. 
Giffirn^ le ceremonie et le feftin des 

relevailles, 115. ^cjhtt%en. 
Gipwyy Ipfwicb,33. 
Godity a mug, cup, 24* 
G$ltclyvey Goldcliff ia Monmouth-* 

(hire, no. 
Garyngy a fmail Auftinprloxyof nuns 

in Oxford(hire, 227. 
Gr aunts ^ q. large beads, i8o. 
Graunt% de rinfaunky great people of 

our blood or lineage, 84. 
Grty allowance, 54. 
Gnceiy fteps (griffus)y 297. 
Greindriy plus grande, largeft, 38^ 

GutrdoTty guerdon, reward, 75. . 
Cuerdonery to reward, 85. 


Habergeon y a coat of mail, iZiy oveun 
crofs de laton mercbie fur le pis en* 
contre le cuety with a crofs of Latin 
markt or wrought on the fpot op- 
.pofite to the heart (of the wearer}. 

tJaberjony habergeon, coat of mail, 

Haltony in Chelhire, 237. 

Hamound (P abbey de)y the abbey of 
Haghmond,' c. Salop, 127* 

Hanafy coupe a boire, cup, 24. 

Haoe doy have done, 291. 

Heenton joufte Bathe y}^\x\\ovi ; a foun- 
dation for Carthufians by £Ii * 
countefs of Salifbury, 218, 

Henxmeny henchmen, 220. * This is 
an old Engtiih word for a page or 
equerrjy derived from the Saxon 
henjeft;, a berfe. Spelman. 
Hanchmany in the Highlands of 
Scotland, is a clo!e attendant on a 
chief in quality of fecretary or fer- 
vant, from hanchy quafi qui elaudit 
latus. See Letters from the North 
of Scotland, II. 156* 

Hercey herfe, or frame of wood-work 
to put over the body while it lay ia . 
ftate, 45, 68. 

Herce de cvey a curious bcarfe of w^x 
in a fmall proportion placed upon 
it, 225. 

tTnoiJey harnoiji^ mounted, 24. 

Hernoifey (wxTiixxirty 31. 

Hiynfliggey Hcnftridgc, c. Son^erfet, 

340. ^ . 

Hegyntofiy Q. Oakingham, 377. 

Udli- water J^oppfy veffcl for holy-wa- 
ter, 253. 

Hepclandey hepelande^hopulandeSy beupe" 
lands, long cloaks. L. 220. 22S« 

Ho/bandrey of hufbandry, 214. 

Hoftel^ houfe, 131. 

Hou monty the black Prince's motto, 
in German fignifies a haughty fpirit'y 

Houfell, houceSf houfings,22i. 

Huche. Lacumbe explains this word 
couvrecbe/y voiUy cojfrey eqeffe^ Here 
it means a pill over an «mpty coffin 
reprefenting the r«al one, 45. 




UnguMfif Mugutio or Hagh de Ver« 
cellis biihop of Fcrrara, a great 
writer on the Decretali, 31. 

Hurlli (priorii dt)^ Hurley priory, 
c. Hants, 49. 

Htijkes^ q. if not bufuiy a huke, or 
Dutch mantle, aao. 


JiTHim*, Yarmouth, 33. 

jkifluvf, une nouvelle accouchee. Lac- 
combe, q. the labour or the puri- 
fication of our Lady. 1 15. See Gtf' 
nii and G$ffmi. 

Ilbiq\ there, 32. 

jHfiujJHnij jeune, young, 35. 

Joiux dit enfantZfjeux dcs cftfans, 
-childiefit fportf, 4 12« 

j9uflXJuxta)y near, 171. 

Ifiity (bouU be, 93. 

iffinty ainfi, fo, 84^ 

KahyngUHy Katheringlon, in Hamp- 

fliire, 213. 
Knijmrthj Kneefworth, c Cam* 

bfWgc, 377* 

Lanttmafiy Llantarnanin Monmouth* 

fhire, iio« 
Laymsy q. wool, 12 1. 
Leiy broad, 26. 
LegiTy flightly, 136. 
Lfrra mmr^ (hall die, 10 1. 
i>^jW0rf>,Kelham h^t^ Itrramouriry 

^ihall die, 224. 
Ltjfhtj omitted, i66. 
Letting^ Jetting, hindering, 317, . 

LitiroHy q. littrifiy catefalquet I5t« 
Lew de ukim fux$rre%y i . e. waflied 

over with Latyn, &c« 67. 
Leuy CL '*<>(i9 67* 
Lingesy (X flieets, 84. 
JLfiKMur, meets, 72. 
Lit eftamdmrdy q. a /lading bed[, or 

one whofe tefter refted on pillarst 

LiHy lit, 154. 

Litd velettidy little >or not at all re- 
warded, 279« 

I«nf, along, 199. 

Xfiif titfU, q. wil(Hrine-<branches. £m- 
lfax,*lei oourfons de la vigne. 180. 

£#r/, &rx, then, 159. 

Lamineury adminiftrateur ou nuupiiU 
lier tie Teglife. Laccombe. Q^ 
chaplain, orchapeUderk, 50* 

Lfficbeujfffhecti^ 100. 

^gir9k\ a prionr of Auftin nuns 
on the river Lug in Hereford- 


MaeSf msiif pas, excepte, plus, des 

que* titty enfyy 120* 
Maletedmty refentment, 147. 
Malifirty or maticheuy malediAion, 

Malketon. Malton. This is a deGaycfl 
parifli now included in that of Or- 
well, where the church, antienthra 
reSory , ftill remains, in ruins* The 
refiory of Orwell belongs to Tri- 
nity CoIIeee, Cambridge, 377. 

Manberefy Nlwurhur, c. Pcmbnroke, 

Manere (en) tune cbeeny in the ihape 

of ad(>g9 112. 

I i i Mem* 


g/l;. O S S A . K Y. 

M79ipidu;t,:: Sob f^efiinummt 
Ahmnmifury Mannurfaur, c. Pwi* 

broke, 2§s. 
Marcher^ marquer^ to markf 76* 
Marches de Urr< pr. mmrd^ Ull4 

valued at one marL IIJ* . 
Mpf&.%. l^te<hBiie cxpiaiQ« «MtfiP the. 
, fMt«ri|il of which wcr« eMde 

drink'ing vefllls, thence called /*^ 

Z///11X, maze/iHSy or m^T^imU A»4 

a bowl made of mawr* Dtt Cange 
fays, f^tf%rr, mavufinMs^ mMo^um^ 
mkzdrinum^ jrc the n»n)C of pre- 
cioiu ciips^ of what mate^ul he 
docs not determine,. hM jpcliUcf td. 
think, them tbe/#cir/0 mwrhiwi of 
the.antientf, called 19 laceriwrHcrs, 
harutps it w4ubrM: and th^n they 
will be made of preeima ftoi^i, 
which, fituh th9 WAftpf inftancca of 
their beir^ ntouotod in filter, re- 
cited by Dagdale, is o^uc^ more 
probable than that they were of 
mapli waodj as .Somner thought*— 
And in Tome other inftances, the 
material i% put for the vc^TeJ^ 25. 

Majft%^ q. maftis^ male;'ei^ rather 
maffivc, 139. , 

MaUrai\ mattrafs, 79. 

'Matir$i^ miatters, 141. 

MtignalXj menialy 219* 

Meignty houiliold, 98* 

Mngntiy fami le, menage, 38* 

Aiikethy iVleldreth, c* Cambridge, 

Mthiy mirux, brft, I2l. 
Ajeorne^Q^mi9rgiyd\t^'i2^. . 
AfirchnL, marques, marked, )82» 
Mermyns de mier, merm^da of the 

tei, 73. 
Me/nez, remaining! 'i02t 

JkUedi/j miabzf miemi%^ mutz^ Hett^ 

'54- ■ 

Mdm\ Msatb, qo. ^ ' 

Miegnals^ menials, 1 16» 
A**<Ai,iliicux, 4r . . 
M tres de pe-Ui^ Dqgteic..1ni«aatea 

this a khoufand pearls, 30. 
MiKtilen^ monk, ineilin, or mixt 

corn, 34.. 
MolctSy mullctf, 181* . . * 

Mit^rc^ q. for fMnNt^ fet ficprtlu ^ 

amounting, 11 2. 
M9a% (. DKirceau, i4# . 
Mere ejior^^ dead flock or floce, ]^ 
MertUrs^ lamps, 84. 
Moun am dmm^ my new:-year'f gift, 
, .a29^ ... 
MuU%^ mmb%^ mieulis^ m^kz^ boft> 

154. ., . • 

Nr . 

Naiurelxy kind J 1^ 
Naturejiy kindnefs, 221. 

Nicholy NicbpUj Lincoln; 42*^ 83* . 
Nief pur encensy (hip for. klQQQfij 


Nientj not, 102. 

Noche^ ciubf or ntucbej a gold ftud, or 

- fcttiog for jewels^ 50* 

Noir traille, q. bhck lattice WOrk, 

Noneignes^ nuns, 153. . 

Noneynes de Caam, nuns of Caen, 50^ 

N$iies beftdi ^iamfird. ^8 1 • A Benedict 
line Nunnery in btamford-^Baron^ 
founded by an abbot. of FeterliO'* 
rough, 6 Henry U. greatly reduced 
at the diflblution, wien the &te ynk\ 
granted |b RidUrd Cecil. 


G L OS S A R Y. 


Ntteli (prhris de)'^ Notlcy abtey, c, 

Bucks, 49. 
Nounchalurty indifference, 147. 


Off.oviy with, 234.- 

0/fx, life, work, 30, 69. 

0^i;rifx,'Oeavres, works, 146. 

OUa i*r liiio. All the rcpreferiu-; 
tions of the. Salutation introduce- 
a liiy in the angel's hand, and k- 
Jkwer-pot on the floor between him' 
and the angel ; the latter 'fjlay be 
only a piece df {arniture, the for*' 
( ner anfwers to a cadaceus or paim^ 
branch, 324. 

Or dt Gprty gold of (Dyprtisj Cyproi 
work, 179.' ' ./ ■; 

Ordenfis^ T4& coniifiands. 

Orefird^ Otfotd^ 33. 

Or^reisi frifl^es ^^oM, -254. tjk. 

Oiy a bone, lOo. 

Ov^rigm kve d* laitM fuoi^nt^ 'WDtfc'- 
in relief of copper gilt, 67; 

Oviraigngy work s -Ji. ■ 

Ovragi^ workbr pitterh, 1 jt. 

Onflelly maifon. Jb/.^Koofhold^ ijjr 

duftez, djiis^ tak^tt from, 1 30. 

Omilment'yt(\^\\yy ijo. 

• .. ^r '■ 

Pagnty paney parcel, ildrt,'35« 

PalorZy paled, 107* 

Ptf«j^,q. belly-piece, Utitipanciy gVQS 

Ventre. L. ponccj^ a great- bellied 

doublet. Cotgrave, 221. 
Pa«/, fide, 3CX). 
Paone^ Purple, 25. 
Papejfttyesy popinjays, ptrrots, 35. 
Paramo fit la t9mhty OA the top of the 

comb, 67. 
hsJfaJUz^ above th« ftall% 70* 

Parentrty q. among, 127. 
Parochielly to the parifti, 145. 
PatenSy the paccn, x 52. 
Pauleatunty paled, 88. 
Paxhredy the fame as corporas caasy 
. 282. ' 

Pinnalfyi VtMly^'C. Pembroke, 287. 
Pipytyingy Peppering in Arundell 

rape, 124. ' 
Perceiviy i.e. receive, .294. 
Periy picre, ftone,' 217. 
Pirfairty finilb, 85. 
Pirie (ove)^ with ftoircs.. Dugdale 

kiot uniierftanding it Iravesa blank, 

PniO^ q, ptrjfy i^r. 
Pirount^peronty wherefore. K.Whcfe- 

by, 122.. 
Perrieay 415. |q, pierres, prc- 
Perrtiy 25. 106. JcioQs Hones. 
Piiriy 'partly, parcel, 149, 
Pitrly appears, 122. 
Pipis\ 4* pipes or tuns, or ftaves : La- 

comba- gives both thefe fenfes,. 

Pitta grattti^ ^ttare, //iV, u e. pariii 

grqntCy in part granteJ, 93. 
PtaiHypUinyiMy 214. • 
P la/mat or n maker, 321. . . 
i»i^, full, 375. ' 

Phmflfdey probably Plumftcad In 

Kent, 103. 
Pondir^ (cum)i quere, according to 

their full weight. 327» 
Ponfonezy pinkt, ifio. 
PootZy pots, 24. 
PopynjayeSy parrots, '284. 
Port (U quel) moH mefnes dtfus moyen^ 

fmbkf which I wear myfelf about 

me, 154. 
Portehorsy portiforttim, with which the 

Frendi wotdis fyn6n\mons, 71. 
Pcrtiftritm melius meum notatufn^ 

Ilia my 



ray beft portiforium wiib roufical 

notes, &8. 
P9jfeffionj (\.profiJfion^ 112. 
Poffiffioners^ q. houfekeepers, 40.^ 
Poji c§nu poft communionem, a pirt 

of the fervicc of the church, \io. 
tfwts naifs de ma nwmirSf poor 

fervants bora oa my efiates^ 94. . 
PotagiTj officier qui a foia da potage 
. du Roi, 52. 
Pctillersp q. of ftMt meafurc* Da 

Cange explains fUa pHtilkr a por* 

ringer, 325. . 
Pounfinmzj ftriped and fpottcd, or 

fprinUcd, 227. 
P^Mttts it caufis^ bridges and caofe-, 

Fwrr, power, 75. 
Prebinda^ a portion : a feed, when ap«^ 

plied to horfes^ 325* ^ 
Prfjn/r,Q. aforementioned, 293. 
Prioratusae Shn apud ^bim^xht priory 
. of Jifiu of Bethlem, for 40 Car*. 

thulian.monka, c. Surrey,' 2152. 
PnmiiKf q. proviez, provided, ^I7« 
Pro Vi9 pt/wtf. ayxmrty bound hini* 
* felf before God, 252. 
Prrfcbiimmgniy next, from profcbain, 


Pur nul mdfchiifty to prevent grqudice 
being done to them ; or, on no ac«^ 
count, 69. 

PurfupWy forfupper, 129* 


^tfr, car^ for, L. 127. 
? ir$x^ Qi^quamgy 51. 
hf ifin, UjiQ ifiriy 1 will, 187. 
Fraif^ quadrangle, 301. 

htanmoU^ Lent, ^4• 
luilUrSy Q* cfqniksj^bells, 25 


word, and yet'occurs not in old gtbf- . 

(aries, 74. 

^ijsnsy cidiions, 72* 
^yrif cuir^ leathery 134* 


Di Radicals auri See Orpi^iii^ 
Rmfata^ q. Taffbta, 32. 
RjibauminU abatement, 149. 
Jiihatuz, abated^ 132. 
Ricvmmijfisy eommHutatssy recomend- 

£#rr/tfiii^ craviiigy2a4* 

R^ardes^ r^wards^ fces^ Cilarles, 

Rigardiaf rewards, 247. 
jRegardum^Ttwzrdy 329. 
Rtpurdomzy^ rewarded^ 1 16. 
RiTidM at the bigb dtmr^ Icreen at . 

tht back jof ch! bigb altar, 297. 

fyJItoMdity q. parallel cone^pondcnt 

wails Of udes, 205* 
Rifims d'averellijj^z. 
lUtrettZy wiUidrawn, iil3« 
JRuM/) curtains, »3h 
Rinnsj ri0n: in old^ F^renchthls word 

hasapofitivefenifey a|id means a»)i . 

thing, 45. ^' 
Kfiwi/, poetry^ i8|v 
Rtbirt^ruggi^ Robertfbridge abbey 

in Suflcx, »^35. 
i2i#fi, Royfton, 32. 
Roffiy toi^ IQX« 

^liir^ a fpoon or ladle. HmieU^ 
j^ifl&s, receuillez, 53* 
^Uu This is not a moder» French 

SMddiy fober, 368. 

Stdmrio^ Ssleriih &IHeIIars. Thit 
Englilh word ia^ a redundancy ; Sa- 
lerium, Sakire, implying the fiuDC 
m/ilkr^ in one word. 325. 




9ali, fcems to be ufed for the hangings 

of a hall, 72. 128. 
Saler, falt-feller, 24. 11 a. 
Samytf fine ftufF or linen, 31. 
SifhSi/ins^ feafei, 147. 
Scba^iwyJtf Shapwick^ c. Somerfet, 

SieU tntUr^ whple teller, diftin- 
guifhed frgm faaif tefbr, 1 32^ 

Stint Efmsn^ q. Su Edmon/i^ fcil. 
Bury, 32. 

Siim Marii^ Lincoln minfter, or ca- 
thedral, dedicated to the Virgin 
Marjr, 152. 

Simail^ feed corn, 34. 

SimUaify, in like manner, 316. 

Sin lac^ or Sang Lac^ the fpot where 
the decifive battle was fought be* 
tween Harold and William, 2. 

StfMlchre^ 1 55. The fepulchre of our 
Lord, which was on the N. fide of 
the altar in many churches. See 
a curious deicription of it at North- 
wold in Norfolk. Blomef. 1. 157^ 
who refers to others in the churches 
of Hurftmonceaux, c. Suflex, and 
Stepney. See alfo lb. p. 487. 

StnftiriSj cenfers, 220. 

SpiHiiurj fupcrvifor, 227»> 

SiTvervfy fupervifatince, 105* 

Et oi h Siurveut di t9ut% tirriens fmi% 
U pinjez pur quelx il rendra guird§n 
m chi/cjmjkiimfin difirty ^nd has the 
over-fight of all earthly deeds and 
thoughts, for which he will render 
a reward to every one according to 
his deferts, i66. 

^fi fitftyfiut tav9ir autrg marryf . 
{\.fiuriy fure; or perhaps Jenti^ if 
file Ihould be incUntd to marry- 
again, 130. 

SiViUir^ tnfeveliry 92. 

^ewetby q. following', 308. 

Siyn, clocbey bell, 25. 

Seyntj girt, or ceintj a bell. E. ib6« 

Soeffrty fuffcr, 75. 

Soitrsyfiurursj fhoes, 178. 

Solom r affair enunty in proportion, or 

what it will make, 127. 
Soudre^ foudiry furdir^ to ariie. Kel- 

ham, 74. 
Soiuftokey q. Southwick in Bramber 

rape, i'24. 
SotdfT^/olzj or fouz^ pcncty 116. 
South prioury q. fiuh priiur^fub prior^ 


Stonnd^n^ Stando;i».c. Herts, 33. 

Stevynton^ Q. c. Bedford, 283. 

Suits. There were three religious 
houfes of this name« Stoke Cur- 
fey, c. Devon ; another in c. So- 
merfet ; and the college in SufTolk, 
1 10» 

Stola. See Viftimintum. 

Stop (un)y a holy yifUw^oup or veflcl, 
io6. 25^. 

Straitiy ftiia, 317. 

Stratford Bt Bow, a BenediSine. nun- 
nery, as old as the Conqueft, 226* 

SuagiSy q^fervagiSy ferviccs, 129, 

SubirSy Sudbury, 33. 

Smne/haltsjouftt H^haddony Snellefliall 
in Whaddon parifh, iiz. 

Sullyngtony .^ Sulion in Arundel rape, 

Swromrfiirdorrey^\ty 24* 

Surveoirs^ fupervifor, 227. 

Suttm di Bonyngton. 377. The Vijlfirc 

places Sutton Bonington in Nor- 

thampton(hire;.but it is not in 


4 T. 




Ta^hif faftened, Macbe ; tache in old 
French andSpanifh is a nail, 31. 

Tantq\ untoj until, 68. 

TajfuBy inJJiSy cups, 326. 

Tifttz^ tenements, 148. 

T/rrifir, earthly, 164. 

7Vr/aryiy, Tartatian, 182. 

Tttuty woven, 149. 

TilOye^ an abbey of While monks in 
EflTcic, lie. 

Tct^cetisus^ wrongful, J9. . 

7ir///«;,wrcathcd work. 1 14. Du^dale 
tranflates it of a i^riiiiy (Bar. I. 

Titfy^gtBH, Tottirtgtoft. There is a 
place of this name both in Arundel 
and Bf amber rape, 124. 

Travyiftf iravirjhy crofs-piece, 73. 

Trejimti^ all ; in the fulleft fenfe of 
the word ; all land every, 149. 

Tripifiy tripod, 114. 

Trlft^amy a romance of that name^ 

S>9ftf«9 (pMJinJ Troy weight, 326. 
NoiVeof theGloflTanes give a iatis- 
faAory etymology of this word. 
.3pcl(n8i° snd Du Cange after him 
coDiencthemfelveswith facing that 
Tr^apondus apud Jinghs dicitur quod 
12 unciMS in libra nttmirat. Somner 
fuppofes it the fame with Trona or 
Trone in Scotland, but the autho* 
rities alledged prove the latter to 
be only the weighing engine and 
not the weight. 

Trar^, found, K. fed q. tl8. 

TuilUf tuyauy conduiti pipe, 24. 

TyrttfTttf 25. forte di mauvaife oioffe 
qui a pris fon nom deTyn^ et dont 
on habille la milice. Laccombe. 


^i7^/r/, yalct, 116. • * 

Veheto defenfinum (do)i q. faced with 
. velvet? 26.:?. 
Vnntcli, (]. a Veronica, 152. 
Uorwfk, York, 232. • ' 
Vejhmtnt^ furniture, 149. 
ViftHj veffisy vetches, 36. 
refies de arasj q. garments of arras^ 

rj/7/mm/i/mi25 1. a whole fuit of church 
apparel, comprehenohttg tlyc^/ukt^ 
or cowl; the dalmlitieay or upper' 
robe I the aUa, or atbe, a kind 6f 
furplice ; the amicus or amice, an« • 
■ IWering to the fcarf j the y/^Ai, 
which, like the amke, went over 
the neck, and huhg down before^ 
and was richly etnbroidercd ; the 
manipulus^ or handkerchief, worn 
over the left arm ; the towels tr 
najpkins for the alcar^ which had 
alfo an akar-cloth df tinen, artd 
another to hax^ down in front of 
the altar, the frontlet and curtains^ 
the cafe for the pix, the pulpit 
cloth, and the eap^ or copes. 

Vadiisj wages, 336. 

VUurt^ quaere Ulftcr, ill. 

Ulv(fliir, Ulftcr, 34. . 

Uni^ oncques^ by no meana^ 84. 

Ufigorij incon^ 85. 

V^inij vain, 84. 

VtifinU q* Aiall walk before our 'Li^' 
dy, 68. 

Upmerdort^ Upper Merden in Chi-' 
ch^fter rape, 124. 

Ur'cooliy pots, 324. 

U/qe^ Vfk, or Cairuflc* in Mqi-* 
mouthCbire, io8« 

l^ir#, verfusj 196. 





IPaltham^ manerium de^ % ftately pa- 
lace of the bifliop of Winchoft;r 
m Hampfhire, demolifbed during 
the civil wars, 339. 

Wallyng encQuntri U mery (fea walls, 

• 135- 

flKjr^ijffff/^fj, Warblcton, 2 1 3. 

tf^arnecampf qu«re fVamham in 

Bramber rape, 124. 
WaJfaiUy waflcll or grace-cup. A oor- 

Tupr pronunciation of watt hatl, 

be of health, 115, 
lyitham^ IVytham en Selwodty a Car- 

thufian monaftery in Selwood, c. 

Somcrfet, 218.331. 

H^odehousj near Clebury Mortimer, 

c. Salop, no. 
Wormfngeyj Wormegay, a priory of 

black canons in I^orfo»k, 253. 

Wcxbrigy Uxbrig, 372, 


YtovUy TevHy Evilly in Somerfctfhirc, 

Tma^e (un) it la incarnacioun dc 
n$tre aame^ a pidure of he in* 
carnation of the Virgin Marj^ 

Tnde^ b'ue, 25. 115. 

Tverne ifi^ in winter, 129. 

Tvelej q. £w«il victurage^ Sorry^ 



^11^9 182* accubes, refting-places^ i^i//iz, 132. 

Howel ; lits, Borel. 
Jnaly 182* q. amail^ enamel. 
Jriez^ 1 82. 
JvantertSy 227. q. avant hier, for* 

Jherill, 182. 
Avis. 183. Q.aviiy for en vie, in his 

Ai/fds, 105. 
A»4 ^82. q bely handfomeri 

Chare roflPed, 302. 

Efpimr^ 182. 

Fir9ury 53. q Uackfmith* 

HafiiliTs 53. q« fpeannan or fpear* 

Park$sy 114. ^iisuied ia Blom- 

fieldfor a^«i^tf/. 
Pionietf 100. 
XailUf 149. 


'9. »20. r. note, Elizabeth daughter of WilliaiD de Bohun earl of Nor- 

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